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im a sick girl that love the music , i read all the time and i play the drumss . im crazy yes for travis and their music, i love them more than anything , i want to play the violoncelo with them yeahhh falling down... well the buble gum is my pasion (and travis) and i want to know some travis fans from hell becouse im one of them...
TRAVIS!!!! mew,delays,snow patrol , muse , david bowie , morrisey , radiohead , placebo , incubuse , oasis , porcupine tree , tool , portish head , bjork , air , a perfect circle , switchblade symphony , rasputina , chevelle etc...
natural born killer , doberman , ginger snaps , irreversible, hard candy , tesis , los amantes del circulo polar , and all the art movies ...
all the love craft books , bernad taylor , nietze , no pain no gain , jodoroswky and 100000000 of titles...
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Arena VFG, Guadalajara, MX
Foro Sol, Mexico City, MX
Vive Cuervo Salon, Mexico City, MX
One In Foro Expo, Guadalajara, MX
Coca Cola Fundidora, Monterrey, MX
Sports Palace, Mexico City, MX

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RaZzZ Mar-29-09 7.09am
Lastima, me gustan las chicas con ojeras
RaZzZ Mar-29-09 6.04am
Te hubieras quitado esos lentes. O que tu novio te pego y te dejo el ojo morado? XD
RaZzZ Mar-29-09 5.41am
Porque diablos en tu foto Doug si sale viendo a la camara y tu no????
bogusblue Dec-31-08 6.31am
Feliz Aņo Nuevo!!! :o)
bogusblue Dec-24-08 5.30am
Feliz Navidad!!! :o)
RaZzZ Oct-22-08 9.51pm
Odio el manifest
scummy Jan-4-08 4.31pm
I LOVE your profile pic :)
galletitabonita Nov-18-07 7.27am
hola chica!!!! te mando saludos por aqui CHEERS!!!
galletitabonita Oct-26-07 3.31am
ok amiguita, ya te agregue para chismear agusto jajaja
galletitabonita Oct-21-07 7.10am
hola oye, todas tus fotos me impactaron hahaha, te puedo agregar a msn???
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