Wednesday, November 07, 2007
Coca Cola Fundidora, Monterrey, MX

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anace Posted: 08-11-07 8:31
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Yeah Travis has the glue

so I'm gonna give my heart to them

Before starting to write this review I tought of different names or titles. And I could think of so many, and that, I think, means there are many thing to say about the show.

I wouldn't be able to give an exact date of when I started liking the band, or when was it that I first heard one of their songs. It was such a long time ago. I was probably 13, 14 tops. I was the weird girl who liked a semi-unknowned band from Scotland, and knew nobody who liked them as I did. Time went by and my love for their music increased.

I remember when they came to Mexico for the first time. I remember being so sad for the fact I was too young to travel. I don't think I ever, ever, considered that maybe I would see them in a couple of years. The idea wouldn't fit my head.

This year, after a long wait, the band finally released a new album, and along came a new tour. In June, they announced the dates for a North American tour, and as I said to Fran today "I was heartbroken to see them (the dates)". It was great to see them playing in the country, but really depressing to know I wouldn't see them. I wanted to, and I tried, but it wasn't to be. The announcement of the new November dates came as a surprise for everybody, as nobody expected them to be back so soon (despite the promises made). I had to wait 6 years from the moment I started liking them to the day I saw them live, more or less. 6 years.

My "Travis experience" was not short of excitement. I even felt butterflies in my stomach during the days before the gig. I knew I was in for a treat. A bit of dedication and hard work, sort of, led us to meet the band. A treat indeed, and a very joyful experience thanks to their kindness.

The gig hadn't even began, there was about an hour to go, and I already felt tired as hell. Starting the day at 6 am after only 3 hours of sleep, spending a couple of hours standing freezing outside the hotel, plus the queue and the waiting. Yet the enthusiasm was there, as I knew the best was still to come. Without notice, the lights went out and that theatrical entrance I've come to known was happening in front of my eyes. The music, the Rocky song and the boxing kickstarted the night.

When it was over and while I was walking to the car I asked myself: If I had to define this show in one word which one would it be? Words like 'great', 'amazing', or 'awesome' wouldn't even begin to describe it. After some thought I came up with two: 'unique' and 'fun'.

I have no doubt that the show I saw is unique in more than one way, the music, the mood, the singing, the dancing, and the fooling around. Unique. Fun... well, I don't know when I had so much fun as I did during the show. It was relaxed, it was even improvised at times, spontaneous, and just fun. Good fun.

The songs of years ago and the new songs just mixed into a perfect combination ( ;) ), a set of excelent musical pieces combined with a great performance. Two great surprises of the night. It was a great honour to hear 'One Night' being played live for the first time. And then it was also a great honour to hear "The Weight"... again. It was a surreal experience to listen to songs I hold dear like 'The Beautiful Occupation' (which is THE song for me), 'Love will come through' and "Side". Songs I've heard a thousand times before, but never felt as good as they did this time.

Fun, I'll stick with fun.

Thank you Travis, just don't make me wait 6 years again!
travislover Posted: 08-11-07 9:29
For my it was exciting and awesome and indescribably unique!! I also had to wait 6 years as anace if it wasn't more but in a single word I'll said just PERFECT the place the weather the number of day (071107) the fact you guys came to my hometown was amazing but over all the fact ANDREW DUNLOP came to MEEE was awesome I LOVE YOU BABY!! XD you came to me! the staff guy put my bra on your banjo THE BEST PLACE EVER!!! it is really the best night of my life and am still excited of the great performance all the songs the old ones the new ones is really just PERFECT for my

if you know me you'll know that I'm pretty good with words and describing event as object or situations but this time am basically speech less.
thanks every one for the photos for the time and the amazing experience that we share I JUST LOVE IT!! XD
villafer Posted: 08-11-07 11:24
What a show, Travis for the first time in Monterrey, with the coolest "Rocky intro", which gave me the chance to handshake every member of the band.

The Setlist was perfect, the jokes between songs, the sweedish guy, I enjoyed it all.

Thanks Travis for a memorable night, we expect to have you back very soon.
Lillian_Flaky Posted: 08-11-07 11:49
The best!!!!!!!!! I was so happy when the rocky intro, being in the first row I couldn't believe I was there and when Dougie came to my place (he was the first one) I was so shocked I couldn't even manage to make my camera work...but it all was the best!!!!!!!!! When U16 girls started I was extremely happy, I couldn't stop smiling and singing...every song rocked and they're the coolest guys ever..wooow!!!
Mariel Posted: 09-11-07 2:11
A M A Z I N G ! ! !
I don’t have words to describe the feeling of having the band so near, and “The Rocky” intro was just fantastic! Thanks to that we had the chance to handshake almost all the band xD. I liked their music and thought that they were really cool and cute, now I LOVE their music and confirm that in fact they are so cool, funny, cute, talented… xD
I just love them even more now!!!
Thanks guys for giving us such a spectacular show!! And please come back soon!!
nora_ileana Posted: 09-11-07 5:12
I must say that since the first moment i hear TRAVIS was coming to the city i coulnt believe it, i`ve like them since i was like 13 years old, they are my favorite band ever, so obviusly i coundt miss this for anything in the whooole world. im just so sorry i couldnt get a pic with them.
The show wa amazong , The band is sooo nice , and funny, GOD i culd have stay there for 10 hrs more, it was perfect..
Hope they keep their word and come back soon..
goretti Posted: 09-11-07 5:59
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"We hope you have a lovely evening"

That´s what u wish for.. thats what i had. Not only a lovely evening, i felt quite close to you, really personal, i love so much how you reach me (us really, but i like to say me), you make me feel so close, so familiar.. like if you were the local loved band playing in the pub around the corner, singing your heart out, and drinking.. enjoying life.

I was impressed with your entrace, i felt such a rush, i did not expect that.

Andy rockin' hard, Neil was hillarius, like really being concentrating in the drums, i was like neeeil neilll..(yelling) but the crow didnt let my message come through (jajaja) of course Fran singing his heart out.. and Dougie...OMG..!!! i just loved to see him do what ever... and actually, i felt like a stalker, cuz i was like yeah.. dougy´s so hot, and when you came back to your instruments, you delayed a little, so i thoughed this was a perfect chance to get neil's attention... so instead of saying something to neil.. i screamed: YEAH BABY YOU GO DOUGIE! and in that moment..everybody shuted up, and Dougie.. i think he saw me and waved.. and i waved back at him... a little embarrased but happy.

I had a huge laugh when you make us sing why does it always rain on me.. because, i admit i have never read the lyric.. i known it by hearing it,,, but i always had trouble singing: "im seeing the end of the tunel of all this lies" and for my surprise i was not the only one.... everybody screw up in that part... it was just great! everything about the concert was great!

I leaved the concert singing, bought myself a t-shirt, a hot pink with travis on gold, went home, and enter my room, before i went to bed i was like tiding up my room, and i turn on the radio, searching for some travis songs... didnt find songs in that moment.. turn it off..and start to sing alone, just re-viving those precious moments you gave to me. I fall asleep, had a pleasent dream (yeah you were in it), and i woke up singing.. and yes im still singing!
so all i want to say is

Thanks for everything!
you hung me out by my heart!

You´re welcome any time to Monterrey


María Goretti Lerma Izaguirre
nanlozano Posted: 12-11-07 2:45

i wanted to go to the hotel to see you guys and my friends told me nan you have to go to class tomorrow and i was like =( i wwanted a pik with you guys!

the concert was amazing i scream the entire time the songs! (and now im sick because of it!!!!!!! =) ) and i was jumping with my friends! jajajaja
the begining of the concert was awsome! i never thought you were entering that way
by the way fran sings exactly like in the cd!! that was so cool!!!!!!!!!!!!!

well hope to see you soon back in monterrey!!

gabyzo Posted: 13-11-07 9:41
First of all, I gotta say I was so sad when I couldn't go to Mexico City first few years ago, and this year at the 1st concert in mexico because of work... but later I heard about the concert here in Mty and I was soooooo happy!!!... U don't have an idea!!.... I think I was one of the first persons that bought the tickets at the moment they were open at public...

Really wait for this moment... so many years... I really admire your music, how good musicians you are...

The best of the night.. was to shake the hands of Dougie and Fran, they're my favorites of travis! (sorry guys, love u all too but can't help it) and even more when I smiled to Dougie cause he played so damn good!!...and sometimes i really think he saw me.. and return the smile at me...=)

Combination of perfect songs, charm, good time to having fun and laughes, creativity and incredible talent... that was the match for the greatest music and the perfect night for me... you really know how to rock!!... so THANKS FOR EVERYTHING!!! LOVE YOU TRAVIS!!

Regresen pronto!! =)
Luiss Posted: 23-12-07 9:10
Travis:::gracias por ese gran evento, son lo maximo, su musica me a inspirado demasiado, el concierto estuvo genial, espero volver a ir a otro de sus conciertos. En Mexico queremos mas conciertos de ustedes, vuelvan pronto...........
caelrc Posted: 22-06-13 1:32
It was my first travis concert! at that time the songs I knew better were the ones from the boy with no name and I was so excited that I got to shake fran's hand and I'll never forget how during a song andy started walking through the crowd with his guitar! After this I fell even more in love with travis it and I can't wait to see them again!


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