Sunday, July 29, 2007
Tabernacle, Atlanta, GA, US

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elchechin Posted: 30-07-07 4:05
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Great show!!
Perfect venue for Travis..
Tabernacle was perfect!!

Here is the setlist:

Selfish Jean
Eyes Wide Open
Writting to reach you
Love will come Through
As you are
My eyes
Pipe Dreams
Big Chair
Good Feeling
All I want to do is Rock


Baby One More time (Britney Spear's Cover-Acoustic Version)
Flowers in the window (Acoustic)
The Humpty Dumpty Love Song
Why Does it always rain on me?
AC/DC Cover song...

Amazing!!!! Thanks TRAVIS!!!...

They did not play "Re-offender"...:(


PS. Estoy seguro que el show del Palacio de los Deportes va a estar buenisimo...demuestren a Travis que en Mexico se aprecia buena musica!!!

BeatleGirl11 Posted: 30-07-07 8:36
This show was absolutely AMAZING! I have been to a lot of concerts, and this show is definitely one of the best I've been to. We were in the front, right in front of Fran. The guys were awesome on stage, and so energetic. My favorite had to of been "All I Want to Do is Rock." The way Fran sings that song is unreal! My sister and I stayed after to meet the band when the show was over, and they are hands down some of the nicest guys I have ever met. Ive never seen a band that will spend that much time just chatting with their fans. It was awesome. Each one of them signed autographs and took pictures with everyone that stayed around to see them. When we talked to Fran he told us that we were "sweet" and "lovely" and he enjoyed watching us during the concert. They got the crowd so into the music, there was really nothing else to do but get into it! I can't wait to see them again in Georgia! PLEASE COME BACK SOON! ~*Robbi*~
cartoonmatrix Posted: 30-07-07 11:38
This was my first time seeing Travis live but I wouldn't have been any less thrilled had it been my 100th.
From the "Rocky" entrance to our final goodbyes before they got on the bus, it was an amazing experience.
"All I Want to Do it Rock" and "Turn" were off the charts amazing. But when they decided to play "Back In Black," I am surprised there is still a roof on the building. We stood in front of Andy which was amazing because of the show he puts on.
It was great to hear a lot of the new songs live. Even better to hear "Driftwood" live. Thanks for playing it.
We also met them afterwards. They have got to be the nicest band in the world. Thanks for listening to how I discovered Travis, Fran.
And thanks to the crowd which gave back ten fold what Travis put out. I think we made an impression ATL and hopefully they will keep the promise of coming back in less than a year.
jennhaus Posted: 30-07-07 3:31
What a fantastic show - really, it was magical. We drove round-trip from Charlotte to see the show and it was worth the 500 miles and then some. If they do come back before the year is out (as Fran promised last night) we will make the trip again - gladly. Of course if you guys want to make it all the way to Charlotte we would love that even more! We have some venues that would love to host you I am sure. ( :

Thanks a gain for an amazing show!
aufachse405 Posted: 30-07-07 3:44
The show @ The Tabernacle was the 4th time Ive seen Travis, and it was by far their best performance. They seemed to really "love us" as a crowd, and threw in extra goodies to show it. The fact that they played Baby, One More Time blew my mind!! Not to mention Back In Black...
I am so glad they played Pipe Dreams as well, as that is a personal favorite of mine!!
Seeing Travis live renewed my love for them!!
jlsiv2002 Posted: 30-07-07 6:24
This is the best concert I have ever been to in my life (and I've seen some good ones - Radiohead, Pearl Jam, Bob Dylan). But Travis puts on such an amazing show. So much energy and fun. Literally everyone knew all the words to ALL the songs and sang every bit of the way. I think even Fran was surprised when people knew the words to all the songs off the new cd. It was obvious that they fed off of the energy of the responsive crowd by delivering not one but TWO cover songs that from what I understand, are very rare occurences: Hit Me Baby One More Time by Britney Spears and BACK IN BLACK by AC DC which was just UNREAL. What a way to close a night!

Other highlights for me were As You Are, Flowers in the Window (solo acoustic, well, unless you count dougie and andy playing Fran's guitar while it was still strapped to him), and Humpty Dumpty Love Song. But all were great. Not a dull moment whatsoever, certainly not when Andy came into the crowd during All I Want to Do is Rock and played his solo on the floor (walking right past us to do so).

All in all, this was a night to remember. I know I can speak for my friends who drove from North Carolina to see the show... you guys are the best!
MsRabbit Posted: 30-07-07 7:33
I couldn't possibly begin to find the right words to explain how amazing the show in Atlanta was last night.

You guys did outstanding!
I've waited and waited for years to see you guys and it was well worth the wait.

It's been ages since I had been to an exceptionally amazing show and I had almost forgotten what it was like to experience that, but last night was like being born all over again.
Thank you guys so much.

The vibe of the entire place was so overwhelming and it was so awesome to see the bands reaction to how many people turned out for the show and how into everyone got.

And you guys killed it with Back In Black!!! PHENOMINAL cover!

Thank you, thank you.

Best show of the year.

mindpunch Posted: 30-07-07 8:22
I went to the Tabernacle show in ATLANTA. I drove 4+ hours each way. IT WAS TOTALLY WORTH THE DRIVE.
They were amazing, humorous, casually "kick ass", and I didn't want it to end. Their live show made we love them as artists and musicians even more.

I would LOVE for them to play Nashville in a similar venue like The War Memorial.
iroyd Posted: 31-07-07 12:37
This was my second time seeing Travis live and I have to say this one was the best. The guys genuinely seemed to really love being up there and really into it. I have to applaud them for just a magnificent show. Fran, thanks for the "Flux Capacitor", it's awesome!

The Tabernacle was a great venue, although security could've been a lot better.
goresea Posted: 31-07-07 1:28
My wife and I saw you last night with our six month old fetus in my wife's belly. Not only did we think the show was awesome, but you made our night! We got married in October and our first dance was to "Flowers in the Window". We were hoping you would play it, and to our delight, you did! Thus, it was a big thrill for us to hear our first dance song, live! I agree with all the other postings. This was an incredible show and one that my wife and I will certainly remember for a long time. Moreover, we can't wait to share this story with our new daughter! Hope you make it back to Atlanta soon. Thanks for the memories!
elgorter Posted: 31-07-07 2:39
This my first time seeing Travis live and it was hands down the best concert that I've ever been to. Between the awesome venue, the great crowd, and the band's lively performance and interaction with the audience...nothing will ever beat it! Thanks Guys!! Come back soon! I can promise that we'll all return with just as much energy and interplay :)
mikezculture Posted: 31-07-07 9:01
my wife n I drove from nashville. huge traffic problems. got to the venue about 9PM. luckily, i'm in a wheelchair, so we got escorted to the "special section" very quickly. wait a second. did i just say it's lucky to be in a wheelchair? that the dumbest thing i've ever heard.
anyhow, arrive (literally) 2 minutes before the magic. lights down. the "rocky" opening is FANTASTIC. the guys come by, high five-ing, having fun. amazing.
this is my 2nd travis show. this one blows the 1st out of the water. and the 1st one was pretty damn great. top moments? "selfish jean" is a great song to open with. "all i wanna do is rock" sounded phenomenal. "as you are" means a lot, and it was better than any version i've ever heard. the britney spears cover was a complete shock. i thought those days were gone, but they brought it back, and it was incredibly fun. and for being a really popular song, "sing" never gets old.
the wife n I also have a newfound fondness for Klaus. we were more than happy to point at him and shout his name over n over n over again.
god, i hope travis come back RILLY, RILLY soon.
we'd be more than happy to drive the 250 miles again...even w/ the traffic problems.
fran, dougie, andy, neil, klaus: love you guys.
Seeminglymad Posted: 01-08-07 4:13
What can I say?

Klause, Klause, Klause, Klause!!!!

My first time ever seeing Travis, not at all what I expected. Great show, great night it was “Amaazzing”
foggs Posted: 01-08-07 4:38
All I can say is AWESOME!!!! It was my daughter's first show ever and my 3rd, (if you don't count the Circle of Friends and the LiveX). I couldn't have asked for a better experience for her. She's 10 and has loved Travis since I started listening to them in 1999. I still smile when I remember "Baby One More Time" and one of my personal faves "Humpty Dumpty Love Song". After the show we waited to catch a glimse of the band before heading home, and that was magical. Neil, Andy, Dougie and Fran all were as sweet as could be to her and, if possible, made me love them even more. THANK YOU as well to the great people we were standing next to for taking pictures for us. I will never forget that night. Priceless!
vtec718 Posted: 01-08-07 8:18
This was our first time seeing Travis in concert. We are huge fans of theirs, I have been since 99, and could not miss the opportunity to experience one of their shows. My wife, her brother and I made the 5 hour drive from NC and it was UNBELIEVABLE! I have been to some incredible concerts, but this has to have been the most memorable of them all.
We were able to get a spot in front of the stage right in front of Andy. Not only were we blown away by their amazing performance, and the set they played, full of some of our absolute favorite songs (and Baby One More Time-cant believe I witnessed that one live!). The crowd was great too! Everyone was so into it and singing along and it really showed how many fans they have in this part of the world, and how happy we all were to see them here.

In addition to all of that, I was truly in awe when a few things happened to me which I never could have dreamt up myself:

Andy's solo during All I Want To Do Is Rock, when he ran into the crowd right where I was standing. He did the solo on the floor next to me, and as soon as soon as he was done, he got up, looked right at me and handed me his guitar pick! UNREAL!
As if that wasnt enough, after the show ended, one of their roadie/tech guys handed me Fran's setlist that was taped to the stage. I couldnt even believe it.
As we were heading out we noticed people gathering near the buses and decided to wait around and see if we could catch them leaving the venue.
And instead of seeing them wave and jump on their bus and leave, Neil, Andy, Dougie and Fran each came out and met with every fan that stayed after. They signed autographs and took pictures with everyone that was there. It was an absolute honor to meet each of those guys, shake hands with them and talk to them for a bit, and thank them for all that they have done. They all signed my setlist for me, took pictures with us and they were so genuine. Each one of them.

I'll never forget how when Fran came around to us he looked at me and the first thing he said was "You were amazing!" referring to how crazy I went during the entire show, screaming every word and going nuts the whole time, that he noticed how I was so into it and that he appreciated that and thanked us for coming. Imagine that, THEM thanking US for coming. He even wrote that on my setlist!
What a feeling to be able to actually talk to all of the members of one of my all time favorite bands, without anyone rushing us along, or hurrying them away. It was about 1AM when we left, and Fran was still outside talking to a group of people.
I hope more artists, bands, or those of us who go on to make music in the future, can follow in their example and appreciate fans as much as these guys do, instead of the usual music industry types who couldnt seem to care less.

Thank you guys for the great show full of memories that I will hold dear for as long as I live. I didnt think I could possibly be a bigger fan than I already was, but you proved me wrong. And next time youre around I promise I'll be there standing in the front, screaming my head off once again. I can't wait!

pride4ever21 Posted: 02-08-07 10:56
I have been to many concerts and Travis in Atl has to be, by far the best show I have ever been to! They sang all of my favorite songs and their cover of ACDC's Back in Black was awesome. I drove 5 1/2 hours from Biloxi, MS to see them and it was worth the long drive! I have been very fortunate to meet a lot of the bands I go see and Fran, Doug, Andy and Neil were the sweetest guys. They well all facinated with my Hurricane Katrina story and asked what is was like to be in it. They couldn't believe my stroy. This was my first time to see them and I just hope it is not the last. Everyone at the Tabernacle was great. It is way better than the House of Blues in New Orleans! You guys are great and I adore each and every one of you. Hope to see you soon! Take Care!
MusicLovinJen Posted: 03-08-07 8:30
I'll keep it short and sweet...

After an 8 year wait, what an amazing, unforgettable night!

Rock On, Guys, Rock On!!! :)
Vinnie Posted: 09-08-07 2:54
My wife and I attended this Fantastic Show. It was amazing. aside from the great set list and how warm the band was, I would have to say the best part was meeting all the members after the show. Both my wife and I were so excited. She got a pic with dougie and she and I got one with Fran. My wife told Fran that I performed Flowers in the Window at our wedding back in 2002. His response (with a grin) "Nice Move". All in all, they were all really cool and very friendly. I really respected them for that considering how tired they must have been for playing thier heart out. It was a fantastic experience that i will not for get. I will put up the pics that we took with our camera. Oh, I think they got a kick out of the fact that I brought my "St. Andrews flag" to be signed. I was just glad they did.




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