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I'm like a bird, I only fly away. Been a Travis fan since my twilight years, sometimes wish I could be that age again. I'm a student now, not quite living the dream but hey, what's a girl to do! I love stories about one man and his dog ... they make me cry a little. I also love tea dresses and boots.
Indie/Rock/Alternative/Punk and a bit of retro!
Dude Where's My Car, You Me and Dupree, Wedding Crashers, Trainspotting!
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varz Apr-12-09 8.46pm
hey, just read your post in the the fran quote thread... thats completely how i was like at school. its amazing how moving away to uni can really boost your confidence, make you less shy... good luck with the rest of your degree and well done showing everyone back home how much you've changed. x
oasistanbul Jun-24-07 6.03pm
hi how are you?
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