Sunday, June 17, 2007
Norwegian Wood Festival, Oslo, NO

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Are Posted: 18-06-07 12:44
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Hi everybody! First a short introduction as this is my first post/review on this site,a lthough the site is very familiar to me. My name is Are, age 25, I bought my first Travis album in 2000, and I've been to 4 concerts with this one tonight. First the Oslo concert november 12th 2001, and then both Oslo concerts december 5th/6th 2003 (There was a exclusive invitation-only gig at 2am december 6th, after the regular concert, but I managed to get one ticket).

Two hours ago we came home from what I believe was the best "regular" Travis gig I've been to, after the exclusive one.

Tonight was special for me, as me and my brother have wanted to hear "U16 Girls" after not hearing it live since 2001, and I knew Travis has dumped the song for "The Humpty Dumpty Love Song" on many concerts since the start of June. I managed to peak at the setlist as the crew taped them to the floor before the concert (We were at maximum 1 metre/3 foot from the fence, and right in between Fran and Andy), and I saw that they would not play U16 Girls tonight either.

Sometime during the main set, Fran started on one of his many stories in between songs, and I screamed out "Hey Fran!" interupting his story, and he stopped and gave me attention, and I continiued: "Would you ple-e-a-a-se, ple-e-e-e-e-a-se play "U16 Girls"?". He quickly answered, without hesitation, knowing it's not on the set list: "We'll play that one later on." And I couldn't believe what I had managed to do, I turned around, looked on my brother, his girlfriend, his friend, and one girl whom I work with - just shocked what I just had made the band decide to do! People were turning around to me saying things like, "good song selection", "that's awesome", among other things. From there on, everything seemed magical, this concert were going to be even better than what I had expected! Two fellow fans two metres to my right, had a homemade poster saying "U16", which they showed to Fran after my little song request (followed by a thumbs-up to me) and numerous times throughout the rest of the concert, reminding the band their promise!

(Yeah, it was me screaming... Did you hear me too?)

No need to say, considering who will read this (fellow Travis fans), the concert was outstanding, high-up-in-the-sky-kind-of-concert!

One other funny thing, as I've read a long time ago, that during the Travis concert at the Quart festival in southern Norway some years ago, it started raining during "Why Does It Always Rain On Me?" after having not rained earlier that day. So since it had rained earlier today, but not during the concert, my brother screamed out: "Fran! Turn on the rain effect!" right before the song started, refering to the comment during that song on that very concert, which the newspapers has printed, where Fran supposedly said something like "we don't need the rain effect now" after it started pouring down. So after my brother's comment, Fran (of course) replied to my brother's comment.

So what happened next tonight? Midway throught "Why Does It Always Rain On Me?", it started raing small, small raindrops, making me (and I'm sure, many others too) feeling very fresh as I was boiling inside, after singing, clapping, and screaming non-stop for one and a half hour.

There were only highlights tonight, too many to write here!

The End...

So to sum up, the set list was not like the songs actually played, as "U16 Girls" was missing from the set list. These are the songs actually played (The same songs and order as Amsterdam):

Eyes Wide Open
My Eyes
U16 Girls
wenchea Posted: 18-06-07 10:20
I totally agree. This was the greatest show I have been to. I actually was at the Quart-festival when it started raining at the end. It was magical!!
After that I have seen them both in London and Oslo. But yesterday was very entertaining!!

Yesterday I went with my family. My Vidar and your three kids Linda(12), Philip(10) and Andrea(4 months). We had a great time all of us. Philip was digging it so much, and had good contact with Doug who many time smiled and nodded at him. That was great!!

The songs was a good mixs, and as a long time fan I sang them all together with Fran. This year "My eyes" was special for me because I resently gave birth to a wonderful babygirl. I really feel the same way as Fran. We can only pray they will be wise! It is a great feeling, the greatest. Don`t you think, Fran??

So thank you to all the guys! And to the swedish pianoplayer. You are the best!!! We can`t wait for you guys to come back. I hope it will be soon. We all, the whole family will be there:-)

happy_me Posted: 18-06-07 12:02
A wonderful day in the park!
Already when I arrived at 12.30 the rain was pouring down, but that was only a minor detail. When the first band, Washington, started to play I noticed a familiar face on the other side of the stage, the wonderful Elein and sister. So I decided to go and say Hello!. Then some time passed again, and I went back down to the girls, we spotted Fran behind the stage and waved at him. He waved back!!!

The girls were so kind as to offering me if I wanted to sit with them. Of course I would ;)

During Lemonheads we spotted Andy and he let us take a few pics with him *huuuge grin* After that we went back to our chosen spot next to the stage. Next up was Brian Wilson, who played an amazing gig! During one of the first songs Elein taps my shoulder, and there! right next to me sits Fran! So we both smiled at him and got a big smile back. (We also got a picture each ;))

The next band up was of course Travis, and as the geeky travis fans we were, we knew that they would come in through the audience. What else would that ladder lying by the stage be used for? The rest was fantastic! A big thank you to the U16 girls-boys for requesting it and a bigger thank you to the band for playing it.

We had the best spot, right next to the man with the pink shoes, Dougie. Andy took a stage-dive, but thankfully he didn't jump into the crowd from the stage!

Next I would like to say:
Claes Claes Claes Claes Claes Claes Claes Claes Claes Claes Claes Claes Claes Claes Claes Claes Claes Claes
Good Feeling is indeed a good feeling!

And the end to it all was fantastic, 5000 people jumping up and down to WDIAROM while the rain started drizzling down on us!

Now I need a foot transplant and my jaws are all worn out from all the smiling :D
HermiG Posted: 18-06-07 5:57
This was the first real gig I've ever been to, and wow - what a show! It still feels like some kind of dream! It was amazing, in lack of better words. They played all the wonderful songs, Fran made a lot of funny statements and they captured the audience in a way that certainly is quite an achievement!

What else to say? Not much. I want so badly to go see them again, and hope they will come back soon! I tried to take some photos, but my camera decided that it didn't have any space left on the memory card, so I had to use my cell phone. Thus the pictures aren't the best, but I shall post them anyway.

Well done, making them play U16, aswell!
BohEmiA Posted: 18-06-07 10:14
What a great first concert too see. For me it was my 4th encounter with Travis. And I must say, they have never looked better. I have rocked at concerts with them before, but this was just crazy. Electricity in the air and it seams to me the brake has done them good. Thanks for "As you are" and Humpty Dumpty, and of course U16girls and an amazing stage preformance in general. When I one day can play like Andy I wil be a very happy girl. Untill then I'll just have to keep practicing...

Just a genious night.. I have a Travis hang-over today and can't think of anything else ;)
vivian Posted: 19-06-07 12:36
Yesterday was my first Travis show too (though I've been listening to them for like eight years!) - let's just say it won't be my last :) I had a brilliant time! I liked the setlist (it was especially nice to hear the songs off the new record, "Selfish Jean" puts a big smile on my face every single time I hear it), the mood was great and everything felt right in the world ;) So cheers! & thanks for everything :D
Elein Posted: 19-06-07 9:31
Happy me has really said it all in her review. This was the best Travis-gig I've ever been on, they were absolutly amazing. I really didn't think they could match the atmosphere in the Brian Wilson-consert, but they did! They beat the legend!

Selfish Jean
Eyes Wide Open
Writing To Reach You
Love Will Come Through
As You Are
My Eyes
Pipe Dreams
Good Feeling
All I Want To Do Is Rock
Flowers In The Window
The Humpty Dumpty Love Song
U16 Girls
Why Does It Always Rain On Me?


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