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lillan_h Aug-26-09 12.19pm
This was my 5th Travis gig (all of them outside my own country) and as usual the band delivered it all! I was a bit disappointed that the crowd was so slow in the beginning but the band smoothed them up pretty quickly. Think so far the barrowlands 2 years ago was something extra, maybe cause it was the day before New Years Eve? The highlights this gig was so many that I don'æt know in what order, but:.... - The intro to 'Chinese Blues', absolutely powerful! - Andy's solo in 'Something Anything' like a knife through stone...What a guitarrist! - The intro to 'Love Will Come Through' when Fran instructed the crowd to do the 'tic tac' Also very nice intro from Clas there! - One of the best highlights were when they mixed 'Eyes Wide Open' and 'Side' toghether with the always winning jump from Neils drums. Fucking classic! - Andy's scaffholding climbing to 'All I Wanna Do Is Rock', where he really put an effort into making love to the scaffholding,. Haven't seen that before, haha!! - Niels intro to the song above always make me so happy. What a drummer! - The guitar Solo in 'Turn' and also Dougies part in it. Lovely! - Frans crowd surf to 'Falling Down', although some dude almost stole the hat. - The whole song 'Before You Were Young' Fran you are an amazing song writer indeed. Know how to write so powerful songs with so easy chords! - The lightening though the whole show was amazing and i love how it's all put togehter. Well done. - The window people in the houses around the square. Haha, nice view. - And of course the back stage meeting with the band afterwards. I was the only fan there (lost my mate on the way) and felt a bit awkward cause of that, but I got to see them all and have a small chat, which was cool. Thanks guys for an amazing night!! Can't wait to see your next gig! Cheers!
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