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I'm Edith. Living in Norway, and I've been a Travis-fan since the fall of 99, when WDIAROM first came out. Somehow I never got hold of any albums though, which I of course deeply regret now. However this all changed when I decided to go see them live in Bergen, Norway this year(2007). The venue wasn't great, but Travis still came across as a brilliant live band and also extremely likeable lads. From there on I fell face first into Travis-fandom, and went straight from the concert to get TBWNN (they were sold out btw, I took it as a good sign, lol). Since then I have acquired all albums and lots more knowledge about the past years of Travis where all I had heard was the singles played on radio. The credit for me turning into such a huge fan after the concert in Bergen goes to Fran. He's got a way of making people feel so special each and every time you see him. I had heard that Travis was a nice band and all, but they are really way beyond nice! And that goes for all of them! I should also mention my liking for Andy and his ridiculously good guitar playing. I admire his passion for music so much! And last but not least, all my thoughts and theories were confirmed when I met them after the Oslo gig October 28th 07. They were just the sweetest. I'm so glad I re-discovered this amazing band! I have since been to Scotland to see Travis play the Barrowlands, and also on new years eve in Aberdeen - bloody amazing! Got to meet the guys again too. I will never tire of them or their music - knock on wood!
Travis, The Killers, Angels&Airwaves, Thirteen Senses, Palace Fires, The Fray, Joni Mitchell, Snow Patrol, Alejandro Fuentes, Dashboard Confessional, Stone Sour, The Windupdeads, Polaradio, Oasis, Kurt Nilsen, Coldplay, A-ha, Radiohead, The Verve.
Finding neverland, Notting Hill, Raise your voice, Pirates of the Caribbean
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Astoria, London, UK
Castlegate, Aberdeen, UK
Barrowlands, Glasgow, UK
Sentrum Scene, Oslo, NO
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buckstab Sep-3-10 12.21pm
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buckstab Sep-2-10 11.28am
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Are Apr-19-10 8.51pm
Hei! Hvordan har du det?
bogusblue Dec-31-08 11.09pm
Happy New Year!!! :o)
bogusblue Dec-24-08 11.02pm
Merry Christmas! :o)
Chiito-chan Dec-24-08 7.55pm
Merry Christmas Edith!!
Soulslug Sep-16-08 10.58pm
jeez, you lucky thing! that's fantastic to hear. i'm not going early either 'cause i have to work till six or so, blaeh. but yeah no getting up there at five am. this time lol!
Chiito-chan Apr-12-08 5.52pm
Hola! How are you? hope you're so happy! Have a great weekend! =)
GMS1968 Mar-26-08 10.28pm
Hello franflower. Just to say thankyou for replying to my, "Best ever Travis gig" post. good memories, Cheers ;-)
weirdmom Mar-26-08 2.41am
things are good here. I was surprised to see you weren't already my friend! Are you still giddy in luuuuvvv?
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