Sunday, July 15, 2007
Irving Plaza, New York City, NY, US

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menace Posted: 16-07-07 4:27
WOW! Incredible show. Thank you for an unforgetable night!
MeganShmegan Posted: 16-07-07 6:40
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Fran hit me in the face with a water bottle.
...and it felt wonderful.

Cindy777 Posted: 16-07-07 9:13
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You guys are all so cute!! I love how you always seem to have so much fun with what you do, and it rubbed off on everyone in the audience. (like threatening death to people who refused to pogo during "Why Does It Always Rain On Me ; ) Yes, that is a good song to jump around to.
Now that I know you actually read this, I will let you know that you are the best band ever, but hey you all already knew that, right ;) I feel sorry for people who don't know about Travis , I told a bunch of people how excited I was to see this concert and they're like, who? I will have to make them listen to your music, they are really missing out :)
Yes, don't take too long to come back again :) I saw you guys in 2003 at the Beacon Theatre in NYC and it was well worth the wait for your concert tonight, but I am already looking forward to the next time :)
mperrotta Posted: 16-07-07 1:28
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Incredible! Brilliant show that confirmed my belief that Travis is one of the best live acts in the world. Thanks to the band for the incredible effort in such unbearable heat. I'm 37 and I've been to hundreds of shows and I can honestly say that I've never had a better time at a concert. Highlights: My Eyes, Fran flubbing Driftwood, the feedback on Dougie mic and Fran's subsequent anger , Flowers in the Windows, Humpty Dumpty Love Song.

Thanks guys. We'll see you next time around.
charles Posted: 16-07-07 1:35
The show was great! U guys are f***ing amazing LIVE!!!
littlesilvi Posted: 16-07-07 2:04
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I first saw you guys at Radio City, NYC, opening for Oasis, maybe about 6 years ago. You guys were incredible, but I walked out when Liam Gallagher walked onto the stage. Then I saw you at Virgin Megastore at Union Square, NYC, about three years ago. I was lucky enough to meet you all, and you are all a bunch of sweethearts!

I don't think I have ever come across a band that is so humble and appreciative of it's fans. And as a musician, you guys are so inspirational. Thank you for loving what you do so much and spreading that love into your audience.ALL I WANT TO DO IS ROCK!!!

(i woke up with my voice missing after shouting CLAES!!! I was so pissed ;-) )

Come back soon, or hopefully see you all back in home in the UK soon!

espositop Posted: 16-07-07 3:20
(i wrote this last night when i got home)

i just saw Travis in concert tonight at Irving plaza in new york. they were impressive fantastic, my vocabulary once again fails me in describing.

with a 'of the people, for the people' back entrance through the audience up to the stage, they rock out the rest of the night jumping and dancing and playing like this might just be the last night they play. they played, well, like rockstars. untiring. energetic. my shins ache now from jumping. oh yes, we all jumped. i am surprised irving plaza is still standing.

rock out, rock on, travis.

see them live if you can.

i am in awe. completely humble and in awe and fuck yeah! fuck yeah!!!
Swan269 Posted: 16-07-07 3:52
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First, I want to say that this was one of the best shows that I have ever seen. If you haven't seen Travis then you must make a point to do so. Here is the setlist

Selfish Jean
Eyes Wide Open
Writing to Reach You
Love Will Come Through
As You Are
Pipe Dreams
Big Chair
My Eyes
Good Feeling
All I want to do is Rock

Flowers in the Window
Selfish Jean (again!)
Humpty Dumpty Love Song
Why does it always rain on me

I am pretty sure this is correct. The band were in fine form. The sound was tremendous-Andy in the crowd!, Fran forgetting some words, Klaus!, The band giving water to the crowd, jumping around at the end, FEEDBACK!, encore with selfish jean again,the "rocky" entrance, doug and andy playing the same guitar with Fran singing!, Primrose not break a damn sweat in the hottest temps ever. These guys played hard for us and were eating it up. They were having such a good time and it spread out to all of us in the crowd. Please please come back, we haven't forgotten you and we want you bakc soon.
rugbybandit Posted: 16-07-07 3:58
Thank you guys for the show last night... though humid it was wonderful. This was the second time I had the chance to see you guys and I it was a better show than I could have hoped.

I met you guys briefly at a Virgin In-Store here in in NYC in 2001 and the first time i saw you play was later at Radio City, only a couple days after 9/11. You guys made everyone forget what was going on and lose themselves in your performance and I've always wanted to thank you for it. It's become one memory of that time that has really stuck with me as one of the few if only bright points. So thank you for that.

Your humility on stage and genuine affection comes through and just makes every moment you are on stage special. Can't wait to see you again when you come back again... I'll be at every show.
ElizabethDuBois Posted: 16-07-07 6:34
Love love love you guys. Seen you twice before - at Radio City a few years back and at the Mean Fiddler in London. This was ur best performance!

2nd time you played Selfish Jean was hysterical. You guys are always so enthusiastic and make me so happy!

Please come back soon!
clowdnine Posted: 16-07-07 6:58
Both nights were excellent! I've seen you many times and you never disappoint your fans - on stage and off. It was a real thrill to meet you afterwards. While some musicians leave the side door without acknowledging their fans, I appreciated the time you spent with each and every one of us. The whole night is one memory (of 12!) I will always have. Rock on and come back to NYC soon!

Oh and one song I'd love to hear you play sometime is Village Man.
jgstanisic Posted: 16-07-07 7:24
What an experience! By far the best live show I've seen! I really had the time of my life..thank you so much TRAVIS..YOU GUYS MAKE BEAUTIFUL MUSIC!! I will see you every time you play in New York!
nycrunner Posted: 16-07-07 7:31
Always the best! Thanks for a great night. I've seen Travis in Germany, UK and west coast and their spirit never fails to amaze. Sweatin to the oldies - or the classical as Fran put it. It would have been appropriate if it was raining when the concert let out, we were all soaked anyway - and if you weren't then you weren't rockin out hard enough! Loved the silk fighting robes on the Rocky entrance, Demitri Martin was a plus, and as always the acoustic flowers in the window. The new album sounded great live (of course), especially my two favories, Eyes wide open and my eyes. Fran is still jumping off the amps as high as ever - even though he's a papa now. There are only two times that I get "permagrin" as my friends call it, when I am drunk, and when I watch Travis in concert. awesome.
hseikaly Posted: 16-07-07 9:00
Hands down, an amazing show. I've been waiting a while to catch Travis in concert and they did not disappoint at all. They met my expectations 10 fold. The entrance to the "Living in America" was awesome as I got to give them high fives as they came right by me. Andy soloing in the crowd was awesome. Fran has the best crowd banter I've ever heard. Dimitri Martin doing the Selfish Jean shirt dance. The band just rocking out full blast on all the tunes. They have a thing or two to teach other bands about showmanship.

I've seen a lot of acts in my life, but Travis definitely ranks way up there in best live bands. Last night show will live in my head for a while.
Unocrew Posted: 16-07-07 9:08
the setlist posted previously was mostly correct... the order was a little mixed up...

Selfish Jean
Eyes Wide Open
Writing to Reach You
As You Are
My Eyes
Big Chair
Pipe Dreams
Good Feeling
Closer (aborted & restarted)
Battle Ships
All I Want to Do Is Rock
Flowers In the Window (acoustic)
Selfish Jean

So, I'm a newbie to the site here, but I've been a fan for many years... back when I saw them play with Oasis in '01... I'm a musician, singer, songwriter, and I've seen MANY concerts and bands perform.. I really must say last night was one of the greatest rock concerts I've seen in a LONG time!! After having a rough week (losing a fam. member and some other stuff happening), the band was able to put me in a better place for a few hours last night, and I thank them very much for that. They sounded great, were alot of fun, and just had a great vibe going on! My personal highlights:

Big Chair
acoustic Flowers
and Side had to be the best song of the night!

My friends and I were all discussing the new songs... they sound great live, and it helps that the band is touring behind a killer album!! New songs went over just as well as the old ones. Keep at it guys, thanks for the memory...
specialedk1987 Posted: 16-07-07 10:12
I have been waiting to see Travis for a very long time because I missed them when they were in NYC the last time. This my first show and I can easily say it will not be my last. Hands down it was the best show ive ever seen and it had absolutely every element a perfect concert requires. Fran, Andy, Dougie and Neil were all on point and the amount and quality of interaction with the audience made the entire atmosphere that much better. There were transcendent moments during WDIAROM when the entire audience was jumping. The energy was electric and everyone there could say they were part of something special. Thank you guys so much for putting so much sweat and effort into your shows and i know i left incredibly incredibly happy. But when will we get a live CD??
Rainonme517 Posted: 16-07-07 10:58
SOOOOO...I was at the show last night and it was my first Travis show ever....All I can say is WOW!!! I am a very picky music gal (I previously only considered U2 and coldplay my personal fav's) and my boyfriend brought me last night. I am now obsessed (in a friendly way) with you guys!! I have the hugest crush on Doug...although my b/f said you were married :-( I loved the second version of Selfish Jean and I think you have put on the best concert I have ever seen!!
PS: Please come up to upstate NY(not westchester county, but Albany or Saratoga/SPAC) someday! PLEASE??!!
buckstar Posted: 17-07-07 12:58
This is the first time I've seen Travis in the US after living abroad. I was bowled-over with how well they played in a small venue after seeing them in much, much larger venues like outdoor shows & arenas. They earned my contineud respect and loyalty at the Irving Plaza show on Sunday. Thet are truly one of the great bands of our times.
amelieux Posted: 17-07-07 4:59
Any one know the playlist for the show?? Thanks.
mekons Posted: 17-07-07 7:37
we have seen you perform since the beginning and are still many smiling one ever goes away without feeling love for you all...thanks especially for the show after the world trade center gave us strength to carry on thru our sadness...we have nothing but praise for you and we speak for all your are loved.thanks for the music and for being can be away for years...we don't forget you.
rrjunior Posted: 17-07-07 11:17
Will be attending both sets next time around.
robnycplayinpool Posted: 18-07-07 4:23
I can say this is the most fun I've ever had at a concert. The atmosphere was unforgetable. Besides the great setlist, little things like the free water (hit me in the face), the crowd interaction, Fran getting pissed off at the sound guys, was a blast.

Just one suggestion to Fran:
Next time request larger towels or a wet vac! (ha!)

ovni Posted: 23-07-07 9:10
This is the happiest album, you are the happiest band and you brought us a happiest night ever. I enjoyed each moment of your show, even the heat. Thanks also Doug's handsome outfit.


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