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> Re: Mr Az
> Who are Travis now?
> I don't care mood.....
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BenFilbert Jun-30-09 10.09pm
lol Thank you. ;)
Rammsfer Dec-31-08 9.30pm
Happy New Year :)! My bests wishes for you =P
TheInvisibleBoy Oct-1-08 12.58am
Ah right, not near me then lol, I was in the middle too but further back, near the railings to the sound control guys/lighting guys, still there was someone back there messing the smell waves up, I think it might have been this drunkish guy. My mate said I smelt a bit but that was b.o from rocking out too much to the songs, like anyone does at a gig really lol, definetly not what was putting everyone off breathing like whoever was farting away, it was disgusting lol, but I would have put up with it 100 times as bad as that and more if it meant seeing Travis at the same time again lol. What a night, I absolutely loved it! Hope all is well and you've had a good day?
TheInvisibleBoy Sep-30-08 1.21am
Hey, just read your review of the Manchester gig, and I saw the bit about someone farting all night, there was someone near me doing it too, maybe every ten minutes or so you could smell something not so good lol, maybe it was the same person you were writing about lol. Anywhoo hope you have a good day!
Eyes_Wide_Open Sep-22-08 9.26pm
Ooh a tempting offer ! If i can get there because of uni and stuff i may well be there !
Lemon Grinner Sep-17-08 4.27pm
Oh hey, cheers for my pic comment! Hows you?
gladsadmad Aug-29-08 5.19pm
Check your inbox for the secret news...
Eyes_Wide_Open Aug-29-08 2.47am
Hey ! Hows it goin? First time i've logged on here in months and just saw you're going to the Ritz show too ! Can't wait for the new album! Gary x
Eledh Aug-14-08 7.32pm
Ahahah It's just that I was out for a while ;) Now I'm back.
Eledh Jul-14-08 1.04pm
Trust me, you're saying the same things I wanted to say in all these days. I just can't for several reasons. First of all I can't talk like you, so I can't explain my point as I wish I would.
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