Sunday, October 28, 2007
Sentrum Scene, Oslo, NO

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Renate Posted: 29-10-07 5:21
Great concert! I've loved Travis for a long long time, but I've never gotten to see em live! But it was amazing! even my friend who has never really been a fan of Travis (I amazingly had to make her go!) came out of the concert saying she wished we could go to Argentina next week, b/c she couldn't wait to see them live again!

I'm for sure going to every concert they're playing in Norway from now on! (an d hopefully some in Scotland too!)
Elein Posted: 29-10-07 9:59
Another amazing show! Bless you guys, for all the joy you bring. My body is aching, i've got bruises everywhere, my throut is sore...Am I to old for this "shit"? NOOOO! NEVER! See you soon.
BohEmiA Posted: 29-10-07 10:56
Hit me Travis one more time!

I had been waiting for this night for a few weeks and it was finally time to see the friendly, but still so rocking boys again. My darling Travis.. It was raining outside, of course (:)) The doors opened at 20:00 and I was there 19:50 and there was already a long line of people waiting outside. My friends were all late, so I sprinted right inn without taking my coat of and secured a spot on the first landing on "the-andy-side". Knowing that he always do crazy stuff during "All I wanna do is rock", I wanted to be close when that happened.. hehe

After about 10 minutes of: "No, this spot is taken. I do not have ghosts as friends", they all turned up and we were ready :)

waiting ... waiting... waiting...

And then... tada! The wonderful music and Travis walking through the crowd and up on stage! I was to far away to touch them this time too, but again screamed to my friend "Oh my God, they are soooo small". (I am about 5'9 and I must be about a head taller then them.. hehe).

The concert started according to plan. (I had read about the set-lists from the last few concerts.) Selfish Jean and then on to Eyes wide open.. After that I don't remember the exact line-up of songs, but they where all there "Driftwood", "Writing to reach you" and "Side". Fran talking sense into the audience for screaming and screaming messages in his face. He told a girl to pipe down cause she was screaming all the time. Good Fran, she was really annoying me too :) The usual U16 request was welcomed and they promised to play it as a part of the encore. "Good feeling" and everybody screaming "Claes, claes, claes" as the pianist played the solo, and his name blinking in the background. Good times.

At this point, people started to get a bit more excited. Up to this point there had been a crowd of very quiet and still standing people. The exception was of course me and my friend who kept jumping up and down, and the people in the front too. One of the reason was probably that is was extremly load. It was so load that I couldn't hear myself screaming the lyrics at all. I think Fran had some trouble with the monitors also. He kept looking more than usually concentrated when singing and kept breaking the strings on his acustic guitars. (Typical sign of not hearing what you play. Makes you strum even harder on the guitar. I know this from personal experience:) After a quick chat with the monitor guys at the side of the stage it seamed to be better though.
Dougie was his usual charming self and beaming out at all of us :)

And then it was time for the infamous "All I wanna do is rock" and Andy's solo. With stars in my eyes I was wondering what he was going to do as the crowd wasn't at all dense enough for him to stage-dive. I figured he would climb and was extremely happy and suprised as I saw him jumping down from stage and heading straight for us!!! (There was a a gap in the crowd right beside the 30 cm tall platform we were standing on)... SO he passed and I just had to touch him.. hehe.. He lay down on the flood about 2 meters away from me and played the solo crawling on the floor. I feel like a teenage groupie when writing about it, but it was a fantastic musical moment. Must be on the top 10 :)

But it was not over yet! They played "Hit me baby one more time" as part of the encore. (While Neil changed his pants.. According to Fran he had riped them and had been siting behind the kit with his balls out.. hehe)
I have been waiting for "hit me baby" for about 7 years of my life, so it was also a most treasured moment...

I walked out... limping for to much jumping... Smiling.. and a bit sad because I have to wait a while for the next one...

By the way... maybe not... The next album will be done in march if according to plan and they are hooked on the old way of recording that they did during "Lovely Rita" for the 40th anniversary of "Sgt. Pepper".

And if I am not wrong they said they wanted to rock more.... can't wait!!
lafeeverte Posted: 30-10-07 12:16
Oh boys are absolutely addictive!

I’ve loved Travis since the age of eleven; they were the first rock band I started listening to. And so, with them having a special place in my heart, I was unbelievably excited about going to see them for the fourth time, and at my very first show with an age limit, too!
I had finally gotten a friend to come along, after she’d been wanting to see the band live for quite some time, and we were lucky enough to be among the first ones inside the venue, securing a spot smack dab in front of Fran’s mic. I knew from the Norwegian Wood show earlier this year that they would probably be coming in through the audience again, but I thought they’d be going onstage far away from me, like last time. Imagine my shock when the security guard suddenly started waving his arms in my face to get me out of the way, and the guys climbed over the fence in the exact place I had been standing! I was so surprised I just stood there with my jaw on the floor, not quite knowing what to do. My favorite band of seven years had just been half a meter away from me, and I did nothing! Bah.
As always, the concert was fantastic. I never thought I’d live to see them do “Hit me baby one more time”, but they did, and I’ll never forget it =). I also love Dougie’s usual verse of “Turn”, so very happy to see that again. Dougie should sing more! Next time, I’ll be sure to grab a spot on his “side”. He just gives his audience so much attention. If you’re not already ecstatic about seeing Travis live, Dougie looking you straight in the eye and flashing you one of his lovely smiles will absolutely make your day! I walked out of there happy, bruised and hoarse from all the cheering and singing. I can’t wait for the next album, and all of their future concerts. I’ll never, ever stop going to Travis gigs.

PS: way to go for telling those screaming people off, Fran. I think I’m not the only one they annoyed.
ILoveScottishAccent Posted: 30-10-07 8:18
Wow! Great gig!! Again!!! Was at the show in Bergen this summer and LOVED it, but this time was even better. Great audience, and so fun to hear songs from 12 momories too (wich was totally absent in Bergen). And you guys; charming, adorable and absolutely fabulous as always! :D Already looking foreward to the next album and the next tour; I'll be there!! Love you guys!!! Tusen takk =)
peno Posted: 01-11-07 11:08
What a night in Oslo and what a week i
I had filled up with Travis. Thanks to the band for a great show i Sentrum Scene in Oslo. Again you were amaizing playing your fine songs and showning so mutch respect to the audience.
As the firts person to enter Sentrum Scene, after waiting outside in the misty weather with other fans a few hours, I whas again in first row to the stage. So fine being in company with you and all the other fans letting go to the best band in our world.
My week with Travis as following...enjoying rehersal i Arena Fyn 19.oktober and meting the band later same front row at the very fine concert in Arena Fyn...meting very nice fans in more very very fine concert i Olso Sentrum Scene 28.10 and again in the front fotos together witk the band...the band signed my the Oslo-setlist and a all together a great expirence - maybe once in a lifetime. Anyway I hope Travis will be back very soon. I am sure many fans feel like me the days after. Some kind of an antiklimax - a wird mix of joy and feeling real crap. Now I am fine again and writing this review listening to GoodFeeling.
Thanks again Niel, Andy, Dougie and Fran and take care.
Are Posted: 02-11-07 2:37
WE DID IT AGAIN! Travis played U16 Girls by request, again! This time my brother requested the song, last time in Oslo I requested the song. Amazing. This song is special to me, but I don't know why, it just is.

I had planned to write a review on Monday 29/10 - the day after the concert - but my internet connection is very unstable and I have only been online for short periods since Wednesday. But the truth is, words cannot describe how good the concert was! So I'm just going to say: AWESOME TRAVIS! THANK YOU AGAIN FOR A WONDERFUL EVENING! COME BACK VERY SOON!

The setlist differs from the actual playlist, but only in the encore. This is the playlist:

01 Selfish Jean
02 Eyes Wide Open
03 Writing To Reach You
04 Quicksand
05 Love Will Come Through
06 As You Are
07 My Eyes
08 Pipe Dreams
09 The Beautiful Occupation
10 Side
11 Driftwood
12 Good Feeling
13 Closer
14 Sing
15 All I Want To Do Is Rock
16 Turn
17 Baby One More Time
18 Flowers In The Window
19 U16 Girls
20 Why Does It Always Rain On Me?

The setlist had The Humpty Dumpty Love Song instead of U16 Girls, and didn't have Baby One More Time, which Fran said he and Dougie had to play while Neil had to go change clothes, making the set 20 songs instead of 19.
FranFlower Posted: 03-01-08 7:15
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Ok, so I just realized I had forgotten to post my review of the Oslo gig :P

Well, I had an early flight to Oslo, and then met up with my cousin with whom I was staying. We went to the Hard Rock Cafe to have lunch, and later on I met up with happy_me and elein from the board. No one was queueing when we got to the venue, so we went into the bar next door for a drink while we carefully watched the entrance to make sure we would get front row spots :)

By 8pm a looong line had formed, and we rushed in to secure our Andy-side spots. My first front row Travis gig, and I quicky discovered that the Andy side was not a bad choice. I don't think I took my eyes of him though the whole concert! The man's a legend! Never will I be able to play guitar like that! Passion!

The set list was great! The only song I would have loved to hear was Re-Offender.. Though we did get U16 Girls whis is just phenomenal live! And not to mention what a nice surprise it was to have Baby, One More Time back in the set.
To top it all off, Nick was nice enough to donate Andy's set list to me at the end of the gig - takk!!

After everyone had left, me and Tonje (happy_me) were the only ones waiting for the guys to come out :) I was friggin nervous about meeting them for the first time. Though there was no need for that of course, as they turned out to be just as nice as everyone said they would be. Got my set list signed, pictures with Andy, Dougie and Fran and a quick chat before the guys drove off to the hotel.

Right there and then I decided I had to get to Glasgow to see them "at home" someday. Since I'm writing this review, ehem, fashionably late, I can proudly say that I did fulfill my dream by seeing them at the Barrowlands, Glasgow December 30th 2007. Now I need a new goal..


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