Saturday, July 14, 2007
Irving Plaza, New York City, NY, US

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villageman Posted: 15-07-07 5:05
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It's been four years since Travis hit the states and New York City showed how much they missed them. To see the normally jaded NY crowd pogoing in unison and chanting "Claus" on command was slightly surreal but highly entertaining. The band stuck to pretty much the same set list as Boston, dropping "The Humpty Dumpty Love Song" and adding to the encores "Indefinitely" and a second version of "Selfish Jean"(featuring the dude from the video trying to tear off his t-shirts in time to the lyrics-it was hilarious!) Numerous highlights included- the Rocky entrance through the standing room only crowd, a top notch version of "Big Chair", Fran absolutely nailing the vocals on "As You Are", Andy thrashing about in the crowd during "All I Want to Do Is Rock",the crowd response to Dougie's vocal turn on "Turn", the acoustic version of "Flowers In The Window" and the aforementioned pogoing during "WDIAROM." The only downer was the entire show coming in at about 90 minutes- but it was unbearably hot, with a sweat drenched Fran claiming he was channeling the spirit of Barry White. The entire band seemed to be in great spirits and extremely happy to be back in the states. They'll be back again at Irving Plaza tomorrow night and they'll have a hard time topping tonight's show.
PamelaC Posted: 15-07-07 5:31
Awesome show! But why, oh why was it so short?! =[

-Fran messing up the lyrics in My Eyes.
-Dougie's vocals in Turn.
-Andy in the audience.
-It was my first Travis show!I've been waiting since I was a kid to be old enough to go to a concert! =x

Although the show was amazing, I wish they played Re-Offender, Under the Moonlight, and Colder. =[

Next time... (crosses fingers)
PhilB Posted: 15-07-07 7:45
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They had the air conditioning cranked up in Philadelphia. That wasn't the case tonight. Still, tremendous show! They even gave away posters afterward. Big Chair was sung beautifully. I didn't want the concert to end, it was that good.
irasistable Posted: 15-07-07 2:47
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this was my first travis show and i am soooo glad i went! you guys really put on a great show, i must say! the highlights were all pretty much mentioned by others, however, i do have to say that i was really taken by the positive energy that was projected from the band to the audience. dougie and fran's amount of interaction with the audience by actually looking around AT the people and making eye contact is really rare to see in other bands. it was a fun, fun show and now i'm really looking forward to seeing them live again! i think the greatest compliment to the band is what my sis-in-law said after the show. i brought her with me even though she's never heard any of the travis songs before but she said that of all the bands she's seen live that she wasn't familiar with (and she's seen a few), that was the most fun show and band she's seen. thanks for the great show, travis! see you soon!
oh yea, it was fun seeing zach braff rocking out :)
kb007 Posted: 15-07-07 2:52
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What a show, this was the 6th Travis show I have seen, and the most intimate being at Irving Plaza. The energy, humor and accessability of the guys through the show and through their songs is always apparent. Great mix of new tunes and classics..Highlight..meeting Fran, Dougie and Neil after the show after leaving a bar..Great stuff, thanks for more then 12 memories from last night.
BTW, Claus is a great addition..

elcinrabk Posted: 15-07-07 5:30
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What an amazing show. I"ve been waiting since 2002 to see them. I brought my roommate who had only listened to Travis through me and she loved it. It was highly entertaining and I'm upset that I can't go back tonight.

Phenomenally entertaining show. Wished it was longer but still loved every second of it!

lsandi Posted: 15-07-07 5:56
AMAZING show and equally amazing band. I have seen Travis play numerous times and they always put on an even better show each time.
I love the interaction they have with the audience but hey they are Scottish (so am I) so we are a friendly bunch!
My biggest disappointment is that my camera phone sucks and the pictures I took are useless. Oh well I am seeing them tonight again, so second time lucky. Fran - you are the cutest!
psychedelia Posted: 15-07-07 6:21
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Amazing show! I too have seen Travis numerous times, but this was my first show in New York. Everything about the show has already been said above. I always tell people that Travis shows always rock a lot more than you would think, considering most of their music. People who aren't as into them and havent seen them are always dubious of that statement. My cousin was with me and this was her first Travis show - she said this was the best and most fun and charismatic show she has attended.
londi Posted: 15-07-07 6:28
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Mucking afazing show. All the way through apart from two bad decisions:

selfish jean twice? why couldn't they have put their video man on the first time?

where was new amsterdam? they wrote it about new york city, and it's the first time they have played here in four years? i don't get it.

otherwise, the guys made an incredible perfomance, really engaging and energetic.
Link Posted: 15-07-07 9:30
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This was the 8th time seeing Travis since 2000. The show was great. Surprise performance of "Indefinitely" was a treat; really enjoyed performances from "Boy W/No Name"; "All I Want To Do Is Rock"/"Turn" transcedent. Thrilled that Fran said that they plan to be "road warriors".


Welcome back!!!
soniahearttravis Posted: 16-07-07 1:18
The concert didn't start out with the same energy as Philly, i thought (under the weather? bit hung over? just plain old tired?). but they picked it up as the night went on, changing a few songs in the set list (which is awesome for those of us going to multiple shows!) including the addition of "big chair". Fran had some kick-ass moves jumping off the drum stage, really cranked it up a notch! And of course, there's nothing like the energy of crazed NYC fans! another phenomenal show. it's been said before, but there are few bands that are as much fun to see live as travis--true entertainers, really make you feel like you're part of the show and that they appreciate the fans. if i had the time and money i'd follow the tour across the country (indefinitely)--hopefully i'll catch up at the end of the tour in florida...
raklosen Posted: 16-07-07 3:38
words really don't work too well for how impressed i was by last night's gig. it was my fourth proper travis show and by far the best - aided by irving being a fantasticly intimate venue with good sound, and a great spot down in the front.

travis has been an inspiration to me for eight or so years now, and it was great to have them back, reminding me why...their energy, enthusiasm, and live musicianship are something that people who have only heard the records are really missing out on, and, as has been mentioned before, it's hard to get those people to understand without experiencing it themselves. it was definitely worth the trip from boston and i look forward to the next time they come round. the guys seemed to really be loving every minute of what they were doing and it came through in the songs. the new ones were tight and really strong, and the old ones sounded better than last i remembered. truly a night i won't forget.

fran, if you see this - i quite dug your tshirt (with the cop flipping the bird on it). does it have a story?
aghkunaba Posted: 16-07-07 4:15
This is the first time I have seen them play. What and amazing band. They are very talented and with amazing positive energy. It also helps that all their songs are very good songs ...and they did not disappoint when hearing them live for the first time. Very good live... if not better.
The exchange with the audience throughout the night was excellent and the audience response was amazing. You can see that their fans were extremely happy to see them again....I do have to say I have become a huge fan, for life, and will see them in concert every time they are in the NY area. I was ready to go see them again tonight but could not make it.
After all the most impressive thing was when they came outside to sign autographs ....they were extremely kind to their fans and took all necessary time to make everybody happy.
chaymiro Posted: 16-07-07 1:21
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You wouldn't think Irving Plaza would be a large enough venue, but the intimacy of the theater worked in their favor. The Rocky Balboa-styled entrance was brilliant, as was the entire set list. Only Fran could tell such a touching story as he did to intro "My Eyes," and follow it with the wrong opening lyric - his apology and second attempt were flawless. Andy showed true grit by performing his solo in the crowd, and Claus is a fantastic addition (if only so the crowd could point and shout "Claus" at Fran's behest). If only "Blue Flashing Light" could have made an appearance... A triumphant return after too long of an absence
Amandabug Posted: 23-07-07 2:41
of the 24 travis shows i've been to so far, this one probably ranks as my favorite, if not my #2.

most of that reaction is because everything was new again -- the songs! the band's entrance through the crowd! the rocky music! travis newbies! -- and there was an energy going through the crowd that was so friendly but so intent on having a great time. and also, this was the first time in a long while that the travis posse were all at a travis show together, and we were all front row (sorry to everyone in back of us on the queue).

everything about this show was perfect, even its imperfections. fran forgetting the words to "my eyes" was hilarious. demetri miming the "selfish jean" video was a wonderful surprise, and i know he was frustrated by the mistakes, but i thought they were endearing (in that you could tell he really really wanted to get it right).

the wonderful surprise was seeing "indefinitely" live at a show for the first time. i'd seen it before during a soundcheck, but this was for real. hearing "big chair," which i'd also heard at a soundcheck, was also a great surprise. fran's "heart" was sweet.

"flowers in the window" knocked my socks off. my heart filled with so much joy and peace, i thought it getting so big with love that it would fly out and hit fran in his wee head.

the new stadium lights are ridiculous! i think everyone in the first two rows got sunburns from the lights. but they were rather nice effects, especially when they spell out "claus" during klaes' bit in "Good Feeling."

after the show was fantastic, almost as good as before the show when we girls jumped on dougie with squeals and hugs and other girlish shows of affection. the band had an "official" afterparty at the beauty bar a few blocks away, and yes, the band was there, along with demetri martin and a few other special guests. i don't think members of the band were ever without a drink (unless they chose not to have one -- i didn't see fran with one) that happy fans offered to buy.


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