Saturday, May 19, 2007
Music Hall, Aberdeen, UK

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hevb71 Posted: 24-05-07 3:18
Fantastic show!! The hall was bouncing!! Grinning from ear to ear!! Cheers boys!!
caz b Posted: 28-05-07 1:58
Managed to get my hubby and buddy in the Q by 630, standing next to djelibayB and her hubby as it happens. Ran in and positioned selves on the barrier between Dougie and Fran for optimum effect. Saw the rocky entrance in Dundee from the balcony so watched the faces as the boys came in, classic entrance. Eyes wide open is a storming start. Hard to pick out the highlights, got carried away and blew Dougie a kiss which he laughed at! Wondered how Andy was going to tackle AIWTDIR this time, he ended up scaling the balcony, running along the back and then standing on the edge! I love colder live and the harmonica was on form. FITW with the 4 of them around 1 mic was lovely. The new tracks fit perfectly and sound brilliant live, Selfish Jean really got everyone going.
Mass pogo for WDIAROM was fitting end to another show full of cracking music, great banter and a good feeling that only Travis can create live.
My night was well and truely made when I met them after and got some lovely pics!Thanks Travis!
Tracey982 Posted: 28-05-07 6:44
From their 'Rocky' style entrance (totally unexpected by the way!), to chanting "Klaus, Klaus" - Travis' keyboard player during "Good Feeling",to Andy 'No Fear' Dunlop climbing up on to the balcony during "AIWDIR", the guys played a fantastic set. Don't get me wrong, it was great hearing the new material but it was the oldies that got the crowd going, such as U16 Girls, As You Are, Driftwood to name but a few.
A few acoustic songs during the encore such as "20" which is one of my personal favourites, and when the four of them stood together to sing "Flowers In The Window" was one of the highlights of the night. The end of the night saw a blinding, and might I say bouncy performance of "Why Does It Always Rain On Me" (Think being on an invisible pogo stick and you'll see what I mean)! All in all, it has to be one of the best gigs I have ever been to. I really hope the Travis guys don't leave it as long before they return to Granite City.
Fran, Dougie, Andy, Neil...we salute you!
what-do-i-know Posted: 12-06-07 8:30
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I have to admit, I didnít really want to go and see Travis last month(sorry!) My mum thought it would be a treat for me since it was the day after my last exam Ė plus she is a true Travis fan, has been from the start, and needed someone to drag along. I went along reluctantly but am now so glad I did. Right from the big entry I knew it was going to be a night to remember (worth missing Doctor Who for!) I only knew the newest album at the time Ė it got me through my revision Ė so it was nice that the opening song was Eyes Wide Open. (Iíve left this review a bit late now, but then (maybe) better late than never, the only problem is time flew by so quickly that night so itís all a bit hazy now. I would like to point out I wasnít drunk Ė Iím only 15 Ė and also if anyone looks at my profile I didnít go to T in the Park, I didnít mean to add my name to the list. Sorry, this is totally irrelevant; I always do that) I really loved being at the front for a change, let us get the full effect of flashing lights and all, especially the lighting in Side, that was great, I can just imagine how awfully my braces would have been reflecting then what with all the excited grinning and all. Itís hard to pick out the best bits or, highlights, whatever, Colder was probably my favourite song. Definitely. But then it was really fun pogoing at the end even though we got totally crushed by some big over enthusiastic guys who also spilt beer on my new shoes. Selfish Jean was especially rocking, loud enough to drown out my Mumís version of the lyrics which are unbelievably embarrassingly wrong. I remember Andyís whole balcony climbing fiasco, it was quite scary at the time, it really looked like he was going to jump! I donít seem to have said much but Iíve written a lot if that makes sense. But then I am rubbish at English in school (the very reason I wonít get to go to art schoolÖ) so I guess it makes sense to some extent, maybe. Anyway, it was such a fantastic night and I know it was good Ďcause I came home deaf and have kept bringing it up in conversations, driving my friends crazy, and stole all of my Mumís Travis albums since I canít afford my own. Thank you! I know this is a rubbish review and I should really go back and delete it all, but then I would have nothing to show for the last ten minutes of my life. Also it beats German homework. Donít worry, I promise I wonít write another one... maybe. Heehee.


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