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I'm an American studying post graduate at the Uni of Strathclyde.
TRAVIS, Belle and Sebastian, Rufus Wainwright, Motown, Elvis Costello, Radiohead....
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Barrowlands, Glasgow, UK
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Oakdale Theatre, Wallingford, CT, US

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paul_c Apr-19-08 3.52pm
Yeah, i do. Well kinda. The next gig is a mini festival, and since we're only starting out we'll be looking for more ASAP. Luckily i'm staying in Scotland and not going home to Ireland this summer so i can work on it loads. I'll now add you onto my music page on myspace, just to return the favour! ;)
paul_c Apr-18-08 11.50am
Aww man! Yeah it probably was!! Monday evening? Really sunny? I'd just handed in my dissertation so i went into Glasgow cos it was nice and sunny. You should have said hi! lol How you keeping anyway? : )
paul_c Mar-10-08 1.45pm
Haha, i've hardly been here either lately. I'm at uni in Paisley- so about 10 minutes from Glasgow. Hows things?
Soulslug Feb-19-08 1.04pm
ha don't worry, me neither. so how are you?
Soulslug Feb-10-08 12.21pm
hey you! where have you gone? miss glasgow.
paul_c Jan-8-08 10.20pm
Ah right, cool. Yeah, that'd explain it- the last Glasgow gig was in May, haha. So what brings you to Scotland? Obviously study, but what you studying? x
paul_c Jan-8-08 12.47am
Hey. Why haven't we seen you at other Travis gigs in Glasgow?? You fitted in well with the whole arriving early thing. It's always a laugh! Make sure you're there next time :) x
peno Jan-7-08 4.54pm
Hi you ! Happy new year.. a little but not too late. Nice to meet you at Barrow. What a performance that night. Hope you are fine in UK. I will be back again in february in Portsmouth. Se you again some day. Peter xxx
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