Saturday, June 30, 2007
Sherwood Pines Forest Park, Nottinghamshire, UK

Support: The Hours and Juno Falls
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Ruudio Posted: 01-07-07 12:58
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Had a fantastic time last night. Well done Fran for getting rid of the idiot =D

Thought Juno Falls was wicked. Was lovely when he was signing cds. N The Hours weren't bad either.

Loved every minute of it especially the inclusion of Slideshow and Blue Flashing Light that I hadn't seen live for years =D Was my Mum's first Travis gig n what a gig it was she had Andy crowd surfing over her n she was pogoing like mad at the end - I couldn't keep up with her!

Thanks so much to all of you for been such a great band and making live music so much fun =D

PS Did anyone else feel the first spots of rain starting during Why Does It Always Rain On Me? =D
Jacquigilman Posted: 01-07-07 1:22
what a fantastic show and what a brilliant atmosphere. This was the first gig that I have taken my two daughters who are 7 and 4 to. The crowd were brilliant with them and I couldn't have chosen a better band for them to see than Travis. I last saw Travis at the start of their career and they are still as energetic and fresh as then. Many thanks Travis.
Eyes_Wide_Open Posted: 01-07-07 2:06
I was on the front barrier just by Dougie and witnessed yet another AMAZING Travis gig.

I thought Franny was brilliant how he handled that idiot just standing a few people further along the barrier from me.

Once that guy was escorted the crowd were given a thumping and aggressive version of Eyes Wide Open which i thought was brilliant and a show highlight !

My other favourites of the night were the inclusions of Slide Show & Blue Flashing Light. I've always wanted to see them live because they were the first Travis songs i learned on guitar !

Overall fantastic Venue and a fantastic gig, shame it wasn't recorded for a dvd really (does anyone know if a dvd of this tour will be coming out?).

It was my third Travis adventure on this tour and i think i enjoyed it the most due to the amount of rain which just added to the fun of being outdoors !

how did everyone else find the show ?


Ps. the Travis umbrella's which were on sale were great ! I can't wait to use it when i go to uni in september !
eurolad Posted: 01-07-07 2:41
My 4th concert - they just keep getting better! Always worth the trip from Belgium...
Keep em coming guys!
Thought the entrance was great!
tmitch Posted: 01-07-07 3:17
Excellent show the lights and sound were amazing. Watched Embrace there last year and have to say that Travis were better! The rain did not spoil the evening nor did the bloke at the front who got thrown out (well done!)

Can any remember the full set list?
chezf Posted: 01-07-07 4:28
Had a fantastic time last night & well done to Fran for kicking that prat out that stood next to me who was spoiling it for others.
This was my third time seeing them live & they just get better everytime. They played some songs that I'd not heard in ages and were good to hear again.
Well done boys, can't wait to see you again.

happydales Posted: 01-07-07 5:08
WOW! This was my first Travis gig and I wasn't disappointed! Well done to Fran for sorting out the idiot who was spoiling it for everyone else. The old songs sounded just as good as the new stuff. Myles was great as were The Hours. The setting was fantastic and I would definitely see them again! I also felt the start of rain when they sang Rain on Me!


P.S. Loved Andy crowd surfing and Dougie thrusting! ;o)
carlj77 Posted: 01-07-07 5:39
Brilliant show! was lucky enough to be right at the front and was just blown away superb! Well done to the Forestry commision also for such a great venue to watch your favourite band!

Great playlist all the classics plus my favs from the new album! Battleships live was just great! and big up to Dougie for his smiles and thrusting towards us my wife loved that!!

Can't wait till the guy's are back touring here again!!!

crazyelaine Posted: 01-07-07 6:12
great gig really enjoyed it
thanks travis xx
lozm Posted: 01-07-07 6:58
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Well I know I say this almost every time I see Travis, but this was best gig I have been to. Managed to arrive reasonably early and got to the very front row infront of Andy. Thought Juno Falls was O.K, but I really enjoyed The Hours.

Anyway, onto Travis. I really love that entrance, Gets better and better everytime I see them. Fran even gave me a high five on the way up to the stage!!! Selfish Jean is a great opener and it was a shame about the idiot who was starting a fight with someone half his size that ruined the start of the gig as Fran had to step in and break it up. The setlist was almost perfect, was so happy to hear Re-offender as it was missed off at the previous gigs on this tour I have been to. Other highlights, were Blue Flashing Lights and Slide Show, as I was not excpecting them at all. Anyway, thanks for another great gig Travis, I'm eagerly antipicating the next one.
hail_fran Posted: 01-07-07 7:15
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great concert loved every bit of it!
andy crowd surfing right above us was a highlight, cheers to travis for a great night.
the support bands were good aswell!
keels Posted: 01-07-07 8:06
Absolutely fantastic. A great venue, great atmosphere and an even better travis performance. Weel done guys and a big thank you.
moominbadger Posted: 01-07-07 9:44
absolutely FANTASTIC!! Thank you soooo much Travis! Brilliant set list, brilliant performance, brilliant venue, even the rain was brilliant! The only thing that wasn't so brillant was that **** at the start causing trouble so cheers for sorting him out Fran.

It's been a few years since I've seen Travis play live and you just get better and better.

Hail_Andy Posted: 01-07-07 9:49
Best concert I've ever been to!

As You Are, Turn and All I Want to Do Is Rock were my favourites.
Was right at the barrier in front of Andy. Nice of him to jump in where I was!

Hail Travis!
happyman Posted: 02-07-07 12:09
Wow, where do I start ...
Great gig, def' worth the 5 year wait since my last Travis concert.
* Fantastic set list including some older tracks (All hail Claus, esp' for the solo on Good Feeling) though not just a lazy 'best of' due to As You Are / Blue Flashing Light and Slideshow's inclusions.
* Too far back to witness Idiot-gate, but well done Fran for getting stuck in.
* The new stuff really stood up well, why no Closer or Selfish Jean on Radio 1 ? Doesn't add up as they still play Keane, Paolo Nutini and The Fray etc.
* Lovely venue and a very friendly atmosphere, even the refreshments were fairly reasonably priced. Thanks to the Forestry folks :o)
* The Hours were excellent too. Whoever pics the support bands does a awesome job - it was Doves in 2002 and now The Hours. Cool.

Thanks again !

PS - Got back to the hotel after the gig to be told that The Hours had stayed there the night before (Pine Lodge, Mansfield). Hey, very rock'n roll.
brihollis Posted: 02-07-07 2:47
Wow had a great time at the gig got soaked this made it better lol lost our tickets at the dog & duck pub and my friends bank card was in the envolope too someone handed these in at the pines desk would love to know who they were so i could thank them if your reading this get in touch cheers travis boys 4 a great gig and support was great too bye 4 now
Debbie Posted: 02-07-07 10:24
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What a fantastic night it was!

Got there just after 5pm, and managed to get right on the front barrier, just in front of Dougie( A perfect View!!).

Both the support acts were very good.I especially liked the way the lead singer poured water over his head so he was as wet as us!! The rain however did not affect the evening at all. Once Travis came on I didn't even notice the rain!

The Rocky entrance was great and Selfish Jean a great song to start the set. Credit goes to Fran for getting rid of the drunken idiot causing trouble at the front.

Dougie was on top form with his gyrating hips and beaming smile.

The whole set was fantastic, especially the new songs which are now more familiar. My Eyes is just a beautiful song. Eyes Wide Open was also a Cracker!

I have now seen Travis 9 times, and hope to see them many more times. They just get better and better.Thanks for a brilliant evening guys, you really are the best!

SexyHan Posted: 03-07-07 10:36
Absolutely fantastic performance, once again did not fail to impress. Even got my miserable friend who's not into live music pogoing and chanting CLAES!
Dougie was looking stunning as ever. Can't wait to see the guys back in Nottingham SOON!!!
Lnarueda Posted: 03-07-07 2:10
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It was a fantastic show!
Finally take a plane from Spain to see you in that fantastic place as Sherwood forest was risky but worth it!!!
I'll never forget that rainy and maravellous day!!!
marie7 Posted: 04-07-07 12:00
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What a fantastic show!Great mix of old and new songs....great to hear Good Feeling again and the new songs like Selfish Jean rocked!
Highlights for me included their entrance outfits, Andy's crowd surfing complete with guitar!, Dougie's thrusting, Banjo playing, Fran's amazing singing, "guts and all" and I loved the busking set of Flowers!
Great to see a band who really enjoy themselves and connect so well with the audience...totally unpretentious..totally talented..That's a rare find! Here's to my next Travis gig!
foldedlaundry Posted: 05-07-07 10:58
Well done boys. We really enjoyed the show and have insisted that our friends overseas go to the New York and Toronto gigs.
monaz Posted: 06-07-07 3:19
Fantastic gig. We were right at the front. Its the first time I have seen Travis but will definately go and see them again. Cant pick out a fav bit (just too many!!)Best band I have seen. What a great bunch of guys, it came across what great mates they are. Brill.
slingshotjam Posted: 08-07-07 4:14
What another great show, both warm up acts were fantastic, looking forward to seeing more from Juno Falls. The venue was great and only 30 mins away. Thanks to the heavens for trickle of rain (considering the rainfall for the rest of June that we had)it did not spoil it one bit. I thought the entrance was fantastic and a great show opener with Selfish Jean followed by yet another great set. Love the stuff from your new album. Thought Slideshow and Blue Flashing light were amazing and thankyou so much for Flowers in the Window (it was our first song played at our wedding and always brings back good memories). Nice to see Andy up to his usual tricks, thought the crowd surfing was great. Thanks to Fran for getting rid of the prat. Looking forward to future music and gigs. Thanks again lads for a top class gig.
cazman Posted: 24-08-07 4:43
My first gig at the age of 14!wow it was amazing to see such a great band(s) for once in Gloucestershire!Played all the great and some crackin' new stuff.No big chair though :(!!
Overall it was amazing.I would definetly take a journey to see them again!10/10


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