Saturday, July 21, 2007
Vic Theatre, Chicago, IL, US

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mozman68 Posted: 22-07-07 3:45
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Another great show...especially with the addition of some crowd requests at the end...but no Back In Black :(

The lads were in great form and spirits as usual and nice enough to hang out after the show for the folks who waited.

I didn't get home until 5:30 in the morning, so still processing pics and vids.

Check the message board for a post and links to more shots than I was able to post here....cheers.
Kachmoney Posted: 22-07-07 4:47
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Amazing, amazing show! Best show both sound and entertainment-wise I've seen in a long, long time (maybe since I first saw Arcade Fire a couple years ago). Fran was at his best bantering with the crowd which, besides the music, is why Travis is the best. It's nice that the guys make the time to connect with the crowd. Too many bands just get up and play and leave and you feel empty at the end.

We stood at the front of the first "stoop" right up against the railing and had the most amazing view. I felt like I was watching a DVD we could see so well and the sound was sooo amazingly clear (I love the Vic!)

Set list was great and extra thanks for adding She's So Strange last minute! That was a great treat.

After the show we waited outside to meet the band and they were as nice as can be. They all stood around for a long time hanging out with the crowd, taking pictures and signing autographs. Again, a sign of a band that really cares about connecting with their fans.

Thanks to Audrey for getting in line early and hooking us up with good spots. Can't wait to see your pictures!

Shout out to all the nice people we met from Grand Rapids, MI, Louisville, KT, Lexington, KT and Toledo, OH. I'm sure you can attest to the fact that it was worth the drive. Shoot me a note when you get home!

If anyone gets a copy of this show please, please, please let me know!

Fellas, please come back to Chicago soon! I'm already recharged and ready for more Travis (actually listening to Good Feeling on vinyl right now)

DRC Posted: 22-07-07 8:59
First time seeing Travis live but it was the best concert I ever seen. The Vic had a great feel and was perfect for the bands personality. It was a awesome experience.

interlibra Posted: 22-07-07 10:23
Pretty sweet concert if I do say so myself...I do not own the first TRAVIS CD so when they played these unknown gems I thought to myself I need that CD...The band is full of energy and vigor! The opening alone was killer and hilarious...The Pogo and Claus bits were super sweeeet...The band gave Chicago a awesome freaking show...The Vic was a great venue, even from the balcony...Scottish accents are adorable!
neokyle Posted: 22-07-07 11:46
What an amazing show! They sounded so good. I've been waiting to see this band for a long while. It was so worth the 5 hour drive from Louisville, KY. I didn't expect to see them in such a small venue, but it made the night all the more incredible. The audience was great, too. Loved hearing everyone sing along to every song-- I sure did (apologies to the people right in front of me ;-) ).

Can't wait for the next tour! Just hope they play a little closer to Louisville next time.

Gisela (chicago gal) Posted: 23-07-07 4:24
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Great show guys! I also stood in front of the first "stoop" right up against the railing. Had the best view! I got to see the whole band! Was a cool venue. Glad I got there a bit earlier. Although I may have been able to get a bit closer, I am shorter and really wanted a great view of everyone in the band. And I was able to this time! I hadn't read any reviews so everything was a surprise which was cool. I loved your entrance and the Rocky and Living in America beginning! That was fun! One of the only things I had seen beforehand was that Andy had crowdsurfed in some of the concerts. Wish I could have seen that. :) I was like, how is he going to do that here? There's not enough space or people to hold him. So, I supose playing on the ground was what he resorted to. He's crazy! :)

Good job guys on She's so Strange! It sounded great, even if you haven't played it in a while. I always think it is cool when a band can just pick up and play something even if they haven't done it in a while.

All of the stuff from the new album was great, and all of your old stuff is always great to hear as well! Me and my sis were suprised that you didn't play more from the newer album. But, I know it's too hard to fit everything that you have ever written in one concert. What would be cool is if you could play two legs of the tour and then play a different set-list of songs for the second leg. That way you could fit in more songs. But, I know you guys have lives and it's tiring playing so many shows. And I was totally satisfied with what you played for this concert. I was just happy to see you guys again!

I had a great time singing my heart out, dancing, and jumping. I can't help it if your music is so cheery and delightful. Fran, I am so glad you made everyone pogo for "Why Does it Always Rain On Me." I didn't get why you said you would be hurting afterwards, I thought, it's not going to be that hard. I didn't think it would take so much out of me, but it did! Pretty aerobic. I guess I am getting older. It was fun though, love feeling 10 years younger. :)

I guess it has been a long time since you guys last played here. Fran, like you said in the concert, please come again, sooner next time. The people of Chicago will always come to hear your music again! Thanks Travis, for making my night! :D You guys rocked!

thefarside Posted: 23-07-07 5:58
great show , top class, i'ld had been looking forward to it all week , i said to the girlfriend b4 the show , i think this is going to go into the top 5 gigs , up the with radiohead @ alpine , and the frames @ the park west . i wasn't dissapointed . from the entrance (which was deadly , mad bastards). great opening songs to get the crowd going . great selection of old and new . i looked @ me watch , it was 10:30 , i thought shite , this will be over in half an hour . onto johnny o'hagan's , and the rest is a blur !!!
look forward to seeing them again . super venue to see them at , brilliant , deadly.............although no re-offender or slide show ....but i'm not complaining , they done virtually everything else
disenFRANchised FM Posted: 24-07-07 12:01
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Doing this off the top of my head, but here's the unofficial list. Pretty sure it's complete, though only songs with asterisks indicate song was definitely played in that order.

Selfish Jean*
Eyes Wide Open*
Writing to Reach You*
Love will Come Through*
As You Are
Pipe Dreams
The Line is Fine
My Eyes
Good Feeling
All I Wanna do is Rock*

Flowers in the Window*
She's So Strange*
I Love You Anyways*
Why Does it Always Rain on Me*
elephantina Posted: 24-07-07 1:55
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I missed the concert in New York, which is a block a way from where I live. But I flew all the way to Chicago and I'm glad I made it! Travis is awesome!!

I can't believe that the band went past right in front of me at the opening. And I got Dougie's Guitar Pick!!!I feel soooo lucky!

Can't wait to see you guys live again!
physalia Posted: 24-07-07 7:12
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What an absolutely stellar show. Iím still - 2 nights later - on this crazy emotional high.

Iíve heard Fran say before that Travis play every show like itís their last, and that was certainly true Saturday night. My sister and I got there super early which paid off when we were in the front row, directly in front of Andy. Watching him play the stanjo from right there was an experience Iíll never forget. I donít know how he has the energy to play like that every night and still spend so much time engaging with us nutty fans afterward.

As for the music itself - well, I always knew Travis rocked. The highlights for me were Closer, Battleships (because I love The Boy with No Name like nothing else), Good Feeling (yay, Claus!), Love will Come Through, and Flowers in the Window (especially when Dougie and Andy took over the guitar for Fran).

And! Turn, for the Dougie singing, of course. Thanks to whoever called out Sheís So Strange, because that was phenomenal.

Clearly the band still feels these songs when they perform them- I had goose bumps for the entire show and even hours afterward I still felt like they were playing.

The best part is how Travis really makes the audience feel like part of the show - with the banter, encouraging pics and videos, Andyís crowd guitar playing, and Fran grabbing everyoneís hand he could reach at the end of the show. Thereís a whole list of things like that.

Which is why I donít feel ridiculous saying how much this show meant to me. These songs have been a daily part of my life since I heard WDIAROM in 1999. And I got the chance to tell the band in person- I could not have been happier. I was so touched by how much time the guys spent talking to each person waiting after the show, and how kind they all were. They each made an effort to make even this personal - asking everyoneís name and really talking to us. Fran even gave us a shirt!

The day after the show almost felt like the day after Christmas - Iíve been giddy with happiness and randomly crying in turns. No other show, or other band, has ever affected me this way. I may be a squeally girl, but boy do I love my Travis.

I hope to be singing along at another Travis show soon - don't stay away so long this time, boys! Chicago will always have lots of love for Travis.
Spiral216 Posted: 24-07-07 2:28
Of course it was a great show. I loved the beginning when they came out. They started out right by my wife and I. I really wished they would have played Big Chair and Re-Offender in the main set. The encore was brilliant. Im so happy they played Shes So Strange..So thank you to the person who requested it. Please come back to Chicago again Travis and possibly a Wisconsin show huh!!!
Cynthia Posted: 27-07-07 3:10
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I share the sentiments of those that have already posted reviews. This was my third time seeing Travis live and my first time doing the general admission thing. When I snagged (aka waited in line for hours and hours ahead of time) a spot in the front row, I knew it would be a special night. I couldnít have hand-picked a better set list for the evening. I think my body was releasing endorphins at an all time high!

The bittersweet part of being present at a show like this is that thereís that little nagging part of me that canít help but think any other concert will pale in comparison Ė that I quite possibly just attended the best concert of my life. How does one improve on that which has achieved perfection? Maybe when Fran, Neil, Andy, Dougie, and Claes tour again my question will be answered. (hint, hint) :)

There are good experiences in life. There are great experiences in life. There are the Iíll-be-telling-the-kids-and-the-grandkids-about-it-someday experiences. Travis @ the Vic Theatre on the 21st of July? Nothing short of the later. . .
jenna Posted: 23-01-08 11:51
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It's only taken me six months to finally post something about this show, haha.

I had an incredible time, per usual, at this show. I always say "That was my favorite Travis show yet," but once again it's true. This time around I went with my sister, my best friend Lizzie B, and Lizzie's little sister (a Travis first-timer). We managed to wedge ourselves in the front row between Fran and Dougie. All our favorite songs were played, including "Flowers in the Window," which Lizzie walked down the aisle to earlier in the summer at her wedding. It was a long-awaited show and it more than lived up to our expectations.

I'd like to thank the band from the bottom of my heart for this show. It's been hard to write something about it because my sister and I found out the next morning our dad passed away from cancer while we were at the show. He was a musician and a Travis fan, and he wanted us to have one last good night. Thank you for giving us that, and unknowingly granting my Pops his final wish. Come back to the States soon!
melissam3173 Posted: 11-08-08 4:45
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Never got to post a review cos I wasnt sure how... Best concert I have ever been to by far!!! Travis has never came to Kentucky so I finally decided if they didnt come to me I had to go to them!!!! Not only did I embark to one of the most wicked cool cities on earth but was forever changed by the energy, talent, lyrics, and love from this amazing band. It was a hell of a live show and one for the books 4sure. I loved the Swedish addition to the band, not to mention She's So Strange!! It was by far the best nite of my life and getting to meet them after the show was just amazing!!! Apart from the people who made jokes about me being from Kentucky (LOL), It was awesome and I cannot wait to see them again!!!


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