Thursday, November 08, 2007
One In Foro Expo, Guadalajara, MX

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Alfredo Posted: 09-11-07 7:32
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Though the venue doesn't have the best acoustics, the show was great, the band started off a bit hesitant, like going through the motions and little by little started loosening up. We got every single song one could have wanted to hear, at times I'd think, well, that does it... and no, they'd go on and on, great set list, great show, good ambiance and I do think the band ended up enjoying it too, smaller venues tend to be more intimate and less impersonal. Good to see the guitarist take a tour in the public and come out in one piece... can be risky business at times, but people in Guadalajara are very kind.

Anyway, hope you keep up the promise and come to visit us again, next time hopefully at a better sounding venue, like the Diana Theater or maybe Auditorio Telmex (Metropolitano)... great acoustics... I can only dream.

Congratulations to Travis, keep up the good songwriting and the positive energy, we'll keep supporting you and your tours. ¡Viva Travis!
daves_n_n Posted: 09-11-07 7:33
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Pues esta presentación superó las expectativas que tenía de la banda, digamos que ha sido uno de los conciertos mas “indie” y “rocker” que he visto de una banda de mainstream, lo cual me encantó.

De las rolas que esperaba que tocaran, solo faltó “3 Times And You Lose”, porque hasta el cover de “Britney-Britney” (...Baby One More Time) se aventaron, fenomenal.

Esta noche, los de Travis “rulearon” en la expo.
El único tache de la noche fue haber cortado a la mitad Rock and Roll de Led Zeppelin, una completa herejía para el rock.
omarojedau Posted: 09-11-07 4:58
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Excelente concierto, son unos increibles musicos, y su musica es genial, hace mucho que no habia un concierto tan bueno como este aqui en Guadalajara, gracias Travis por Venir a reglarnos un poco de buena musica la noche del 08 de noviembre(inolvidable para muchos aqui en Guadalajara).

Me fui completamente satisfecho con el concierto, de haber escuchado cada una de las canciones clasicas de travis,no me falto ni una para mi gusto..

Traen muy buena vibra y le echan todas las ganas en el concierto, espero y vuelvan, porque volveria de nuevo a verlos.

omarojedau Posted: 09-11-07 4:59
Excelente concierto, son unos increibles musicos, y su musica es genial, hace mucho que no habia un concierto tan bueno como este aqui en Guadalajara, gracias Travis por Venir a reglarnos un poco de buena musica la noche del 08 de noviembre(inolvidable para muchos aqui en Guadalajara).

Me fui completamente satisfecho con el concierto, de haber escuchado cada una de las canciones clasicas de travis,no me falto ni una para mi gusto..

Traen muy buena vibra y le echan todas las ganas en el concierto, espero y vuelvan, porque volveria de nuevo a verlos.

IvanMata Posted: 09-11-07 5:22
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Oh my God! what a wonderful night!!! I'm still so excited! Can't stop listening to every song played in this concert!

Thank you very much Travis for coming to Guadalajara and share your great attitude! You're just amazing guys, keep being that way, so kind and humble (even to those guys all over the wall haha!)

Andy: wow! you're just too brave... It was awesome when you went over that crowd! Nice!

Francis: Thanks for every written/singed song!

Dougie: I hope you enjoyed all those beers!

Neil: what a drummer!

And of course! KLOSE (I hope this is right spelled) thanks for that amazing piano solo! KLOSE! KLOSE! KLOSE! KLOSE!

I can't wait for you guys to come again (just as you said)!!!

See you soon!
booger Posted: 09-11-07 9:32
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Okay, okay. I ought to confess, I cried the hell out of me when I heard The Humpty Dumpty Love Song. The atmosphere created by the band and the audience at that moment surpassed my emotion and I couldn't help crying. The whole show was amazing. Travis you know Mexico loves you. I hope you did get to drink our great Tequila during the time you stayed in Guadalajara. We will be waiting for you to return. Dougie, you rock.
omar_iowa Posted: 09-11-07 11:51
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Creo que esa expresión es la más apropiada para expresar lo que vivimos anoche en el foro expo. Definitivamente el mejor concierto de mi vida: 123 minutos de la mejor música, un excelente setlist que creo que dejo satisfechos a todos, y que tal andy en "all i want to do is rock".
Una noche para recordar.

I think that's te most appropriate word to express what we lived last night in foro expo. Definitely the best show of my life: 123 minutes of great music. an excelent setlist that made everyone happy, and how about andy in "all i want to do is rock".
A night to be remembered.
alfred Posted: 10-11-07 2:37
Fenomenal, no existe otra palabra para definir lo que hicieron en el foro expo, desde el principio hasta el final no dejaron de mostrar su grandiosa habilidad para tocar, muy bien congratulations!!!.
posd. espero que vuelvan a cumplir su promesa de volver.
marcomod Posted: 10-11-07 3:21
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charlybeatle Posted: 10-11-07 3:56
Fueron dos horas y 7 minutos de emociones... desde su entrada al escenario emulando al "true champion of the people" Rocky Balboa, y abriendo alegre y energicamente con "Selfish Jean", hasta su epica despedida con el himno "Why Does It Always Rain On Me" nos mantuvieron hechizados... el orden de las canciones, fue perfecto... Nunca antes, una banda se habia llevado tan bien con el publico. Esa noche hubo magia, banda y audiencia era como una gran familia. Perfecta interacción...Fran dijo que nunca antes habia visto a un publico cantar sus canciones como lo haciamos nosotros... Tan asi, que despues de despedirse con "Turn" volviero a tocar ( y a cantar junto con nosotros) otras 6 mas.
Mi momento favorito? The Humpty Dumpty Love Song... Si de por si, esa canción, en disco, es llegadora, en vivo, con el feeling a tope, fue increible... Lo mismo con "Flowers In The Window" , "Writting To Reach You" y "Re-Offender"
Los 4 integrantes personificaron su papel a la perfección, Fran Healy, como el lider, se dirigia a la audiencia, de una manera muy amable, contaba chistes, hacia bromas, nos hacía participar. Douggie Payne, con su bajo sobrio, y en pose de seductor, sonriendo a todas las chicas que le hacian propuestas indecorosas, Neil Primrose, como siempre, serio, y comandando firmemente el ritmo de las canciones con su batería. Andy Dunlop , guitarra, fue la gran sorpresa. En los videos aparece poco y siempre serio, pero anoche, se deschongó. Se alocó, se prendió con su musica y con el apoyo del publico, en incluso, se animó, lanzarse en medio de la gente, y asi, en el bodysurf, tocar un solo ... Prometieron volver, y yo me apunto para asistir de nuevo....

PD. Fran Healy lanzó una pua, la cual, me pegó en el hombro, pero al caer, una muchacha se la quedó...
maggie_gdl Posted: 10-11-07 11:06
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Wow!!! Wow!!! Wow!! Wow!! I'm still so excited for that fenomenal gig, Thank you so much to band for coming to Guadalajara!!! I hope see you next year or, it will be better if you come sooner xD

You're so gentlemen, thanks for the pics at the hotel, what adventure to catch up there xD, crossing the street, running on the streets hahaha well, we made it, and we had such a wonderful moments at the hotel, and of course the 2 hrs of your excellent music, Thank you soooooooooooooo much guys, you really rock!!! Come back soon, please.

Keep being so kind and gentle as you are.

Lots of love for everyone.
alella Posted: 11-11-07 5:54
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The show was absolutely amazing, it was my first time and i just loved it!! Im so in love with you guys, that night was my 17`s birthday so i couldnt ask for something better for present than listening your music!
The beautiful Occupation solo was orgasmic!!...I feel that I made love "musically" talking right there, it was fabulous I loved it, I will never forget this, thank you very much for coming...hope to see you very soon
By the sooo in love with Andy, i always thought he was a very, very serious guy, but that night surprised me...he just went wild and I love it!!
Hope you sing "Peace the fuck out" the next time you came here to Mexico...
Mexico loves you Travis, and so do I!!
arthur Posted: 11-11-07 7:35
It was such a great show¡¡¡¡¡
travis, as usual, gave us an amazing experience: Fran, Dougie, Andy, Neil and "Klos" (the pianist), told us they feel like being home. The 2 hours the concert lasted, everybody sang each single and jump around to express the ecstasy their music make us feel... Fran,singing feeling each song, joking and jumping from Neil`s drums(beating like our bodies), Dougie dancing and glancing in a sexy way all the time, Andy interacting with us every solo¡
So they promised to come back soon that`s good¡¡¡ i can`t wait...
sosoto Posted: 12-11-07 8:24
The show was just Amazing!!! I really enjoyed all those wonderful songs!. Andy, Fran, TRAVIS we will be waiting for you!!! XOXOXOXO
austendickens Posted: 13-11-07 9:52
Hi everybody !!!
UFFFF, one of the most amazing gigs here
in GDL, all songs were awesome.

Yes, the place was to small, but it made a very familiar atmosphere.

Anyway I got fun too much.

La banda se la rifó, es en serio,
Fran estaba extasiado con todo, hasta con los que estaban desde afuera.
Dougie, oh Dougie OMG!!! ke puedo decir, jeje. no pudimos resistirnos a el. (no nos culpen).
Andy, estaba como en trance, jeje..
hasta se avento su mini stage diving..

Y Neil, Genial atrás con la bateria,

La verdad si estuvo muy agradable el concierto.
Ahora a esperar cuando vuelvan....!!!!
Lo prometieron.
GlossonRocks Posted: 29-11-07 1:09
frist i wanna say that this was the best day of my life untill now!
i mean it was a great great show... of my favorite band, i screamed and screamed all night long! TRAVIS in all his glory came to guadalajara and gave us (me and many more) the best show in our lifes... ever since i was young i had been dreaming about that day, the day when travis decided to visit guadalajara city but to be honest i really had no hope ...i mean i thought that i would have to tralvel at least to mexico city to see you on live but one day i found out that travis was gonna be here... so close to me, and the truth is that i don`t work im a full time student so i tought i couldn`t make it to the show but a great friend gave me the ticket ...and thnks to him now i can tell that i´ve been in my favorite´s band show!
the show well it was just the best i´ve seen in my life! you really know how to rock!! first neil with his xx beer playing as a god, then dougie he´s such a good musisian... Fran with the best voice on planet earth and the great lyrics and then my favorite... ANDY he´s such a ROCKSTAR i just love you andy! i love travis... wow!


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