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House Of Blues, Boston MA, US
Joes Pub, New York, NY, US
Granada Theater, Dallas, TX, US
Vic Theatre, Chicago, IL, US
Fine Line, Minneapolis MN, US
Moore, Seattle, WA, US
La Zona Rosa, Austin, TX, US
House Of Blues, Dallas, US
First Avenue, Minneapolis, MN, US
The Filmore, San Francisco, CA, US
Granada Theatre, Lawrence, KS, US

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melissam3173 Jul-22-10 7.31pm
I have wanted to check out Broken Bells forever. I am not sure where I can find their album here. Will let you know what I think!
melissam3173 Jun-10-10 3.20am
I see the error 1 problem is fixed now! How have u been?!! I am sorry I haven't talked to you in forever been busy/ a little sad lately but hoping its gonna get better. I totally miss our chats. We must catch up soon. Hope your well!!
CHILENA2006 Apr-15-10 6.16pm
I love your pic!!!!!! Take care Sandy....see ya!
melissam3173 Mar-12-10 7.35pm
Hello dear, my apologies I have been sick and very busy. I rarely get on this site ne more cos it seems kinda useless lol. I haven't saw u on FB lately (well I haven't been on there either) so when u get the chance we must speak soon! Hope your well.
melissam3173 Feb-15-10 4.30am
I have been ok, just dealing with classes n such. I like reading the board and not so much responding ( I feel kinda left out like a small child and I dunno wats going on lol). I may just get on here and read instead of respond! I am about to enjoy some tiramisu I got for myself for Valentines Day. Hoping your having a great one Mrs. Owens ;0)!
melissam3173 Feb-10-10 8.26pm
Sandy I miss comin on the board! Haven't seen u around much... How r things with u chick?!
melissam3173 Jan-3-10 9.17pm
A solo album!! Shocking huh. We sooo have to talk on FB soon. Hope all is well. Happy 2010 Sandy!
bogusblue Dec-24-09 11.49pm
Merry Christmas Sandy! :o)
melissam3173 Dec-24-09 5.49pm
Merry Christmas ma dear!!! Hope you enjoy your first one as a married lady. Speak soon. x
melissam3173 Dec-23-09 8.25pm
Been super busy but I miss chatting. Hope your well and getting a nice break!
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