Friday, November 02, 2007
Velez Stadium, Buenos Aires, AR

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pjam Posted: 03-11-07 1:01
and i think i can speak on behalf of all your argie fans: IT'S UNBELIEVABLY APPRECIATED!!

The absolutely PERFECT acoustic set, the long time taking pictures with us and signing every single cd you were handed, the words you said, the looks, the smiles, the caring for us! The amazing energy at the show, with another perfect full setlist, and your showing you were having a time such as INCREDIBLE as we were!

And for making so many years of waiting SO MUCH MORE THAN WORTH THE WAIT!

Personally i couldn't have asked for more!!

Thank you Fran, Dougie, Andy and Neil!

I love you guys!!

natalie, so happy! =)
2bm Posted: 03-11-07 2:20
this was just AMAZING! I can't thank you enough for coming! You really made my day.

It was one of the coolest shows i've ever been to! Your energy on stage, the things you said, how you made us part of it, I don't think I'll ever forget it..
I'm still so amazed by everything that I'm speechless, I can't write two sentences together which make sense!

thank you SO much for coming!! Please, come back as soon as you can, waiting another 7 years would be too much =P

YOU GUYS ROCK! thanks a LOT for this show!
thegirlwho_argentina Posted: 03-11-07 3:36
heyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy !
oh my god, the girls who wrote below this, said everything about the show.
but it was more than amazing for me,
it was a good day to die :)

thank you: Dougie, Fran, Andy and Neil for the concert of my life, i've been waiting for you so much :)

Dougie, thank you for understanding my signs and to give me the list of songs :'D
Also I could take a prong! :)
i can say no more, i don't know, i danced and sang, you played song that i hoped to hear, but thinking that you NEVER will play those.
As you are, and The humpty dumpty love song, men, my heart is yours ♥

i have the listtttt
it says:
love will come thru
and rain (what does it always rain on me? )
for you to see that i am saying the truth :)
i'm more than happy
more more more
because you, TRAVIS, are more than us ♥

i hope you came back to argentina soon, next year, on january ;)
before may please, because i don't want to wait much more :(
laura_bjski Posted: 03-11-07 4:05

first thank you very much for comming!!!

Andy!!! you're the sweetest thing that 've never know!!!!

I'm the girl who talk with you in the begging on the the killerrs'show

ohh thanks for hold me!!!when i told you that i coudn't believe thAT you was standing next to me!!!

you're too muhc sweet.!!!!

francis...thank you very much for take a photo with me!!

i'll never forgget this night!!

dougie!!! you're too much lovely in the show with the people !!!

and play incredible!!!I didin't see you too much in the first songs but them i could see that you was very enjoy with the people in the show!!

The songs were incredible!!

I couldn't stop to cry...

i couldn't finish to see the show...cause i waas a little ill..but it was beautiful when you sing Flowers in the window!!

and the beggin of your show!! ohh i was very funny and lovely!!!

thanks for comming!!!

thank you very muchhh

and for play writting to reach you !!! i never cry like this night!!


i stop to writte better...hahaha

Nacho Posted: 03-11-07 8:03
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my first review!
it was absolutely amazing! the best band of the doubt about it. the ones that went to see travis ended up happier than we already were (if that's even possible :D) and the ones that didn't were like "oh look at travis, they're good" (of course!)
fran said "see you soon" twice before leaving so i hope he keeps his promise, haha
i'm probably the only fan with no autographs or pics :P first, i couldn't believe that travis was standing right in front of me, and when i tried to get an autograph, the radio security kept saying the guys to enter in the building so they did...but i don't mind :P the important thing is they came, hopefully they'll come back and...what else can i say? travis rocks!
cheers, thanks for everything!
Calixta Posted: 03-11-07 8:16
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Olé, olé, olé Travis, Travis!!!

My gosh!!! The show was so amazing!!! I almost cried... It was so perfect. Travis was on stage in Argentina.
The guys were all very nice, Fran's voice is so sweet!
I thought I was gonna die, but it was real. So many years waiting to see you live. It was an incredible expierence.
I sang out loud every song.

You four are such a love... Hope to see you soon again!
Want more.

Thank you for coming and giving us the greatest show.
July Posted: 03-11-07 9:27


GUYS YOU ARE LOVELY!! we had a lovely time.

Please come back to Argentina. we’ll be waiting for you.

Cheers !!
Agustina Posted: 03-11-07 10:09
Great show!!! You were the best band... and even people who went to see The Killers say so.
I hope you enjoyed your stay here. Come again soon, we'll be waiting for you.

Alguien se acuerda la SETLIST?

3 Times and You Lose
Selfish Jean
Flowers in the Window
My Eyes
Eyes Wide Open
Writing to Reach You
Pipe Dreams
Humpty Dumpty Love Song
Good Feeling
Why does it always rain on me?

Cuales faltan??
MagdalenaD Posted: 03-11-07 10:43
Agustina, you're missing:

As You Are
Beautiful Occupation
Love Will Come Through
All I Want To Do Is Rock

Great show, by the way... I really enjoyed it. I hope you come back soon. I hope you've enjoyed playing here as well.

Kind regards,

jorge Posted: 03-11-07 11:17
no no no no!!!
that was amazing! it was like a dream! i couldn't believe it... I didn't think that u would play so good songs... When the songs started i said "...Oh! no! I can't believe!"

You're amazing!I love u fran! u'r the bigest person in my life!

I would like to come back to take me pic with u because i couldn't do it! :( :( :(

And i want to u see my t-shirt that says Scotish in the front and TRAVIS in the back! jiji!

U'r the best guys! THE-BEST!

...and like i said in the argentine flag...

"i wait for your return"

Love, jor

leticia Posted: 04-11-07 12:12

Each and every one of you were amazing. Each song came out perfect... I almost cried!

I thought I knew you, but I was wrong... NOW I can really say I am a FAN.

Please, come back soon...!!!


Lenny89 Posted: 04-11-07 1:51
I was thereee!! It was AMAZINGG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

olee ole ole oleee, traviss, travisss!! jajajaja!

it was so great!! I´ve been there since 8:00 AM waiting to enter! I had only 10 persons in front of me, i remember running in the Velez Stadium trying to reach (you =P) the stage. I was so close! When Fran and Dougie came out i had them like 50 centimeters away from me! fran touched my hand because i tried to touch him jajajaja

Well...i don't know what to say...i hope you guys come back soon...VERY VERY soon, the setlist was great! I wanted to hear "Coming Around" and "The Cage"...but well, doesn´t matter!! I never imagined that Travis were going to play Driftwood and The Humpt Dumpty Love Song!!!

I love you alll!!!! jaja

AGUANTE TRAVIS cheeee!!!!!!
Andie Posted: 04-11-07 3:03
THANK YOU for having given us a perfect night... The fantastic songs, the good vibes, the smiles you put on our faces... it couldn't have been better!! Guys: we want you back SOON!!
Coty_Arg Posted: 04-11-07 3:08
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Thank you very very very much.
It was awesome. You made us all SO happy that you can't imagine.
Waiting for you worth it.

I really feel bad because I couldn't go to the hotel, nor to the radio, to meet you once again. I wanted to repet the great moment I lived when I first met you in Liverpool, but it was impossible.
Let me tell you that my mother is also fan of this great band (all because of me and your music, that's been played in my home from 2003 and on, and on... you will always be the band of my life)

The set list was really good. I didn't expected you to play Good Feeling, good you did.

I just too glad :)
I love Fran's t-shirt "Arte. Musica. Dulce de leche" That was "too much".
Your t-shirts rock Mr Healy.

Once again, Thanks.
Please come again! -to a smaller venue if possible.


lucy_argentina Posted: 04-11-07 3:51
Heya Guys! Well, I must admit I'm kinda new here. I'm a fan of The Killers(but I heard some songs of you which were fab) and have a few friends like Juli and Alet that are huge Travis fans who were also at the gig last night. I really wanted so see my favourite band, and when I saw you live, I was like, what the hell! I was really amazed!! you played really good and I loved it!!! Sad when it finished. And then, The Killers were amazing too, did some jumping and dancing =) But all I remember is the show you gave, and the t-shirts and Claus and everything. Really brilliant. Thanks for this beautiful night! I had so much fun!!! It was probably one of the best nights I've had. I'd definitely go to a show of you again!!! Come back soon, like Fran said, yeah?
Take care xx

Here you have one more fan, a new one. yeihhhh!! =D
lucy_argentina Posted: 04-11-07 3:51
Heya Guys! Well, I must admit I'm kinda new here. I'm a fan of The Killers(but I heard some songs of you which were fab) and have a few friends like Juli and Alet that are huge Travis fans who were also at the gig last night. I really wanted so see my favourite band, and when I saw you live, I was like, what the hell! I was really amazed!! you played really good and I loved it!!! Sad when it finished. And then, The Killers were amazing too, did some jumping and dancing =) But all I remember is the show you gave, and the t-shirts and Claus and everything. Really brilliant. Thanks for this beautiful night! I had so much fun!!! It was probably one of the best nights I've had. I'd definitely go to a show of you again!!! Come back soon, like Fran said, yeah?
Take care xx

Here you have one more fan, a new one. yeihhhh!! =D
melina Posted: 04-11-07 1:55
you left me, ME, speechless and i always have something to say about anything... well, i appreciate it a lot.

i don't know... just perfect. thanks.
really, i mean it.


the one who sang so loud that people looked at her as she was insane or whatever. it's not my foult if i know all the songs, don't you think?
eugenia Posted: 04-11-07 3:36
thank you guys!!!you are the best! you wet my eyes at the end!please come back!!!you make me and my boyfriend very very happy!!
Amaranth Posted: 04-11-07 4:47
If all you wanna do is rock, then you should know: you DO it. Your show was better than Killers', for sure.

I didn't think you'd play my favourite, The Humpty Dumpty Love Song. But you did, and you made me cry, and I couldn't take off that stupid smile from my face, and the only thing I can say is THANK YOU.
Thank you for coming, thank you for being you, so nice and caring. Thank you for the greatest show I'll ever see.
I hope to see you soon. Don't make me wait too long!
Georgie Posted: 04-11-07 6:36
Well, i'm sure it gets kinda old, but i must say THANK YOU GUYS!
It was a truly amazing show! You freakin rocked! I kept yealing for you to sing "City in the rain"; "Standing on my own" and "The score", wich are a some of my favorite travis songs ever, but i get that when you come to a place like these when you don't have a huge amount of fans (although we are a good minority) you have to play the songs everyone knows, but i just wish someday i get to listen you guys playing one of those songs live.
I wasn't lucky enough to see you before the show, i really wanted to take a picture with all of you and get my cd's signed, but... Oh well, i guess i'll have to trust fran when he said "See you soon" jejeje...
No, but really, i do hope you come again some other time!

So, anywho, thank you again guys!

Manxita Posted: 04-11-07 6:52
The show was AMAZING!!! ^^
I still can't believe that they entered the stage walking next to the crowd...AND DOUGIE HELD MY HAND!!!!! Thanks Dougie!!!!! :)
(BTW, anybody has any pictures of this moment??? I was so shocked that when I managed to get the camera, all I could photograph were their backs T.T)
The show was way longer than I thought it would be, so thanks for that! The setlist was also great (I would have liked to have heard Re-offender but well, maybe next time...there will be a next time, right?)
You guys are all soo nice and sweet! The way Fran connected with the crowd was awesome...and Dougie making faces at us while playing! We were standing on his side and he was always smiling and nodding and waving...amazing!
Thanks for coming, please come again sometime, will you? We love you guys!!!
melissa Posted: 04-11-07 8:10
thanks for coming guys!!!
It was fantastic!!!!
great show, great people!!!

I'm so happy now!!

kisses for you
remember the flag
remember argetina
wherever u are we'll be there!!!
anitasing Posted: 04-11-07 11:26
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What can I say?, as everyone else here has said it was an amazing show...more than amazing..words are not enough to express how much we all enjoyed your it.
I went through different stages: I laughed, shouted and cried but the truth is that you guys always make me feel this way.
The funniest part of this is that most of the people who went there to see killers were so amazed by you!! (of course they were!)
I know you always keep your promises...remember that we´ll be waiting for you here because you just make us so happy!
thanks for a beautiful evening I will never ever forget.
gaby Posted: 04-11-07 11:39
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Wow, wow, wow… I can not find words to describe how grateful I am!! You definitely showed why you are the best band live ever! I have traveled 1000 km to see you and I got literally crushed by the crowd, but it all worthed because my dream became true. Thank you one billion times for coming!! Hope you liked Argentina and come back soon, you know we will be waiting for you with arms wide open...
Olé, olé, olé... TRAVIS ROCKS!!
Excellent setlist (U16 Girls! Pipe Dreams! As You Are!). Brilliant performance. Lovely connection with the audience, made us all feel like we were on the stage.
Words fail to express the way your music made me feel last friday. I (still) feel like I'm levitating and my body's filled with music... It's overwhelming, makes me feel so alive.
Can't thank you enough for that and for your kindness towards the fans. You're a one of a kind band. I mean it.

01-02-03/11: Three days I'll never forget.

(Sorry for my poor English).


pinkchair Posted: 05-11-07 12:55
I can't think of anything that hasn't been written in this topic yet... I just hope to be able to see you on a stage again.

Terrific show, loved your entrance, shouting at your nudist piano guy really left me relaxed!



pd: ... I was at the front but couldnt get any of the picks :( ... Shame on me T.T
sweet_marianne Posted: 06-11-07 3:21
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Guys, If you ever get to read this...

Your Music Change my Life, I wouldn't be who I am if it wasn't for you. Thank you very much, I Hope just the best to all of you and everybody who makes this dream Possible. From deep in my Heart, I Really Love you, and I'll never be able to give you back everything you gave me...


And Please come back soon...

Cecilia Posted: 08-11-07 2:14
Hey guys...Neil, Andy, Dougie and Fran....

Here my compatriots said almost everything already.

You know you´re great, wonderful, that you gave us one of the best times of our lives, and all that.

And I completely agree.

But I just wanted to add one more thought.

If you guys, after all this tour, after Christmas and New Year, are there at home, thinking that it would be cool to come back to Argentina for a few gigs, but then think "Well, we´ve JUST been there, if we go now, they won´t go to the concerts, not many people is going to show up, because we´ve JUST been there".

Well, I must say THAT´S NOT TRUE.


Please amigos....just come back soon.

Sofy Posted: 08-11-07 4:05
I just wanted to say that i used to like Travis before November 2, but after that date i consider myself a fan of your music.
The energy you transmit on stage has no comparison. It was the best time i´ve had in ages, it was so much fun! even though i was miles from the stage, jumping and singing!
and i´ve just realized the feeling can´t be put in words! so i´ll stop blabbing and get to the point: you rocked!
thanks for coming, and please come back soon for a show on your own!!! I´ll be there in the first rows...

PS1: I saw you driving to the stadium while doing the line on the entrance of the show. How come the car didn´t have darkened windows!! 0.o you´re great! lol

PS2: You´re as sweet as dulce de leche! ;)
SgtPepper67 Posted: 10-11-07 2:42
Hey! I used to listen to Travis back in the days of The Man Who and The Invisible Band but I was never really a fan of the band or anything. I went to the Yeah Festival to see The Killers cos I'm big fan of them and I had not too much expectations for the Travis show, in fact I thought it even might be a bit boring... How wrong I was!!! The show was amazing, really great, I loved every second of it!!! I especially loved the good vibe with the crowd, so much fun, I was right there were Andy jumped into the crowd for the All I want to do is rock solo, it was unbelievable!
So, new fan here! I hope I have the chance to see Travis live again cos they rock!
ayus Posted: 10-11-07 4:30
I love youuu guyss!!
thank for the great show!!
It was fantastic!!

byee! =)
luli_luv Posted: 12-11-07 2:58
eyy! thanks for coming..pleasee come back..u r amazing..your songs are everything for me i cant believe i was so close.. i love u guys! please please pleaseee returned! lot of kisses! luli
Marilau1978 Posted: 12-11-07 3:24
Hello,I don't know so much of Travis but the concert in Argentina i feel the music and i inlove, the best of the night!!! thanks!!!!
Como se daran cuenta el inglés no es mi fuerte, solo quiero compartir q yo practicmante no conocia la banda pero al verlos en vivo me gusto tanto q ahora los estoy escuchando a full!!! buenisima la onda d los músicos y muy lindas las canciones!!! vuelvan pronto por más!!! gracias. Marilau!
barby Posted: 07-12-07 5:51
A month later! haha

I haven´t words to says how I felt that night (november 2), I enjoyed so much and I felt like a dream, a beautiful dream =) After the show you won more fans.

i LOVE you Guys..

yOU Are the best band around the world...
evels Posted: 04-02-08 7:34
i don't speak english =$

solo quiero decir un enorme GRACIAS a TRAVIS! por pasar por argentina! me encantan!! son lo mejor!!
ame el recitalen velez! (L) suenan mucho mejor en vivo que en un CD =D

los adorooO!!

sigan asii (L)


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