Wednesday, July 25, 2007
House Of Blues, Dallas, US

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tweenis12 Posted: 26-07-07 2:01
Awesome show, the energy of the band was fantastic, Fran was hilarious. I loved the Rocky style entrance from the back. Congratulations to the couple that got engaged on stage with the band! That was a real highlight to the show. I can't wait until the boys come back to Big D (in less than a year says Fran!)
Shame about being able to hear the rumblings of the band in the room next door. House of Blues needs better sound proofing or else not schedule two bands on the same night...
finn2007 Posted: 26-07-07 3:30
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Wonderful show!! Loved that they played a wide range of their music, especially songs from Good Feeling! Travis has a way of making the audience a big part to their show. Truly enjoyed it. I had the wonderful opportunity to meet Fran before the show. He was outside the venue kicking the "football" around. Super sweet guy, just as you would imagine.
gizzledos Posted: 26-07-07 4:01
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I've seen a lot of shows, but Travis stands out as one of the best I've ever seen. I was front and center when they came through in the boxing robes, and am proud to have shaken their hands. Like finn2007 said, Travis really does make the audience feel involved. I had a smile on my face the entire time especially when that guy proposed (that was awesome). I just hate it when bands don't let people take photos, and I regret not bringing my camera. I will definitly catch them when they come back, and try to recruit some more people to come.
mecarr Posted: 26-07-07 6:54
What can I say about a Travis show that has not been said before? They are simply brilliant, and I do not mean only for their songs. The energy they brought to the stage last night really energized the crowd. They seemed to be having the greatest time playing, like it was their first and last time every playing together. Fran was running across the stage, Andy was climbing the amplifiers and Dougie was smiling towards the whole crowd!

I have seen Travis play in Dallas twice before and this was my favorite. First of all, the venue was nice. I know Fran doesn't like venues with air conditioning because it messes up the guitars, but it was nice not to be in 100 degree heat. Moreso, I was thankful for the venue because they provided the band with food after the show which made them stay around longer so I got to meet them!

Let me tell you about meeting the band...I've tried to do this twice in the last seven years when they came to Dallas to play. Unfortunately, they were in a hurry and darted off into their van right after the show. This time, they stayed around and I got to meet all of them. I've always read that they were "nice". But nice doesn't begin to describe it. They are very very nice. They always remember to ask you what your name is, they look into your eyes when speaking, and they seem to genuinely want to carry on a conversation with you. I didn't want to keep Fran too long so I asked him only two questions. One was about what the song "One Night" was about, which apparently was about how words you say to someone you love can change everything in just one night. The second was more of a comment, I told him that I really loved the song "everyday faces".

I will try and describe some things unique to this show. First, a nice man proposed to his wife on stage right before Travis sung Flowers in The Window. As part of his proposal, the man quoted some lyrics from the song. Dougie provided them with what seemed to be two glasses of champaigne.

There was this weird rumbling for most of the show and it turned out it was from another band in the venue.

For those who are worried that Travis will be breaking up soon, do not be. Fran said they'll be around for at least "a couple" more albums.

Fran said that he will be back touring in Dallas very soon (within a year).

Here's the set-list..
Selfish Jean
Eyes Wide Open
Writing To Reach You
Love Will Come Through
As You Are
My Eyes
Big Chair
Line is Fine
Good Feeling
All I Want To Do Is Rock
Flowers In The Window
The Humpty Dumpty Love Song
Why Does It Always Rain On Me
scottishstewart Posted: 26-07-07 7:58
To Fran, Andy, Dougie and Neil. I cannot remember the last time I had so much fun at a concert. The songs were all perfect, the sound was wonderful and the joy you showed entertaining all your loyal fans was very gratifying to see. I cannot wait for your return!
jessicaramirez Posted: 26-07-07 10:10
Hello All,

Sorry to turn this into a message board, but can you please tell me if Travis has an opening band. Thanks!
MistyHills Posted: 26-07-07 10:35
This was a fantastic show. I wish I could have met them. I really envy those who stuck around.

As usual with the Scottish, the band was super personal and friendly with the crowd. I wish I would have brought my camera.

This is the second time I've seen Travis, and both times they have been really personal. This venue was MUCH better than when I saw them several years ago, although the sound from the other band was sort of disrespectful, albeit obviously not on purpose.

I wish I could drive down to Austin for the show tonight. Luv you Travis!
miked2013 Posted: 27-07-07 1:16
This show was awesome. I had a great time. I had the chance to see Travis in Brookly four years ago, but didn't. This time I flew from New Mexico and drove around Dallas for the first time. I can't wait to see you guys again!
MojoPinJen Posted: 27-07-07 2:58
I cant find the words to discribe how pleased I was with Travis' performance last night!!! This is the second time I've seen them live and it was just as good as the last show, if not better. You cant help but notice how tight the band is and how they are truely enjoying themselves. They sincerely appreciate the audience and give us our monies worth of the show. I've seen many bands live and they by far the best. They always aim to please and succeed!!! I really wish I couldve met the band and taken some better pictures. Thanks to the couple from Scotland standing next to me; Margaret, John and 12 year old Anthony for being so nice!! Thank you Travis for being so humble and giving the people they show they love you for. YOU GUYS ROCK DA HOUSE!!!!
mereparker Posted: 27-07-07 3:33
the show was incredible - absolutely incredible. here are a few video links to the proposal on stage at the end:
cmc3502 Posted: 27-07-07 11:17
Hey all.. What a great show! One of the best I;ve been too for several reasons... 1) Fran was in great spirits and very talkative. (sp?)
2) The rocky entrance was great.
3) the band after the show were so nice to meet and get photos/autographs...
4) The graceland reference and song was brilliant.
5) and to let the couple up on the stage was nice as well...

I'll have some GREAT pics up soon... I was front row center right where they walked through....
irene101 Posted: 28-07-07 7:25
I've been to a lot of concerts and I have to say this one at HOB was probably the best so far. I went with my 14 year old sister and I turned her into a Travis fan. Thats an accomplishment. And of course my favorite part was when everyone did the pogo to Why Does it Always Rain on Me. That was a great peak out for the band. I just wish I had sneaked my damn camera into the building. I'm definitely going to their next gig whenever they're in town and definitely going back stage to get a picture with the guys.
ShanDallas Posted: 30-07-07 6:09
I absolutely adore Travis- always have, always will! Have seen then many times in L.A. and partied w/ them after a show in San Fran w/ Leona Ness- super FUN! Now I live in Dallas and was SO pleased at the turn out of fans- Dallas is cool after all!!! My new hubby had never listened to Travis music until about two weeks before the show, and now he is a huge fan- has downloaded every song he could find onto his iPod!!! The guys are absolutely brilliant songwriters and one of the best bands I've ever seen live!!! So much energy and so funny!!! LOVED the proposal!!! Cheers guys, hope to see you again soon!!!
traumerisch Posted: 07-08-07 5:30
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awesome!, great!, wonderful!, the best concert ever! or not guys?
thanks TRAVIS


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