Sunday, December 30, 2007
Barrowlands, Glasgow, UK

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Craigyboy Posted: 31-12-07 12:14
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Well what can i say, I'm just in the door from that amazing gig, the encore was great, i'm lost for words but i will say it was my best Travis gig of the year! I'll post another review once i've found some more words to say!
Somewhere Else Posted: 31-12-07 11:15
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Barrowlands was a truly great experience! What a crowd !The Fans are so warm and vocal! Its great to have company singing :-) in fact Fran could have easily gone part time heehee

We are Happy cus your so Happy !! and Travis were very happy indeed .A Pandoras Box of tracks with great surprise ending with Happy and then encore of Blue Flashing light , Slideshow and Back in Black. Fran gave his all ( as usual) with the now expected top class performance that we can rely on seeing and he wasn't going to accept less from his equipment - Good on you Fran ! Andy! I watched you fall back to surf- Can you tell us what goes through your mind? Amazing :-) Some great smiles from Dougie , I like your trousers and noticably great drumming from Neil beavering away at the back.

Claes the new haircut is cool ( very Sasoon!) From the stage I could just see your head and not your arms and it looked quite funny ( like on the muppet show haha) Wish I had some pics of that ......

Santa Mince Pies and Alka Seltza - We know there was a pair of little toes tapping away to My Eyes back stage .

I am looking forward to the new album and whatever way it is it will be superbly done. Thanks for a Fantastic performance and see you in 2008!

ps.. Thanks to the dick head that threw a pint of lager over the front crowd at the start of the gig! Cheers!

pss ..Do folk in Glasgow always walk around with Tea lights on their head ?!!

Amber Posted: 31-12-07 2:19
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This was my first Travis concert and I wasn't disappointed! I'm really glad I managed to get a lot of it on video

Loads and loads of fun =]

Ditto with the first review, it was really lucky I happened to be holding my hand over my camera at the time or that lager shower would have definitely ruined it. Idiot >.>

But a really great night, can't wait for the next time Travis visit Glasgow! :-)
macwan80 Posted: 31-12-07 8:46
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Fabby gig - never saw anything this good in New Zealand! The Glasgow crowd are so welcoming and intense. What a homecoming. Fran just showing off about Sing - how many Dads get to boast that they are sick off hearing one of their own songs...and which song will Dougie's little one pick? There are so many good songs to choose from.
Dougie has the most fantastic smile I've ever seen and the band so clearly enjoy what they are doing, it makes the crowd really lock in to the vibe.
Andy was awesome as always, Klaus certainly adds to the sound; all grounded by great drumming from Neil.

Thanks for another great gig - was at the Liquid Rooms in Edinburgh back in the year, which was great, but this one tops it.
Thank you.
Taralyn Posted: 01-01-08 4:10
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Well i know this is a bit late but have only just returned home, but what a great show. Travis you were amazing cant put it into words, except THANKS :)
Never been to Glasgow before and the Celtic Bar next door was great for nipping in for a drink whilst waiting a few characters in there!! Which all added to the atmosphere of the night and Oh what a night fantastic!!! You boys were infectious with your enjoyment Dougie love your smiles :) Fran your energy is endless! Andy thanks for the Photo x Love the hair Claus! Cant wait for the next one. Newspaper reviews were great to.
Happy New Year xx
Ruudio Posted: 01-01-08 5:04
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What a fantastic end to the year. Loved Happy and Back In Black. Hapy New Year =D
yulen10 Posted: 02-01-08 7:06
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Best Travis concert ever! Amazing the venue, the people inside & outside... people from Denmark, Italy, Mexico, Norway, Spain... amazing! We suffered a little of cold.. but everything perfect!

First band in the show was excellent. The Taste really good.. and Travis... wowwwww.
First time in my life i could listen to "Slide Show".. thank you very much.
"Turn" was glorious... "As you are"..even more... What could I say of "Blue Flashing Light"...
You´re really great. It was a pleasure to meet you just having begun the new year. Thank You....

I´m a music lover and Travis headlines at this moment my list of gigs with 5 times. They win to: Radiohead (4 times), U2 (4 times), Coldplay (2), Oasis (2), The Cure, Richard Ashcroft, Pulp, The Rolling Stones, Beck, Red Hot Chili Peppers, Morrissey, etc....
flower_in_the_window Posted: 02-01-08 7:42
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What can I say about this gig?
#I had another great day in the queue (even though I'm 5 months pregnant!) Travis fans are the best fans in the world, and as usual I had a great laugh with my Travis buds! The tea-light topped man gave us a good giggle too!

The band were on top form, as usual. So many highlights!!! Poor Fran was having some trouble with his new guitar tech, but he soldiered on anyway.

HUGE thanks to Andy for looking after me through the show!!!

All the best to the band and crew for 2008. Can't wait for the next one!
paul_c Posted: 02-01-08 9:21
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Another special night at the Barrowlands...

Despite it being absolutely freezing, i had another great day with all the die-hards in the queue. Especially lovely to meet some of the travelling boardies! Hopefully see you all at future shows.

The gig was awesome. I want to mention the light show. I've never really seen it as important at gigs before, but it blew me away. At one point, when every floodlight was shining on the stage the heat and light were so intense they nearly broke my camera! Brilliant stuff.

Poor Fran was seeming to have a lot of trouble with his new guitar tech. Apparently because he can't read Norweigan or something like that, but still we all felt kinda sorry for the guy down the front. At one point i thought he'd knocked Fran out with a guitar by whacking him up the face with a guitar. I think his nerves were getting the better of him, but Fran carried on regardless. Andy was his usual self, bounding about the stage like an out of control jack-in-a-box. He kept checking on Kirstin (who was beside me) as she was 5 months pregnant. Dougie was over the far side of the stage from me, but he kept looking over and grinning away at me like a cheshire cat. Neil- well Neil never seems to do much except drum. But nice hat Neil!

Got to say the highlight for me was the return of The Beautiful Occupation- i just love Andy's freak-outs during that song. So terribly rock and roll! And yet again, Good Feeling really impressed me. The impromptu addition of Happy and Back In Black to the setlist were also very much appreciated. 3 Times And You Lose was on the setlist, but didn't get played (why not!?). Finally, i'd like to congratulate Fran on his Coldplay-sniping. Well done Mr Healy! :)
FranFlower Posted: 02-01-08 10:52
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Got up at 4am and drove to the airport. Two flights later and I'm in Edinburgh on the train to Glasgow. After the worlds fastest hotel check-in I met up with peno and Lotte from the board, and got to know a fair few of the other incredibly boardies queueing for the show. Just missed Dougie, but got to speak with Andy before the show. He was his usual sweet self, and after a quick chat, a picture and an autofgraph we got back in the queue. It was so unreal to stand there alongside boardies from literally all over the world. It felt incredibly natural to talk to them, like they were lifelong friends. They're not just screen names on the board anymore, they're real live people, lol! And bloody nice ones as well ;)

We rushed in when the doors opened at 7pm. After beeing called to the side to have my bag checked, I kinda lost the ones I had been queueing with, but got second row spot in front of Fran (could have settled for first row far far far left or right, but nah.. lol), behind some other boardies I hadn't met before, and this way got to know even more great boardies!

The first support, 1990's, were quite alright. Couldn't help but stare at their cute drummer, and the guitarist's, ehem well horsey, teeth though :P
Nick and Maria from The Taste had lots of charisma, and I liked them alot, though it felt like they didn't quite get the crowd going. Their perfomance will stay with me for a while for another reason as well, as one of the girls I had been talking to suddenly fainted and fell back into my arms! She got carried over to the security folks and went out to get some water. She'd come all the way from Finland, and fortunately she came back in time for Travis :)

I was a tad dissapointed that the guys didn't enter through the crowd as usual, but quickly got over it as they launched into Selfish Jean. From there on I only remember bits and pieces as I went into the usual omg-I'm-seeing-Travis-live-trance, lol :P
Eyes Wide Open has become one of my favorite live songs, along with Beautiful Occupation. Especially Eyes Wide Open has an energy to it that I particulary love.

Since I'm kinda going through all the songs I wanted to mention I love the beginning of Writing To Reach You, especially live. Again one of my top favorites. Nothing special to say about Love Will Come Through other than I loved every chord of it ;)Despite the minor technical problems the guys put on one heck of a show, and how great was it to sing along to every song, knowing that everyone else around you did the same :)

Re-Offender was a highlight for me, as it's probably my favorite Travis song. It was powerful to see them perform it up close, and I half expected to see some evil looks beeing exchanged between the guys (Yeah, I've watched the video one too many times - Anton Corbjin is a genious!!). Nice of them to start the song over when Fran's guitar didn't co-operate, which meant 1,5 Re-Offender for me ;)

Pipe Dreams was nice, as it used to be a big favorite - something I shared with the girl in front of me *Eeeek, they played it!!*

Sing, Side and Turn are legend songs, and I will never forget the sound of everyone singing every word as if it was their last, and seeing Fran's expression as he stepped back from the microphone to take it all in.
Turn, tuuurn, turn turn turn..

My Eyes is another favorite, and I couldn't help but look at Dougie thoughout the whole thing. He's got exciting times ahead :-) Closer was nice, and has probably never felt more perfect than right there at the Barrowlands, surrounded by new friends I wouldn't have if it wasn't for this great band. Driftwood is an utterly brilliant song, but I kinda ruined it for myself by over-playing it a few months back, lol! It's not the song's fault though, and I'm sure it'll be back on top of my favorites list in a short while. Either way, when played in Glasgow every Travis song becomes a memorable experience.

Still don't know the full lyics to Good Feeling, lol, so therefore I didn't fully feel the song. I need to listen more to that album I guess. But the Claes-part (or Claus as most would call him..) is always great fun. AIWDIR on the other hand is always brilliant live, and I loved Andys diving into his guitar after getting back onstage from his crowdsurf :P

It was my third time seeing the busking version of 'Flowers' this year, but I never tire of it. All five gathering up front singing and having a great time.Travis in general has this kind of, in lack of better words, 'we're-just-friends-having-fun-together' vibe which I love :)
'..but I am here to help you with the load'
And besides, I was probably one of the few who understood what Claes said, lol! Love it when Fran makes him speak Swedish :P

The setlist shows they were supposed to do 3 Times And You Loose after 'Flowers', and I would have absolutely loved that, but the reversed Slideshow and Blue Flashing Light more than made up for it! Slideshow is an incredible song. They included Happy as well which was a nice surprise.

WDIAROM and Back In Black made up the perfect ending to a perfect night.. The set list did not dissapoint, couldn't have asked for anything better (well maybe they could have played 3 Times..).

Will most definetly never forget this night for as long as I live.. Thanks to Fran, Andy, Neil and Dougie and all the Travis-fans who made it extremely incredible to celebrate the New Year in Scotland :)

If anyone's still reading here's a few highlights:
- Frans home made t-shirt where the text came off as he got sweatier :P
- The tea light man on the streets of Glasgow, lol!
- Fran throwing his badly tuned guitar off stage and continuing without it!
- The many classic Travis moments; Fran jumping from the drums, Andy swaying over his guitar and crowdsurfing, Dougie beeing his usual sex-on-legs self and Neil, well Neil had an exeptionally good looking hat :P Seriously, I loved it!
- Turn..
- The fact that so many boardies were there :)
peno Posted: 02-01-08 10:59
Dear Fran, Dougie, Andy and Neil!
What a night – what a gig. Thank you very much guys. After three days we still have trouble finding words for this fine event in Barrowland-Glasgow. Anyway it must be now, even though it will be simple.
To reach Glasgow from were we live in Denmark (with out swimming across the North Sea) my wife and I those driving my car to Hamburg and further on by airplane to Amsterdam and then to Glasgow. Some may call us crazy having “so much trouble” going to a rock concert, but as all of us Travis fans fell, it is simply the only way. Just go for the Travis gigs and the band gives you everything as we fans give everything to the band.
Meeting fans in the afternoon and queuing together felt great and also sharing so fine moments with Dougie and Andy – thanks guys for being so obliging and nice to all of us fans.
See you again in Portmouth next month. Also here we hope to be in the frontline.
We love you guys for being as you are as band and persons.
Love from Lotte and Peter-DK
spid Posted: 03-01-08 2:20
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Old and decrepit as I am (wrong side of 40-just)I am ashamed to say that despite Travis being my fave band since they began this is the first concert I have managed to get to. Babysitting problems have always been a HUGE issue. Having said all that - this year hubby pulled out the stops for Xmas and surprised me with tickets on Xmas day and his 80 year old mother to babysit my boisterous three. We only had to travel from Leuchars in Fife but arrived early and got into the queue just as Andy was saying hi. Unfortunately I didn't bring a camera, assuming the venue wouldn't allow it (so little I know!), so I hero-worshipped from a little way down the line. We were very close to the front of the queue and had we not been pulled aside for a bag search may have made one of the elusive front row spots - instead we got a most excellent second row spot right in front of Andy. That guy is awesome - I tinkle on the guitar myself and I would have to practise every day for 1000 years to get that good. Wow! I was mesmerised and awestruck.

The rapport that Travis have with the crowd is amazing and the smaller venue just wicked. The songs were fantastic and the set brill. I loved the impromptu-ness of Happy. I loved Dougie's smile, Andy in his own little world playing and Fran's energy. Unfortunately I couldn't see Neil but he sounded cracking.

Thanks to all of you who have posted photos - it has been fantastic looking at them. I even spotted my hubby's hair underneath Andy when surfing.

Thanks to Travis and the fans for a great evening!
I just want to do it all over again. Anyone know any good cheap babysitters?
All-I-Wanna_Do-Is-Rock Posted: 05-01-08 2:20
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well what can i say....

fantastic top form

really enjoye dmyself this tiem the best barrowlands experince yet

had great fun protecting ym sister being 5 months pregnant at this time andy and his usual antics and i actually caught the towel this time

wish the band and boardies best of sucess for 08

and to fran i hope the wee yin plays another song on repeat all day soon


Toney Boney Singing off
Norida Posted: 06-01-08 9:09
oh my god.
first of all i just want to say THANK YOU for noticing me and my friend's intense jumping when Fran talked about his NORWEGIAN member of the crew. We were so excited when he asked if we were from Norway, if we were Norwegian! Oh yes indeed, we are norwegian. Wee flew over from Torp saturday, checked in to the smallest and sweetest guest house in town, and waited for sunday evening to come. we went pubbing with the tea-light-man, before getting in line among with the other fellows. loved the 1990's, but travis was what we came for. the setlist was the best ever, and when claus told us what he'd gotten for christmas, he said kjärlek, which means love in swedish. We understood!!
And fran, if you work with norwegians, learn our language;) hoho.. funny! thank you for the great fun we had in Oslo both in june and october, you keep topping your selves. LOVE YOU! can't wait for the next time i hear from you. sorry for my english. love scotland. will be back sooon.

cheeers! Ida and Ingrid
joe_themanwho Posted: 10-01-08 7:34
another amazing show. could not believe how great they were! 3rd time seeing them this year and enjoyed every single one! only down side to the night was when i picked up andys plectrum then turned to show it to my mate and it was snatched out my hand:(:(:(
sara spain Posted: 24-01-08 7:26
was very cold outside barrowlands but the ppl in the queue was super fantastic, Thanks to all.
meeting the guys before and after the gig, And the show was amazing.
Happy was the best one of the night for me.


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