Friday, July 27, 2012
Trollrock, Beitostolen, NO

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babbelerik Posted: 01-04-15 5:10
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It was my first Travis gig and I remember it so clearly.
I had a couple of weeks off from my summer job and was due to start again on monday (this was Thursday) so I was feeling really poor. For a variety of reasons.
I went out on this site and found out that they are playing in Norway. Tomorrow.

This was 8.30 pm. I called my mate Albin who is also into the band and asked what he was doing.
"Nothing" he said, and so I broke the question.

- You wanna go to... Norway, and see Travis?
-Umm, not sure. When?
- Now.

He wasn't too hard to persuade (he's as crazy as me) and so I took off, at cirka 9.30 Thursday night to pick him up in a city 40 min away.

We drove and drove, depending on the GPS that dad threw at me before leaving home.
We listened to Travis all the way there , I think we drove for 8 hours before we reached the boarder (We're from Sweden).

When we arrived we were pulled aside by the toll. They asked me to open up the back, I opened up the front.. for some reason. The 2 guys in the toll got in a fight with each other and asked us to leave. We were free in Norway!

Headed to Oslo but it wasn't all that easy. The GPS had a rather outdated map to provide us with and we ended up on a gravelly, dug-out road 500 metres beside the motorway. Bummer.

Albin however read the map we bought, for backup, like an experienced orienteer and we were soon in Oslo, where we would pick up the tickets.

Oslo was, like the rest of Norway, beautiful. And given this was only one year after the terror attacks, there was a strange feeling to the city.

We picked up the tickets (cirka 6am) and decided to continue towards the skiing resort that is Beitostolen. Almost there we decided to take a nap. In my tiny Ford Focus cabriolet. Albin slept for 40 minutes, I didn't. I even tried crawling back on the shelf behind the back seats. I wouldn't fit.

We went on and got to the festival area, and this is were the magic started.
We parked the car, stepped out and heard a soundcheck.. sounded like an 80s synthpop band. We went walking for a bit and after cirka 10 minutes we frooze. It was Fran speaking in the mic!!!!!! The (what in my head sounded lika a) synth was Andys guitar loops during "Moving".

We rushed to the fence where we could see the soundcheck and there they were.
My life was furthermore complete. This was between 11-12 am.

We watched them do "Moving" for a while (as well as a few other snippets of classics) and when they left the stage, we went to see what this place was all about.

It was a really cool festival with some great acts. Sivert Hoyem was very very good. I never knew who he was, although I knew one of the songs quite well, from his time in Madrugada.

Time seemed to go sooo slow (to be honest we were only there to see Travis) but around midnight they finally came up on stage. And what a night it was.
There we were, front row on a Norwegian festival watching the greatest band ever. We sung like we've never sung before, we pogoed like we'ver never jumped before and fighted the stealthy fear that the show would end after this song... or this song.. or this song..
But they did an awesome set and we were all happy. I do not, unfortunately remember the setlist completely. But I know they did a few from 12 Memories, unlike the 2013 tour.

We eventually left, pulled off the road at the same spot as in the morning and tried sleeping again. This time was no problem though.
We slept for about 3-4 hours and then went straight home.

What an unexpected adventure it was. Allt thanks to Travis.


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