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moi waiting the new travis album ---^
david bowie. counting crows. bob dylan. mcfly. the killers. stars. teitur. soundtracks, musicals and all the hits from the 90's.
brokeback mountain. le fabuleux destin d'amélie poulain. billy elliot. stand by me. most of the nerd trilogies and all miyazaki movies. everything with cillian murphy or cate blanchett.
watership down. cider house rules. never let me go. emily of new moon. harry potters, hercule poirots and all the books by tove jansson and j.r.r. tolkien.
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Astoria, London, UK
Pyramids, Portsmouth, UK
Barrowlands, Glasgow, UK

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FranFlower Oct-13-08 3.28pm
Hi there, didn't see you at the Astoria concert? Were you there? I couldn't stay after the gig to meet the guys cause I had dragged four of my friends along to the concert and had to take care of them ;) Everything okay with you?
SamuraiSandy Sep-17-08 10.57pm
Hi Jenni...haven't seen you around here in a while! I agree with ric...that is a rad background!
ricv64 Sep-17-08 2.26pm
rad background
FranFlower Sep-16-08 5.38pm
Yeah, I'll be in London with my studies from sat-thurs that week (that's some fucking luck, ey :D), and of course I've managed to drag 4 of my classmates to their very first travis gig too ;) Probably wont be around early enough to get good spots, but hopefully I'll get them to wait for the band after the show :P
BenFilbert Aug-20-08 10.02am
Hey Jenni! :) I'm great thank you. How are you? Haha. That would normally be the case but i already know all the words unless they change them at all and they've not really changed any in the ones we have heard so far. I'm always singing Long Way Down in the shower. :) Next single, i hope.
BenFilbert Jul-31-08 5.16pm
Haha. You're back! Great to see you on. *hug*. I have my tickets booked. I'll be seeing them the day after the album comes out. So exciting!!!
Peewee Jul-3-08 1.11pm
Hey I see you love tove Jansson's books. I just finished her The Summer Book! It was brilliant :) Makes me want to go to Finland!!! Not too sure about the moomin books tho, not my cuppa tea! ha ha
BenFilbert Jun-27-08 3.23am
Last log in, June 1st! What you doing?! You could be missing out on big news... errr, well you aren't, but you could be! LOL Hope you're ok. :)
BenFilbert May-24-08 1.07am
Cool, you'll enjoy the album. The songs are really amazing live. :) I'll probably wait again next time but maybe for album 8, i'll listen again. Who knows... How are you anyway Jenni? Hope you're well my friend. :)
I Came in Through the Bathroom Window May-17-08 3.24am
Hahaha I love your profile pic! :o)
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