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yuzuki Jul-23-14 9.22pm
Feliz cumpleaños Franny!
yuzuki Jan-27-14 8.25pm
How are you? :)
flc Dec-31-13 10.43am
Hi Fran! The new album is too great ! Get well soon ! I wish you a quick recovery ! ;)
minsidesoutside_lds Nov-16-13 3.55pm
Besides, are you playing during 27 january to middle february? Me and a friend of mine are fans, and we are visiting London , France, Berlin and Rome; if you are playing by this year time, we would very pleased to see a any show you do. Cheers! Hope you are ok, guys! Be good.
minsidesoutside_lds Nov-16-13 3.48pm
And finally, it happened!! So glad to see you and hear you again in Argentina :) I hope you would like to come back soon; there's a lot of places you can play here, maybe or; and there are more... Don't wait son long please snif.. Thanks and God bless you all, guys, take care and be good ;)
minsidesoutside_lds Nov-16-13 3.47pm
And finally, it happened!! So glad to see you and hear you again in Argentina :) I hope you would like to come back soon; there's a lot of places you can play here, maybe or; and there are more... Don't wait son long please snif.. Thanks and God bless you all, guys, take care and be good ;)
yuzuki Sep-16-13 3.48am
Thax for coming to Chile :3
Lucilabf Sep-13-13 10.31pm
I am so so so SOOOOO happy you guys are coming to San Francisco! I have been a fan for over a decade And NEVER thought I would be able to go to a concert!!! I am from Brazil and have been living near San Fran and when I found out you were coming I knew I couldn't miss it!!! Travis music has helped me go through a LOT of tough times... Losing people, going through crisis or doubt, feeling lonely... And it was there in happy times too, of course!!! And I just want to let you know how much I am thankful for you guys being so talented and unique and finally I will be able to see you live!!! YAAAAAAHHHHH I AM SO HAPPY!!! Thank you, thank you, thank you so much for your inspiring songs, funny videos and for being so amazing! I know you get this a lot, but you have no idea how much your incredible music can impact and even save lives :-) I am counting the seconds for that! Big dream come true!!!!
Radulik Sep-7-13 9.21am
Hi, I need one ticket to Travis in Edinburgh, I am from Slovakia, I booked a hotel, I have flight ticket, but tickets are sold out, please if you have 1 ticket in addition, let me know by message, I will buy it. I am really desperate, please, if you know about someone who have another ticket, please, let me know. Thank you
yuzuki Sep-5-13 7.42pm
Chile! :3
avega Jul-23-13 3.12pm
Happy birthday Fran! Have a nice day!
avega Jul-18-13 12.12am
Dear TRAVIS, I am one of your fans in Buenos Aires, Argentina! I love your music as well as your videos. I enjoy so much watching your acting in these videos, you are nice and natural! Videos are so original and creative, and all of you look great in your performances! Congratulations for your director and keep on doing the best! My favourite one is “Closer”. I know that you are going to come to Buenos Aires in November to participate in a festival with other bands at Vélez Football Stadium. I will be there with my husband and some friends that are also your fans. I would like to know if you are going to give a TRAVIS concert. In Buenos Aires we have the “Gran Rex” theatre that would be sincerely perfect and appropriate to listen and appreciate your music. Please, let me know if there is any possibility. Many thanks in advance!!! Thank you for your music. It´s a special and valuable present for our lives. Andrea
Nell Mar-18-13 9.04pm
Hey Fran, remember me? We met in Zurich, I gave u a DVD with our "Ode to J.Smith"-youth work musical. Now I hear you guys are coming to Winterthur! We're all gonna come to your concert! Looking very forwardt o it! Did u get a chance to look at the dvd? I never cut it.... -.- Nora
20462046 Nov-6-12 6.14pm
i miss your melody and your big voice fran!!!!album 7 is gonna be wow!!!
FfeyaD Oct-18-12 4.09pm
Looking forward to Album 7 :) Been missing Travis sooo much. #IndonesiaWantsTravis
cornax Oct-16-12 2.10pm
Suuuuuuuuuuuuuuper to have you back!! The years fly...
peno Jul-22-12 11.02pm
Happy birthday dear Fran..:)Peter
livervoice Nov-10-11 10.55pm
get back to chile please!!!! long live travis!!
yuzuki Oct-26-11 10.59pm
Hey!!!! Good vibrations from Chile.
minsidesoutside_lds Sep-16-11 5.38pm
Hey!! How are you? So long time.., and sice you've been playing here in Argentina. I was watching that and thoght about writing; when are you coming back? We miss Travis! Hope you come soon! Waiting here. Love. Lourdes.
peno Jul-24-11 12.10am
Happy birthday Fran..:)Peter
the_invisible_fan Jul-23-11 6.41pm
Happy birthday Fran! Cheers, thanks for everything :)
Carmencita Jul-23-11 3.13pm
Happy Birthday Fran!!..I hope yu have an amazing day!!..kisses, hugs from Chile:)
Gallifrey Jul-23-11 11.27am
Happy birthday!! Hello from Russia!)))
Trixi Jul-23-11 4.45am
Happy Birthday, Fran! =)
the_invisible_fan Jul-18-11 9.22pm
You were amazing last night in Istanbul!!! You literally rocked us. And it was great to meet you, Fran. You made yesterday the most beautiful day in my life. Thanks for everything. And come to Istanbul again soon, ok? :)
EccentricGenius Jun-8-11 3.02pm an honest and light hearted blog about living with M.E by a Glasgow girl
dasmill Apr-20-11 5.17pm
Ode to J Smith - With a lul in music these days I went back to listening to Rubber Soul and Sgt. Pepper. Then I found Ode in my stack and listened to it the right way...Cranked up to 11! What a great, great album top to bottom! Before You Were Young us one of the best finishing songs for an album of all time First time I listened to it in '08 I was not in the right mindset. Like wine tasting hungover. Glad I came around! Listen to it LOUD!
blomma Mar-14-11 12.15pm
Thanks for your words,Fran! It makes me strong and tough! Please continue to pray for Japan. hope to see you(and Travis) soon. Thank you. *big hugs*
yuzuki Feb-27-11 2.23am
A big hug from Chile. We miss you a lot dear Franny. Chao! :3
myriadawn Nov-4-10 9.33am
Hi Fran...was on front row at Bush halls...beautiful night , thank you ( also was lucky enough to get a signed Reckorder)... New blokey in ma life says he was at Greenfaulds high school with Neil...and says he would remember a teacher known as " Mucky Jim" how scary is that?? :-) question...does Neil ever dip into the site, coz this guy wants to say hello methinks....thanks again for a stella performance in london mr healy
turbo_rod Oct-21-10 5.53am
Hey Fran I just want to let u know you have people who loves the band in Bolivia! Good luck with everything!
irbis Sep-26-10 3.46pm
Hello! Dear Fran, thank you for making difference in people's lives. You are not even aware how powerful your songs are. God luck and God bless you. PS.It's unfair that you visited Russia just once.
blomma Sep-22-10 4.17pm
Hi Fran! 'Wreckorder' is just released today in Japan. I'm lucky that I can listen to your new songs earlier. *hugs*
yuzuki Sep-9-10 8.52pm
Airlady Jul-30-10 4.05pm
Hi, sweetie!) Belated Happy Birthday to the most charming and talented gentleman on Earth!))) Russia's missing you!)))
Mar21 Jul-24-10 1.17am
Hi Fran! HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!! From Argentina. Huge greetings :D
Mar21 Jul-24-10 1.17am
Hi Fran! HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!! From Argentina. Huge greetings :D
Yulia Nox Jul-23-10 6.11pm
Happy birthday Fran! Have a great one ;)
moo_the_evil_boffin Jul-23-10 4.35pm
Happy Birthday Fran! :-D
Trixi Jul-23-10 11.19am
Happy Birthday, Fran! =)
kwilson77 Jul-21-10 1.56pm
ENQUIRY FOR BAND TO PERFORM - TALL SHIPS RACES 2011! Hi,I'm the Entertainment Manager for the Tall Ships races coming to Greenock in July 2011 and would like to discuss availability and interest of the band to perform at the event? Thanks,Kim
Jenniferrose Jul-17-10 9.26pm
Hi, have emailed independiente records about Travis playing at an event. I have no idea how to go about these things, but thought if i dont try i wont get!! so just to let you know and if you can give any tips on the whole booking thing that would be fab! Thanks x
jamiedavidson Jun-25-10 5.38pm
Hey Fran, Dont forget the bootleg cd's on your Canadian tour...we need them!!!
enoa Apr-5-10 3.56pm
The song "One night" is something amazing =) Love you all!!!! nice rest of the day kisses
guada_sp Apr-1-10 5.41pm
Hey, what's a wonderwall anyway?
Stangenbrezel Mar-28-10 4.57pm
Franny? It`s meanwhile 11 years ago when I`ve got "The Man Who" as a birthday gift.... How time flies! :-o *I ♥ TRAVIS* (Some things never change..! :-) *hug* SaraL83 ;)
ombu Mar-24-10 8.42pm
Hi Fran, I'm just wondering... Where did you get inspiration to the new album, and song J. Smith? Who's that man the song is telling about? Do you believe in God? P.S.I love your music.
crazyyy Mar-4-10 7.49pm
Hey you! How are you? I'm really missing you here in Germany, so it would be brillant if you came to Stuttgart. I've dreamed of it for a long time and I'm still waiting for it! Pleeeease come! A lot of greetings, Steffi :D
Ursina Feb-10-10 2.53pm
what a great mix of songs and wee stories this bootleg CD ! Any chance of a wee tour in Europe ? Miss you !! Sina:)
tracymac1969 Jan-31-10 2.50am
Thanks for the new website really allows you to just be you....i likey!! :)
melissam3173 Jan-6-10 6.02am
6 days into the New Year and you already have me waiting for your album! I am sooo excited, its going to be excellent. Can't wait for the release Fran. 2010 is going to be your year! xx
TeamPayne Jan-6-10 1.39am
"All life is an experiment. The more experiments you make the better."
peno Jan-4-10 11.31pm
Good luck Fran...anyway a lot of us miss Travis
deebee Jan-4-10 7.51pm
Exciting stuff for you in 2010. Good luck with the new project! Hope to see you back up on that stage soon (with or without the guys!) Debbie x
tracymac1969 Jan-3-10 2.50am
So do you like...ever sleep? LOL!
joss Jan-2-10 10.36am
When will be Wreckorder in shops??? finally!!:)
supercat Jan-2-10 7.27am
Happy new year, looking forward to your album =)
BenFilbert Jan-2-10 12.07am
Amazing stuff, Fran! I'm reading through your new website and it's amazing. I'm so excited. :)
KathyC Jan-1-10 11.21pm
ha ha - very happy :) x
Fran Jan-1-10 9.15pm
flosadone Jan-1-10 8.50pm
Happy new year!!
sorry angel Jan-1-10 8.19pm
happy happy and all that jazzy happy happy Franny plus familyxxx
sorry angel Jan-1-10 8.18pm
happy happy and all that jazzy happy happy Franny plus familyxxx
Somewhere Else Jan-1-10 12.07pm
Have a very happy and interesting 2010 Fran x
bogusblue Jan-1-10 12.18am
Happy New Year Fran! xx
DonnaMac Dec-31-09 4.01pm
Hello Fran!! Just wanted to stop in and say Happy New Year!! Looking forward to seeing you and the rest of Travis in Atlanta again! Love, Donna Mac :-)
joss Dec-29-09 5.25pm
Happy and sunny new year!! And you must produce a new album next year, so do it! We want it!:)
Leia Dec-26-09 6.59pm
Merry Christmas Fran! Glad you had a great one! :)))
TeamPayne Dec-25-09 10.23pm
Merry Christmas. Thanks for the music.
bogusblue Dec-25-09 7.45pm
Happy Christmas Fran! :o)
KathyC Dec-25-09 10.02am
Hope you have a wonderful Christmas x
Sarah- Dec-25-09 8.44am
frohe weihnachten, lieber fran! :)
tracymac1969 Dec-25-09 2.03am
Merry Merry Xmas!
BenFilbert Dec-24-09 8.59pm
Have a great Christmas Fran!
Turtleneck Dec-24-09 6.14pm
Merry Christmas, Fran! Thanks for the great concerts this year.
mita Dec-15-09 3.46pm
hi fran.. tomorrow i'll be 20th..and it'll very great if someone sings travis's song, "20" for me..and it'll be magnificent if someone who sings for me is u..would you?,,pleaaseee. and for my present please give me ur promise that u'll come to indonesia someday.. happy holiday,luv and cheers, mita
mita Dec-15-09 3.46pm
hi fran.. tomorrow i'll be 20th..and it'll very great if someone sings travis's song, "20" for me..and it'll be magnificent if someone who sings for me is u..would you?,,pleaaseee. and for my present please give me ur promise that u'll come to indonesia someday.. happy holiday,luv and cheers, mita
mita Dec-15-09 3.46pm
hi fran.. tomorrow i'll be 20th..and it'll very great if someone sings travis's song, "20" for me..and it'll be magnificent if someone who sings for me is u..would you?,,pleaaseee. and for my present please give me ur promise that u'll come to indonesia someday.. happy holiday,luv and cheers, mita
mita Dec-15-09 3.45pm
hi fran.. tomorrow i'll be 20th..and it'll very great if someone sings travis's song, "20" for me..and it'll be magnificent if someone who sings for me is u..would you?,,pleaaseee. and for my present please give me ur promise that u'll come to indonesia someday.. happy holiday,luv and cheers, mita
mita Dec-15-09 3.45pm
hi fran.. tomorrow i'll be 20th..and it'll very great if someone sings travis's song, "20" for me..and it'll be magnificent if someone who sings for me is u..would you?,,pleaaseee. and for my present please give me ur promise that u'll come to indonesia someday.. happy holiday,luv and cheers, mita
bogusblue Dec-12-09 2.44am
Hola Fran! xx :o)
thaliachumak Dec-4-09 6.53am
hey Fran...its been a while since i havent been here :( i missed yall...hope u read this .... love yall guys
deean Dec-3-09 12.24pm
hello fran!i'm new member of travisonline=)i'm from indonesia located in south east asia..i love listening to Travis's song!and i would love to watch Travis LIVE anytime soon, at Indonesia?;) well,i guess that's all from me now.i'm sorry if my English is not so good.. keep up the good work!!!!
Lisillamarilla Dec-3-09 6.28am
Hi Fran, I'm writing to you from Bogotá, a South American city located in a country called Colombia; I don't speak english, I'm doing my best just to let you know that I love Travis; your songs have the power to change my mood anytime, to make me cry, jump, smile and cry again; I know that music has that power but with your music there is something totally different and unique. Nobody wants to know 'cause nobody even care but I'm still waiting for one Gig of travis in my country, If you come to Colombia, you will make one of my dreams something real, you will make me so happy, you will be part of the most perfect day of my life. I'm still having faith, I'm still having hope and I'm still loving Travis and their songs; I'm still waiting for you.. :) Cheers from Colombia and a big hug for all of you
audrey Nov-29-09 4.04pm
fran, its been ages. just wanted to drop by and say hello.. and that i really wanted to get to the show in cinci to see you and andy, alas. work wouldnt let me off work. pity. i hope things are great with you, nora, clay, and all the other guys. :) cheers to you.
signemariegrave Nov-23-09 4.39pm
At Roskilde 2002 I remember you introduced "Flowers in the window" by talking about how people meet the love of their lives at music festivals, get married and have kids. It made me smile and think at the time, but I hardly dared to hope ... how was I to know that I would find so much happiness escaping the rain sneaking under a blue poncho:) The owner of that poncho and I are getting married next June:)
aghkunaba Nov-17-09 4.29am
Hello, seeing you in NY was really great. I enjoyed both dates a great deal. It sounded great, the stories behind each song were great and I thought Joes Pub is a very nice venue. You are really awesome: signing cds and talking to people after the show ....!!!really remarkable. I really would love to see you again....!!come back to NY real soon.... And.....Thanks again for the tickets!!
KathyC Nov-15-09 10.01pm
Back home now and my magical week is over. Thank you for everything...loking forward to whatever's next. Take care x
BenFilbert Nov-14-09 9.11pm
We counted 65 songs that you and Andy did, Fran. Not sure if that's completely correct though. I don't think there's many people that would perform such a huge amount of different songs on one tour. It's quite incredible. :)
goosey_84 Nov-13-09 4.36pm
Thanks for the acoustic tour! You guys are great!
melissam3173 Nov-12-09 6.07am
Fran loved your review for the New York show. Must have been such an amazing moment for you and your family. Wishing you, Andy, and your entourage safe trvels back as the tour winds down and a happy holiday season! Hope we are able to see you all again soon!!! x
tracymac1969 Nov-11-09 2.27pm
Hey Fran! So we've been reading the reviews and messageboards and there's speculation that there may have been someone filming the Tuesday NYC show....Does this mean that we just might be able to buy a DVD keepsake of the show? (in all countries) That would be the icing on the cake for those of us who were able to attend but also for our fellow fans unable to ges tickets...please confirm?! Thanks, on behalf of all of us hopefuls! Tracy
MojoPinJen Nov-11-09 2.52am can reach me direct at or I understand you're on tour and busy...I am a patient lady! lol : ) God Bless ya!
MojoPinJen Nov-11-09 2.50am
Hi Fran! It was absolutely AMAZING to meet both you and Andy after the show in Dallas. It's shame you dont know whats in the hearts and minds of your fans. Truly means more than you are aware. I have a personal connection, story and heart felt words to share with you if possible. Is there a place to email or mail you directly?
MojoPinJen Nov-11-09 2.49am
Hi Fran! It was absolutely AMAZING to meet both you and Andy after the show in Dallas. It's shame you dont know whats in the hearts and minds of your fans. Truly means more than you are aware. I have a personal connection, story and heart felt words to share with you if possible. Is there a place to email or mail you directly?
velcrogrrl Nov-9-09 8.57pm
Thanks so much for signing my niece's picture at the Sommerville show. She was so proud when I told her you and Andy liked it! She took extra special care in making it just right - she even called me while she was drawing it to ask what color eyes everyone had. Such a perfectionist for a 5 year old! Thanks again!!
joss Nov-9-09 6.03pm
Solo album? That's great Fran, go and do it!:)
mperrotta Nov-9-09 12.16am
Thank you for being so gracious and sincere taking pictures and signing items after the show on Friday night. You're a real gem.
maru Nov-8-09 5.42pm
hey Fran, we're waiting for you in italy!!! don't let us down!!
dinho666 Nov-8-09 4.24am
Fran, make the brazilian people happy...!!! Came to play here!!!please, please, please!! I´m writing to reach you Fran... so, please (again)came to South American, nice weather, very nice people!!! BRAZIL, BRAZIL, BRASIL!!!
spitz Nov-7-09 11.38am
Love Travis~! ♡
Susana81 Nov-6-09 2.56am
TeamPayne Nov-5-09 8.28am
Come back to Thailand sometime. You have a lot of fans there. :) -Khemvika
TeamPayne Nov-5-09 8.24am
Thank you for coming to Milwaukee. I really appreciate it. I'm glad you liked Turner Hall Ballroom.
danielaheart Nov-4-09 9.52pm
Hi Fran, just wanted to say thanks for an amazing show!! i can't wait for you guys to come back:D <3
BenFilbert Nov-4-09 12.17am
There's a live Funny Thing video on YouTube. I'd never heard you perform it live before. It's FANTASTIC live! :)
courtmcghee Nov-3-09 4.15am
Hi Fran! I saw you and Andy at one of the LA shows at Largo and it was truly an amazing evening! I felt so lucky to have been there! After the show, I purchased one of the cds. It just arrived and to my dismay it is split in two right down the center. I would love to somehow obtain a replacement. I'm happy to pay for it if necessary - I simply want to have the songs for my collection. If someone could let me know if this is possible I'd greatly appreciate it. Thank you!
barby Nov-3-09 1.56am
Two years ago Travis played for the first time in Argentina, and I was there. I hope you see you next year, and please don't break your promise :) A lot of love for you, Bárbara.
KathyC Nov-2-09 11.51pm
coming to see you in NY - can't wait xx
I Came in Through the Bathroom Window Nov-2-09 7.34pm
Today is the 2nd anniversary of *the* Travis gig in Buenos Aires. I'm reminiscing about the most wonderful, unforgettable memories. Thank you a million times!
Juli from Argentina.
WePlantsAreHappyPlants Nov-2-09 6.30am
My ticket on Halloween was left unpicked at the box office. Life sucks so much that I couldn't get out and see one of the things that could have made me smile. I was sad to miss out on a Night of the Dead with you and Andy, and I really wanted to talk to you, but then I realised you wouldn't really see a difference if I'm thee or not, and wouldn't give a shit. So adieu Franny.
isildur Oct-31-09 10.44am
hi Fran! i started writing LYRiCs (already have 2, named as: feel you and i lied)and want to send it to you but ??.i WISH you could SEE these...and one more thing, please come again to Park Orman in Turkey :))
harry potter Oct-30-09 8.17pm
Hiya Fran! It's been some time. Hope you and Andrew and co are keepin' well. Looking forward to getting giggy with it on Sunday. Laters, hazxxx
melissam3173 Oct-28-09 9.33pm
OK Fran I know that the Southgate House wasn't the nicest place but it was pretty cool lol. I loved the vibe there. Whenever you come back you guys need to go to Louisville, Kentucky at the Palace Theatre. Its gorgeous and would be parfait!
nadine-25 Oct-26-09 11.32pm
Good evening! Sorry for asking but if it will be convenient maybe you can perform a song Happy To Hang Around. I'm already ask all americans and canadians that they ask about it. How i wish to visit one your concerts but now it's impossible. But i also hope that you will see my request too! Good rest you and Andy after each concert! Thank you for time! Nadine.
crazyyy Oct-24-09 12.10pm
Pleeeease think about it! Please try to come to Stuttgart! It's the biggest dream I've ever had! That's really true!
melissam3173 Oct-23-09 6.49pm
Fran I am hoping that a cover of "Sweet Caroline" makes it onto a album in the future. The cover is great and I love the atmosphere when you sing it! Kentucky was a great show. Come back soon!!!
Turtleneck Oct-22-09 6.20pm
Welcome to Michigan! Looking forward to seeing you and Andy tonight.
Turtleneck Oct-21-09 4.02pm
New, Flat Travis in the Pacific Northest.
crazyyy Oct-20-09 7.10pm
hi Fran! It's quite a long time ago that I wrote you. I still have the very very deep drteam that Travis will come to Stuttgart! So pleeeease think about it! I long for it soooo much!!! It would be more than great... Greets from Germany <3
WePlantsAreHappyPlants Oct-19-09 9.49pm
Hey Fran. Posted a msg in a bottle for you on the board. Just pick up the bottle, pop it, and drink the words. Do not burp it out. Au revoir Monsieur l'Ecossais!
tracymac1969 Oct-18-09 11.11pm
Spin mag! Excuse my spelling!
tracymac1969 Oct-18-09 11.09pm
Loved the performance at Sin mag! Can't wait til the Mod Club gig, an chance yu could sing 'I love you anyways'?
krocas Oct-18-09 5.50pm
Ooops... one of my little ones is 6 mon old, not 6 yrs. Now, I realized that I was one of the very few who didn't meet you after the show. I'm so sad... It's not easy to be a mom anyway.
krocas Oct-18-09 5.34am
I just came back from the show in Atlanta. Thanks for giving me such a great time. It was my first night out for last 4 years. I really didn't want to miss a chance to meet you after the show, but had to leave right after the show, because my two little girls (3 yrs old and 6 yrs old) have been waiting for me at home. Hope to see you soon and have a safe trip.
elissajakovljevic Oct-16-09 11.39pm
dragan and i just wanted to say thanks so much for putting us into the show in austin, it was cool. more than happy to lend a hand, anytime.
elissajakovljevic Oct-16-09 11.39pm
we just wanted to say thanks so much for putting us into the show in austin, it was cool. more than happy to lend a hand, anytime.
mruggeri Oct-15-09 3.45pm
Hi! I had the honor of seeing and meeting you and Andy last night in Dallas. It was amazing to say the least. Thanks for being so flat out awesome.
alanistradi Oct-14-09 6.10pm
same here!
Ana_Smith Oct-14-09 2.59pm
Hi there! I was wondering the same thing as the guys below. Is there any way we can get hold of the tour CD (legally :P)? 24 more shows to go, wow, have fun! All the best, Ana (far away, so close) ;)
leticia Oct-14-09 2.42pm
I second the comment below Fran. Would it be possible to buy the CD over there?
BenFilbert Oct-14-09 1.43pm
Hey. Will we be able to buy the CD over the Wee Store? :)
BeatleGirl11 Oct-13-09 10.34pm
Fran, have you read the board about the problem with the Atlanta show? We're all kinda worried about it!
hennypenny Oct-13-09 6.36am
Hi Fran! Thanks for posing with Flat Travis with me in San Francisco. The picture came out great:)
Turtleneck Oct-12-09 6.17pm
New Flat Travis video in Davis, California. G-chat.
BenFilbert Oct-10-09 5.29pm
From a clip on YouTube, i got the impression that each night you're performing literally the last song you wrote, is that right? ;) Because that's such a great idea. :)
alanistradi Oct-9-09 6.25pm
Great surprise, good for her :) @Fran: About the tour, seems SF was a great start... the rest of the world is suffering, you know that, right? xxxxx
BenFilbert Oct-8-09 9.34pm
That's really lovely, that post below. :)
beeden Oct-8-09 3.27pm
My stepdaughter Morgan has become a big fan of Travis in the last couple years. As an early birthday gift, we are surprising her by bringing her to the show tonight, she has no idea where we are taking her! She turns 13 next week! I think this show will be extra special!
beeden Oct-8-09 3.15pm
My stepdaughter Morgan has become a big fan of Travis in the last couple years. As an early birthday gift, we are surprising her by bringing her to the show tonight, she has no idea where we are taking her! She turns 13 next week! I think this show will be extra special!
Bianca1312 Oct-6-09 6.17am
If my sources are correct, then: HAPPY BIRTHDAY to Nora!
MsFatRat Oct-5-09 10.12pm
helllooouuuiiiiaaa Fran ;D You are cooool! have a nice day:D
mita Sep-29-09 12.55pm
hi there.. i'll never stop begging u to have a show in jakarta, pleaaaassseee come..fells like i've been waiting all my life.. i'll always be ur lover,anyway.. million luv and cheers, mita
julessupertramp Sep-27-09 7.57pm
heloo fran thank you for the greatest night and the most superb show and for being so lovely in sg! such great joy to see travis again. thanx for spending the precious time to mingle with us crazy fans before and hours after the show,lasting memories for sure although it nearly gave me a heart attack. you are ever super awesome and cool2 shirt FRANNY! see you soon love ya. ps dont trip over the mono ;)
frandougeil Sep-27-09 5.50pm
Fran THANK YOU for the amazing show last night at The Padang in SG!U were so gracious and lovely.Falling Down was unbelievable.U don't know how happy u made all of us.Hope to see you again:)
DavidWilson Sep-27-09 10.49am
Hi Fran,just thought I'd let you know my wife (Judith) and got married August 29th and we had CLOSER as our first dance, this song has special meaning to us as Judith bought tickets to see you at Pinetum after I told her how much I liked the song. We've become big fans since so please sort out a UK tour and get back down to Kent or London. Cheers
Doreen Sep-27-09 7.25am
Hi Fran, kudos once again to Travis for putting on such a great show at the Padang in Singapore although it was really warm and humid last night! Ode to J Smith is a great album to be heard "live"! Thanks for coming!!!! Just a wee request, it's rare for fans in Asia to get to hear the special cover songs that Travis sometimes do at other gigs live, could Travis consider performing one tonight at the second show?
akanksha Sep-27-09 6.42am
Hi Fran! I'm so sorry to've missed the F1 gigs in singapore. :( I wanted so much to go but I couldn't. I do hope you'll come around soon and hope Singapore's treating you & the others well :)
enoa Sep-20-09 8.39am
Hi Fran.. have a nice day :)
leticia Sep-15-09 1.52am
Fran? Are u there?
Ksu Sep-9-09 5.42am
Please delete superfluous comments:))I have so slow Internet's speed.Sorry!
Ksu Sep-9-09 5.39am
Please delete superfluous comments:))I have so slow Internet's speed.Sorry!
Ksu Sep-9-09 5.37am
Hello Fran.I had a thought.Guys,why you don't write a song with Graham Nash "Another sleep song"?I think,this song is perfect for you.I saw the video from youtube,when you acted with him.WOW!And I like this song.Dougie's party and Andy's are so amazing! I hope you'll listen me.And sorry for my bad English.
Ksu Sep-9-09 5.37am
Hello Fran.I had a thought.Guys,why you don't write a song with Graham Nash "Another sleep song"?I think,this song is perfect for you.I saw the video from youtube,when you acted with him.WOW!And I like this song.Dougie's party and Andy's are so amazing! I hope you'll listen me.And sorry for my bad English.
Ksu Sep-9-09 5.36am
Hello Fran.I had a thought.Guys,why you don't write a song with Graham Nash "Another sleep song"?I think,this song is perfect for you.I saw the video from youtube,when you acted with him.WOW!And I like this song.Dougie's party and Andy's are so amazing! I hope you'll listen me.And sorry for my bad English.
Ksu Sep-9-09 5.36am
Hello Fran.I had a thought.Guys,why you don't write a song with Graham Nash "Another sleep song"?I think,this song is perfect for you.I saw the video from youtube,when you acted with him.WOW!And I like this song.Dougie's party and Andy's are so amazing! I hope you'll listen me.And sorry for my bad English.
Ksu Sep-9-09 5.36am
Hello Fran.I had a thought.Guys,why you don't write a song with Graham Nash "Another sleep song"?I think,this song is perfect for you.I saw the video from youtube,when you acted with him.WOW!And I like this song.Dougie's party and Andy's are so amazing! I hope you'll listen me.And sorry for my bad English.
vautopista Sep-8-09 12.36am
Dear Fran, There's an urgent need for another show of ur acoustic tour in Toronto. I tried buying tickets online...was not able to. It's sold out man...I need to b there! xoxo
BenFilbert Sep-4-09 3.07pm
I hope everything your end is going ok Fran. :)
leticia Sep-4-09 12.58am
Fran Fran Fran... you have no idea how I miss you!! At least one comment, an answer, a reply... a yes, a no, perhaps? maybe? Love u anyways :)
elmfai Sep-2-09 7.48pm
There was once a drop pf water,it joined the sea/There was once a speck of dust,it regained the earth/ What's the significance of your entrance and exit from this world?/ No more than the appearance and disappearance of a housefly
joss Aug-30-09 1.22pm
Hey Fran! I saw "Paris Texas" yesterday and was very interesting,inspirationaly but was long and I falt a sleep. And I saw Wenders's "hand" in Cannes too. Amazing!.)
MonicaS Aug-27-09 12.37am
Heyyy Fran! I just found 2 vids of u guys at titp. They both look actually amazing, wish i was there! Heres the links in case you wanna watch them :) - and
MiniPuttt Aug-20-09 7.17pm
Hello Fran =D I love the song "Fairytale"preformed by Alexander Rybak. And I just wonder if you guys could do a cover of it... (that would be really cool=) sorry to bother;) Have NICE day! Nora ( I know a nice name ;D)
leticia Aug-19-09 1.16am
Fran... Don't know why, but I miss you guys! I need more Travis : ) Hope the new album comes out pretty soon. Abrazos!
yuzuki Aug-17-09 12.23am
Franny!! Big hug and kisses from Chile :)
fletch917 Aug-16-09 7.57pm
My little girl is 4 1/2 and like me, she is a big fan of Travis, she goes nuts when she hears your music. Her very first concert, aside from the Wiggles, will be Fran and Andy in Philadelphia at the World Cafe, we are both super excited to see you, thanks for coming back to Philly and making this a first concert experience for both of us to remember
MicaelaA Aug-16-09 7.21pm
Hi Fran! I read today that you are coming to Argentina n that true!? please tell me it is! I want to buy my tickets as soon as possible :D thanks!
frandougeil Aug-16-09 6.03pm
Hello Fran:)I'm not sure if the Singapore organizers are using the band's name as a bait to get the F1 Grand prix tickets selling.Or is it true that Travis will be performing there at the race circuit slated on the 26th Sept?It's been all over the news here but to date nothing's been confirmed and mentioned here yet.It'd be great to see u guys back here anyways so I hope it's true:D Thanks Fran!Good day to you:)
nadine-25 Aug-13-09 10.18pm
Good evening to all!
TeamPayne Aug-11-09 1.49am
When Travis (with all 4 members) tours again, for an opening act, please think about this man. His name is Jimmy Gnecco. He's in a band called Ours. Here is a video when he was in London last month. He is underrated and has a loyal following.
TeamPayne Aug-11-09 1.07am
Today, I bought my ticket for the 10/27/09 gig in Milwaukee. I'm happy. The last time Travis was in Milwaukee was back in 2000. I was excited when I heard you and Andy coming to Milwaukee. That's all I want to say. :)
4kurt4 Aug-10-09 6.25pm
Hi Travis I saw u playing in Belgium in 2001.In my darkest periods u were my only support. In january 2009 i married Carine. We saw u playing in brussels last december. Our wedding song was Closer. Saterday evening we saw u guys again in Dranouter. Full of emotions and again a great concert. Thx for everything in good and bad times. We hope to see u back very soon. Travis makes us happy... Carine and Kurt
Ksu Aug-10-09 12.17pm
Why Russia so unhappy?I'll ask)))Because there don't go travis!When you will be in Moscow?I dream to listen you,guys!
MonicaS Aug-9-09 3.59pm
Hurry bak 2 Glasgow! Not fair America get u guys :(
whitechocolate Aug-7-09 3.46am
Alright yous guys. I am attending the Dallas show in October so you better play THE CAGE and or SAFE if ya know whats good for ya! But seriously could ytou please play at least one (my first time to see you in concert)? They would go well with your accoustic set. Cant wait!
hennypenny Aug-6-09 5.54am
Thank you! See you in San FRAN:)
tmac_1006 Aug-5-09 5.27pm
Totally got tics for the Toronto show in October, it's the week before my 40th bday and what a gift! Thanks Fran and Andy:) Can't wait!
yuzuki Aug-2-09 9.41pm
USA is so lucky... :(
scottishnicholl Aug-1-09 8.08pm
I'm so excited that your coming to Wisconsin!! I've been a huge fan of your music ever since my husband played your music for me on my first trip to Scotland, while driving through the Highlands. Then, after seeing one of your shows in Glasgow, I've been hooked. I miss living in Scotland so much, so being able to see you on your US tour is just a bonus for having moved back!
Trixi Jul-29-09 7.18am
haha, love the US-acoustic tour poster...and the last line below: "laugh out loud stories, scottish accents, handsome scottish men, naked torsos" x-) cool
Turtleneck Jul-27-09 10.09pm
I see Nikki beat me to it. See you in Ferndale. Drive carefully.
SamuraiSandy Jul-27-09 8.40pm
thank you, thank you!
Nikki Jul-27-09 5.57pm
Thanks so much for adding a Detroit-area date to the upcoming US-Canada Fran & Andy Show! I'm thrilled!!!! I remember chatting with you after the Cleveland show about your drive up to Ferndale and getting pulled over! So happy you'll be back so soon! Thanks a bunch, Fran! Can't WAIT!!!
mooncik Jul-26-09 2.30pm
The Killers and Travis together.. it will be too much for me.. or my heart:o)
mooncik Jul-26-09 1.16pm
The Killers and Travis together.. it will be too much for me.. or my heart:o)
Ana_Smith Jul-24-09 3.21pm
Hey Fran! I just read that in October and November Andy and you will be playing in LA and NY, great news for US folks indeed! I stopped by to let you know that after two years - November 27th - The Killers are coming back to Argentina. Maybe you guys could join them in the "most waited return of the year" list :) I can't put into words how unbelievable it would be to hear such an announcement, whether it is by the end of this year or 2010, but soon, please! Ode must sound amazing live... We are starting to get a little desperate and anxious, in case you hadn't noticed :P For the time being I'll have to settle for the You Tube vids from your shows abroad... (Well done at Gurtenfestival, btw!) Hope you had a brilliant birthday with family and friends. All the best, cheers from Uruguay!
minsidesoutside_lds Jul-24-09 3.05am
nmcclave Jul-24-09 2.36am
Happy birthday to my evil twin! Cheers, Norm
nmcclave Jul-24-09 2.35am
Happy birthday to my evil twin! Cheers, Norm
bogusblue Jul-24-09 2.20am
Happy Belated Birthday Fran! Alma xx
BlueAngelBlues Jul-24-09 1.29am
Hey Fran Happy B-day!!! Feliz Cumpleaños!!! God bless you and your loved ones... I hope to see u soon in Buenos Aires... Please!!! :) I love you bonnie scottish boy!!!
pitapixcat Jul-24-09 12.44am
Happy B-day Fran!!! Chile is waiting for Travis!
KathyC Jul-23-09 10.36pm
Hope you've had a very happy birthday xx
alanistradi Jul-23-09 10.18pm
Lots of love ¡Feliz cumpleaños! :)
elmfai Jul-23-09 8.34pm
With Earth's first Clay They did the Last Man's Knead/And then of the Last Harvest sow'd the Seed:/Yea,the first Morning of Creation wrote/What the Last Dawn of Reckoning shall read. Happy birthday!Have a peaceful life!!!
jazz25 Jul-23-09 8.33pm
¡¡Happy birthday!! from Monterrey God Bless you so much........=) Belem 2:30pm (hour of monterrey)
gaby Jul-23-09 6.30pm
FELIZ CUMPLEAÑOS FRAN! hope to see you soon in Argentina :) *cheers*
frandougeil Jul-23-09 5.43pm
Selamat Hari Jadi(in Malay;) Fran!!Hope to see you in Singapore soon:D
MsFatRat Jul-23-09 2.57pm
Happy Birthday !! I hope you will have a great day, with friends and family=D Wishing you all the best ;) YOU ROCK !
blomma Jul-23-09 2.48pm
Happy Birthday Fran! Wishing you a wonderful birthday.
janka Jul-23-09 12.22pm
Happy Birthday Fran. Wish you all the best!
moo_the_evil_boffin Jul-23-09 9.13am
Happy Brithday Fran! Have a brilliant day :-) x
mooncik Jul-23-09 7.08am
happy birthday:o) see you in Slovakia
mita Jul-23-09 6.57am
Hell yeah..happy wonderful birthday for fran healy..always wish u all the best, b’cos u’re the best..the world is spin for u.cheers. and wish u come to jakarta,indonesia. million luv and cheers, mita
mita Jul-23-09 6.53am
Hell yeah..happy wonderful birthday for fran healy..always wish u all the best, b’cos u’re the best..the world is spin for u.cheers. and wish u come to jakarta,indonesia. million luv and cheers, mita
Bianca1312 Jul-23-09 5.59am
Happy birthday, Franny!!
Trixi Jul-23-09 5.04am
Happy Birthday, Fran! <:-)
chachadog Jul-23-09 4.05am
Happy birthday :)
Closer2MyEyes Jul-23-09 2.32am
Happy 36th Birthday, Fran! Hope you and your family have a great day & party... If you're gonna drive, don't drink ;) and if you drink don't drive ;)
Els* Jul-23-09 1.56am
Happy Birthday Fran!!! wish upon a star, blow out a candle and make a wish.
spitz Jul-23-09 12.40am
Fran~! Happy Birthday to you~!! :D with love...NanaYJ
Hiromi-Y Jul-23-09 12.02am
Hey, Happy Birthday!! H x
aquarell22 Jul-22-09 11.22pm
Dear Fran: Happy Birthday!Feliz cumple desde Argentina.Best wishes!
Radulik Jul-22-09 9.22pm
I was in Pohoda festival... I have a great regard for you because of your abearance. You are really great human!!
niiina Jul-21-09 7.51am
Dear Fran! Thanks again for the amazing show at the Gurtenfestival. I'm still overwhelmed! It has been the best concert I've ever seen!I Hardly find any words to describe my feelings. You make me so happy with your music! Thank You, Thank you, Thank you!
Closer2MyEyes Jul-20-09 5.21pm
With or without the Killers but... A TRAVIS SHOW PLEASE! Thanx! ;)
melissa Jul-20-09 9.01am
not with the killers please. just a travis show.
gaby Jul-18-09 8.07pm
Hey Fran! you know, The Killers are coming back to Argentina in November, any chance you would come again with them? ;)
deebee Jul-17-09 4.35pm
Hey Fran! Have a great time at the festivals this weekend. Sorry I can't join you - the bank manager won't let me, lol. Waiting patiently to see you again either in France or the UK, hopefully in the not toooooo distant future :-D Debbie x
ivi Jul-17-09 6.50am
BenFilbert Jul-17-09 12.04am
Sorry if I offended you Fran. :( I appreciate, admire and love your concerts, music and lyrics. The Invisible Band was the first album I bought, apart from chart compilation albums. I clearly remember the moment I bought it, over 7 years ago. You inspired me to start to play the guitar last year. I am slowly getting better. I would never moan about Travis, as you and your band have brought huge amounts of joy and comfort to my life. And from my heart, I say thank you.
hsamfriend Jul-15-09 6.05am
Dear Fran, I'm hoping my avatar and user name gives you a clue to how i knew you way back when in 91. You were such a hero to me back then and that was 5 years before Good felling. You inspired me so much I remember most of the conversation we had and you certainly had such a positive influence on the way my life has gone. I may have been one of the first to show you adulation but there have been millions after me who feel the same. Thinking back it appears that to my perspective you were and are the art. The same inspiring words you spoke hit me back then the same way as "a million lonely people with their heads in the sand" hit me on my ipod this morning. I saw glass onion and have had every album almost on the release date. But 12 memories blew my mind and i still get my head stuck in it from time to time. I still strum my own tunes on the guitar in a band hoping for the breakthrough something you encouraged in me once upon a time and it has given me soo much that i no longer dream of success but juts enjoy it for what it is. Always hoped to be able to talk o you again so this forum is great. Im sure ode will be on my play list im home car and ipod for a long time and i cant wait to here where the music take you next. We spoke at t in the park 98 and u remembered me then. If you have 2 secondsspare now A reply to this would mean everything to me
BenFilbert Jul-13-09 6.24pm
Apparently, according to some people, I have more than enough opportunities to see you in the UK Fran. I disagree. I really hope you do a mini UK tour this year. :) 9 months without a UK show already. Looking like it'll reach 12 months. Hope to see you soon Fran!!! Hope you and your family are well. :)
Closer2MyEyes Jul-13-09 7.51am
Hi Fran! long time not see you! I wonder if the twitter accounts that claims to belong to you is really yours... And what about the Travis Facebook? TY!
guilg7 Jul-11-09 7.20am
Hey Fran How are you? I made a short text inspired by one of the songs of Travis ... Access if possible.|en Come To BRAZIL.
sfrums Jul-9-09 9.30pm
Hello Fran. You might like this song. :)
consuelo Jul-5-09 6.56am
Fran you are the best!!!!
mita Jul-1-09 2.16pm
dear franny, please have a concert in jakarta,indonesia. i've been waiting for soooo looong,and i'm getting please come..i'm sure u'll have a great time there. always be ur lover. million luv and cheers, mita
frandougeil Jun-30-09 9.58am
Hello Fran.Are u guys really coming to SG for the F1 event in Sept?And btw it's time to make another South American Tour too:D *cheers*
Sarah- Jun-29-09 8.10pm
fran, do you think it would be possible that travis are playing at the reeperbahn festival in hamburg this september? would be too good to be true... ;)
crazyyy Jun-23-09 6.27pm
Jaaaa, das ist die richtige Einstellung, malo!!! It would be grat to see you herein Germany!!! <3
crazyyy Jun-23-09 6.27pm
Jaaaa, das ist die richtige Einstellung, malo!!! It would be grat to see you here in Germany!!! <3
malo Jun-23-09 3.33pm
Please come to Germany!!
Wayo Jun-22-09 11.23pm
Hello Fran!, pls visit my web: abrazo, Wayo. (Lima, Perú)
gromit373 Jun-17-09 3.49pm
howdy fran! we've missed you much in dublin this year! i posted a few places about this but thought i'd try here too-- trying to get in touch with someone about the possibility of an interview with you lads for my dissertation on musicians using their celebrity for good, so just thought I'd ask if anyone is available.. love you guys! thanks a million! keep rocking! hope to see you soon :) -christine (
enoa Jun-14-09 6.51pm
HI Fran how are you? thank you for coming to Slovakia, but I´m really sorry I can´t come to Pohoda festival :(((..I´ve been waiting so long for you to come to Slovakia. I hope you will come back to Slovakia someday:)) kiss
Ursina Jun-11-09 10.47am
Och Franny it's a sad day when you're playing in Cheeseland and I'm not going to be there! Still I'll be thinking of you all and wishing I was there. Have a fantastic gig tonight, I'm sure it will be brilliant. Lots of luv as always Sina:)
mita Jun-9-09 4.10pm
hi franny, i'm following u in twitter...haha.. well, i'm still asking u to have a concrt in indonesia...ooohhh please...i'vebeen waiting forsoooo loooong... million luv and cheers for you, mita
yuzuki Jun-4-09 1.44am
A huuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuge hug :3
gaby Jun-3-09 11.59pm
Hoooolaaaa Fran! how´s life going? Im just writing to let you know we still miss you here in Argentina, hope you can come back soon :)*hugs*
consuelo Jun-3-09 5.17pm
Hi Fran, Peru mis you!!! thank you for your music kisses
mita Jun-2-09 2.52pm
hi franny, pleeeeaaaaseeee come to Indonesia...i've been waiting for sooooo loooong... ur voice is cure for me... million luv and cheers, mita
BenFilbert Jun-1-09 9.44pm
Hey Fran. Hope you're having a nice break. :)
katylovestravis May-29-09 5.49am
Franny, your voice is ah-maaaaaazing! love from Cali ;)
hsamfriend May-26-09 8.32am
Dear Fran, I'm hoping my avatar and user name gives you a clue to how i knew you way back when in 91. You were such a hero to me back then and that was 5 years before Good felling. You inspired me so much I remember most of the conversation we had and you certainly had such a positive influence on the way my life has gone. I may have been one of the first to show you adulation but there have been millions after me who feel the same. Thinking back it appears that to my perspective you were and are the art. The same inspiring words you spoke hit me back then the same way as "a million lonely people with their heads in the sand" hit me on my ipod this morning. I saw glass onion and have had every album almost on the release date. But 12 memories blew my mind and i still get my head stuck in it from time to time. I still strum my own tunes on the guitar in a band hoping for the breakthrough something you encouraged in me once upon a time and it has given me soo much that i no longer dream of success but juts enjoy it for what it is. Always hoped to be able to talk o you again so this forum is great. Im sure ode will be on my play list im home car and ipod for a long time and i cant wait to here where the music take you next.
purplesky May-25-09 4.57am
Fran, do you have any plan to come to Korea again this summer's rock festivals? :)
mita May-21-09 7.34pm
dear franny... please come to indonesia...i want to see ur concert so madly...this the biggest dream i ever had. million luv and cheers, mita mita
crazyyy May-19-09 9.13pm
Hey you! How are you? I hope fine... You're great! The last weeks you helped me a lot with your songs. You always help me when I've got problems... Thank you Travis!
sarahzuick May-17-09 1.05am
Ok, you guys played in Peru and Venezuela, what about Brazil???? Please! I'm one in a 100.000 brazilians fans. Ore more!!! ;) Asking, beging.... Please! Please! Please! Come to Brazil! With love! Sarah.
joss May-15-09 6.03pm
Hey! You dont write, write something anything!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !!!!!!!!!!!!! !!!!!!!!!!!!! !!!!!!!!!!!!! please
mita May-15-09 5.32am
hi fran... come to jakarta pleeeeaaaaseeeee.... i've been waiting for sooooo loooong... cheers, mita
mita May-15-09 5.30am
hi fran... come to jakarta pleeeeaaaaseeeee.... i've neen waiting for sooooo loooong... cheers, mita
Sulagna May-11-09 2.48pm
don't just stand there watching it happening..INDIA is awaiting you...!!!!
Irsko9 May-10-09 4.50pm
Hi, look here (Czech fans):
Trixi May-9-09 9.48am
So cool to hear you're somewhere up here in Northern Germany just now, heehee...Hope you're having a great time at the Baltic Sea! :)
joss May-6-09 4.15pm
Hey! I saw Prenzlauer Berg on Google photos...very nice and relaxed little city:) Hi, write you later.
MiniPuttt May-5-09 2.40pm
Hello!!! I love your music!! It's the best on the planet! Just wonder, could you do a cover on Lily Allen's song "Fuck You" from her newest album ;) It's so cool. Saw you on Døgnvill *w* The girl with the yellow sunglases and cow jacket is my twin :D Nora from Tromsø. (Its a very nice name, don't you think?)
joss May-2-09 12.25pm
:) :( :)...Hey! Come to Praque...This city needs good music!................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................
yuzuki May-2-09 5.48am
Hugs from Chile dear Franny =D We love you.
vautopista Apr-29-09 5.26pm
Came all the way from San Juan, PR to Boston just to hear you Fran. Your music keeps me going. xoxo
Ksu Apr-29-09 4.20pm
Recently has heard a song "Sarah", it has amazed me to depth of heart! I can I write not on a theme, but simply it is an impulse of feelings!Wow...I wish to tell you THANKS!!!I took a guitar in hands, bought capo and day and night I play your songs...Guys,you unique! I love you
mita Apr-29-09 4.09pm
dear fran, please come to indonesia... i've been waiting for soooo loooong for ur concert. i'll never stop asking for ur concert. million luv and cheers, mita
needlemania Apr-27-09 8.49pm
Fran, I think I've been to nearly every Toronto show you guys have done, and I've never had a bad experience. Your show at the Sound Academy was killer, your charisma and wit (even during technical difficulties) made everything flow smoothly, and the setlist was impeccable. Can't wait until your next tour, you guys should do a dvd concert here!
DimsyBear Apr-27-09 10.29am
IMPORTANT & URGENT. I want to cover "The Sea" in an a capella version, and I need to know what the rules are. I want to put it on my first EP, released this summer. Listen: http:/ Can I please cover The Sea? It has been my favourite song for a very long time now. Lots of love, Dimsy
sbaig1 Apr-25-09 9.31pm
Hey Fran! Saw you guys for the first time at the 9:30 club. Most amazing concert I have ever been to. Keep up the good work!
alexandria_z Apr-25-09 5.25am
Thank you for the Toronto show.
galoma Apr-24-09 9.06pm
Please, come to Poland, :(, Cracow screen festival- what a shame, I waited for Travis so long... But I know, it is beyond Your control. You have a lot of fans here! y. .
BenFilbert Apr-24-09 4.32pm
Hey Fran. I hope i get to see you this year. Side Wide Open and everything else, sounds amazing! :)
cornax Apr-24-09 1.17pm
Thanks for the 103 show and the 9:30 show (it's like some sort of numbers conspiracy!) and for signing Sumner's poster. : )
ojaica Apr-23-09 3.30pm
I have been to all of your shows in Cleveland, your House of Blues performance was the best ever! You guys rock!
simeonross Apr-23-09 2.48am
The Toronto show was absolutly brilliant! I was so bummed out because the show sold out by the time I realized you were coming! The day of the concert my girlfriend surprised me with Tickets! Nice! I've been dying to get to the rehearsal space all day.....thanks again! One of the highlights of 2009!
morticiaaddams Apr-23-09 12.47am
I had a blast at the chicago show. Of course you have a real electric night. (that was uncalled for I was my first show. been a fan forever but just never could drive that far to a show..This time I did and I can't wait to go to another one. I understand wanting to go to bed after the show I would have too if I was being attacked by my mike. Hope you fixed that.
Ksu Apr-22-09 5.00pm
When you will be in Moscow??? Very strongly I wait for you! You super! Your music awakes feelings in a geometrical progression
wee Apr-22-09 4.19pm
Thank you, Fran for 2 lovely shows in Minneapolis and Chicago - 2 totally different vibes - but same emotionally charged, fantastic music! Can't wait for more Live Travis! And thanks for the photo in Mpls & listening to us freaking out about our car being towed!
Turtleneck Apr-21-09 4.08pm
The Beach Boys in 1992--I heard it. Travis in 2009--I FELT it. And it felt goooooood. The Boardie convention in Chicago was great, but Cleveland ROCKED. When you're back, I will be too. P.S. Loved your little Chuck Berry duck walk. ;o)
ChineseBlues Apr-21-09 3.17pm
Thank you for the show in Chicago (My first Travis concert). It made my day. I hope to attend more Travis concerts in the future (whenever that will be). Thank you again.
sburken Apr-21-09 4.22am
Brillant show in Chicago. So glad that I made the trip. Can't wait to see you again!
rawumbrage Apr-20-09 3.56am
Well done last night in Chicago. That mic thing sucked, but I am glad of it just to hear you sing in a room full of people in (virtual) silence. Your voice is my favorite, especially since I can sing along in your range.
krzmo15 Apr-19-09 10.20pm
great great show yesterday in chicago! sorry that the mic was electrocuting you haha
emaxtmann Apr-18-09 10.38pm
thank you thank you thank you for another great minneapolis show!!! can't wait for the next one :)
mita Apr-18-09 5.38pm
dear fran, i'll never stop begging u to have a concert in jakarta (indonesia) in southeast asia.. i've been waiting for sooo please come.. btw i luv u anyway, mita
devon Apr-17-09 1.13am
Fran & company: Thank you so much for playing the Humpty Dumpty Love Song last night! It meant so much to Sara and I. As always, you guys put on a fantastic show and gave it all your heart. We sang along, danced, and jumped through the whole set. If we could afford to follow you to the next city, we would. We wish you safe travels and no untimely broken G strings for the rest of your tour. Take care guys! - Devon (& Sara), Denver, CO
angiewingert Apr-16-09 12.20am
Welcome to Denver!!!
joss Apr-13-09 5.35pm
HAPPY EASTER!...only for Fran, Mr.Bunny
cornax Apr-13-09 4.33pm
I done did it! Sumner and I will be back again...same time, same place, different year. Oooh...maybe we can recreate the photo from last time. She still wears that shirt, bless her!
cornax Apr-11-09 5.02pm
Yay for Frandy! I'll be dialing my little finger off trying to win on WRNR.
nickynooboo Apr-10-09 12.47pm
We are in the process of arranging a UK boardie convention but are hoping to arrange round a tour/gig..... any hints on uk dates??? Hope your all good in the US xxx
wendongotta Apr-9-09 12.16am
love the videos! keep them coming! but why only one night in nyc??? everyone knows you can't do one night in nyc! and of course you guys come to town when i have too many school-related things to work on because college sucks... good luck with the gig. just promise to come again soon, or even up to albany! nothing ever happens in albany, so you will be welcomed greatly! love and kisses, ~sarah b.
rdotcl Apr-8-09 10.22pm
Fran, Dougie, Andy, & Neil: We can't wait to see you Thursday night! It will be a special night for our 8 year old son, Jack, who has grown up listening to you. This will be his first real live gig. Please play Writing to Reach You and Driftwood. Thanks, Chris
joss Apr-8-09 5.42pm is very nice book!
devon Apr-6-09 7.48pm
Fran, Dougie, Andy, & Neil: I have a huge request. My ex and I were together for 4 years. We have been separated for 4 months now. One of the most special times for us in our entire relationship was seeing our favorite band, Travis, in concert in London in May 2007. It was our last night in Europe and we found out about the concert just the night before. It was surreal, and it felt like fate. We still love each other but are lost in the rest of our lives. We will be together at the Denver show April 14th. It would mean the world to us if you would find a way to play The Humpty Dumpty Love Song... it may help convince her that life isn't as complicated as we think, and that together we can sort everything else out. This song applies to us more than ever before. Please, guys, help us out. With love always for all you've poured into your music, Devon (& Sara) Denver, CO
gchoi22 Apr-6-09 8.33am
I appreciate how unafraid you are of the fans. Loved the dance you had with that one tall lad. Great show, Seattle loves you! Please come back :)
crazyyy Apr-5-09 5.54pm
Best???? Ingenious!!!!
joss Apr-5-09 5.27pm
Who is best?... Fran
Koyanisqatsi Apr-5-09 2.19pm
I am still waiting for you Guys to come to Portugal....I hope you will someday !!
pullpink Apr-5-09 6.48am
I really miss you .. Please come to Korea again
beeden Apr-5-09 5.59am
Hey Fran, can't wait to see you in Berkeley, my husband Dave and I will be celebrating two years of love, singing and dancing!
Ana_Smith Apr-3-09 8.26pm
Hey, I'm new here and while getting acquainted with the page I found the Barcelona blog. After reading it I've got to share what went through my mind. That pic made me think of family winter trips to the beach, just writing, listening to music and looking at the horizon...if you ever come to Uruguay (one blink of the eye away from Buenos Aires, ahem..ahem), Portezuelo (where the River Plate meets the Atlantic Ocean), Jose Ignacio and Punta del Diablo are the places you can't miss: deserted beaches, almost virgin, ideal to escape from this world ;) Usually Travis provides a pretty good soundtrack for these locations...
NixelPixel Apr-3-09 12.05pm
Hey, Fran!) I can't believe you're really going to read this...Listen, are you guys going to visit Russia again? Please please please do!!))
consuelo Apr-3-09 4.59am
Travis is the BEst Band EVer!!!!!!!!!!
dianelie Apr-1-09 8.22pm
Yeah! Last night I met you with my boyfriend Sergio! (yep, the comment just down to mine) Thank you for listening our story, it was really important for us that you know that you were such an IMPORTANT part of the beginning of our relation. You are like the godfathers of this love haha :D We owe you, somehow. THANK YOU. Hope to see you soon.
sergio_hdz25 Apr-1-09 5.32pm
i hope you remember us! =) my girlfriend DIANA stops you yesterday in monterrey when you out of the arena monterrey before you concert. diana told you our love story!...we meet in the last concert (Nov-07-2007)and is a plasure that thanks to you we found love of my life!!....thanks thanks thanks!!!! you`re really awsome!!!
kiki_ Apr-1-09 10.17am
Im dying to know when will you be at Monterrific airport. Please let us know to catch you guys!
kiki_ Apr-1-09 9.53am
Im dying to know when will you be at Monterrific airport. Please let us know to catch you guys!
consuelo Apr-1-09 5.41am
We love you Fran, Perú miss you
marcela_lm Apr-1-09 1.51am
I just talked to you on the phone!! Thanks for taking the call! Too bad I'm in Chiapas and couldnt make it to the concert. You guys should come here! I bet you'll love it!
BenFilbert Mar-31-09 8.49pm
Have a good tour in America Fran. Hope to see Quite Free added to the set list. ;) Love it!
I Came in Through the Bathroom Window Mar-31-09 4.41pm
Alma and Ilse (bogusblue & galletitabonita on the board) rock. They're two of your most devoted mexican fans and they're amazing. Just thought you should know :oP
Kisses from Argentina!
travisinostroza Mar-30-09 6.03pm
you have to come to brazil were in all latin american and don't visited us?
bogusblue Mar-30-09 12.23am
crazyyy Mar-29-09 10.51pm
I was there on Thursday for another concert and I imagined seeing Travis there... Wow, it would be more than great...
crazyyy Mar-29-09 5.03pm
Stuttgart Stuttgart Stuttgart Stuttgart Stuttgart Stuttgart Stuttgart Stuttgart Stuttgart Stuttgart Stuttgart Stuttgart Stuttgart Stuttgart Stuttgart Stuttgart Stuttgart... a great town!!! :D
ChineseBlues Mar-29-09 4.29pm
I'm excited for the Chicago show on April 18th. This will be my first Travis gig.
ol-liver Mar-29-09 10.59am
Hi Fran! I was wondering if you all could come to russia again. That would be really great:) I went to your last concert in russia and I can't wait till you visit us again!)
Rammsfer Mar-29-09 4.44am
Fran, you're my hero!
elisaortiz_celticfc Mar-29-09 4.24am
Hi Fran! Your show at Mexico City last friday was awesome!!! I enjoyed the performace of Peter Gabriel too! Thanks for coming... Cheers! PS: I have posted some pics at the tour archive; I was far away from the stage but it doesn't matter.
psamanmit Mar-28-09 1.48pm
i mean the striped t-shirt that you wore in the photo
psamanmit Mar-28-09 1.47pm
Hi fran, did you buy that striped yourself? :D
psamanmit Mar-28-09 1.46pm
Hi fran, did you buy that striped yourself? :D
TylerP Mar-27-09 1.46pm
Fran, would love to get a quick interview on your Boston stop. Perhaps at the Newbury Comics in-store. See my Devo, Robyn, Swervedriver interviews at (Timeline). Perhaps give me a media contact to arrange? - Thanks
Nata Mar-26-09 10.40pm
Hello Fran! I hope you'll come back to Barcelona soon!!
sebbnemm Mar-26-09 8.09am
HELLO.. please Fran, do not ever forget to add Turkey in your tour list.. :)
joss Mar-25-09 1.00pm
Hi! What is your favorite film? Write me,please!
ChineseBlues Mar-24-09 8.40pm
I'm excited for the Chicago show on April 18th. This will be my first Travis gig.
crazyyy Mar-24-09 10.39am
I've seen that you'll come back to Germany! So why not come to Baden-Württemberg? I would be more than totally happy... Travis 4ever!
Rammsfer Mar-24-09 2.31am
Damn Fran, l won't see you in Mexico =( l cannot believe this, l'm sooo sad =( lt's not fair, why me, whyyyy!!!!
joss Mar-23-09 2.38pm
Hey Fran, come to Praque?...becouse this city needs good music. Write now!
winatel Mar-23-09 1.27am
Still I cannot get out of that day..1st March. I hardly listen to the bootleg cos whenever I listen to that, my heart is pounding! What did you do to me that day? XD My friend has the same problem as I do. How can I wait till your next show in Korea?! (you'll visit Korea again, right? PLEEAAAASE?) yeah I'm already thinking about your next gig in here lol..We miss you guys!
nickynooboo Mar-22-09 3.01pm
Fran, I know it is a really selfish thought for me to have....but I wish you guys would come home and play a couple of gigs in the summer!! Like I said....selfish!! Hope you are all well and looking after each other xxxx
consuelo Mar-21-09 9.32pm
Fran,,We were strange to you...kisses from Perú
enoa Mar-21-09 11.40am
I´ll be there of course.
enoa Mar-21-09 11.34am
I´m so happy that travis come to SLovakia at the Pohoda Festival..thanks thanks thanks I ´m looking forward to see you live at last.
joss Mar-19-09 5.01pm
mita Mar-18-09 3.52pm
ooohhhh.....please come to indonesia...that will be great and fantastic to see ur show... million luv and cheers, mita
crazyyy Mar-14-09 12.32pm
Hey, Fran! I miss you so much in Stuttgart... or Freiburg... or something like that... I've got 3 albums now and I'm lokking foreward to see you live... But when???
rockstarj9 Mar-14-09 4.46am
Hello, I'm wondering how to gain permission to bring my camera into the show in Minneapolis to take some photos. Any information would be appreciated on how I go about that. Thanks so much, see you soon.
yuzuki Mar-14-09 1.01am
mita Mar-9-09 3.17am
dear franny... i'll always begging u to have a concert in jakarta(indonesia). oh i'm going crazy in this waiting... i luv u anyway...u're my man luv and cheers, mita
akanksha Mar-8-09 6.23pm
I second the Twitter comment. You should get on Twitter :D
klaudiacloser Mar-8-09 12.49pm
hi fran oooh! i see the concert of peru is very very beautiful i from peru but i live in spain thnak for go to peru travis is a good group i love travis
purplesky Mar-8-09 8.41am
Fran! It's been a week since Seoul Show on March 1st. Oh.. I cannot still get away from the exciting feeling of that night. The memories and images are still heavily remained.. My heart seems to feel a bit hollow and empty after the big show was over... So I put all of your songs including B-side in my Ipod, and am listening to them all day long. Heheh. We miss you so much in Korea. :) Travis, the band of my life. Take care. xxx Erin.
chandrani Mar-7-09 2.51pm
Fran! Thank you for 'why does it always rain on me' u r a poet and i love the honesty in your vocals. take good care
cornax Mar-6-09 12.26am
Have you tried Twitter, Fran? I think you'd probably like it.
spitz Mar-4-09 9.36am
Thank you very much for the amazing concert in Korea. I can't forget this concert in my life. I can't say many words because my english is very terrible. But I am confident that you understand my indescribable feelings. Thank you very much,Travis!!! I always love you,now and forever!
mita Mar-3-09 2.42pm
dear franny, i'll always write a comment for u and asking u to have a concert in Indonesia. please... I've been waiting for ur concert since "the man who" album, but u never bloody ever come.ur concert will be the day of my life. million cheers and i luv u anyway, mita
purplesky Mar-3-09 8.35am
Thank you very much for the great concert in Korea. I was deeply moved by the wonderful performance and heartful moment we all made together. :D I'm also very honored to have your autograph on Invisible band, my favorite album with very special memories of my life. Your music was and is always there for me in my late teen years and twenties. I regret not having spoken to you much. At that moment, not having expected to see you in person after the show, I didn't made myself prepared to talk. I was just freezed to see you in real... How stupid. I just said "Thanks for coming.", although I had tons of things to say in my head. I really wanted to say I'm so grateful for your music, you guys, and your enchanting gig. Words aren't enough. I'm so happy that you kept your promise, and gave us the night of our lives. We all felt your heart and soul through the music, and that was so pure and sincere. I think you felt the same about korean fans, too. yea? :D Travis and their fans have power to make the world warm. :) I really appreciate again. Hope you are doing well back in UK (or Germany?)  Best regards, xxx Your fan, Erin from Korea
birusuki Mar-2-09 2.52pm
It’ takes too long time to see you in korea. But it was finally realized!! Thank you for your gig in korea.Please don’t forget Korean fans who support you even very far away. Especially me!!I will wait for you to come korea again
chobimat Mar-2-09 1.13pm
I love you and your songs more each day since your live in 27th Feb in Tokyo. Thank you for the unforgettable moment. I wanna pogo again!
Jo-dong Mar-2-09 3.52am
Thank you for the last night. I'm so glad to be one of your fans, big big fans :) Happy is my favourite song of yours. I've never imagined that I could listen that song as the live one. I'm so happy you made my day indded. I hope to see you really soon- Take care!!!!!! Travis forever! xx Dong-hee
hiromi Mar-1-09 9.19am
Fran, thank you very very very VERY much for the brilliant concert and all that you have done for me!!! You always make me so happy and I'm a really lucky person to be your fan!! I'm really grateful to you for your kindness. I can't tell you how grateful I am to you...It's not enough even if I'd tell you "Thank you very much" a million times!! Travis is the most fantastic band!!! I love you forever!!! Hiromi xxx
psamanmit Feb-27-09 8.51pm
travis music is amazing but i dont think i will have a chance in my life to see live concert ummm but the haven seems so very far from here :)
min Feb-27-09 1.50pm
hello from Osaka. my first time seeing Travis, and it was fantastic! I really enjoy singing, shouting, jumping with you guys. Just one thing to complain:) I felt Andy's guitar sound was too small. If not,it will be perfect. I love his guitar play, it's so impressive. Fran, Thank you for coming to Japan. great songs, your voice(that I love), joyful atmosphere in the house...everything was so beautiful that night. Please don't keep us waiting another 10 years next time. It is unforgivable as you said:) love
nrk08997 Feb-27-09 12.30pm
Thank you for this live in Japan! Im happy to listen your singing voice. Please come back Japan again. Im waiting for Travis!
spitz Feb-27-09 8.56am
Hi~! Fran!! I won a Meet&Greet in Seoul, Korea!! OMG!!! I'm so Happy!! My heart throbbed with joy! I'll meet you soon! I can't sleep tonight because I'm very very crazy happy!! see you soon,Fran!! I’m looking forward to seeing you!!
mita Feb-26-09 2.40pm
oohhh...u've come to japan for many times but u're not come to my Indonesia...please have a concert in Indonesia.ur concet is my biggest dream. always luv u anyway. million luv and cheers, mita
Wind Feb-26-09 7.23am
Thank you for a concert in Osaka and Nagoya. It was splendid!! I'm so happy even now. (I wish you were not hurt a body,when having gotten off the stage.) I'm looking forward to last concert in tomorrow's tokyo! love xx
ChineseBlues Feb-25-09 3.19pm
I'm so excited for the Chicago show on April 18th. This will be my first Travis gig.
Ricchan Feb-25-09 3.03pm
Hi Fran,Thank you for your live show tonight at Nagoya,Japan.It's ssssssoooooo great!!!!!!Amazing!I was so happy to hear your songs and join with you!!!Thank you veru much indeed.You said what you will be back to Nagoya.Please promise it.I will wait you!
mita Feb-25-09 2.09pm
hi franny.. well,it's me again and still begging for ur concert in jakarta(indonesia). please...ur concert means a lot for will be the best day of my life. well, i'll always love u anyway. luv and cheers, mita
micchi Feb-25-09 1.29pm
Hi Fran, Thank you for coming back to Japan. Please fill Tokyo International Forum with "Happy" by your song. If you play "Happy" makes me very happy!! I'm looking forward to meet you in Tokyo.
crazyyy Feb-25-09 12.50pm
Hey, my favourite singer! How are you? Yesterday, I heard some songs of Glass Onion, that was really interesting :D I wish you some more beautiful gigs and I hope you'll come this year (or next year) to Stuttgart or at least to Freiburg... It would be great you know :P Greets from Mössingen!
nrk08997 Feb-24-09 3.40pm
thanks! todays live is the best for me. i was singing all the time! thank you very much.
consuelo Feb-22-09 6.04am
thanks to make my life happier!!
littleship Feb-22-09 5.11am
Hello,Fran.I a Senior High School stufent in Yantai,China.Could you please let me know your address?In the movie Terminal,Tom Hanks father wrote to his favourite singers and got autograghs from all of them but one.That's just what I want to do--to send you a letter and ask for your autogragh.I know you'll never be here in Yantai,which is only a small coastal city in China.I really hope you can see this message for I love Travis so much.
mita Feb-22-09 4.59am
hi fran...i'm begging for ur concert in jakarta(indonesia),please...i've been waiting for ur concert for sooo long..and now i'm getting frustration. but, i love u anyway and i'l always waiting for u.. million luv and cheers, mita
chobimat Feb-22-09 12.06am
welcome to Japan! I'm looking forward to seeing you in Tokyo soon:) Enjoy your stay!
girlfrombalcony Feb-21-09 6.14pm
in Japan soon? Hope it will be as good as in paris! good luck! bises
cazman Feb-21-09 1.03pm
happy saturday
daltrey Feb-20-09 6.59pm
Hey Fran! Kisses from Spain!!! we are the people of Madrid! you were talking with us about a Scottish singer; we are sure about the nice results during 2009! Maybe with Travis? :-) Fran, thank you so much for your nice and pretty concert here!!! You know you will be always the best!!! When will you come back? Maybe with Flowers In The Window? We missed it! :-) All the best for you and all the band from Madrid!!!! Angeles
mita Feb-20-09 5.00pm
hi franny... i just wanna say that i'll always waiting for ur concert in Jakarta(indonesia). i've been waiting for ur concert since "the man who" album, but u never bloody ever come.u've come to Singapore, but never come to my country, whereas very near from Singapore.hiks..hiks... well,i love u anyway. million luvs and cheers, mita
AdeSing Feb-18-09 11.43pm
Eyyyy adding: Ey Fran fucking fatty no more! You are so thin again! Lovely hahahaah
Alnitak Feb-18-09 9.12am
Hi Fran I'm from Chile please, come back here Travis has so much fans in this country. Of course, because is the best band in the world =D well, sorry for my english because is really bad jaja bye
AdeSing Feb-17-09 3.08pm
Was an Amazing concert in Madrid last Friday!! I come from Mallorca to see you! What about coming here (Mallorca)is a lovely place!You can always give your concert at the beach!!haha You won't regret it!! Lovely First row in Madrid to see you. Im looking forward next concert...... When it will be????
Selfish-Vii Feb-17-09 12.53am
Hello =D thank you for your fantastic music i love it <3 you're amazing !! I was in Barcelona for your concert ( 12.02.09 ) it was wonderful , I like you , i love when you sang " Re-offender " and " Selfish jean " one had made tee-shirt “Sel” “Fish” “Jean” LOL I adored all the concert, really thank you for this superb evening, I did not expect has what you do “as you are” or “Flowers in the window " and even some tears ran as soon as I heard the first Re-offender notes I wait with impatient a new round ^^
vonni Feb-16-09 4.57pm
please come again to turkey..fran please please!!you were amazing.the concert was the first and it should not be last..don`t make us wait..we love youu....
Selfish_Noow Feb-15-09 11.13pm
Please Fran try Les arènes de Nimes in France. It's magic and I want to see you again in concert. I saw a lot of band in Nimes and I hope to see you in this place. Bye Bye =)
crazyyy Feb-15-09 10.28pm
Fran!!! I've just notized that you gave a concert in Stuttgart in November 2001! So you already know the town. So pleeeease do it this year again!!!!! Pleeeease it would be amazing!!! Greets from Germany...
Selfish_Noow Feb-15-09 10.22pm
Hello Fran! You're amazing and I love your voice. I was in Barcelona for your concert (12.02.09). It was fantastic (like you). I loved when you sang "Flowers in the windows". And when you sang "Closer", it was just magic. So thank you for this fantastic concert. I can't forget it Bye. Kiss from France. Noemie
mariakf Feb-15-09 6.42pm
hi fran,you are the best!your voice makes me cry!!i am from greece and im waiting for a concert here!!!!you should come next year
Lucile Feb-15-09 8.56am
Hi Fran, thanks again for everything in Paris. A Travis gig was just what I needed. You always know how to create that unique atmosphere that leaves people feeling all warm inside :) I hope to see you soon again but until then have a good life. xx ps: Good luck with the dentist tomorrow! I hope he finds out what's causing your toothache.
irenesfor Feb-15-09 12.21am
Hi Fran, I'm that girl who gave you a drawings in BCN, I wanted to say you a lot of things, but I couldn't say anything, I was really nervous! So, please, if you can, read the review of the concert that I'll post tomorrow :) btw, I hope that you had felt a "bunch of feelings" on this Valentines Day!!
crazyyy Feb-14-09 11.49pm
Boah, wie gern wär ich dabei gewesen... *träum*
toadthewetsprocket Feb-14-09 9.43pm
hello you berliner ;) danke für den tollen abend in frankfurt..alles gute für dich und deine familie.. ich hoffe dein sohn wird ein ebenso guter musiker wie sein vater und mein sohn ein besserer als ich ;-) eure musik ist wichtiger teil meines lebens DANKE dafür !
Yesaliya Feb-14-09 1.48pm
Hi Fran! Hope you and the rest of the band are having a great time on tour. Happy V-day!
somac Feb-14-09 1.38pm
THANKS FOR EVERYTHING FRAN! You were just fantastic yesterday in Madrid, and lovely as always, I'll never have enough words to thank you again and again. Hope to see you soon!
enoa Feb-14-09 11.48am
Love isn't a decision, it's a feeling. If we could decide who to love, then, life would be much simpler, but then less magical. Happy Valentines day..Fran
vonni Feb-13-09 10.11pm
happy valentines day!!:)fran and nora...
KathyC Feb-12-09 10.21pm
Glad you got to Barcelona safely. Thanks for everything Tuesday. Take care of yourself and hope to see you soon. xx
crazyyy Feb-12-09 7.06pm
Hey Fran! Your concerts in Germany were amazing, I watched parts of them on Youtube. Unfortunetely, I couldn't come. I hope sooo much that you'll come in Germany again this year, maybe you'll also come to Stuttgart, who knows... it would be great! Greets from Germany!
sakuras Feb-12-09 11.59am
Hi Fran!! Thank you so much for the gig at the Casino de Paris! It was the most wonderful day of my life! Cheers! See you soon!^_^
deebee Feb-11-09 8.31pm
Good to hear you all arrived safely in Barcelona - must have been a LONG trip down. It was lovely to see you all in Paris. The French boardies had a fabulous evening!
irenesfor Feb-11-09 5.13pm
Hi Fran!! See you tomorrow in Barcelona!! ^.^
flc Feb-11-09 4.54pm
Hello!! I completely agree with you : It's very nice to have a beach house ^_^! Thanks a lot for the gig of yesterday! The band was great!
Bianca1312 Feb-11-09 9.03am
Hello! Thank you for two beautiful shows/days. It was just amazing. I felt like a different person. I was so light-hearted, relaxed and could escape all my duties and my stressful work. It was like a dream. After a long time you were the ones to finally put a smile on my face again. Thank you! Please come back soon, I already miss you and the lads...
ChineseBlues Feb-11-09 4.29am
I really love "Chinese Blues". I love the production of this song.
flosadone Feb-11-09 1.51am
Hello Fran!!! I'm from Argentina, and I'm travelling to Europe on April, I cannot believe my luck!!! I won't be able to see you!! And to make matters worse it seems that your are not coming to Argentina in the near future :( PLEASE COME!!!
peno Feb-10-09 8.37pm
Not long ago I bumpt into a great rockstar. He asked me any wish for the nights gig. My reply was “a beer with you…” he kept his promise and I got the beer of my life.
vonni Feb-10-09 5.55pm
hey fran!!hear me please and come to istanbul again..that was the best concert ever that i`ve been..we are waiting for you.and don`t walk this time ok?
vonni Feb-10-09 5.55pm
hey fran!!hear me please and come to istanbul again..that was the best concert ever that i`ve been..we are waiting for you.and don`t walk on this time ok?
fallingstar Feb-10-09 3.21pm
hi fran, thx for the fucking great concert in munich! and thx for "indefinitely"! was great! one of my all-time-favourite travis songs! please come back to munich soon!!! big hugs from our lovely city :)!! _mone
mita Feb-10-09 10.53am
hi fran i just want u to know that i've been waiting for ur concert in jakarta, indonesia since the album "The Man Who", but u never bloody ever i'm getting frustration. u've come to singapore many times,indonesia is near from's not fair that u not come to indonesia pleaseeee come to Indonesia. I'LL ALWAYS WAITING FOR UR CONCERT. million luv and cheers, mita
Trixi Feb-10-09 9.31am
Fran, we noticed a guy with a camera at both shows in Hamburg and Berlin. Do you happen to know anything about a recording and if so if it's going to be broadcasted somewhere? Please don't leave us in the dark if you know something! ;) P.s. You guys were great in Hamburg and Berlin...Oh ja! Come back soon!! Trixi x
Nell Feb-10-09 12.00am
sorry...servers fault...
Nell Feb-9-09 11.41pm
btw. are u guys coming back to Zurich one day? I mean I don't mind the traveling- but the university does :) Cheers
Nell Feb-9-09 11.29pm
btw. are u guys coming back to Zurich one day? I mean I don't mind the traveling- but the university does :) Cheers
RIKO Feb-9-09 9.19pm
Hi! Fran, Thank you for coming to Munich!! It was awesome!! I recalled your gig who had seen three days before it gave birth to a baby in Munich. Please come to Munich again!
Nell Feb-9-09 7.38pm
Hi Fran! Thx for the concert yesterday! It was just fucking brilliant! Loved to hear the B-Songs! I shall tell you: Reid (Summerville) says hello :) He lives here ;) ...he told us he used to be ur neighbour ;) and we're not supposed to call u Francis :p (I tried to tell you this yesterday when you sat on the amp with the bass) Well anyway! You guys were great!! Plz tell Dougie thx for the setlist and plectrum - haha 3x was just enough! Cheers and have fun tonight! Nora
sceneofsurrender Feb-7-09 9.38pm
Hi, just wondering how the Alexandria Quartet are getting on.. Great bunch of guys..
ChineseBlues Feb-7-09 4.10pm
I am very happy and looking forward to the concert on April 18th in Chicago. This will be my first Travis concert.
crazyyy Feb-5-09 10.09pm
Me and my friends pray that one of your concert in Germany will come on the TV... I really hope so!!! *pray* :D
danielaheart Feb-5-09 3.22am
Fran, its the day before my 19th birthday, and you have to be 19+ to attend your concert.....its only a few hours until i turn 19, make sure they let me in pleaseeee i'll die if i dont see Travis perform!
danielaheart Feb-5-09 2.27am
Hi Fran, i see that Travis is coming to Toronto, its the day before of my birthday far the best birthday present ever...thanks<3
cornax Feb-5-09 12.58am
Hey Fran! I hope you'll try to stop by WRNR in Annapolis again when you have your DC gig. I owe kid #2 a mini-concert. She still holds it against me that I brought her big sister last time.
crazyyy Feb-4-09 9.40pm
Hi! I've just received your new album and now I'm even more sad that I can't come to Munich... So ernestly, Fran, you really have to think about playing in Stuttgart, I would be sooo happy... Greets from Germany! Steffi.
RUTHIEBABE00 Feb-3-09 10.14pm
Hey Fran, just read some of your comments in an article regarding Keane... I don't think you could have been more gentlemanly about it... well said. Sad he felt the need to say something negative back and put it in an email. He obviously didn't have the balls like u! ;o)
frmzn Feb-3-09 8.49pm
"Let The Right One In" has reached Moscow at last, and it was worth the wait. Thank you for advice.
Bobismenotu Feb-3-09 8.14pm
Ever hear of a small place in Scotland called Dufftown, should play there sometime! I'll buy you a drink if you do, anywho, when is the guitar book for Ode to J. comming out, I needs it for my collection here??
peno Feb-3-09 4.43pm
In a bit...Hamburg and Berlin...:-) cheers Peter
crazyyy Feb-2-09 3.15pm
Hey, Fran. One of my friends is in Scotland at the moment. On Saturday, she visited Glasgow and she said it's a great town =) She's a Fan of you, too :D Greets from Germany...
Bianca1312 Feb-2-09 12.30pm
See you tomorrow. Jippiee!!
BenFilbert Feb-1-09 12.46am
Hi Fran! You've been a bit quiet recently. Hope everything is well. :)
forth08 Jan-31-09 9.47pm
Hey Franny!!!))) How are you?) Please come in Russia (in Moscow and Saint - Peterburg) We wait you!!=))) But if you sing,sing,sing,sing!!!)))
gaby Jan-30-09 3.56pm
hey Fran! hope you guys can make it and come visit argentina this year, we really miss you :) *thanks for the travis magic*
yuzuki Jan-30-09 2.31pm
Are you ok? ♥
crazyyy Jan-28-09 3.24pm
Pleeeeeease, think about it! Bitte, bitte, kommt nach Stuttgart =)
crazyyy Jan-26-09 5.25pm
Fran, Fran, Fran, Fran, Fran, FRan!!!! You guys MUST come to Stuttgart!!!!!!!!
cmr Jan-25-09 10.43pm
Hey Franny! :) I missed you guys so much, where are you? What are you guys up to? :) I really hope to hear from you soon!:) Have a fantastic week sweet Fran. Love you so much! Cemre
claudita00 Jan-24-09 5.44pm
it´s unbelievable that you´ve been so near me!!!!!!!! please come again to give a concert just you""" i love you """""
danielaheart Jan-21-09 2.07am
i'd love to see you perform in make sure you come:P
kumi Jan-20-09 5.00pm
Hi fran.Hou are you? im a members In here now. And Im got a TRAVIS live ticket!!in Japan in OSAKA! Its very fun!Im looking forward to seeing travis members^^ thank you for reading my unskillful English.bye..
ChineseBlues Jan-17-09 11.20pm
Can't wait for U.S. tour dates!
crazyyy Jan-17-09 8.58pm
To make sure that you don't forget it: Come to Stuttgart! It's such a beautiful town! You have to go there! The "Schwabeländle" is great!
jamie2 Jan-17-09 12.31pm ´chinese blues´ veryvery much, heard it first in hamburg...snapping and is are you doing?? good! good? bye! ;-)
jens Jan-16-09 5.47pm
Hi Fran. I hope you remember me. We meet us today in the tube to Rathaus Steglitz. I have I won't mind you in this private stuation. But it wars a realy exiting for me, because I' like your musik and your style very mutch. Maybe we see us an 6th February. Greetings Jens
george_ac Jan-15-09 5.49pm
Hi,i`m from Mexico, and i saw you when you gave a concert on guadalajara, let me tell you that it was great and your new album is awesome, i like all the songs specialy last word. Congratulations
missk679 Jan-14-09 7.29pm
Hey saw you in Calgary, was an awesome show, especially liked that you came out to the A team theme. Quick question, am 6 months preggers now and can't help but think My eyes is about your baby?? every time I listen to it mine kicks
carmen_0502 Jan-14-09 2.37am
hey Fran! do u know that: you´ve got the most beatiful smile you´re my love I love the new single, I have a new cd, "Friends", it´s beautiful... Love Carmen
elmobbo Jan-13-09 12.34pm
Fran, I have to meet you at paris show. this is really important. I have an important musical project, so I have to let you that comment, 'cause I don't know how to reach you !! see you in a month or so..
lainee Jan-13-09 7.05am
Please please please please come to Australia!! It ha been way tooooooo long!
enoa Jan-12-09 11.50am
Hi Fran, have a nice day ..Tina
crazyyy Jan-11-09 10.22am
crazyyy Jan-11-09 10.21am
DO IT!!!!!
enoa Jan-10-09 6.59pm´ve got the most beatiful smile I have ever seen. And NORA is the happiest woman in this world. Give my love to Nora and your little "BABY"
crazyyy Jan-10-09 4.36pm
Please, please, please, please do it!!!!
crazyyy Jan-10-09 2.46pm
Hi Fran! It would be fantastic if Travis came to Stuttgart, Germany... You're all amazing live!!!
enoa Jan-10-09 8.50am
Hi Fran..I ´ve never been in SLovenia..but I want Travis come to SLOVAKIA.. :))) *kissing*
Light Jan-9-09 9.39pm
Hi Fran, long time no msh left from me... I just read comment below which @enoa left, and got an idea to write since she is talking about Slovenia and Slovakia ;) just a wonder - have you ever been to Slovenia? (it is my country and I dont think I remember you were here)... I did long travels around Scotland whole last month, didnt catch ya there, looks like there is a good opportunity to see you in Hamburg though. Ciao! Lucka
enoa Jan-9-09 7.08pm
Hi FRAN! When Travis come to Slovakia..not Slovenia...SLOVAKIA...I´m your biggest fan..but I´ve never atteded you show..I love your music so much...Please come to SLovakia
danielaheart Jan-8-09 12.07am
Hi Fran, i recently just became a member:) and i truly love and admire your music. i would really love to see Travis play live... so hopefull you come to Toronto:)
BenFilbert Jan-7-09 4.28pm
Hi Fran. The extended Song To Self is really great and I'm loving The Ballad Of J Smith. One of my favourite b-sides. I can't get it out my head. :)
coldlove Jan-5-09 10.01pm
ah ah ne desem boş fran ah fran ah :(
KathyC Jan-5-09 2.16pm
Happy New Year and hope you have a wonderful 2009. Loved the Radio Clyde session last night. Bad Travis? What a thought...xx
Teffy Jan-3-09 3.33am
Happy New Year Fran! best wishes for you in this new beginning..I hope to see you and all the band here in Perú again ^.~
Nikki Jan-2-09 4.24pm
Hey Fran, I've downloaded the entire Travis concert from July 18, 2007 @ Clutch Cargos in Pontiac, Michigan. Just listening to it now for the first time since being there in person. What an amazing night!! You guys were PERFECT. I am dying for new tour dates! :)
drift-nina Jan-1-09 11.42pm
Feliz año nuevo mr. Healy! best wishes!.love.nina
frandougeil Jan-1-09 3.52pm
Happy New Year to you and your loved ones Fran=)
barby Jan-1-09 2.50am
Happy New Year, Fran :=)
bogusblue Jan-1-09 12.55am
Happy Hogmanay, Fran! :o)
elmfai Dec-31-08 9.02pm
It'christmas time,there'no need to be afraid...!I hope so!For all people in the world!With no war...No fear...And with Love!!!Happy new year!
Chiito-chan Dec-31-08 7.07pm
Happy New Year Fran!
Susan251 Dec-30-08 10.03pm
Fran, I have a question about your new song called J. Smith. Who is the song about? My husband I just love you guys. We were so happy to meet you last year when you came to the USA. We met you in Portland Oregon. Anyway if you could shed some light on that song that would be great. Thanks!
shes_so_strange Dec-30-08 9.35pm
Thank you so much for coming to Venezuela! Happy holidays Fran! You're my hero! =P
yuzuki Dec-29-08 10.11pm
Happy Holidays Franny! A big hug for you, your family and the band. Te quiero!
Rammsfer Dec-29-08 8.35pm
i simply love you, Fran :]
LucasWorld Dec-27-08 8.29pm
Hello Fran ! I have a strange request. I am taking my girlfriend to see you all at the Casino de Paris on Feb 10. She went there the other day to see a french singer, Francis Cabrel, met him backstage and went on and on about it. I am planning a top class retaliation. Cheeky as I am, I was wondering whether there was any chance we might come and say hello backstage, just for a minute after your Paris gig ? Merci mon bon monsieur.
Driana Dec-26-08 11.10am
Merry Christmas for you Fran, your family and the band (Travis) All the best for you and thanks to cheer up our lifes with your pretty songs, one question; are you planning to go to Lima after Mexico? I going to Lima middle April only 15 days & it would be nice to see Travis again! if not, I will wait in Brussels for another concert :o). Once again, all the best for you all (good health, succes and lot of love)
consuelo Dec-26-08 4.48am
jennifer92 Dec-25-08 11.39pm
Merry Christmas Fran!! and happy holidays!! My best wishes to you and your family!! I hope yo are great!! see you soon!! hugs & kisses!! Jennifer M.B.
minsidesoutside_lds Dec-25-08 11.13pm
barby Dec-25-08 7.02pm
Merry Christmas :)
moo_the_evil_boffin Dec-25-08 5.49pm
Merry Christmas Fran!!
Kimmy256 Dec-25-08 1.16pm
Merry Christmas Fran! =D
DanlaFungo Dec-25-08 2.07am
♥(R). Hippie Holidays!!*    
drift-nina Dec-24-08 9.23pm
Feliz Navidad , Fran! :) * kisses & hugs from Peru *
Chiito-chan Dec-24-08 7.37pm
Merry Christmas Fran!
Leia Dec-24-08 5.59pm
Hello, Fran! Merry Christmas! My best wishes to you and your family! Have a wonderful time!
mcgear Dec-24-08 5.08pm
The fourth Travis concert,amsterdam december 10, was so briljant that me and my grilfriend decided to buy tickets for the Cologne gig...Unfortunately I had a terrible accident few days ago...Will recover,they say. Nothing more important then being healthy. I still hope to be able to drive to Cologne in febr 2009. I am pogo for me at the end of the concert..... Merry xmass everybody...
mcgear Dec-24-08 5.08pm
The fourth Travis concert,amsterdam december 10, was so briljant that me and my grilfriend decided to buy tickets for the Cologne gig...Unfortunately I had a terrible accident few days ago...Will recover,they say. Nothing more important then being healthy. I still hope to be able to drive to Cologne in febr 2009. I am pogo for me at the end of the concert..... Merry xmass everybody...
Somewhere Else Dec-24-08 4.56pm
Happy Christmas Fran , Nora and Clay and thanks for such a great album this year . Good Luck in 09 X. Can we have a double A with Quite Free and Friends ? Yes!
Nikki Dec-24-08 4.28pm
Merry Christmas to you, Nora and Clay from Detroit Rock City, Franny. :) Please come visit us soon!
Sarah- Dec-24-08 12.26pm
hey fran, merry christmas!! :) frohe weihnachten und schöne feiertage, have a great time! ~
Bianca1312 Dec-24-08 9.40am
Frohe Weihnachten!!
bogusblue Dec-24-08 4.58am
Merry Christmas, Fran! Hope you have a fab time with all you loved ones :o). Lots of luv from México City. Alma :o).
gaby Dec-24-08 1.46am
Happy holidays Fran! may you have a wonderful time with family and friends *hugs from Argentina* :)
thehitcher Dec-23-08 4.35pm
Merry Christmas Fran, hope you and your family have a great time and a well earned rest! All the best.
peno Dec-23-08 3.11pm
Hi Fran ! Merry cristmas and happy new year...:-))) Cheers Peter
DanlaFungo Dec-21-08 11.53pm
do you remember.. o_O?? I'll see ya soon (; hahah !! So, tell me please tell me tell me which hotel you are gonna stay?? and that way, I dont spend my time looking 4 you but being with you, guys!!! hahaha xDD So, see ya thereeee :) the best, Anais Lazo (:
drift-nina Dec-18-08 11.53pm
hugs from Peru! :)
kayjeanjane Dec-18-08 10.49am
hiya fran wats the deal with only 2 pairs of shoes??? lol and u r welcome to watch my song to self video on you tube at hugz n stuff kay :)
flosadone Dec-16-08 9.45pm
Hi! We spent great time making the video, i hope you like it! ;) Flor!
yuzuki Dec-14-08 10.01pm
How are you Franny? Hope great. Good energy for you. Chao amor mío! ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥
elisaortiz_celticfc Dec-13-08 7.27am
I bought my tickets for Peter Gabriel at Mexico City! See you next year!
leticia Dec-12-08 11.56pm
peno Dec-10-08 10.47pm
Vega and Rockefeller..amaizing!!! You got a fine revi by Wanna translate let me now. xxxPeter
damon Dec-10-08 7.25pm
it's a shame you come with PG to Mexico and not by your own,,,,
andreajs17 Dec-7-08 4.06pm
BenFilbert Dec-7-08 3.05am
Hi Fran. :) You've not played in Leicester since 1999 apparently. How about doing De Montfort Hall on the next tour. ;) Ok, it isn't quite as exciting as Mexico, Brazil or Australia i know, but it would still be very nice. :)
jeanettec Dec-6-08 12.17am
FROM PERU. Hello Fran!! ...... THANK YOU , THANK YOU TOO MUCH FOR COME HERE , THANKS A LOT FROM THE DEEP OF MY HEART FOR COMING WELL...I really dont know how to begining. I was in the concert in Lima just a few metters in front of you and i was shocking !! i coulndt believe what was happening in front of me , because until that moment you were not only a beatiful ilusion and a special voice singing in my head but also a dream that couldnt be real ( till that night ¡ ) . Unreal because i never thouthg that you come someday to Peru.... Wowww Fran!! if you can imagine what i was feelling in that moment and the weeks before TRAVIS come . Really, i was SHOCKING!! ….. I listened you the first time when i was 14 years….and God! Now i am 22 !! 22!! And i continue listening you.Can you realize now what do you mean for me? …I just began to cry when i heard “ writing to reach you “ in the concert , really!! I had some special strange feelling when i heard that song many years ago, and i recognized myself with the lyric, exactly when it says “ because my inside is outside....” , because in that moments i just felt like that … i dont know, there were difficult times for me ….i dont know…is amazing what the music can make yourself, it transport you not only to other time, also to another World(to own world lost ) !! A world that all of us leave when we begin to grow .Only what can resist of your past are the songs and your remembers …thats now my conclusion!! The songssss…..and in my case , the songs of you! Of TRAVIS .Was a magic night!! You new album is also very good one, and i love “Song To Self” and “ Before You Were Young ”. …PLEASE , COME AGAIN!! AND REMEMBER THAT PERU IS YOURS FRAN!!! *That night i felt that some piece of me come and that it went at the same time. ( that were you ) THANKS AND MISS YOU! KISSES , AND TOO MUCH LOVE FOR ALL OF YOU!!
peno Dec-5-08 4.41pm
Vega sunday..can´t wait..
lainee Dec-4-08 11.13am
Please, please, please come to Australia??
petiteangelus86 Dec-3-08 12.38am
Hey Fran thank u so much for the concert in Lima. I really enjoyed it!!! Lima appreciate that the band come here....!!! We really love u!!!! Come back soon!!! Travis Love Peru!! wouuuh!! Cheers (with Pisco Sour)!!!
purplesky Dec-2-08 1.55pm
Oh.. Fran. Thank you soo much for coming to Korea again. It might have been difficult for you to be here again, cuz our economy got quite bad Korean currency depreciated a lot making it hard for us to invite foreign bands. I was gonna go to Japan to attend your concert in Tokyo, but had to give up, and I was soo depressed.. but then I saw the news that you guys are gonna come to Korea!!! I was soo happy. Seeing you guys in my hometown this year was the best thing that happened this year for me. I'm sure seeing you guys again next march will be even greater thing. Thank you for keeping your words said at pentaport. I love you!!!
winatel Dec-2-08 12.21pm
Oh Fran Thank you so much!! for coming to corea again!! I'm so excited! I can't wait till March comes thank you again!! I love you! XD
heatherj Dec-1-08 9.33pm
Hi Fran excellent nite on friday at carling acadamy !! u and the boys were amazing as always love to you all xxxx
TALIA Dec-1-08 7.26pm
so.. when Mexico?
peno Nov-30-08 4.43pm
Hi Fran..:-) Copenhagen..Oslo..Hamburg..Berlin. See you...cheers Peter
cmr Nov-29-08 11.06pm
Hey Franny, I hope you're doing perfect. I just wanted to say hey. I missed you guys so much, please come again to Turkey! :)
Claudiamil Nov-28-08 5.54am
Hi Fran: I'm writing this message from Trujillo (Perú) and let me tell you the concert in Lima was great ...I hope to see you again,come back soon ;) Kisses. Claudia.
welsh_monkey Nov-27-08 10.23pm
Hi, would it be possible for yourself to share some info on this if possible, as you are the master of the music, thank you!!
MargaretO Nov-25-08 9.20pm
Hi Fran, have you been to the John Lennon museum in Japan. If you've got time in February I really recommend it. they've got some really cool stuff there, some bizarre things too like a box of jaffa cakes but it's well worth a visit :-)
Galactica Nov-24-08 5.58pm
Hi Fran, thank you for the recital in Lima Peru , I really enjoy it to much, the new cd is great very strong I like it, :)
olindagt Nov-24-08 12.38am
Hello Fran!!! I love ur music : ur pretty songs! peruvians are happy because u made a fabulous concert last 16th november in Lima .. I wish 2 see u soon 4 another concert because we love ur music =) TRAVIS have many many fans here .. u know !! I Love u Fran, I love you TRAVIS !!!!!!!! =*) Kisses .......
Nancy_B Nov-23-08 6.11pm
Hi Mr.Fran! Thanks for coming to Peru!! that was the best night I ever had!! Thanks....!!!! Please come back soon!! We'll be waiting for TRAVIS! and we'll always love you..forever and ever!!! Love from Lima Peru!!!
Somewhere Else Nov-23-08 8.12am
I'll second that last post - It is in you somewhere :)
Typing to Reach You Nov-22-08 8.22pm
Howdy Fran, please write a christmas song and get it the number one so that an X factor winner doesn't top the christmas pops yet again. :P
drift-nina Nov-21-08 11.11pm .... thanks for coming, Fran! gracias.
lauradrianzen Nov-21-08 2.51am
You gave us such an awesome night in Lima!!!! kisses!!!
lady_brandybuck Nov-20-08 11.53pm
Thank you for coming to Caracas, Great night, great atmosphere. It was a beautiful gig. Hope to see you guys back here soon. It's was too good to be true, so we need a second opinion, come back again ;)
karinacha Nov-20-08 11.21pm
THANK YOU! THANK YOU MR.HEALY I STILL REMEMBER THAT AMAZING DAY! it was ...the best day of my life! thanks for everything! i smile! TRAVIS make me smile..that`s really good! kisses and love from Lima-PERU! *PERU loves TRAVIS*!!!
CandyAmelie Nov-20-08 10.54pm
HOLA FRAN! Thanks for coming to PERU. I LOVED the whole concert, I was so over the moon, words are not enough to express it. I'm feeling so hungry of Travis concerts now! don't leave us starving! and come back soon please, peruvian fans ROCK!!! Besos y abrazos *Candy*
drift-nina Nov-20-08 9.18pm
11/14/08 is a day that has marked my life, it has make a difference, it was the day my favourite band landed in my country, the night that my heroes played at my national stadium! that night I died and went to heaven! just to come back as a different person!... gracias Fran!
theflanintheface Nov-20-08 9.10pm
It was the best day ever! Thank you for that! I was s happy in the airport that I didn't even take my Ode vinyl out, but I do hope to see you guys soon!! And again thank you for those precious moments!! Love from Peru!
theflanintheface Nov-20-08 9.07pm
It was the best day ever! Thank you for that! I was s happy in the airport that I didn't even take my Ode vinyl out, but I do hope to see you guys soon!! And again thank you for those precious moments!! Love from Peru!
TRAVISPERU Nov-20-08 9.05pm
We enjoyed your stay, and we agree IT WAS TOO SHORT, could you please come back! SOON!!! we hope you liked the presents and the crowd!!! lots of love. TRAVISPERU!
alanistradi Nov-20-08 8.03pm
Precise words, Mr Healy. We always be here... thanks again!
hikki146 Nov-19-08 3.56pm
Thanks fran for that amazing friday night in Lima Peru,I can wait for you to come back, but you will, right???? I hope that, I really do!!!! it was all so surreal. LOS AMO!!!! IT MEANS I LOVE YOU GUYS. when your car stopped right in front of me before the concert and before all the people could enter to the stadium, in the afternoon, i started screaming like a lunatic jeje, but i didn't bring a camara mmmm q colera jeje, well it doesn't matter i'm still so happy. ¡¡¡¡¡travis rocks!!!!!
Teffy Nov-18-08 10.36pm
thank you Fran for that amazing night (the best of my life) you were Nina says it was the best pogo ever xD Travis rulez! and even I wasn't so close to you, it was like if you were beside me...=') Perú miss you guys and so do I, please please come back!
patriciamuse Nov-18-08 5.57pm
Hey Fran¡¡¡ thanxs for the concert it was amazing soooo beautiful ,please don´t forget about us, Peru loves you so much, you have to come as posible as you conuntry was so crazy about you, the press, the television, everybody were happy for your visit
Lizita Nov-18-08 4.55pm
Thank you so much for coming to Peru! It was really a dream come true!....Los Amo!!! Perú miss you"""
Nela10 Nov-18-08 4.38pm
FRAN!!! Hi! I'm from Venezuela and I wanted to say to you how much i loved your performance here!!! I really hope you will come back!! THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR EVERYTHING!!!!
yuzuki Nov-17-08 7.01pm
♪♪ = ♥
rotero14 Nov-17-08 4.54am
I have no words to express how great you were at Caracas... Above exceptional really. Thanks for give us this outrageous and warm concert. Now I can die happy ;) P.S. You miss HAPPY :(
katbadtz Nov-16-08 7.46pm
thank you all! for the best night of my life!! i hope you come back to Peru, pleaseeee ^^love you guys, GRACIAS! son lo máximo!
drift-nina Nov-16-08 6.36pm
thanks Fran for the BEST pogo ever! : ... thank you for bringing back my love for music, thanks to you I feel alive again!!!!!! ... hope see you soon in Lima! GRACIAS!
drift-nina Nov-16-08 3.06pm
one night! ... the BEST night! gracias , Fran!!!
alanistradi Nov-16-08 4.07am
What a night! WHAT-A–NIGHT! My only objection is the time: just one hour! is not fair! have to come back, eh? All in Peru left the stadium with a big big smile on their faces and that, in large part, by you. I’m not lying when I say that the audience was more than pleased, was bewitched. I hope to have departed Lima with a good impression of my country, this last month was beautiful only because I knew that Travis would come… thanks a lot for everything… remember us! My best wishes for all you guys...
marivi22 Nov-16-08 2.29am
You guys really touched our hearts with each of your songs...thank you so much for an amazing gig Peru loves you!
mil180 Nov-16-08 1.59am
i totally thank you for comming to Peru...the concert was an unforgettable experience!!! i love you guys..
erikc Nov-16-08 1.00am
muchas gracias thnx a lot peru loves u
I Came in Through the Bathroom Window Nov-15-08 10.21pm
I've just heard Ode To J. Smith for the first time. I had been waiting for this for so long. It exceeded all my expectations, and my expectations were quite high. Thank you and the lads for another masterpiece!!!!
drift-nina Nov-15-08 1.31pm
gracias Fran! .... PERU loves TRAVIS! ... what a night! ... GRACIAS!
natu Nov-14-08 1.09am
hola!!sorry my bad english but i wanted to say that u r a great band,great musik...when u start singin i don't know why i smile like an idiot...i suspect it is because i'm in love with ur musik...thnx a lot for make me happy =D...¡¡PERÚ LOVE TRAVIS!!
liam712 Nov-13-08 3.50pm
Fran..Pipe Dreams en Lima Hot Festival please =D
Laura23 Nov-12-08 6.33pm
Hi Fran! your new album is wonderfull!! Congratulations! :)
kayjeanjane Nov-12-08 12.09pm
there's a poem up i wrote, i hope u all like it. i like drawing and writing alot anyways, nyt kayjeanjane
Scottish Love Nov-12-08 7.38am
I forgot to say I love the new album! I can't wait to hear some of the new songs live hopefully next year! :) Also, my brother is a huge fan of yours, but he is in New Zealand. It would be awesome if you toured down there someday! ^_^
Scottish Love Nov-12-08 5.47am
Hullo! I hope you are having a great gig in LA right now. I'm only a few miles away in UCLA, but I couldn't make it tonight because I have to study for exams. :( I hope I can come to your next gig when you come back (hopefully soon!)! Lots of love, Michelle
sofia_pipe_dreams Nov-11-08 7.16pm
sofia_pipe_dreams Nov-11-08 3.10am
Pipe dreamsssss!!!! DONT FORGET THAT!!! =)
drift-nina Nov-10-08 11.38pm
good luck* xD .... i'm nervous! u.u
drift-nina Nov-10-08 7.43pm
good look in LA ... see you in 4 days , dear Fran! :) Peru loves TRAVIS!
sofia_pipe_dreams Nov-10-08 2.20pm
Fran!!!! I´m waiting you play PIPE DREAMS for Lima!!!!!!!!!!!!! Pleaseeeeee =)
TheFourJs Nov-9-08 8.04pm
Hey Fran! Looking forward to the L.A. show. If you have a chance, please read my message posted on Oct. learn about a special fan of yours.
everkillie Nov-9-08 5.53am
Thank you so much for writing such great songs. You and the Beatles are the top 2 bands in the history of music.
sofia_pipe_dreams Nov-9-08 5.38am
OHMEATPIES Nov-8-08 4.52am
Hey Fran, Come to Montreal if you can! Seeing you guys live is my dreaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaam. :)
kayjeanjane Nov-8-08 3.08am
thanks soo much 4 the addy in your other profile fran it put a smile on my dial bigtime lol :) you'll find i've left u a message in your other profile- your good friend steve seems a nice guy to ;) i've left a v.i.p message 4 him, just hope he can answer it.... hugz from australia to you luv karina :)
sofia_pipe_dreams Nov-8-08 2.46am
P I P E D R E A M S =)
liam712 Nov-7-08 5.55am
I'm from Peru like Sofia pipe dreams, and like her, i'd like to listen that song, pleasee... thanks =)
liam712 Nov-7-08 5.29am
sofia_pipe_dreams Nov-7-08 5.00am
drift-nina Nov-6-08 8.24pm
the fear plz xD! ....
Typing to Reach You Nov-6-08 6.01pm
I think she likes Pipe Dreams
sofia_pipe_dreams Nov-6-08 2.39pm
sofia_pipe_dreams Nov-6-08 2.28pm
sofia_pipe_dreams Nov-6-08 5.38am
hi fran, it'll be great see you here in Lima. i just want to ask you for a song, i know it is more than difficult that you play it but, please, PLEASE! play PIPE DREAMS that song is all, it means a lot in my life... thanks to Pipe Dreams I am a travisfan nowadays so... it really means a lot for me... could you do it? could you play Pipe Dreams, please???? PLEASE!! THAT SONG ITS ALL FOR ME PLEASE FRAN!!!! PIPE DREAMS IN LIMA-PERU!!!!
kayjeanjane Nov-6-08 2.54am
fran, what postal address can i send a gift i made for you's to??? song to self makes me sad but yet happy very confusing lol and... all your music has been music to my ears since walking in the sun ;) i hope u make it to australia one day soon, because i'd love to meet u in person u know... but until then, my eyes and ears r wide open 4 your songs ; ) hugz from across the sea that divides one island from another ;) luv karina : )
yuzuki Nov-6-08 2.05am
Paola_Namzug Nov-5-08 4.02am
Francis !!! te vere el 14 de este mes en el concierto de Lima :D !! solo por ti voyyy !!! <3 TRAVIS lo mejor de lo mejor !!!
erikaeee Nov-4-08 5.34pm
Fran, please come down to Mexico city, we miss Travis!!!! We want more Travis, here!!!
KAYPJ Nov-4-08 7.40am
hiya franny, i've been a fan of you's since u16 days, glad some of your latest stuff is harking back to it...i'll always have my eyes and ears open, your music is my world x0x from across the seas aussie k- aka pj ; )
pitapixcat Nov-3-08 9.14pm
Come back to Chile... is near to Perú.. please, please, please!!!!... You promised... (My english is so bad... so sorry!)
drift-nina Nov-3-08 7.20pm
we are looking forward to Travis :) -- nina --
minsidesoutside_lds Nov-2-08 3.44pm
Hullö!! So nice to "hear" from yoü and that you are feeling good! I can't believe that i'm going to be so near and so far from you at the same time whe you arrive to Peru... "i wanna cry" would say a USer =D Ok, wish you Well for you all =)
Turtleneck Oct-31-08 1.47pm
New Flat Travis in Kent. Thanks to Moo the Evil Boffin, Flat Travis now have their own web site with all the videos in one area.
leticia Oct-31-08 1.38am
Fran, I've been listening to Joni Mitchell... her songs are so sweet. Love her so far!
Typing to Reach You Oct-30-08 12.43am
Congrats on getting over 100,000 profile views Fran! But you know oh too well that if Claus had a profile he's sooo have more views than you. ;D
yuzuki Oct-29-08 2.58pm
A big hug my Franny. Take care ok?
elmobbo Oct-29-08 12.10pm
Fran, why aren't you playing a live show in PARIS? :((( please come to France !
jesytravis Oct-28-08 1.56am
Fran....ahhhh I missing you!!!
LatinFreak Oct-27-08 4.40am
cant wait until nov. 14th to see travis for the first and probably last time in my whole liiiife ! THAnk you sooooooooo...+oo much for coming to Peru ! i will be there maybe not in first line .. but yes somewhere there living the greatest moment in my life !!! .. i have not words to explain what i feel because of you guys coming to my country ... guess i wont sleep all these days !!
Poliguis Oct-26-08 10.42pm
When Travis come back to Chile? South America is waiting for you.
MsFatRat Oct-22-08 7.47pm
Hello Fran ! Do you remember some crazy kinds on Døgvill?? I just wonder.. Because it`s was me and my friends. I just wanna say hay, and Travis ROCK!! ;D
peno Oct-21-08 10.22pm
Hi Fran ! Copenhagen and you...
bogusblue Oct-21-08 4.25am
So sad you're not coming to Mexico City :o(. We love you here, so I hope it won't take too long to you to come back ;o). Lots of luv, Alma.
Rammsfer Oct-21-08 12.23am
Mexico LOVES Travis :D!
Sarah- Oct-20-08 9.14pm
come on, fran - tourdates for germany, pretty please! =D heh.
purplesky Oct-20-08 3.53pm
I had touch monday at work. I was totally exhausted..but your music cheered me up again. Everything else is changing..but your songs are always there helping me going thru hard times of my life. I'm always thankful for the music you created. Can't imagine I could live without Travis. xx Erin from Korea..
Cissa Oct-20-08 3.40pm
Hi Fran!!! how u doin´? So... you´re coming to Peru and Venezuela... why don´t you come to Brazil? you can´t imagine how many fans are waiting for you here... Should we keep on dreaming or should we try to go to Peru or Venezuela? hehehe!
alanistradi Oct-19-08 8.54pm
It's so hard to explain, your visit it's more than a miracle... I think It's a bless! Thanks for coming to Peru, everyone here is very excited...
Nell Oct-18-08 11.58am
I've been wondering for a long time now: How do you start writing a song. I suppose u start with an inspiration - a subject to write about. But o oughta start with the melody first, right? Or do you write down some chords first? And when you've got the melody, and the chords - do you write a real arrangement for every instrument? Or for the vocals? And when do you add the lyrics... You have written so much about the studioprocess ;) That makes me wondering what happens before... by the way: great music, lyrics....
arturolozano Oct-18-08 2.41am
hi guys great album!! i bought it las monday, i´m from monterrey,mexico i couldn´t beleave the cd store were launching the cd!! thanx for making grat music come back to monterrey, mexico we want you badly cheers
FreakyMaru Oct-17-08 3.42pm
Peru wants you badly. See you there lads. love. Mariella.
melissa Oct-17-08 4.45am
maybe one day travis come back to argentina!!
drift-nina Oct-15-08 8.15pm
trahnk you Fran! Travis in Peru finally! it was my dream for ever! and has come true!!! all people in TravisPERU loves you ande the band ... see you soon AGAIN! in Lima :) .... how fantastic is that! . LOVE! nina.
Nattasha Oct-15-08 3.05am
Hi Fran! I love Ode to J Smith so much and I want to hear some songs live!!! please come back to Chile (this year :) ) Chile is waiting for TRAVIS!!!
ChineseBlues Oct-14-08 3.42pm
"Pipe Dreams" is my favorite Travis song. I especially love when it's played live.
leticia Oct-14-08 2.48am
Hi Fran! I'm Leticia, I went to Newcastle's gig and waited for u outside that night. Just wanted to let you know how great it was to finally meet you. It was a dream come true. Now that I think back, I truly regret not having asked you so many things, or told you which was my favourite song, why do I love your music... Or that the next day I was visiting Glasgow for the first time…By the way, I loved it : ) Hope I get the chance to tell you all these things in person. Love you guys! Leti
yuzuki Oct-13-08 8.55pm
Hey dear! I want to ask you a big favor. Can you come back to Chile?? xD haha! Yes, I know. Is a HUUUUGEEEE favor, but we miss you so much! and if you come to Latin America and don´t come here, we're gonna be so sad U.U We love Travis, we love you, we love Ode to J.Smith. Chi-chi-chi le-le-le. Viva Chile! A
nickynooboo Oct-12-08 9.26am
Hope you felt the love that all us boardies were sending you last night? We were there and we loved it....shame about the crowd. I think u should do a gig just for us boardies, you're gauranteed a good crowd!!!! xxxx
Sarah- Oct-11-08 11.49pm
hey fran! i'm sorry about what happened in nürnberg tonight - at the moment i'm sort of ashamed to be german :( the crowd really sucked. i think it just wasn't the right place for you to play, as it was some teenie festival with a line-up which was lightyears away from your music. i just wish there had been some announcement for this, so that more people from here could have tried to get tickets. anyway... just wanted to say you did a great job tonight, i especially loved selfish jean and the i kissed a girl cover! i already said on the board, i hope that crowd didn't make you wanna leave germany again *g* =( but you know we can do better than that! ;) thank you so much for the london gig, i'm still hyper! take care, sarah ~
mili Oct-11-08 11.42pm
Sorry about the audience in Nürnberg. You didn't see it, but we followed (and did the pogo) the gig from our homes and loved it. Check out this thread:
minsidesoutside_lds Oct-11-08 3.45pm
Helloü S2
BenFilbert Oct-11-08 1.08am
Hey Fran. It seems like the whole board got together and watched the gig tonight (18 page thread in about 2 hours). Was a lot of fun. Made me think, it would be great to have another concert streamed over the website. Maybe it wouldn't work, or be too expensive or not right for whatever reason but i think people like the idea. :)
RUTHIEBABE00 Oct-10-08 11.43pm
Fantastic gig... thought I'd leave some nice feedback ;o) I will definately be out to see you as soon as your back to Scotland... please let it be soon!!!! Xx
pitapixcat Oct-9-08 10.52pm
Craig Oct-9-08 10.30pm
you guys and youre songs hold a very special place in my heart and when im at your gigs nothing else seems to matter!!
Craig Oct-9-08 10.27pm
hi fran thanks for 2 amazing gigs on the last tour, the bath and astoria shows have been 2 of the best ive ever been too and seen you guys play. thanks again for the photos at the back of the astoria i had with you and andy!! its always a pleasure coming to see you guys live!! i will get to as many gigs as i can in the future!!
moo_the_evil_boffin Oct-9-08 7.58am
Thankyou for last night's gig!!! :-D
minsidesoutside_lds Oct-9-08 2.06am
I've just alrady heard all the album and abstly love it!! I found a kind of Nirvana style in some themes what is just great! But i think..if i have to choose? I´ll do it for "Before you were young".... so so so soooo nice song!! Very happy for listening you again, my friends!!! Much love xxL´ds.xx
ChineseBlues Oct-8-08 7.43pm
Love the new album.
Typing to Reach You Oct-8-08 6.14pm
Write more songs like Used To Belong! That is all. ;D
Turtleneck Oct-8-08 2.49pm
Paul C's video Flat Travis in Glasgow is up.
moo_the_evil_boffin Oct-8-08 11.38am
I have Flat Travis packed and ready for the gig tonight! Can't wait! :-D Love, Moo XXX
brenda_94_56 Oct-8-08 4.04am
i cant wait to see you in mexico !!!!!
myriadawn Oct-8-08 12.20am
Sheffield was amazing, you guys were incredible, loved it. I spoke you Fran, asked if your hat was brown or black...your responce...grey, feck I need to get to an optician. Just wanted to say Sol, was very cool...I asked him if I could have Andy's beer bottle, and he guy..again thank you,the best night x
myriadawn Oct-7-08 11.50pm
Sheffield was amazing, you guys were incredible, loved it. I spoke you Fran, asked if your hat was brown or black...your responce...grey, feck I need to get to an optician. Just wanted to say Sol, was very cool...I asked him if I could have Andy's beer bottle, and he guy..again thank you,the best night x
gary1957 Oct-7-08 4.53pm
Hello Fran. Seeing you at the Leadmill tonight and treating my teenage son to his first Travis gig. Last time I saw you there you were suffering with oesophageal reflux and I gave you some advice re same-did you get it sorted? Really looking forward to the gig!-my 5th, first time at V1999 and then Sheffield Octogon the same year. Best wishes!
DANIBLU3001 Oct-7-08 4.22am
Comeee To Brazillllllll! i love you.
Bianca1312 Oct-6-08 12.55pm
Hello Fran! If my sources are correct I think it might be Nora`s birthday today?! So please say "hello" to her for me. I "met" her after a gig in Hamburg in 2003. Some fans were waiting in front of the stage after the show to maybe get a setlist, towel etc., when Nora came along and took some photos. She even took a picture of me!! When I finally had enough courage to say something and even talk to her some security threw us all out(only the fans of course). But anyway, I hope she has a brilliant day today!! All the best!! By the way: Are you planning more shows in Germany or just the one in Essen?? Love, Bianca
BenFilbert Oct-6-08 1.10am
Great gig in Wolverhampton. Was about a third of the way back. I lost my voice. Haha. Love the new album. It sounds amazing, it really does. :) My favourites: Chinese Blues, Broken Mirror, Quite Free, Last Words, Song To Self and Before You Were Young. Also love Used To Belong, my favourite Travis b-side i think. Hope all is well your end. :)
rebekah Oct-5-08 8.40pm
Thank You (: xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
jennifer92 Oct-5-08 3.51am
hi fran!! how are you??
aspalmer84 Oct-4-08 4.47pm
Hey Fran, I love the new record! You guys will always be my favorite band. I live in Charlotte, NC. I met you guys last year when you played Atlanta. Best day of my life. Anyways I was kinda bummed your record didn't come out this week in the US. I'm having a copy imported. Anyways I play in a band full time here. I've toured all over the place and know how important street promotion can be. Is there anything at all I can do to help you guys out with street promotion, publicity, or radio?? I have experience doing them all... obviously at a grassroots level but never the less I can do it. If there is anything I can do to help you guys I would be honored to help out. I don't want anything in return. I could get together a group and get out flyers/postcards, I could help pass the word around on Facebook, I could send bulletins out on Myspace from several accounts I'm associated with, I could help get you guys some press/reviews on some niche music websites and blogs, send out an email on my band's email list, get you some publicity in smaller regional publications, help do stuff in retail stores, and take you guys to some college radio stations. I know you guys probably have some sort of machine behind you and you may not need any help... but if there is anything you would like for me to do let me know. I am willing to do all or some of the things I mentioned if you think it might help. The only think I would need to know if what you would like for me to do and the material to do it. Like a one sheet, press releases, and the files to make make flyers, etc... I also sent this same message to the band's myspace. I wasn't sure if you guys would get it at either place. Look forward to hearing back from you. I appreciate the music you guys make. It makes life better. Follow the Light, Andrew www. myspace. com/hotvegas
rebekah Oct-3-08 7.56pm
Kinda have a song request for tomorrow..Pleaseeeey play Long Way Down :) I will love you so much more if you do (although i don't think that is possible)Can't wait (: xxx
chachadog Oct-3-08 7.05pm
Dear fran,I got the new album today.It's Brilliant:)and I really love it very much,especially "Last Words".Thank you for everything you made.And we miss you so much in Taiwan.Hope everthing is ok:)Cheers!
winatel Oct-3-08 5.40pm
I heard the new album. Great! I played it over and over again for days!! More Rocky than before, but still beautiful melodies.. I cannot but replay it all day long. Thank you for making these beautiful songs! And by the way... Would you come to Korea again, PLEASE? I'm DYING to see you and enjoy your show. I still can't escape from the feeling of your show in Pentaport Rock Festival. Please come to Korea again, Fran, PLEAAASEE?????
pitapixcat Oct-2-08 5.01am
Franny!!!... I really love the new album!!.. Hey!!... PLEASE COME BACK TO CHILE!!!!! PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE!!! Kisses from Chile :) Cheers!
cheesemaker Oct-1-08 3.34pm
NEWCASTLE REQUEST - Hi Fran, fabulous new album, keep it up. Could you dedicate 'Closer' (if selected) to Andy & Vicky at Newcastle Thursday pretty please? Would make my wife exceptionally happy and tearful all at once! What power you wield! :o) Hope not too late. Cheesemaker
RUTHIEBABE00 Oct-1-08 12.42pm
Hey Fran, How's you? When you coming back to Edinburgh/Glasgow...? I so wanted to see you guys and I nearly made it this year!!! Had to leave Picture House before you came on due to hubby collapsing :( Waited a long time to see you guys... hopefully it won't be long before you are back :o) Hope the rest of the tour is going well. I've entered the comp for tickets to see you in London... maybe my luck will be in this time :D
sweet_blue_jen Sep-30-08 9.13pm
Hey Fran, saw you at the Ritz in manchester on sunday and you really rocked it man! Loved every second of it! i love the new album, its awesome. Just want to say your music has really got me through some tough times in my life and seeing you again on sunday just made my heart sing. keep up the good work and please tour again next year!!! Much love xxxx
Silovit Sep-30-08 2.41pm
Fran, Saw you at the Ritz and My girlfriend Trace and I were at the front as usual.. great to see you all performing again and what a great energetic gig.. Shame about the Banjo you didnt get to play but I'll see you do it next time no doubt. Loving the new album. Another success in my eyes and ears. Keep it up
peno Sep-30-08 8.17am
Hi Fran ! The new album are sublime..I really love. I got the new album yesterday in shape of a note from the postman cause I wasn´t home a dilivery. Pick it up today. I loaded the album from iTunes. It´s just awsome this new album, so I wrote my review at iTunesstore. Tjek out my review on iTunes. I´m first to review the album here..:-))))) Also on the messagebord - Ode To J. Smith - the new album. Hope you find it appropriate and ok.
StePlatt Sep-30-08 7.15am
Hey Fran, met you guys back in Nov 2003 in Amsterdam back stage with my mum (pic on my profile) and also in 2002 back stage at Wembley, i'm the lad who gave you the plectrum haha. Hope everything is ok :) Good to hear you guys have a new album out, gonna have to buy it. Didn't know you played Manchester 2 days ago either otherwise i would have gone to see you guys. Anyway all the best!
jaredsiden Sep-30-08 3.25am
Please come to San Francisco!!!!! Atleast 20 of my friends will come see you again like we did at the Fillmore in 2007. PLEASE FRAN.
cmr Sep-29-08 6.05pm
Congrats for the new album dear Franny. Hope I'll get it soon here in Turkey :)
Aimee_and_Andy Sep-29-08 4.22pm
Hey Fran, we wanna buy the new album! When will it be released over here in Canada? Hope you are coming back to play in Edmonton again. Cheers! Andy & Aimee
Bianca1312 Sep-29-08 1.02pm
Wanna know something about my "happy" weekend? Postman Pat didn`t deliver your record on Friday, he didn`t visit me on Saturday, and today he had nothing in his bag for me...Oh, f**k JPC! (sorry for the strong language) I will never order there anything again and will go on waiting...Hope your weekend was better!!
feyza Sep-27-08 8.31am
just wanted to thank you for the great music that you made, and that you will make. It is such a great pleasure listening to TRAVIS. and you were just amazing at house of blues in Orange county, CA. hope to see you again....
lainee Sep-27-08 2.04am
Oops didn't mean to post twice. PS I forgot to say that for a symphony about clouds and dancers in glitter, it wasn't nearly as gay as it sounds! Maybe this is a good idea for a Travis Christmas Special 2008??? Hehe!
lainee Sep-27-08 1.59am
I had the strangest dream last night... You guys were hosting a christmas special on TV.. it was a huge symphony and you were the conductor. The final song was about clouds and there were dancers dressed in gliterry outfits and then you guys joined in and started dancing as well! I woke up thinking that I must search on youtube and watch it again! haha.. I usually have weird dreams but this was particularly odd!
lainee Sep-27-08 1.52am
I had the strangest dream last night... You guys were hosting a christmas special on TV.. it was a huge symphony and you were the conductor. The final song was about clouds and there were dancers dressed in gliterry outfits and then you guys joined in and started dancing as well! I woke up thinking that I must search on youtube and watch it again! haha.. I usually have weird dreams but this was particularly odd!
damon Sep-26-08 7.04pm
fran,,, no very often i write to you, but please please do not take "as you are" from your sets, at least not in your next visit to mexico !!! anyway, cheers !
I Came in Through the Bathroom Window Sep-26-08 6.38pm
Hey Fran! It's "Dramatic Eye Week" on the board. It suits the occation :oP
purplesky Sep-26-08 5.18pm
Oh many thanks from Korea too. The new album arrived on 24th. Yes. I bought Japanese edition coz I couldn't wait till Oct 2! I'm listening to the new songs over and over again. Oh..You guys are genius. I'm in love with new songs already. I love Chinses Blues, Song to self, Long way down, Friends(The melody is perfect), Quite free, Broken Mirror.. of course Sarah.. The new songs are so precise and exciting yet still melodic and beautiful. I'm so happy and cheerful thanks to your new songs. I'm so lucky to be able to know Travis from the other side of earth. All the best. :)
Chemodannica Sep-25-08 5.50pm
Thanksthanksthanksthanksthanks!!!!!!!!! For your new songs on MySpace!!!!!!!! I adore your music!!!!!! Chinese blues is just perfect! Come to Russia again! Please!!!!! I didn't manage to shake your hand. :'(
Bianca1312 Sep-25-08 9.46am
Hi lads! First you did the J.Smith EP, then the Ode to J.S., then the ballad of J.S. and now you are not doing the concert for Mandela, Bangladesh or so but the "Concerts for J.Smith!" Lucky man... or woman?! Anyway I am counting the days and it is still one day to go.TOMORROW is THE day. Hopefully the ode will be delivered then!!!
doisneau7 Sep-24-08 11.59pm
I just adore the new music and am dying for you guys to come back to the US so those of us here who haven't heard it live can see and hear what others have raved about. Come see us soon!!!!
Lu122 Sep-24-08 5.46pm
I've just listened to the new songs on Myspace! They´re brilliant!! Thanks, guys!
peno Sep-24-08 5.28pm
Hi mr. Supersingersongwriter ! Good luck on the uk-tour. I join in Bath - last tree gigs and cph...:-)))
Eilidhreid92 Sep-24-08 3.14pm
Hey Fran i'd just like to say thanks for the brilliant gig last night in Aberdeen and for the art advice! The pic of my painting is up in the Aberdeen album! Thanks again Eilidh.x
Turtleneck Sep-22-08 2.30pm
New Flat Travis video with Spid in Fife.
Carmencita Sep-22-08 9.11am
Song to Self is so beautiful!!!!! A big hug Carmen from Chile!!!!
valen Sep-20-08 6.06pm
I would just like to thank you for a most fantastic evening at Cafe Mono here in Oslo. My mum loved the text messages, and my young cousin is in shock on hearing a lady in her 60's receives texts from Fran :-) All the best, Derek
valen Sep-20-08 5.36pm
I would just like to thank you for a most fantastic evening at Cafe Mono here in Oslo. My mum loved the text messages, and my young cousin is in shock on hearing a lady in her 60's receives texts from Fran :-) All the best, Derek
akanksha Sep-20-08 7.08am
You did an awesome version of "I Kissed A Girl"! ...perhaps it'll be the next Baby One More Time? :)
ChineseBlues Sep-20-08 2.44am
Hi, Fran!
Bellringer Sep-18-08 2.14pm
Fran, just wanna say thanks for being the frontman of the best band in the world. No one writs music so enchanting, uplifting, seductive, downright fun, and just so real and honest. Thanks for sticking to what y'all are so good at, just being bloody brilliant. You really are a fan's band, four genuine blokes doing what they do best and having as much fun out of it as possible. Come to Australia please, we could do with a bit of a Travis-fest down here. Radio is ignoring you! Peace The F*** Out, Bell RingeR
Light Sep-16-08 11.39pm
Fran (and the rest of the bunch), I am newbie, the most important - I found you. I´m about to express my feelings as I am almost sure I cannot find words to convey it all, anyway... Your music is quiet unique, it´s relaxing, with strong lyrics and it definetly serves one´s purpose. But still, there is so much more, the feeling which I hardly describe; it is your simpleness, your openness, indeed. I guess your nature is the thing which makes you way so special. Bravo for that. Therefore, it gives me so much joy to see you enjoy doing it all... saw busking at the you tube yesterday, amazing. Wish you much luck with the new album, stay at the ground, but keep on! If you decide to make a tour in Europe, I will surely attend, and for the very first time. ;) All the best. Lucka from Slovenia
Daphne Sep-15-08 6.46pm
Hi Fran, (and the other guys ofcourse) I just want to thank you all for something great. I'm writing my thesis and I just couldn't concentrate. It is boring as hell and at the same time, I should hurry to finish it in time. I tried everything to not get distracted. Nothing worked, untill I played your cd. Besides the fact that I love your songs, it keeps me going! So many many thanx, Travis will pop up in the acknowledgements! Cheers, Daphne from the Netherlands
Nikki Sep-13-08 9.35am
Nov. 4? :*/ ...but I want it nooow! lol.
Bianca1312 Sep-13-08 9.18am
Guten Morgen Franny! I just read the email about the release-dates of the new record. Germany is not mentioned, so stupid question, but won`t it be released here?
jesytravis Sep-12-08 5.46pm
Holaaa Fran!!! =) Fran well ammmmm!!! love you music is very nice!!! I like to much!!! return pleace to mexico city!!! very much kisses!!!
fallingdown Sep-11-08 4.43pm
hi fran!!please come to spain soon and if it´s possible to the south!!:)kisses
BenFilbert Sep-11-08 2.20pm
Hey Fran. I'm off to New York tomorrow. Wooo! Very excited! Can't wait for the album. Seems like ages since the gigs in February. :)
DeiMc Sep-10-08 2.24pm
Hey fran, had the best time ever at the cois fharraige concert at the weeknd.thanks soo much for the gr8 performance and 4 taking photos with us afterwards. We all had the time of our lives.. Hope ye come back soon x Ps. the new music sounds gr8, cant wait for the album to come out!
lainee Sep-10-08 9.39am
Hi Fran! Please come back to Australia soon?? It has been way too long xox
doisneau7 Sep-9-08 11.15pm
You simply spoil us on this website. I love to see the comments that you post to the forum. Not too many artists get this involved with their fans and I appreciate it. Now if you guys could make it over to the US soon:) We miss you desperately! Looking forward to the new album.
guada_sp Sep-9-08 7.57pm
I love you!! you are my inspiration, when i listen your music I can feel like a magic, your Lyrics are beautiful, i like so much Writing to reach you and Good Day to die. Good luck with the new album... and thanks for change my life with your music
Silovit Sep-9-08 2.23pm
Fran and the guys, Big fan love seeing you all and the energy you always have, seen you loads of times and even have a nice blue VW camper named after you guys. Cant wait to see you at the Ritz in Manchester, if its anything like the accademy or apollo or Warrington par hall gigs it will be great.. Love playing your stuff myself on guitar too.. it inspired me to learn and been playing for a while now.. always with plenty of your songs. Love Andys exploits on all I want to do is rock!! Fab.. Keep it up guys.. looking forward to the new album.. see you in the Ritz! Simon.L
MariaMak Sep-8-08 9.09pm
Hey Fran, it was great meeting you and Dougie last night. Thanks for stopping to take photos with us. Now i just wish my camera would work so i could upload the pictures. You guys were definately everyones highlight at cois fharraige. People are still talking about it around here. Fair play..come back soon!! And remember.. we love you 'as you are' ;-) Maria xx
timbo15 Sep-8-08 7.50pm
Thanks for singing Happy Birthday to Travis (You all made his day) - Pics + vid in messageboard. He wants to see you in Wolverhampton but he would be crushed in the Wulfrun.
Nikki Sep-8-08 5.04pm
I am so excited you put Detroit in your top 10 shows of all time! I've only see you guys twice, but when I was there I could feel it! It was a special night! *sigh* I can't wait to see you guys again. Come back and rock The D again, Franny!!! :)
pilotswish Sep-8-08 5.29am
Sure this is said often but I have to say thank you all kindly for music and lyrics that have helped get me through trying days ...while keeping a smile on my face. Hope to see you live in the future! peace,love and respect
filispinecek Sep-6-08 2.59pm
Hi Fran, Irsko9 has a good idea! Please come to Czech Republic! There's a big big fans too. Thanks a lot and see you soon!!
Irsko9 Sep-5-08 5.11pm
akanksha Sep-5-08 11.36am
FRANNNN! Do come to Singapore again SOON! You promised. :)
galletitabonita Sep-5-08 5.10am
hola! xD Are you planning to come to Mexico??? tell us tell us!!!
Chemodannica Sep-4-08 7.59pm
Guten Tag! You are in Germany! I'm so jealous! lucky man! Write more pls. =) I adore reading your block! Viele Grüße aus Russland! :****
Mnnnn Sep-4-08 4.51pm
come to czech rep ;-)
lalalife86 Sep-4-08 3.07pm
Night Fran! Sleep tight in Berlin!
bogusblue Sep-4-08 3.31am
If it's not true, please ignore the comment below :oP heehee
bogusblue Sep-4-08 3.26am
Totally agree with zu's comment... I mean we all want you to come back sooo badly, but pleaaaase don't line-up for that festival (it sucks!). You know, there's a nice and warm place where you have already performed before called Sports Palace, that one is actually a good place to see you one more time ;o). Sorry if you really wanted to play there, but please (if this rumour is true) don't do it! You don't know how hard is for me to say this but that festival is not a good one... and it will be in a very far (at least for me) and freezing place :o(. Alma xx
Trainspotter Sep-3-08 11.17pm
Thanks again for the autograph and the picture and letting us watch you record the two songs today at Radio Hamburg. Jocelyn and I were giggling all day and now the paper with your writing on it is pinned on the wall beside my desk, right next to the ticket of that concert of yours that was my first one ever. It was November 2001, by the way. Again, you REALLY made my day and I want to thank you so much for helping me remember why I like my job! ;) Make sure you come to Hamburg as soon as possible, I'll definitely be there! Best wishes to everybody and hope to see you soon- Sarah (still smiling)
zu Sep-3-08 11.12pm
There´s rumors about you guys were invited to this festival called Manifest! PLEASE DONT COME WITH THEM! I´m a huge fan of the band and I have gone to each and every concert in Mexico buuuut please PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE!! THAT FESTIVAL IS TERRIBLE, the organization is aweful!!! LAST YEAR SOME BANDS WERE LEFT IN THE DARKNESS IN THE MIDDLE OF THEIR SETS!!!! I would love you to come back to Mexico and serioulsy I will go each and every time, but the Manifest sucks! and you are soo good for them.. Please come but alone!! please please please!! All the best from Mexico City!!
cmr Sep-3-08 6.00pm
You are a wonderful person Fran. Thank you for being one :)
minnmess Sep-3-08 3.14pm
Silly Nikki, you know you really meant Toronto! Toronto! Toronto! Follow that US tour with a trip across the border?
Nikki Sep-3-08 12.36am
I second the comment below mine. :) (Detroit! Detroit! Detroit!)
ChineseBlues Sep-2-08 10.53am
Two words: U.S. tour :)
galletitabonita Sep-2-08 5.04am
Hola :)
TeAmoDougie Sep-2-08 2.02am
U ROCK FRAN!!! I LOVE YOU! I LOVE, "J SMITH" AND "SOMETHING ANYTHING", i can't wait to see you again!!! Please, come to Argentina again!!! LONG LIVE TRAVIS!!!
brenrogers Sep-1-08 4.46am
hey Fran, Can't wait to see you and the lads in Manchester at the end of the month. I'm so glad your bringing out a new album so soon after The Boy With No Name. From what I've heard I gather this album is going to be a little more gritty, Which I'm really looking forward to. oh and, and chance of letting me know what old stuff we may be hearing on the tour, or is it just random?? bren
MariaMak Sep-1-08 1.27am
Hey Fran, Seriously looking forward to hearing you play in Kilkee on Sunday. Its surreal for me :D All i wanna do is hear you rock. See you front row!!! :D Xx
yuzuki Aug-29-08 8.40pm
peno Aug-27-08 4.43pm
Yesterday i download my missing b-sides from iTunes and got all of them now. Great song all of them. You may consider release a b-side album...:-))) xxxPeter
Anuka Aug-27-08 1.14pm
hi fran..i'm just wanna say smthng.. ur music changed my life..ur songs make me cry..make me laugh..make me crazy..make me feeling about smthn..and travis will be the best band in my heart forever and ever..i love u travis..a girl from Mongolia..(*_*)
Estela Aug-26-08 6.17pm
Hi there!I was at Bilbao's concert, you were amazing. I love the new songs. Eskerrik asko for coming!
peno Aug-25-08 11.11pm
Hi Fran ! Here I am "At the Palace" with you preparing me for the UK-tour. Luv 12 Memories very mutch and I´m sure love wil come through all over september 29. with Ode to J.Smith.
fernandaramalho Aug-25-08 12.43pm
Hi Fran, mmmm some possibility Travis in Brasil? please, tell me yes!!! haha!! :)
AuroraBorealis Aug-25-08 10.55am
Hey Fran
purplesky Aug-23-08 5.32pm
Thanks Travis for being Travis. Your music has enriched my life, inspired me and made me feeling something. Thank you for keep playing for us.. I really appreciate it. Take care! :) Love from Korea.
echophonic Aug-23-08 3.33pm
hey fran!
cmr Aug-20-08 11.29pm
Hey Franny, me again. I'll be in your hometown, Glasgow tomorrow. Can't wait for it! Scottland is a wonderfull place so far. :)
ChineseBlues Aug-20-08 12.04am
Hi Fran!
minsidesoutside_lds Aug-18-08 10.51pm
I love the new song!! The video is simply great :) I hope to see you all soon. I'm with you, guys =) And I wish you well. Loürdes @rgentina. Bs. As. Travis Live??
Rockme Aug-18-08 4.46pm
Hi Fran ! i wondered when you would come in France and more particularly to Marseille??
uumi Aug-16-08 3.52pm
Hi Fran, the new video is so great!! You sing so well and all of you are so cute! love Something Anything, very rocky!!
barby Aug-16-08 3.44am
Fran I loveeee Something Anything!I´m very happy :)
silvaTW Aug-15-08 7.20pm
thank you, Fran, for mentioned Taiwan the small island. i've been waiting over 10 days for any piece of messages or pictures about Taiwan. now i'm really happy i could see it, even the sky and the city seemed dirty and grey. hope that you could keep the wish so deep in mind and never lost it. again, thank you :-)
outofthesinking Aug-15-08 1.11pm
hmmmm..... mmmmmmmmmmmmmmm. zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz
Carmencita Aug-15-08 3.11am
I love Something Anything's video ...... I am charmed with the new look ... I hope that begins soon the tour and return to Chile!!! Hearts!!
flc Aug-14-08 10.26pm
HI FRAN! Thanks a lot for the photos ;) Good Luck for the new album !
loria Aug-14-08 1.11pm
the make up girl did a fine job making you look hot ;) actually i'm sure it wasn't much work at all. the vid is great, the song is great and i can't wait for an american tour!
Jean-ah Aug-14-08 6.20am
Hey Fran! Please share with us the lyrics of Something Anything... :) best regardsss mua!
myriadawn Aug-14-08 12.26am
Nobody does it better, ever Fran x
Typing to Reach You Aug-13-08 5.58pm
Hey Fran, I'm still waiting for the 'due to popular demand Travis has added a show in Blackpool/Preston/Lancaster' announcement. ;P I'm playing the J Smith EP constantly btw, 'tis awesome - roll on Sept 29th!
Jay Parker Aug-13-08 9.41am
Love-love-love the new songs and the video! Can't wait to lay my hands on the album :)))
Turtleneck Aug-12-08 4.21pm
New adventures of Flat Travis in Barcelona on G-Chat!
Nikki Aug-11-08 7.55pm
Fran, you rule. ;)
CaitInTheTardis Aug-11-08 6.33pm
edinburgh gig is only thing that will keep me going through school till then! cheers dude cannae waaaait! x
CaitInTheTardis Aug-11-08 6.33pm
edinburgh gig is only thing that will keep me going through school till then! cheers dude cannae waaaait! x
myriadawn Aug-10-08 10.46pm
Fran, there's a whole world of books out there.....I'm curious as to , Nah! See you in Sheffield, I'm breathless with antifreeze, I mean anticipitation
BenFilbert Aug-10-08 1.31am
Hello Fran. I love the album cover. It is brilliant! Weird, but brilliant! Haha. :) And Something Anything really rocks! You've kept the energy and awesomeness that it has live. Amazing stuff! Hope you're well. Ben.
auronsquall Aug-9-08 6.07pm
i duno if i told you already but thanks again for the great show in taipei, i think i added you on facebook, if thats not you let me know its not so weird haha have a good day fran!
auronsquall Aug-9-08 6.07pm
i duno if i told you already but thanks again for the great show in taipei, i think i added you on facebook, if thats not you let me know its not so weird haha have a good day fran!
penguin Aug-9-08 3.55am
I just wanted to tell you that the new B-side Sarah is incredibly beautiful - there aren't words for it - M
firth Aug-8-08 11.22pm
Hi Fran, We must say a BIIIG thank you for the amazing moment at the airport on 8/3, and the photo taking with you that I wasn't expecting for before I was taking pictures for my friends... You are so kind! And hearing TURN live does bring me many things that can help me overcome all the difficulties about the job and the future. I can't help crying and shouting TURN TURN TURN during the chorus... THANK YOU!
purplesky Aug-8-08 6.17pm
Fran, I'm in love with the new song, Sarah. As soon as I listened to the song on myspace, I decided to buy the J.Smith EP. Oh..thank you so much for giving us such a great music. You may not know how much your songs mean to me, how much your voice comforts me. Thank you..
MinisterOfSillyWalks Aug-8-08 12.50pm
Hey Fran, Would You Like A Government Grant To Perfect A Silly Walk? Then Step (In A Slighty Odd Fashion)This Way :D keep rockin(g) a big fran fan like every other being on this forum :D
FreakyMaru Aug-8-08 1.53am
you guys HAVE GOT TO include South America for the new tour! I haven't had the awesome oportunity to watch you live yet, so you better come. LOTS OF LOVE FROM PERU
shinski824 Aug-7-08 9.25pm
im a huge fan....any idea when a US tour is gonna come around for me here in the US?
brenda_94_56 Aug-6-08 5.58pm
fran you rock !!!!!!!!!
thehitcher Aug-6-08 1.05pm
Hey Fran, really love Something Anything, looking forward to the new album. Thanks for keeping on going and giving us great music. All the best Fran :-)
thehitcher Aug-6-08 12.53pm
Hey Fran, really love Something Anything, looking forward to the new album. Thanks for keeping on going and giving us great music. All the best Fran :-)
luisbus Aug-6-08 2.48am
thanks for that beatiful songs they make me change to the dead to a new life, beacause you think the life is playing witn youand you are in teh darknes only the mgood music can change that sorry if i write wrong something a lot of thanks from mexico d.f. thanks for safe my life
frandougeil Aug-4-08 6.34am
Thank U Fran for singing Love Will Come Through=) I never thought i'd be alive to see that happen.U sounded amazing live!!I went through crazy-killer moshing and pushing but i didn't mind one sec of it coz i knew it would aLL be worth it when Travis came onstage=D A googiLLion thanx Fran for making my year!!I definitely look forward to seeing u in Singapore again!Hopefully the next time it will be your own-deserving-Travis-giG!! Cya soon*
CheraviS Aug-4-08 2.10am
"thx for coming to HK!!!" that's exactly what I want to say !!!!!!!!!!! I never thought I could have the chance to see you guys in Hong Kong. I'll keep every memory in mind till the day I die... Oh Fran and I think you quite like Hong Kong don't you ;) Once again thank you so much for coming!!! I love Travis from the bottom of my heart.....<3
thebryanlo Aug-3-08 7.26pm
thx for coming to HK!!! you guys really rock me out... my head is doing nothing but picturing the moment of you rocking Selfish Jean all the time XD
nowcoolcool Aug-2-08 4.11pm
i was really happy to hear your songs in KOREA. we, all korean remember your "see you really soon". i am waiting for your 2nd visit. thank you for beautiful song.
ChineseBlues Aug-1-08 10.35pm
Thank you Travis for coming to Bangkok! =) How was the Thai food? =D Cheers!
dazzling Aug-1-08 1.08pm
hi mate don't know if you remember but back in the early days i was bass player in the hybirds we supported you on a load of gigs, after a bit of a wilderness break ive come back with a new band thought you might check em out see what you think mate, still remember the yellow monkey gig at astoria like it was yesterday weird day. Daz.
dazzling Aug-1-08 1.05pm
hi mate don't know if you remember but back in the early days i was bass player in the hybirds we supported you on a load of gigs, after a bit of a wilderness break ive come back with a new band thought you might check em out see what you think mate, still remember the yellow monkey gig at astoria like it was yesterday weird day. Daz.
agnesty Aug-1-08 11.25am
Thanks for coming to HK! the show was awesome!! :D You guys are great! pls come back~~~
tamki Aug-1-08 12.22am
do you like the birthday card? in fact, i bougth you the birthday cake too, but was unable to give you.. love from H.K , winki
tungchoi Jul-31-08 8.55pm
FRAN!!! I AM TUNG! GREAT SHOW in Hong Kong!! I m glad u like the drawing!! u are so lovely n Sweet! TRAVIS ROCKSSS TONITE!!!!!!! i hope u guys will come to HK again! LOVE U GUYSS
Kimmy256 Jul-31-08 11.40am
Awesome show in bangkok!!! :D thanks for the coming to bangkok.
I Came in Through the Bathroom Window Jul-30-08 12.14am
Song To Self is brilliant. If all the other songs are as amazing as the ones we've heard, Ode is definitely going to be the best Travis album.
gaby Jul-29-08 9.45pm
I just ADORE song to self!!! Thank you Fran, one more time, for a wonderful song :) *cheers*
Nikki Jul-29-08 3.52pm
Just heard "Song to Self" for the first time. Wow. Just beautiful. You amaze me again. You're really something else, Fran. :) Thank you. ps- Detroit can't wait for Travis to come back.
mayfly Jul-29-08 7.47am
Thanks for the amazing show and wearing the t-shirts too. Do hope you like them. It's what a coincidence that I saw you at the airport next day of the festival. I was due on a business trip to Malaysia and strangely got a hunch that I migh meet you at the airport, but never expected it's gonna be my luckest day. I even brought my TIB CD to get your sign on but couldn't talk to you. Just standing next to you for a while at the boarding desk, getting my ticket ready and watching you leaving. So silly I was. Next time, if it comes, I'll try to be less foolish.
winatel Jul-29-08 6.20am
Thank you for FANTASTIC SHOW in Korea, Fran!! It's still like I'm dreaming! I was in the first line holding fence, and I saw you that close! And your wonderful show...Wow. just wow. I don't know what to say. Please come to Korea again, PLEAAAAZEEEEEEE?! It was the most beautiful night I've ever gone through. Hope i can see you soon. Thank you again, Fran!! TRAVIS ROCKS!!!!!!!
salnesiac Jul-28-08 7.08am
hi fran, is it possible for you to disclose the flight time from Hong Kong to Singapore? i really want to see you in person and i know this is an absurd request but i'm a big fan of Travis!
cmr Jul-27-08 12.05pm
Hope you're great dear Franny. I'll be in London when V-Fastival is happening and I can't find tickets! Shame :( Wish I could see you guys there.. Pheuw.. Well take care, I'm praying to run across to you guys on street :) Cemre xxx
purplesky Jul-26-08 7.44pm
Thank you for visiting Korea. Thank you for the wonderful show today.. It was the happiest day in my life.. Please come and see us soon. Thank you, Fran, and Travis :)
Nikki Jul-26-08 6.47pm
Thanks for the Detroit love in your new blog, Fran! We had an amazing time last summer! Come back soon! :)
Chemodannica Jul-26-08 12.32pm
I'm not really squeamish. :) This Fingerclaes is so funny!!! I like your Scottish sense of humor! :) I'm looking forward your messages :). Your strange distand friend Lisa
brenda_94_56 Jul-24-08 10.23pm
frandougeil Jul-24-08 6.58pm
Hi Fran=)I'm really Your biggest fan!(next to my sis julessupertramp..we're both fans since many years ago)I'm very much looking forward to catch the band in Singapore=D Just one minor request:would it be too much to request for u to sing Somewhere Else or Love Will Come Through(or better still both) on that fateful nite @ Singfest?It's one of my most fave track of yours.U'll make my entire year if u do! I'll be catching u and the rest soon..can't wait!!Btw Happy Belated Bday=Dhope u had a good one! sincerely, Sue* (ur biggest fan!)
julessupertramp Jul-24-08 5.27pm
hello Fran! i must say im feeling overexcited right now just typing this *o* i just really wanted to say that you have been such a great musical figure in my life.i first heard travis songs many years ago and havent stop listening since.i really2 cant wait to see the band perform here in sg,im constantly counting down the days.and fran it would really make my day if you will sing 'Somewhere Else' that night,i just love that song all my heart,lovely2 song,i promise i won't tear up if u ever do sing it =) c u soon! love, juli *happy[belated]birthday*
tungchoi Jul-24-08 8.54am
Happy Birthday!!! u are so lovely! we will meet on 31 JULY in Hong Kong! cant wait! xxx tung
Bianca1312 Jul-24-08 6.43am
Sorry Franny, I really thought of you yesterday, but I just didn´t have the time to say hello, because I am working all around the clock at the moment, so today: Congratulations to your 35 th birthday! I hope you really had a fantastic day with lots of presents, cake... Liebe Grüße nach Berlin :-)!!
yuriblury Jul-24-08 12.22am
happy B-day dear Fran, hope you have a wonderful day with your family and friends. Thnx for all your talent
dobber Jul-23-08 11.38pm
Happy birthday Fran, i hate birthdays. Like xmas, always feel pressure to be 'happy'
FreakyMaru Jul-23-08 11.37pm
FELIZ CUMPLEAÑOS VEJETE! te amamos. lots of love and kisses from PERU
brenda_94_56 Jul-23-08 11.34pm
happy birthday frany !!!!! feliz cumpleaños !!! bon anniverse!!!!
aishy Jul-23-08 11.25pm
Oh, sorry, there's something wrong with the Net, that's why my comment was added twice. :/ But that's not the point why I'm writing again! :D Yeah, I won't be original, so - HAPPY BIRTHDAY FROM LATVIA! LOTS OF HUGS AND VIRTUAL FLOWERS FOR YOU! ;)
aishy Jul-23-08 11.20pm
Fran! I just wanted to thank you for the fantastic concert in Latvia! You heard how the girls were screaming for you - because they all love you guys, love the music what you're making! It was such a feeling when we all together sang "closer, closer, lean on me now,lean on me now" and let's not even talk about "Why Does It Always Rain On Me" - perfect! Hope to see you soon again! :)
aishy Jul-23-08 11.19pm
Fran! I just wanted to thank you for the fantastic concert in Latvia! You heard how the girls were screaming for you - because they all love you guys, love the music what you're making! It was such a feeling when we all together sang "closer, closer, lean on me now,lean on me now" and let's not even talk about "Why Does It Always Rain On Me" - perfect! Hope to see you soon again! :)
Tatyana Jul-23-08 10.34pm
Happy Birthday, Francis!! I subscribe to every single comment below:) I wish you and your family a long full life in love and understanding, and of course personal and creative improvement! xxx
elliotroad Jul-23-08 10.12pm
Happy Birthday Fran!!!!!!
KathyC Jul-23-08 9.51pm
Hope you've had a very happy birthday. x
paul_c Jul-23-08 9.44pm
Mer-maid Jul-23-08 8.36pm
Happy Birthday, Fran! Please, BE HAPPY! Thank you for my happynes! Best wishes! U are the BEST!!!! XX
fallingdown Jul-23-08 6.47pm
happy birthday franny!!!kisses
hennypenny Jul-23-08 6.46pm
Happy 35th Birthday, Fran!
Laura23 Jul-23-08 6.13pm
Hi Fran!!!! Happy Birthday from Colombia!!!!!!!! Best wishes for u!!!! you're amazing!
playdrums Jul-23-08 5.04pm
Wow,so many congratulations from the different countries.So Here is another one: HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!! FROM RUSSIA!!!))))) I think, the rest have already written up to me))))
moo_the_evil_boffin Jul-23-08 5.00pm
Happy Birthday Fran!!
Meridith Jul-23-08 3.28pm
Happy Birthday to you Fran! May all of your birthday wishes come true!
Keep_the_Face Jul-23-08 3.16pm
Dear Fran!!Happy birthday!!thanks for the wonderful show in Russia!!!It was COOl!Thanks for your music,it helps to live,helps in the difficult periods :)We wait you again)Big Love from Moscow!))
Keep_the_Face Jul-23-08 3.14pm
Dear Fran!!Happy birthday!!thanks for the wonderful show in Russia!!!It was COOl!Thanks for your music,it helps to live,helps in the difficult periods :)We wait you again)Big Love from Moscow!))
sin Jul-23-08 3.03pm
Happy birthday Fran (:
TheMouseProblem Jul-23-08 2.27pm
happy birthday Sun! greetings from warmed and enlightened Latvia! we've never loved you and your music as crazy as we do now (:
yuzuki Jul-23-08 2.11pm
Feliz cumpleaños Feliz cumpleaños Feliz cumpleaños Feliz cumpleaños Feliz cumpleaños Feliz cumpleaños ♥♥♥♥♥♥
Chiito-chan Jul-23-08 1.48pm
Feliz Cumpleaños, Fran! The best wishes from Barcelona and thanks for everything. Have an amazing day :)
minnmess Jul-23-08 1.26pm
Happy Birthday Franny! Big love from Canada! XOXO
Irish_Kirsche Jul-23-08 11.28am
Happy Birthday, dear Fran! No, not just dear Great Fran!!! Fran the Greatest!!! From Mia with love )
elmfai Jul-23-08 9.40am
Happy birthday,Fran!!!
Rassvetnaya Jul-23-08 8.11am
Happy Birthday, dear Fran!Pls don`t lose your light and bright that U gift us. From Russia with love.
julietravisaddict Jul-23-08 7.40am
A very hippy birthday Fran!!!!! Cheers!!!!!
Chemodannica Jul-23-08 7.24am
Happy Birthday, blue-eyed man!!! ;)(Greetings from Russia)
pitapixcat Jul-23-08 5.56am
Happy birthday... Mr. Franny (8)... Hugs from Chile! (Jejeje, tomorrow is my birthday ^^) Cheers :)
I Came in Through the Bathroom Window Jul-23-08 5.49am
Feliz cumpleaños Franny! Have a great time! Hugs all the way from Buenos Aires :o). Thank you for everything!
gaby Jul-23-08 4.27am
Wishing you the best birthday ever, Fran!! *Hugs from Argentina*
Nikki Jul-23-08 3.58am
Sending you Birthday hugs from Detroit, MI. :) Have a great day!
minsidesoutside_lds Jul-23-08 2.19am
¡¡¡Happy Birthday, Fran!!! Wish you well, again =D Cheers & Love!!! L´ds@argentina
Carmencita Jul-23-08 1.37am
Happy birthday .... I embrace one very big and that is a wonderful day for you ... I love you very much....I wait to meet again .... many benedictions for you and your beautiful family...take care a lot!!! Kisses from Chile.
bogusblue Jul-23-08 1.07am
Happy Birthday, Fran! Have a great one! I send a lot of love to you all the way from Mexico City :o) xoxo
Hiromi-Y Jul-23-08 12.32am
Happy Birthday of the 35th, Fran! See you in Naeba! (tomorrow?) Have a nice Asia tour!!! H x
barby Jul-23-08 12.27am
HAPPY B-day Fran! :) Thanks for give us your music. You know Travis have something special, not like other bands, you´re very kind with all fans (face to face)And very funny too. I´m very very happy for you, for the band, have a great day.The best for the tour. Enjoy your day, and be forever young (if you want xD) My kisses from Argentina (argentinian fans we´re always in the can read us if you understand spanish :) Sorry for my english :)
peno Jul-23-08 12.03am
Happy birdsday dear Fran... on your birdsday...:-))) xxxPeter
peno Jul-22-08 11.42pm
Happy birdsday dear Fran and my best wishes for you in the future. Also a birdsday-hug from my daugther Judit. She´s very happy for your message you signed for her in Montreux late night after the show. Thanks man and see you in Shewsbury...:-)) xxx Peter
Lin Jul-22-08 1.10pm
Franny, you're such incredible person! You are so... and your eyes are so... and... You're so great, I love you so much) Thank you! It's so great that you are) I read that while tour you miss familly that's why I thought it would be quite good idea to give you trinket with frames inside where you can put photos... I really hope you like it =) All the best from Ukraine ;)
Amandabug Jul-21-08 7.08pm
you best let crowded house no that they can't keep giles. go woodhead!
playdrums Jul-20-08 3.59pm
Oh, yeah!!! "Song to self" is awesome!!!))))))
Chemodannica Jul-20-08 2.55pm
Hellloooouuu, Fran!!! You are just perfect! I will always remember this concert in Moscow. Those pretty hours made me happy for ages!!! Now when I think of this concert, I can't help smiling.:)Although it's a little sad that you left. I'm so glad that I managed to come from Volgograd to Moscow for it. It was the best concert in my life because nobody exept you gave so much positive feelngs for folks. You are so open to people! It's so great! You know, that your music will save this world. :) Thank you, thank you, thank you, thank you a lot!!!! *crying from happiness P.S. I like your new song wich you played the first. My favourite moment during the concert: jumping up to "What does always rain on me" (btw... it seems you brought the rain...:]) Your distand strange Lisa :]
melissa Jul-19-08 7.00pm
ohh Really Rusia loves you!!! we can see it! that's amazing travis is breaking all borders! kisses from buenos aires man!
Tatyana Jul-19-08 1.51am
Hey, Fran! How are you doing? :) Just write to say Thank You. Thank you for your creative work, for your music, for your personality and of course for the incredible show in Moscow! You made us really happy. And all the people who were there at that rainy summer night were united by this happiness and unspeakable emotions.. Those moments will remain in my memory for a long time. And you know the impression of your gig has become some kind of another turning point in my life. So thank you again that you make us think, feel, cry with happiness and smile through tears.. :) Remember that you're always welcome in Russia! Your music plays in our earphones, in our music speakers and in our souls. It just helps us to live and survive in this complicated world :) With Love from Moscow, Tatiana <3
Buuu Jul-19-08 12.36am
Hello! = ) Thanks that have arrived to Moscow!!! And thanks, that you is!!! It was a fantastic concert!!! You have made happy all of us!!! Till now I am under impression..... Thanks for your sincerity, warmly and kindness!!!! You the best!!! Very much I hope, that you to us will arrive still! I love you!!!! (Forgive for my bad English language)
ElenaFi Jul-18-08 7.37pm
Hey, Fran!!!=))) I live in St. Petersburg, it's "the cultural capital of Russia".and there are lots of your great fans!!! almost all of them were in Moscow on the 16.of July. they brought a lot of travis-happiness to our city and I feel it=) I'm sorry but I couldn't go to Moccow for my exams. (I'm trying to eneter the university) and it was a real tragedy for me=\ I really hope you'll visit our country again and maybe your next place will be St.Petersburg;)"? thanx for your music. it makes my every day happier. kuss und gruss aus Russland;) vergiss uns nicht!
Christiangusyoung Jul-18-08 4.22pm
Hi! My girlfriend and I are getting married this summer.Shes a huge fan and uses to post messeages on the forum.Her name is Aída.I would like to give her a huge surprise. You guys will be playing in bilbao only one hour away from our house. I want to know if it would be posible to know you before or after the show as a kind of marriage present.This will be really important for Aída and I want to make her feel as happy as she makes me feel. If anyone can make something or call someone.....I dont know My e-mail adress is Thanks for reading bye
Jay Parker Jul-18-08 10.09am
Pipe Dreams!!!!! Still cannot believe I've heard it live.........
pink_kitten Jul-18-08 9.03am
Thank U for a great show in Moscow!!!! We've been waiting for U here for years! Thank U and welcome back!!!!!
Elidare Jul-17-08 8.23pm
Thanx for singing while signing papers&stuff :) and yeah - come back to Russia!
playdrums Jul-17-08 6.54pm
That was incredible show and on behalf of all Russians I want to say that we definitely want more!!!!!!))))))))))))))) And I am very upset, that could not remain after a concert and be thrown with you in pair words))))And I'm really hope, that you still will arrive!!!!!!)))))
Olka Jul-17-08 10.43am
OMG!! it was amazing-great-phantastic-unforgettable concert that i've ever seen. Thx for you show in Moscow. Hope you visit us again and again and again.... :D
Rassvetnaya Jul-17-08 7.02am
Dear Fran, U are the best! Thank U very much for the phantastic concert in Moscow! We`ll miss U! Will be back!<3 \--/
Mer-maid Jul-16-08 11.00pm
Thx SO MUCH for the concert. It was amazing! I'll never forget it! I wish to hear Re-Offender live, so COME BACK as soon as it possiable. We're waiting and we love U. I hope U like Moskow :)
Hullabaloo Jul-16-08 9.24pm
Thx for the great show in Moscow! come back soon! we love ya! muahahaha i held your hand!:D:D:D
cmr Jul-15-08 10.02pm
Hey Franny, me again. I can't let go of the concert.. I really loved to see you guys playing right in front of me.. I wish we could met, you've seen me though that's just great :) Hope to see you soon. Lots of hugs.
Eledh Jul-14-08 1.09am
Miss you.
myriadawn Jul-13-08 11.39pm
Hey Fran Love the tunes, bought the EP, it's not signed though...arghhh, would so love your scribble, how would I go about that? xxx
peno Jul-13-08 12.49pm
Hi Fran ! Thanks a lot for a very fine gig in Montreux – it was amazing. I´m still breathless and can´t find words, but I have recowered I will leave a (nice) comment on the event. Also very nice to be in your company after the gig. You realy got it make us fans feel eaqual to you and it is always a big pleasure to meet you. Hope you liked the beers..:-)) I already have got tickets for the gig in Schewsbery September 5. – see you there..:-)) Hugs from Peter ps. hope you recowerd the cold and sawed your voice.
Cissa Jul-12-08 1.45am
hi Fran! i´m new here! hey, we´re waiting for you in Brazil!!! pleeeeease!
Chris_M Jul-11-08 3.58pm
Hey Fran! Thank you for coming in Montreux, that was great! So great! The best night of my life. I had never seen you live before, and that kicked arse! And you shook my hand at the end of the show, I felt like I've met God. Thank you so much, really. I'll never ever forget this gig!
briandsutton Jul-10-08 1.07am
will you consider playing a show in Salt Lake city, utah? I traveled to 2 differant states on your last albums tours "the Fillmore in San Fransisco and house of blues in Orlando" and it gets expensive. please consider the possibility, I'll gaurantee a number of tickets sales if I have to.
thealchemistolgu Jul-10-08 12.42am
I just saw a video of your cover of Lovely Rita on youtube,I loved it :)) You should have sung Hit Me Baby One More Time cover in Istanbul :) anyway you will be able to sing in next time :)
Turtleneck Jul-9-08 11.53pm
Please take a look at Goosey's adventures with Flat Travis in The Official Flat Travis thread on General Chat. Link next to her name under the picture of Flat Travis.
peno Jul-9-08 2.55pm
Hi Fran ! I am Peter from DK and I am now in Montreux to injoy Travis tomorrow. I hope very mutch to meet you, Andy, Neil and Dougie here. In fact I have brought five very fine danish beers (Willemoes from Fyn near Odense) for you guys. Also congratiolation wiht J.S.Smith. I got the 10" EP - it is very nice. xxPeter
yuzuki Jul-8-08 6.59pm
I'm so curious about the new soungs; the J.Smith EP was an excellent preliminary. Congrants, good job Franny.
linstawin Jul-8-08 1.36am
Oh god! When you guys will come to Brasil?? We are waiting!! Best songs ever! Your voice is wonderful... Hugs from south of Brasil!
Aude Jul-7-08 2.51pm
Great show last friday! :) It was my first ever travis-experience and that was a real success!!! But it was so short! You guys are really funny to watch. It started rainning during Why does it always rain on me, but it was only a few drops... Anyway the new stuff is really (I mean reeeeeeeally) good, can't wait to have J. Smith in my hands! I hope you had a nice time in our country (please come back soon). Fran's blog about it was really nice. Cheers!!!
hazel_cohen Jul-4-08 10.56am
your voice is amazing were aweseome in's been a week but i still remember every single move that you made =) love you so much...pls come back agaaiiiin =)
Bianca1312 Jul-3-08 4.47pm
Trixi is damned right!!!
Trixi Jul-3-08 6.53am
Hallo Fran, is there any chance that J.Smith will be released as a normal single, too sooner or later? The thing is...I have no record player for vinyls and just can't bring myself to buy a digital single. Man..I miss the times when I could go to the shop and get every new single as easy as bread and milk *lol* I want to hear Sarah, toooo...boohoooo! ;)
minsidesoutside_lds Jul-2-08 3.25am
Sarah is beautiful, Fran... That's the kind of song i really enjoy so much... so moving melody :) i love the moment you did it
melissa Jul-1-08 10.54pm
nice job man!
Stepiper Jul-1-08 5.07pm
Fran, I think Sarah is a masterpiece. it's so lovely!
Carmencita Jul-1-08 4.32pm
I love 'Sarah' so beautiful!!! Always I surprise you ... I hope that they return soon to Chile.
BenFilbert Jul-1-08 2.11am
Hey Fran. Sorry for another comment! Just wanted to tell you to read the Sarah thread. Everyone is loving it. Please, consider it for album 7. Thank you for creating another wonderful song. You're amazing!
cmr Jun-30-08 10.50pm
Don't you think it's soon enough for you to come back? :) Maybe we'll wait one more day and you'll buy the tickets and everything :) Ahh I already missed you guys :)
myriadawn Jun-30-08 8.12pm
Blown away and blown back again by all 3..Get man!
BenFilbert Jun-30-08 7.09pm
Hey Fran! :) I love 'Sarah' sooo much. Sad it is just a b-side, though I realise it wouldn't fit on Ode To J Smith, it might work on album 7...... ;) (hint hint, nudge nudge. Hehe.)
Nikki Jun-30-08 12.41pm
"Get Up" and "Sarah" are brilliant. Thanks Mr. Healy. You've done it again! :)
iraida Jun-30-08 2.22am
I cannot believe how many Travis concert you have been to lol
erikaeee Jun-30-08 12.34am
i love this band, and thanks for all the lyrics, i´m glad to be a member. your music are really amazing, the last concert in mexico city, was the best and was a great show. i hope you liked Mexico.
oasistanbul Jun-29-08 9.11pm
hi english isn't good,sorry.i came very late the concert.i was working(hard work).but i was there since as you are...concert was very good...oasis and you -you are my best bands...please call oasis another concert.i am the best oasis fan in Turkey...see you
ayse Jun-29-08 5.23pm
oh fran, i don't know how to thank you. your istanbul concert was amazing. i don't think any concerts can make me happy anymore. i really want to meet and talk to you face to face next time. i hope you would come again. please don't make us miss you.
ozan Jun-29-08 2.58pm
It was just great . I hope u liked Turkey and loved us :) I know probably you don't have time but i wanna ask you a question.What's the meaning of Music for you?Just way to pay the bills,way to live,way to be happy,way to show everyone how you feel?It's botherin' me for a long time and i decided to ask you cos i think you know the answer PS:sorry for the grammer mistakes i'm learnin' ha ;)
thealchemistolgu Jun-29-08 12.22pm
Thank you for the great show in İstanbul,Please come back us!We re crazy,I can't still believe that I came to your concert,it is miracle!It didn't rain in "Why does it always rain on me?",maybe it is sign that everything becomes allright in your life,sunny days came,who knows? :))
travisturkey Jun-29-08 11.17am
Dear Mr.Fran Healy, Thank you so much sir for your great performance in Istanbul.I was in the front row directly opposing you face to face,and it was great to see your and Dougie's stares! I'm dying to meet you one day,and you know what, I will ;) See you as soon as possible,don't forget to add a Turkey date on your list for the tour of upcoming album,you guys are so much loved here!
iremyrla Jun-29-08 1.27am
oh by the way, Fran, I know your very tragic conflicted memory(!) with rain and i've seen a guy who threw up an umbrella with WDIAROM text on it, while you're singing it! but it couldn't reach you and security didn't care, just threw it back to me. At that very moment, you finished the song and we ran after you with that guy, but there were many creepy old men, so we had to stop. and the next time, I'm supposed to give it to you; really i should!! :) that you can avoid the lightning!:)
iremyrla Jun-29-08 1.09am
oh by the way, Fran, I know your very tragic conflicted memory(!) with rain and i've seen a guy who threw up an umbrella with WDIAROM text on it, while you're singing it! but it couldn't reach you and security didn't care, just threw it back to me. At that very moment, you finished the song and we ran after you with that guy, but there were many creepy old men, so we had to stop. and the next time, I'm supposed to give it to you; really i should!! :) that you can avoid the lightning!:)
iremyrla Jun-29-08 12.24am
Your first gig in Istanbul was unremarkable. I was right in front of you!! My voice is cracking and I'm still singing loud -inside. :) Thank you for such great night, Fran!!:) I'll never forget about it -of course I won't! but please don't wait for another 10 years; I'm sorry we won't be that patient for the next time!:) oh what a voice, Fran, full of inspiration, peace, pink clouds! please, please come around and Sing again! we all love you this(*) much!! (*)don't need to be too imaginative, it was clear enough to see yesterday!! p.s What would you be if you weren't an animal? Who would you eat if you were a cannibal? :))
cmr Jun-28-08 11.25pm
Ahh dear Franny! Thanks again and again for coming you guys gave me the best time of my life!! I was the girl with the 'Pipe Dreams' banner!! I just couldn't believe you played the song after seeing it!! You made my wish and dream come true, I hope all of your best dreams will come true too!! I would die just to talk to you and get your auto. but you gave me a song and that's the best!! LOVE YOU!!
firuze Jun-28-08 8.25pm
you were great last night in İstanbul, I was happy, I lost my voice, because I was singing very loud... and I think you were happy too, I hope I’m right. your new songs "j smith, song to self , long way down , something anything" are wonderful (like all your songs) ROCK!!! like you said last night “see you soon” ps: don’t walk again, use plane or something else, I CAN NOT WAIT 10 YEARS, ok?
happy_to_hang_around Jun-28-08 12.49pm
soooo you were amazing last night!I hope it won't take ten more years to see you in istanbul!as you said "see you soon"!!...
sebbnemm Jun-27-08 10.52pm
Hello Franny :) I've just come back from your gig.. Thanks a lot from Istanbul.. :) you were amazingly great.. Please come again to Turkey.. Now i love you more than i have done.. :) Take care..
Ursina Jun-27-08 11.19am
John Henry ?? hmmm is he in his fifties and originally from Stranrar ? married to Pauline? Used to play bass in a band called Duffy may moons ago? If yes, please say hello from Horse lol
cmr Jun-27-08 11.14am
Welcome in Welcome in :) I have a letter for you! see you guys there!!
gaby Jun-27-08 5.32am
Rehearsal 3, Sunday 22nd July?? You are a month ahead! ( maybe because of the "Camden thing"?) ;) *cheers Fran, always thankful for your blogs*
loria Jun-26-08 11.45pm
even now, after all these years, your music continues to make my life better and helps me get through the bad days. thank you x
irenesfor Jun-22-08 1.30pm
Hi hurricane Fran!! hehehe I love your blogs :)
yuzuki Jun-21-08 9.18pm
Hola! (L) Chao! (L)
Kuh Jun-21-08 12.07am
Hi Fran!: many days ago I add you as a friend in facebook, but you haven't confirm me. Pleas confirme!! I'm Eve Naranjo. Anyway, did you hace facebook?? Take care!! Send a kiss to Clay jiji Eve
penguin Jun-20-08 7.38pm
Franny - always remember that you get more sun on cloudy days than sunny ones - so be careful. I would love to see more of your artwork so maybe you could post some images?- just a thought- Can't wait to hear the new album- all smiles, Meghan.
TALIA Jun-20-08 9.09am
hello :)
MariaMak Jun-20-08 2.05am
Hey Fran, I hope you love the countryside because thats what you and the lads are getting yourself into when you come to Kilkee!! :D Nothing but grass, cows and a bit of sand. Thank you sooooo much for deciding to play Cois Fharraige. You've made my decade. I live v. nearby in an even more rural area called Killimer. I've been harping on to anyone who'd listen about Travis playing in Kilkee. its madness...but good kinda mad. I hope i'll get to meet ye, you'll see me front row anyway ;-) Be good xx
lacerveza Jun-18-08 11.38am
hi fran i dont know if you remember but after a gig at exeter last year i was a bit drunk and asked you to write on the back of my shirt and you wrote a load of nonsense,i still got that shirt and when i show people and say you wrote it they are not entirely convinced,but i love it,its the most meaningful meanindless crap ive ever read cheers oh and thanks in advance for the new album i know when i buy it ill get as many years of pleasure out of it as all the other albums
cmr Jun-17-08 2.54pm
Hey Fran! I just wanted to say -again- that I' dying to see you guys! So I red a interview in a turkish magazine few days ago, and you said that you were trying to figure which songs you'll play here in Turkey. And wanted to say if you would play "Side" it would mean soo much to me.. :) Hope I will meet you, cause I really want to talk... :) Sending you all the love of the world, Cemre
doisneau7 Jun-16-08 12.14am
Hey Fran, So glad to hear you are having a good time in NYC (my hometown). It is one of the best places on Earth! Can't wait until you return for a gig, so that I can show my mom why I gush over you guys all of the time!
pitapixcat Jun-15-08 11.55pm
Hi Franny: Happy father's day!!. Love from Chile :)
spid Jun-15-08 7.35pm
I hope CLay gave you a great Father's day. Is it the same day in NY?
Chiito-chan Jun-15-08 6.25pm
Happy father's day, Fran!
flc Jun-13-08 9.10pm
Bonjour Fran! Hi!! Thanks for news:)
drift-nina Jun-13-08 1.06am
fantastic news Fran :) . lots of love from Peru!
BenFilbert Jun-12-08 6.55pm
Oh Fran, I'm dying here! What's the exciting news? Haha. Ordered J Smith, and I can't wait. Hope everyone your end is happy and well. :)
vonni Jun-10-08 7.11pm
thank you very much for coming turkey..ı am so happy.we will be there and you will see how much we love you...thank youuu...;)
nancy_mad_for_travis Jun-8-08 9.26pm
Helloo!!... Mexico praises to you...and your band!! XD you're music makes me feel calm, reflexive and HAPPY!!.. :P Thanks God for your existance!... haha... Cheers!
gaby Jun-7-08 12.35am
Many Thanks for the news Fran!! :) the cover looks great. *Cheers* -Love from Argentina-
BenFilbert Jun-3-08 8.33pm
So you have a surprise for us this month then Fran?! I can't wait to find out what it is. I'll keep checking the site! Thank you Fran! :) hehe
sebbnemm Jun-2-08 9.02pm
Great many thanks for coming to Turkey... It's wonderful even to be able to look forward to your being here with us.. :) you see how you made me sooo happy.. Thanks again, LOL..
rebekah Jun-1-08 4.16pm
boo :)
Turtleneck May-28-08 7.12pm
Please see the adventures of "Flat Travis in Detroit" in the Official Flat Travis Thread on General Chat.
Carmencita May-27-08 1.27am
fran...Today on having listened to your voice in a song (Turn) made me feel most calm .. I needed it... Thank you for your music.. That way I do not feel alone
Drift May-23-08 7.53pm
Hi fran! I'm SHocK! So glad. you give me a very good news about concert in Bangkok. Waiting for you to come in Bangkok for long time. your music make me feel good. Since I'm listen to "Flower in the windows" until now "One night" Since I don't know you song meaning util now I translate your song. Since I love you melody until now Melody and Meaning. You are my frist British Band except Oasis. hahahaha Want to meet and greet with you if I can.
pitapixcat May-21-08 3.03am
Hi Franny!!!... Hugs from Chile, and don't forget come back please!! Kisses ^^
ChineseBlues May-21-08 2.11am
Hi, Fran! Hope all is well. It would be cool if you did a cover of "Enjoy The Silence" by Depeche Mode.
ChineseBlues May-21-08 12.35am
Hi, Fran! Hope all is well. It would be cool if you did a cover of "Enjoy The Silence" by Depeche Mode.
yuzuki May-15-08 2.28pm
Fraaaaaaaaaaaaannnnnnyyyyyy! Te quiero ;P
Bianca1312 May-14-08 1.14pm
Hello Franny, did you already visit "Knut"? It`s a nice day today to go to the zoo, isn`t it?
brenda_94_56 May-12-08 11.19pm
hey fran can you answer my question !!!pls !!!!
brenda_94_56 May-12-08 11.05pm
hey fran i dident know that you could talk in servia !!!!! thats so cool !!!!!!
BenFilbert May-12-08 9.53pm
Do you get to read all your comments Fran? :) Reeeaally look forward to seeing the art work you were drawing. Am I right to think it will be the cover? Hope so I have to say. I'm sure it'll be really great like the last 4 anyway. Hope you and your family are well. :)
allemande May-12-08 9.47pm
btw I just have read on Tim's blog ( your arguement about In Rainbows =D ..I can't believe it you had been a day with Keane! Tell me please..What do you think about the sounds of new Keane's album? Take Care! Greetings to Travis Team! ^^
allemande May-12-08 9.32pm
Hello Fran!! I'm from Peru =) just tell you that you have lots of fans here and we're excited about their new album!! Closer and My Eyes sound brilliant! I love listening to them! Thanks for your music which makes world perfect! Greetings from Peru =) God bless you Travis!! xx
Yulia Nox May-11-08 11.45pm
Just passing by to drop some luv :) :dropssomelove:
guada_sp May-11-08 5.10pm
el_gemelito May-11-08 3.47am
hi fran!... hope you're OK. waiting for the new album here in Chile... waiting for you coming back here too... Have a nice day! bye!
danieljoe May-10-08 11.12pm
Hey Fran, thanks a lot for the help with my Sing problem. Found out which part of the reversed bell you've used so now it sounds near enough perfect! Cheers
danieljoe May-10-08 10.46pm
Hey Fran, thanks a lot for the help with my Sing problem. Found out which part of the reversed bell you've used so now it sounds near enough perfect! Cheers
aspalmer84 May-10-08 3.52am
[IMG][/IMG] Hey buddy! Can't wait to hear the new record!!! I'm still on a high from the last one! Really looking forward to you guys coming back to the US also!!
Magalie May-9-08 4.22pm
Your voice is just ahhhhh it makes melt all the time ! Looking foward to new album ! Come to Montreal !!!!
pjkitc May-9-08 3.10am
hey you guys please come back to austin when you can =)
melissa May-8-08 6.13am
yuzuki May-8-08 4.10am
J Smith is awesome Franny! A big kiss for you and everyone who worked in this album. Hugs from Chile, and don't forget come back ok? Chao
nagasaka May-7-08 11.48pm
Can't wait for the next album to come out! I love the sound that you guys put out live!!! Please come back to Vancouver, Canada soon!
ChineseBlues May-6-08 11.33pm
Keep up the good work, Fran.
purplesky May-5-08 4.52am
Fran, I'm a huge fun who loves your music soo much! :D Thanx for coming to Korea this July at Pentaport. I can't wait to see you!! I've waited tooo long... heheh Luv from Seoul. :)
Carmencita May-5-08 1.24am
Franny ..J Smith is a great song!!! Lots of love from Chile. Bye bye
brenda_94_56 May-4-08 8.21pm
fran you realy got very angry for the guy that was trying to put the song in youtube
Camille May-4-08 12.13am
hey Fran! u r so cute! haha :P and yuor voice is wonderful!
brenda_94_56 May-3-08 6.28am
hey fran come back to mexico !!!!!
bogusblue May-3-08 3.57am
Fran, J Smith is amazing, I just can't stop listening to it, I'm kind of getting addicted to it, hahaha. Thanks for writing and singing the way you do, but most of all for sharing it with us. You're freakin' AWESOME!!! :oD Luv from Mexico City. Alma xoxo
I Came in Through the Bathroom Window May-3-08 2.27am
I was listening to a weird low version! Hahaha. So if I thought that one was amazing, imagine my excitement when I found out it's actually waaaaaaaaaay better!!! I have no words to describe that. Thanks so much for singing like you do! :oP
Are May-2-08 11.19pm
WOW! You have done it, again! Love you guys!!!
arturolozano May-2-08 9.42pm
FreakyMaru May-2-08 5.30pm
Fuck. J.Smith BLEW ME AWAY. awaaaaay. You guys are pure genius. love from Peru.
ivi May-2-08 1.02pm
hey there Mr :) hope all's well with you! x
20462046 May-2-08 10.28am
you guy rocks.j smith is really a big breakthrough,a weird mix of excellent andy guitar and epic choir bit,and your idiomatic oh oh oh make me thrilling i hope travis can release their album in june,make a PK with coldplay.cheer!!
I Came in Through the Bathroom Window May-2-08 5.34am
Man, J. Smith is excellent! I'm speechless. I can't get it off my head and I can't stop listening to it! You're such an amazing songwriter. The new album is going to be amazing! I'm so so so excited!
Thanks so much for your wonderful music!!!!!!
Love from Argentina xxx
melissa May-2-08 5.22am
congraaaats!!! J. Smith amazing song. travis is sounding so weird but very very good!!
sweet_marianne May-2-08 5.16am
HI Frann, A Friend of mine told me he bumped into you in berlin, Greatt, I was just looking at the pictures from the gig When you where here... Auggg... I Really want you to come again to Argentinaaaa... Pleaseee, come back soon..... =0) KISSES
Nikki May-2-08 2.29am
OMG Fran! "J.Smith" is a masterpiece! Thank you for making such brilliant music! Travis never cease to amaze me! :) This is going to ROCK live! Come back to Michigan soon!
ChineseBlues May-2-08 12.36am
Hi, Fran. I'm so excited for the new Travis album. Your songwriting is beautiful & inspirational. My favorite is "Pipe Dreams" Music is so therapeutic. Cheers.
wendongotta May-1-08 9.44pm
'ello darling! hope your'e doing well and same for the rest of the gang. didn't you say something about going up to maine? how was it? and please post some doodles! i love your cartoons!
michellem May-1-08 2.01pm
Fran, this is not a weird stalker kind of thing, but did I see you on the stansted express this morning?
travisturkey May-1-08 10.47am
Fran! you can't imagine how much you made us happy with your concert @ Istanbul!!! Tesekkurler(thank you in Turkish:P) Fran! :)
jamie2 May-1-08 12.12am
ahem, hi travis, i love you, i really do!!!! now i should shake off the dust and rain, and narrowly escaped! cheers!
jamie2 May-1-08 12.07am
hello fran! first i must write, that´s very cool, that the new album of you 4´ is nearly finished and should sounding rough... hm. i wrote you this long message last year... and very thank you for your words! now i logged in´ this pinboard, with is full of imaginary friends and the only first thing i do is... ahem!!! sorry! i´d like to know your opinions about my shameless, with notices and stories furnished drugstorephotobook.. what´s your opinion ´bout all that, don´t knowing, but i know that you inspired some of this what manifested´! notices and all that, i wrote it together in this book, while i got no jobs.. but a photoshow till end of the year in very dark, hindmost angles in berlin-kreuzberg. bar11, by the way..... but where in underground is to send this book??? so, not bending your ears, but who wants to hear it yet?? have a terrific night and come to hamburg, please! thanks for your attention!
irenesfor Apr-29-08 3.01pm
Hi Fran!!!! I can't wait to hear the new album ... O.O Will you return to Spain??? We are waiting you!!! Cheers!!
darkangelhegel Apr-27-08 6.18am
Hi Fran!!! I Love Travis!!!!! see ya soon!!! I'll be waiting the next album!!! mexico miss Travis!!!! have a nice day!
cmr Apr-22-08 3.52pm
It was so nice to hear from you Fran. I'm still wondering when you'll come to Turkey cause I'm just dying to meeting you guys... Well I cannot wait for the new album! Hope your having wonderfull time.. Cemre
wendongotta Apr-21-08 4.56pm
what do you mean "I think you're going to like this record."??? Of course we will!!! people would have to be total idiots if they didn't like any of your albums! can't wait for the release! cheers :-)
gruck Apr-21-08 6.25am
Enjoyed reading your blog about the new album...can't wait to HEAR it!!! (Saw you in Edmonton in November...fantastic show). My wife and daughter loved it as well.
20462046 Apr-21-08 2.00am
dear fran i hope you can blow chinese blue to china i hope seeing a TRAVIS concert in china is not a unreachable dream.waiting,anticipating......
brenda_94_56 Apr-20-08 9.26pm
how many songs does the new album have 11¿? 12¿?
FranFlower Apr-20-08 12.30am
Oh Fran, I'm sad to see your blogs about the record coming to an end. Not very many rock stars I know would take the time and effort to do such a thing. How does it feel to be a person meaning so much to so many? I'd be scared to make mistakes or let people down, that's for sure. Thought I doubt you could ever do anything wrong in the eyes of us fans :) Enjoy your time off before the festivals and album release and all. Is Clay still listening to Sing? Can't deny he's got great taste in music ;-) Well, see you in Tromsø in August! I hope to meet you there as I might have a little favor to ask ;-)
yuzuki Apr-20-08 12.28am
You are working so hard in the new album...!!! Well, everyone in the studio. Everthing's gonna be alright Franny! Good luck and good vibrations. Te amo! Chao!
Bianca1312 Apr-18-08 12.23pm
Hello Franny, according to your blogs I guess you already moved to Berlin, so welcome to Germany!!!! Hopefully we will meet one day, because you are the only Travis member I have not met yet...
Nikki Apr-18-08 5.37am
Hi Franny! I've been away from the board for a few days and I've come back to FIVE new blogs! WOW!!! Thank you so much for allowing us to be a part of this exciting record making process. You are truly amazing and your passion for music is really inspiring.
wendongotta Apr-17-08 4.17pm
hey why not post some doodles??? you guys used to have the webcam during recording a while ago and i loved seeing all the funny pics and doodles. keep smiling buddy!
sorry angel Apr-17-08 7.01am
doing art work? ...For the album cover I bet! Next step up is directing your own video...and I've already told you you'd be great at that as well! Sofxx
brenda_94_56 Apr-16-08 11.55pm
hey !!! fran pls come back to MEXICO or argentina !!!pls :´(
kmouse Apr-16-08 5.21am
*waving* Hello Fran! Just joined. This place is great. Enjoying the blogs and patiently waiting for new Travis songs!
deebee Apr-15-08 2.55pm
Come on Fran, give us more pleeeease! We are desperate for an idea of the release date!!
sorry angel Apr-14-08 2.14pm
Digital is zeros and ones imitating... I concur! xSofx
yuzuki Apr-11-08 5.11pm
You're my favourite person =D
moo_the_evil_boffin Apr-10-08 4.30pm
Thanks for the blog today! Cheered me up to read something that isn't coursework lol. Can't wait for the next one :-D
Ursina Apr-8-08 9.01am
hey Fran what an ace blog! really really enjoyed reading it. Finally I get some idea how a song comes together, something that always puzzled me. Great stuff! Can't wait to hear more... luv aa sina:)
cornax Apr-7-08 6.30pm
I'm more than a bit excited to hear "Ode to J. Smith" now! It's a bit spooky how everyone seemed to know exactly what to do with it.
I Came in Through the Bathroom Window Apr-7-08 4.28pm
Ahhh! Totally loved the "Mix Day 2" blog today!!! I'm going to consider it like an "unintended birthday present" (my bday was yesterday haha). Thank youuu!
Cheers! Juli-
rebekah Apr-7-08 4.10pm
i wonder if you saw us pondering the release of 'Mix Day 2'..and that's what made you put it up..or whether you are just too cool and put it up as today was the day you planned it...hmmyy :) lovesx
sucaa Apr-5-08 6.35pm
Please come to Brazil!! Travis need to make a concert here! you're the best!
20462046 Apr-5-08 6.31pm
i hope one day travis can hold a concert in china,your music make me feel like walking in the sun
wendongotta Apr-3-08 2.47pm
toy sheep??? that is an awkward present, but so awesome to say the least! if you ever get lonely on this trip to the big apple, log on and we'll keep you company!!! and by the way, welcome back to ny. we missed you terribly. just stay away from any construction sites with huge cranes. i don't want them to smush you lol.
gaby Apr-3-08 2.49am
Hey Fran!! Thank you so much for the mix blogs! I´m very curious about the life size toy sheep, could you post a pic of her/him?? Have you named it yet? __much love from Argentina__
ChineseBlues Apr-1-08 4.33am
Hi, Fran! Have a good day.
Laura23 Mar-27-08 2.30am
Hi Fran!!! we love you here in Colombia!! please visit us...we're waiting for you guys're the best!!!!
irenesfor Mar-23-08 5.23pm
Hi!! I go to London in 2 days, but, are you going to record more in RAK studios?? Cheers!!
genia_gvan Mar-23-08 9.51am
Just saying hello!!! hoping you're right and having a good time with your family and friends... and anything else... hehe. Kisses!!! Genia- Mexico City.
minsidesoutside_lds Mar-23-08 7.54am
¡Happy Easter Ü Fran! there should be a jaffa cake easter egg to wish you :D Have a blessing time with your family and friends. ¡Löve! L´ds.
manda92 Mar-22-08 10.28am
Hey! I just wanna say i love Travis and your songs. And my favorite song is Sing!:) I hope you'll come to Sweden.. I'll be waiting for you there/ Amanda in Sweden
TALIA Mar-22-08 5.46am
hello franny :) hope you're doing great
yuzuki Mar-17-08 7.23pm
Have fun in NY! Send me a gift :P Take care ok? I♥U, chao.
greeny81 Mar-17-08 10.20am
Hi Fran,it's so cool you take the time to post on here - Can't wait for the next album & to see you uy's again soon!
minsidesoutside_lds Mar-15-08 6.08pm
Ü Fran, that pic seems to express so many things.. I find it simple, dimly-lit and beautiful :) I like very much that kinds. Hope the best for you Much Löve L´ds.
cornax Mar-15-08 12.28pm
That's a very cool photo you posted. It looks like the whole thing is in b&W but for the ferry. It's that inner art student in you, isn't it?
drift-nina Mar-15-08 11.05am .......thanks for all! :-)
bogusblue Mar-15-08 10.18am
So you're in New York? Looking forward to next blog cause I'm sure it will be involved in mystery =P.
gaby Mar-15-08 2.54am
Hey Fran! Hope you have had a Happy Pi Day! *cheers* :)
RaZzZ Mar-13-08 11.22pm
Hey fran, Wie geht es dir? I watched your Old travis Ticket, i have the same... When i will see you, i will give you to get a sign... Vielen Dank Fran
goosey_84 Mar-13-08 6.14pm
i think it's great how you take time to answer questions on the board for your fans. you're all an amazing group of fellas with a sincere quality rarely seen in bands these days. much appreciation and respect to you. ~goosey
melissa Mar-13-08 4.42am
U're a great person!! not all singers or "rockstar" are very nice with his fans like u, and u always reply the messages. That let us see how differet u're. thanks for make a great music for our life and to be a very nice man!
RaZzZ Mar-13-08 12.48am
Hey Fran, thank you very much for your reply. I get that ticket when i was in Colchester. Nice gig in 1994
connieonnie Mar-12-08 8.36pm
When we met you back in Nov. in LA you told my sister how your son laughs really hard during a certain part of the my eyes video & you don't know why. I was just wondering what part it was. If you of course remember. PS Thanks again for the music & for being the person you are.
I Came in Through the Bathroom Window Mar-12-08 8.05pm
Fran3PO??? LMAO! xD
yuzuki Mar-12-08 1.20pm
That little monkey is very scary O.o But nice anyway... Good luck in everything Franny. I ♥ U!
minsidesoutside_lds Mar-11-08 2.26am
I can see in the picture a little monkey too ö (Must be the wine... :D) See you. Hope you all be very very well :) PS: am waiting for the new album anxiously :))
manuelbuhl Mar-11-08 12.27am
Your latest show in Argentina was spectacular. Please come again soon!
gaby Mar-9-08 10.50pm
Mike Wazowski was in the studio?? :o Are you giving us a hint of the new album`s name, Fran? Maybe Monsters, Rak. ?? ;)
irenesfor Mar-9-08 7.12pm
O.O I hope that you are well... One will not have eaten the recordings, no? That was very scary xDD (Sorry for my English) Bye!!
minsidesoutside_lds Mar-9-08 6.26pm
Öohh... that was scary, indeed. Seems like the one in the film The Labyrinth of the Faun. But, Cheers!, don´t be afraid; surely, the thing won´t hurt you, just scaries :)
barby Mar-9-08 5.04pm
I´m scare! The monster use glasses? :o
natalia62 Mar-8-08 10.52pm
Hey! I love your music and I just wanted to wish u guys good luck with the work in the studio, and... if u ever come back on a tour to latin america, could u make a stop in Costa Rica? hehe (i'm just dreaming) anyway i hope I can see u live someday! Cheers!
Carmencita Mar-3-08 6.52pm
Franny....You owe a kiss to me returns soon to Chile:-)
yuzuki Mar-3-08 2.14am
Good luck in the studio Franny. Good vibrations for you and the guys!! And don't forget sleep well and rest too ¬¬' ok? XOXOXOX Chao! ^^
luchodg Mar-2-08 8.30am
Hey Fran!! Ohh, man, please come back again to argentina!!! You're THE BEST BAND I EVER SEE IN MY ENTIRE LIFE. i hope to see you soon!
hgevans Mar-1-08 8.17pm
Hi Fran! I´m from Argentina and I wanna say Hello from here! Thanks for your music man! See you son again! Velez´s Rock the last november!!
janycoldplay Mar-1-08 7.34pm
Hi fran!!come back to argentina!!please!! i love you!!! my eyes is my favourite song!!!and my blog his called "writing to reach you" I love you byee
danielap Feb-29-08 8.37pm
Hi! Please come back to Chile soon. You were here last year, but I couldn't assist =( I just saw a concert on A&E and it was great :D Take care
irenesfor Feb-28-08 10.13pm
Hi Fran! I've drawn a draw of you <---- I would send it you but I dont know how do it... I hope to listen the new CD soon :) Bye!!
yuzuki Feb-27-08 2.34pm
I miss you :( come back to Chileeeeeee
myriadawn Feb-27-08 10.39am
Black dog is biting my arse..hypnotherapy? does it, can it shine a light?
Frenchygirl Feb-27-08 12.36am
Fran, would you PLEASE, for my 18th birthday,make a comment on my page?? ...No I'm kidding, you must have a lot of work in studio! Can't wait to hear it ! Greetings from France!
Frenchygirl Feb-27-08 12.36am
Fran, would you PLEASE, for my 18th birthday,make a comment on my page?? ...No I'm kidding, you must have a lot of work in studio! Can't wait to hear it ! Greetings from France!
irenesfor Feb-26-08 4.41pm
Hey!! I have obtained you three more fans, haha... We love your music!! We hope to see you again in Cordoba!! BYE!!
gaby Feb-23-08 11.02pm
"Think the doors", haha. you are absolutely great! :)
amandatravisfan Feb-22-08 5.11pm
hey fran!!! i wnet to dentist yesterday and is so painfull!! i just wnat to cry all day...but is for my own good..anyways please take care and loves from argentina !!
vonni Feb-21-08 8.56am
hi fran! you are awesome.please come to istanbul!we are waiting for you!
donnamarsh3 Feb-18-08 11.48am
hi fran, when are you or the lads gonna review the club shows?? waiting to hear your take on things!! donna
loria Feb-17-08 4.01am
hi Fran :) thank you for being you and making lovely music that you share! happy valentine's and chinese new year!
thegirlwho_argentina Feb-15-08 10.00pm
and i loveu anyways
yuzuki Feb-14-08 8.07pm
Well you know that I ♥ everything about you :) Happy Valentine's day.
Delia24Oct07 Feb-14-08 3.09pm
Dear Fran Happy Valentine's day to you. Thank's for everything, it's so nice you come around here so often. I haven't listen to any new song now, even if I nearly die but I'm looking really very forward to your next album. Thank you just for being the way you are! Keep rockin'! Love from Delia
Eledh Feb-14-08 1.48pm
Thank you. For everything. Really.
Chiito-chan Feb-14-08 11.38am
Happy Valentine's Day!!
TeAmoDougie Feb-14-08 6.32am
Hi Fran! You're so Sweet!... I'm a Little Girl, But...I Love You =) Thanks for your Signature =D Kisses From Buenos Aires,Argentina... Augustine
carlottarocks Feb-14-08 12.54am
Ditto to weirdmom's comment ;)
KathyC Feb-13-08 11.02pm
Really loved this week - thank you for everything. Hope the recording goes well. Take care of yourself. Hope to see you soon, love Kathy x PS I started my new job on Monday and gather you were once in my office – something for Bo'Selecta, I think...
weirdmom Feb-12-08 9.00pm
Fran, it's killing me but I am refraining from watching any vids of the new material. I feel like since I opened my fat mouth and asked you about it and you said you would prefer it not to happen that I should respect that. I guess it's like seeing a book before it's published. Maybe nothing going to change but give the writer and their editor the time to get it just so, right? BUT I AM DYING. Just so you know.
Cata Feb-12-08 6.49pm
Hola :) Te invito a Chile :)
Nikki Feb-12-08 4.02am
Just had a listen to some of the new songs on YouTube. As much as I wanted to wait for the album, I couldn't help myself! It really sounds amazing Fran! :) I can't wait.
yuzuki Feb-9-08 2.37pm
Take care Andy ok??? haha! Lots of kisses my dear Franny :)
donnamarsh3 Feb-9-08 9.50am
hi fran..thank you for my "tattoo"...and autographs and photos and concert ever!!!! when will the next one be?????? xx
moo_the_evil_boffin Feb-8-08 8.11am
Thankyou Thankyou Thankyou for Brighton last night! It was Fantastic to meet you and Dougie!! I'm still smiling :D
heysupernova Feb-7-08 8.52pm
PS: so, finally someone told us what happened, and surprise! it was andy himself :S i'm guessing you taught him how to post :P anyway, thank you mr fran :)
heysupernova Feb-7-08 12.50pm
hey fran! hope yout life is doing well :P great gig at cambrigde! (for what i've read haha), assuming you loggin here at least once a day, was wodnering how is andy doing, is his ankle ok? it was a shocking, sad suprise :O best wishes for him, and youuu! love from Chile, karla :)
melissa Feb-6-08 8.37pm
good luck !! I want to listen ur new songs now!
givizeta Feb-6-08 9.50am
hi fran with your power please let me have JUST ONE TICKET for portsmouth gig, i'm coming from italy with my wife and we've just one ... otherwise i'll go in and my wife will patiently wait outside and you'll be guilty for my divorce.
gaby Feb-5-08 7.10pm
Missing your blogs
castawayneil Feb-4-08 4.25am
Come do some club shows in scotland!! King tuts or Nice n Sleazys!!! Now that would be somthing!!! Hope your well! Neilx
ElspethOllie Feb-4-08 2.12am
Hope all is well. Can't wait until you're back in the states. You're lovely. Lauren.
Carmencita Feb-3-08 12.49am
Hi franny..friends is great..kisses from chile:-)
baby faced woman Feb-1-08 1.49am
Fran hoe are you? when will come back to Japan?? :)
melissa Jan-31-08 12.56am
friends sounds great!!
valen Jan-29-08 11.27pm
Was great to finally see you guys in Glasgow on 30th December. Your Oslo concert in October was great, but you can't beat that Glasgow crowd. Hope we'll be seeing you in Oslo soon - Cafe Mono next time perhaps?
koolgiy Jan-29-08 4.06am
That Gerbil Sandwich was on to something ... . .he looks familiar.. .. :P
thegirlwho_argentina Jan-29-08 12.37am frannn♥ and here is the page of the crazy man.
Stepiper Jan-28-08 7.48pm
Hi Fran, I posted my version of friends 2 days ago and now I'm really excited as I want to know if you like it! I hope I found the right mood :) I tried to buy the tickets for february show on ebay as they're all sold out but I failed. So the best thing I can do here in italy is to be connected to this amazing website and community! Steph
bogusblue Jan-28-08 4.10am
I can't stop listening to Gerbil Sandwich's version of Friends, love the lyrics and its melody. Thanks for sharing with us this new song, you're AWSOME! =). Alma.
Dun-dun-dunlop Jan-27-08 9.05pm
Hey there, Fran... Just thought I'd let you know that I posted my "version" of Friends. I must say, I'm quite proud of it as it's my first attempt to write a melody of any sort. Anyway, I hope all is well and, like everyone else, I can't wait to hear some new tunes!
Eledh Jan-27-08 1.50pm
Hey Fran. How are you? Hope is everything ok! I really can't explain you how much I'm excited about the february shows. Really. You give to me the opportunity to see London again, Walles, UK... And Scotland for the new years eve! And it's really amazing. And I think I can't explain it in italian, so I don't even try to put it down in english... Just... 10 days. *_* yay!
Selfish_arg Jan-27-08 5.08am
Hi Fran! this is really late in argentina, about 3:08AM so, I'm here posting, seeing what's new... Hope you answer me back And I hope to see you soon in my country, just like November 2nd. Well, I'm leaving you listening Mando Diao, the song calls "Gold" I like this band, and I think you could like it too if you don't know them. They are Sweden. Well, bye Fran! and good night! =) is good to know that I can "speak" or chat or whatever with a great person, and a idol for me...
Carmencita Jan-26-08 1.07am
Hi franny...I 'm Carmen from Chile....I like that the next album included a song in spanish...will be beautiful...thanks for all....come back to chile soon...kisses...Muak
thegirlwho_argentina Jan-25-08 2.35am
I love when i enter and see in this page at first the picture of you on the velez stadium (argentina)♥ come back soon please, was a perfect day, i a perfect way. you know. :)
varz Jan-24-08 11.53pm
gerbil sandwich is my new hero... any chance he'll be putting more videos up on youtube?! x
Meridith Jan-24-08 6.34pm
Hey Fran- Just wanted to say how much I enjoyed "gerbilsandwich's" version of Friends! It's lovely and I can hardly wait to hear what else you have in store. Cheers!
v8dave Jan-24-08 9.24am
Hi Fran, nice interesting site. Im Dave, stage and booking manager for Napton festival. We run the event to raise money for charities, both at home and overseas such as air ambulance and wateraid. We are not a proffit making organisation. We are looking to book a top headline act for this years event. Could you please forward booking agent details or management details so we can discuss fee and availability etc to: . please look at our web site to see what we are all about Regards Dave Cowan
Nikki Jan-20-08 12.58am
Hey Fran! I posted my version of Friends on the official thread! :) I can't wait to hear how the song actually sounds!
yuzuki Jan-19-08 2.23pm
Hi Franny! how are you? working hard ah? Well, I send to you all my chi, my good energy, a kiss and a hug.! (L)
AlbertHall Jan-18-08 3.35am
Hiya Fran!Me name is Albert.I´m from Santiago Chile.Hope we may hear news of a coming tour to South America.That concert was awesome, I still remember when being on the second row, Andy jumped from the stage and played the guitar solo of All I wanna do is rock.Take care.Currently,I´m planning to travel to Scotland,hope to be lucky when traveling that you play in a gig,even if is a wee gig. Cheers from Chile.
Eledh Jan-18-08 3.25am
Ok Fran, after my friends version... I think my career as guitar-woman is... OVER. I tried, anyway... Cheers.
missmoo Jan-17-08 10.02pm
Just passing, thought I'd say hi...........Hi!
paul_c Jan-17-08 5.26pm
Fran, give us more lyrics to play with!!
galletitabonita Jan-17-08 3.07am
In Scotland, today is may birthday, but here, not yet,tomorrow it'll be. Greetings from Mexico Fran. Lots of love =)
Turtleneck Jan-17-08 1.22am
Thanks for your nice comment on my song. It gave me an inner smile all day.
givizeta Jan-16-08 1.44pm
at least we made it ... from italy see you in cambridge next february 10th ... i can't stand it!!!
Aletways Jan-16-08 4.30am
Thank you so much for your lovely comment about our video!!! We'll be waiting for your return (please do a show on your own, no more festivals!)! Thanks again, hope the new album is going great! Losts of love! Ale from Argentina
barby Jan-16-08 1.40am
Oh! I´m glad cuz you liked the video we made for you! Your words are a promise...Travis have to return! Kisses from Buenos Aires, Argentina :)
minsidesoutside_lds Jan-15-08 2.13pm
ooaahh! amazin tatoo... i want that... but i'm the allergy inside a body... Cheerss, love you
bogusblue Jan-15-08 5.54am
Just stoppin' by to say hello! =)
yuzuki Jan-15-08 3.02am
A nice video for a nice song... I like how sound your voice in New Amsterdam :P. A lot of kisses Franny, take care... (and take care Clay ok?) n.n bye! Hugs from Chile.
Kuh Jan-15-08 1.20am
Hi Fran!!! the New Amsterdam video it's cute, love it!!! Have a nice day Fran!! Eve
peno Jan-14-08 10.34pm
In fact a fine song ..New Amsterdam. Quite wiard today , because I heard it twice today on my way home in my car and now you postet the new video. Peter xxx
donnamarsh3 Jan-13-08 9.25pm
hi fran, and andy, neil & dougie, can't wait until you get to brghton. counting down the days:) hoping and praying that i get the chance to get a photo with you all. getting really jealous of all the members who have:( do you think i have a chance? been trying for a few years now. see you on 7th feb...tara xx
galletitabonita Jan-13-08 8.12am
good night here in Mexico!!!! GOOD MORNING over there!!!!!
elodie Jan-12-08 11.38pm
hi Fran! I've posted my version of 'Friends'... actually there are now 6 versions! I hope you'll like it :)
scummy Jan-12-08 10.36pm
so, how's work? hope everything's ok! say, dylan is coming to chile after all this years! I imagined a smile on your face when I found out :) hug!
piginapen Jan-12-08 4.27am
just to say a big hello to you and also everybody else i knew of when i came in here ages ago, i have got a new profile now because it has been soo long...but i'm back now emmily
I Came in Through the Bathroom Window Jan-12-08 3.48am
Dear Mr. Fran Healy.
As vice president of the Official Latinamerican Yulia Nox Fan Club, I have been selected by its growing fan base to inform you of the coolness of Yulia Nox's version of your song "Friends". Yulia Nox herself and all of us, her supporting fans, would be delighted if you took a second of your valuable time to comment about it.
Thank you so much for your attention.
The "Se Habla Español Thread"-people :oP
(Don't blame me, I'm just the visible face of this whole thing. Cheers!)
Yulia Nox Jan-12-08 2.31am
I'm missing your blogs mister :P
moominbadger Jan-11-08 10.13pm
Hey Fran! Have posted a version of Friends for you to listen to if you get chance - didn't have the technology to youtube it, sorry, so it's just a wav file. Have a good weekend!
I Came in Through the Bathroom Window Jan-11-08 5.00pm
Hey Fran. I was watching the dvd we made of the gig you did here in Buenos Aires. I just couldn't help crying during Writing To Reach You, just as I did on the show. And I'm not the kind of people who cry in shows. It was the first time for me haha. I just don't know how to thank you for this unbelievable experience. All I can tell you is you'll always have a fan here in Argentina, because the way your music makes me feel is something else. I know you've heard it more than a thousand times, but I just needed to say that.
Lots of love from Argentina.
melissa Jan-11-08 5.58am
hi fran!!! congrats ur baby is growing up!! your blog is beautiful, I'm so glad. Clay will be so proud of u, his father is a good musician. And about ur tooth it's a great new, everybody has bad experience with the dentist.In 2007 I had 2 surgery, the dentist removed my wisdom tooth (2) It was so painful, but now I'm so better. The new song is great nice lyric, sometimes some songs tell u great things, and it's wonderful see them through ur favourite band. thanks
kelly4oasis Jan-11-08 4.51am
Travis : I love you guys. Your music is so incredibly inspiring and uplifting. I have been a fan for years. I saw you open for Oasis in 2000 in New York. I then saw you October 3, 2001 back in New York. This was less than a month after the 9/11 attacks. To see you guys - it was just.. a big, wonderful, life-changing experience. Your music is so beautiful, so touching right down to the soul. I had the pleasure of meeting each and every one of you. You were the nicest people I have EVER met in my life. Years later, I still love Travis. I am writing this to you mainly to tell you HOW much you have changed my life, and how I have passed your music on. I work in a daycare/preschool. I started playing your last album at naptime. Not because it is boring, ha! Because someone gave it to me while I was at work... and I figured it was nice and soothing and mellow, and this was a good time for me to hear the album. Let me tell you. I swear, every weekday since your album has come out - I have played it SEVERAL times at work. Start to finish. And not just at naptime. Want to hear the best part? ALL of my children know EVERY SINGLE WORD. Word for word. They LOVE it. ESPECIALLY "Selfish Jean" ... and most of them call it "selfish cheese." It is SO cute to watch them. They don't do it to perform or impress. We will watch them just doing regular acitivities.. and they are singing along to themselves! It is so wonderful. I truly wish you could see it. Every child. From the loud ones, to the quiet ones. They all love Travis. I HAD to tell you guys that. I know you are very compassionate and down-to-earth, and I thought you would really appreciate that. I honestly adore all of you.. and I saw you at Irving Plaza July 15 - and it was the best concert ever. I love you guys, thank you. Yours Truly, Kelly-Anne Romanek
SuicideKiss Jan-10-08 4.57pm
Hi Fran.What about a show somwhere in central europe?Vienna, Bratislava, Prague...I just really want to see you live and i'm from Slovakia so I cant just go to England...
yuzuki Jan-10-08 3.06pm
Hi handsome! how are you???? I hope very very well... I'm just saying hello to you!... and a send a very hudge kiss from here, the end of the world. See you soon (I hope so)... and always remember.... Chile loves you and is wating for you :P (in the airport muajaja)
FranFlower Jan-9-08 5.05pm
Well, my version of Friends is up.. At least it'll give you guys something to laugh about in the studio tomorrow ;) Edith
lesley Jan-8-08 6.26pm
hey. am really looking forward to seing you guys again in portsmouth next month - it will be nearly eaxctly 11 years since i first saw you live! if you need a guide round portsmouth please let me know (fancy a trip to the spinnaker?!?) see you soon. xxxxxxxxxxxx
moo_the_evil_boffin Jan-8-08 12.50pm
4 Weeks and 2 days until brighton! Listening to The Invisible Band whilst doing coursework... Makes the work go so much quicker :) See you in Febuary :D
JimmyDean Jan-8-08 11.24am
Hey Fran. What do you think of "No Doubt" (the band around G. Stefani)... you can be true ;-D ?
severine Jan-8-08 8.41am
I can't wait to listen music and lyrics called "Friends" ! Kiss from Paris Séverine
heyjude Jan-8-08 5.40am
hi fran. sorry to hear about your trip to the dentist. my grandfather was a dentist, so was my uncle and my cousin. when i was little, my mom used to say, "let's go visit granpa" and it meant sitting on the big dentist chair at my granpa's clinic. granpa was already old then and with less steady hands. needless to say, my aversion to dentists was formed at such a young age. i feel your pain :-)
Selfish_arg Jan-8-08 12.16am
Hi Fran, I'm Fernando from argentina... this is 10:15 PM... so I'm here, bored... eating rice with egg and tomato =P listening Follow The Light in Winamp... I hope you're fine... Cheers from Baires... ;)
shybonobono Jan-7-08 11.58pm
wow! I'm on tiptoe of expectation! :) I'm quite anxious to hear Friends.
shybonobono Jan-7-08 11.39pm
peno Jan-7-08 10.16pm
Can´t wait to hear Portsmouth i hope..i hope......:_) xxxpeter
sara spain Jan-7-08 8.33pm
I dont have tickets for the club dates and 2 guys on ebay have 30. Hate this people
sherifs84 Jan-7-08 4.17pm
why don't you come to Egypt?
scummy Jan-7-08 4.49am
hum fran, your last blog was a little bit confusing :/ how many grandsons does kate has? xD kiss!
mexicantwin Jan-6-08 7.41pm
the new one of course ;)
mexicantwin Jan-6-08 7.38pm
Hey Fran! we can await to get the album! yippie yippie yeeeeaaah! haha K&K (your mexican twin fans)
Simbelmyne Jan-6-08 2.20am
Well, I'm back as I said I would be. I'm staying in tonight and can barely recall what this message was about. Anyways. To tell you the very beggining of this, it all began when the L girl cried in the rain and none noticed, of course, since tears pretend to be raindrops. On that cold day, one of those in which your shoes turn sticky and your nose red, I got home sniffing. Love issues, delicate ones. The deepest feelings I've ever had. Turned on the computer and started writing while listening to your songs among other ones of course. Still "Why does it..." was the soundtrack of my blog's post (a one my eligible bachelor read). By December, it had all (or nothing. How d'you call a relationship which got stuck in its first letter?) ended. My heart was broken. My summer was a waste. Not that none had felt that before. The funny fact is that I realized I had broken free when I was coming out of a concert. My first concert ever, at the age of 18. Oasis and your songs made me able to bear my days. That's the first thing I could thank you for. So, thank you, but that's not it. I'll certainly be back with the next chapter of this free asociation speech.
I Came in Through the Bathroom Window Jan-6-08 2.11am
Fran, if I could I'd send you all the heat from Buenos Aires. I'm melting xD. New song sounds (reads?) cool! :o)
peno Jan-5-08 10.56pm
And happy new year and thanks for a super-gig at Barrow. se you again in Portsmouth. xxx Peter
peno Jan-5-08 10.41pm
Nice doing with the song Friend. Hope you got warm up again. Also very cold her in DK.....:-)
severine Jan-5-08 9.35pm
Happy new year, dear Fran ! Do beautiful songs again and again...Big kiss from Paris Séverine
goosey_84 Jan-5-08 3.16am
wow fran! those argentinian fans sure are something! what a lovely video they made for you all! i'm almost ashamed to call myself a fan! ;) lots of love to you lads!
barby Jan-4-08 6.03pm
Hola! Happy new year!!! New album! yeah!!!
gaby Jan-4-08 4.24pm
Thank you so much for the blog!! Amazing news!! we are all so excited. I don´t know if I should ask this, but is there a minimun posibility of repeating the webcam experience?? MUCHAS GRACIAS FRAN! :-)
varz Jan-3-08 9.53pm
Heyhey! Thanks so much for bringing in 2008 in the best way possible! You guys just get better and better everytime I see you live! Happy new year xxx
Ruudio Jan-3-08 3.28pm
Happy New Year. Thanks for a great end of year in Glasgow =D All the best for 2008 x
gaby Jan-3-08 2.11am
Hola!! Please check out the video we made for you guys, and let us know what you think. It is posted on the thread called: “A message to Travis from their argentinian fans”. CheeRs
yuzuki Jan-2-08 8.26pm
Happy new year handsome! Be happy ^^ and remember... Chile loves you.
bogusblue Jan-1-08 11.39pm
Happy New Year Fran! Luv from Mexico City. Alma
FranFlower Jan-1-08 11.01pm
Happy New Year Fran! And thanks for two utterly amazing shows this weekend. Not only did I enjoy your spectacuar music, but I got to meet up wit Travis fans from all over the world, making friends that will last a lifetime :) Keep safe in the new year, and I hope to see you soon!
galletitabonita Jan-1-08 9.45pm
kate_keit Jan-1-08 7.34am
FRAAAAAN Happy new year!! i love to see your postsss in the board! hope you have a great 2008 with a lot of looove and peace with your family. Thanks again.. for everything... you have no idea =) a huuuuuuge hug from Chile
NidiaBarbosa Jan-1-08 5.52am
FRANNY!!!!May your Christmas be a merry one and the New Year full of happiness. Our Season"s Greetings to you and yours from Colombia!! ¡¡¡¡You're the best
shybonobono Jan-1-08 4.05am
Hi, fran :D I'm so so happy because I know you, your music. please come to korea soon! We wating for you~~ Happy new year!
baby faced woman Dec-31-07 3.02pm
A Happy New Year from Japan! New year starts just now here in Japan!! :)
Simbelmyne Dec-31-07 3.04am
"Why does it always rain on me?". Probably the first one to be added up in a list with Creedence, Oasis, Whitesnake (and so on) tunes with the word 'rain' in them. For, hello, my name is L and I like to group and listen to songs depending on how the weather is. Nevertheless, that is not why I'm writing this. (I'll be back). (?)
penny Dec-29-07 1.53am
... Though I do not know if for lewis carrol you have written " humpty dumpty love song ". I would like that you could answer it to me. CHEERS!!
penny Dec-29-07 1.51am
Thank you!! Thank you!! Thank you very much for being so pretty and thank you Fran for signing alicia's book through the mirror, for me it is a very important humpty dumpty love song and even I will be able to say: " humpty Dumpty is a destiny ". I want them very much and admire them as musicians, as persons, as artists, as human beings .. you are a great great person. Thank you for offering us so aesthetic moments. THAT ANOTHER YEAR IS EQUAL AND BETTER FOR ALL!!
nats Dec-28-07 8.03pm
have a great 2008 !!!
galletitabonita Dec-26-07 2.22am
Happy Xmas. Best wishes to you and your beautiful wife and your cute song. Have a nice festivities!!!!! Lots of love from Mexico. (Ilse)
minsidesoutside_lds Dec-26-07 2.08am
Hope you enjoyed Christmas, Fran, and Happy New Year!! :) Love, from Arg. L´ds. (Lourdes)
scummy Dec-25-07 5.17pm
merry christmas, merry christmas, merry christmas, haaappy hooolidaaay (n sync style lol)
Turtleneck Dec-25-07 4.48pm
Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to you and your family.
baby faced woman Dec-25-07 12.21pm
Merry Xmas,Fran! :)
baby faced woman Dec-25-07 12.21pm
Marry Xmas,Fran! :)
Laura23 Dec-25-07 6.19am
Hi Fran!!!!! I just wanna wish you the best for the next year!!!!! Happy holidays from Colombia!!!!... just remember come here, don't forget us ....we're waiting for you!!!
gaby Dec-24-07 11.37pm
Happy Holidays Fran!! all the best wishes for you, Nora & Clay
Meridith Dec-24-07 10.58pm
Hi Fran, Just wanted to wish you and your family a wonderful Christmas and a very Happy New Year!
noreply9 Dec-24-07 6.50pm
Merry Xmas Fran!!! I hope its wonderful! Luv ya!
barby Dec-24-07 4.05pm
Merry Christmas Dear Fran! I hope you have a nice moment tonight, with your family. Thanks for your music. "It's good to know that you are home for Christmas" kisses from Argentina, Buenos Aires. :)
LME2005 Dec-24-07 2.11am
Merry christmas frannie. Come back to DC soon (we are need of a good rock show. :D)
adrianabarbosa Dec-23-07 7.47pm
Happy Holidays!!!!
RIKO Dec-23-07 11.49am
Hallo Fran! I gave birth to the baby two months ago. It was after it had gone to gig of TRAVIS in Muenchen for 3 days after. I went to gig because I wanted to see TRAVIS very much though one week from the expected date had already passed on the day. I think that the baby came out because I went to gig of TRAVIS. My such daughter becomes a good mood when CD of TRAVIS is heard, and sleeps occasionally. Anyway Thank you very much for pretty cool and nice gig!
givizeta Dec-23-07 9.28am
i'm very upset. I'm from italy, exactly from naples ... to see you in italy i've been 2 times in nonantola and 2 in milan but in the last tour you didn't came for any gigs. but "If the mountain will not go to Mahomet, let Mahomet go to the mountain" ... I bought a fly to came to see you in cambridge date but the gigs is sold out ... but if you go on ebay you can find the ticket at 35/40£ ... it's a shame!! please help me!!!
fallingdown Dec-22-07 9.20pm
Hey Fran! I wish you a really happy Christmas!!and please come to Spain soon..we need you! kisses :)
bogusblue Dec-22-07 6.06pm
Holaaaa Fran! Just wishing you a Merry Christmas, I hope you have a nice time =). Lots of amor from Mexico City. Alma.
Chiito-chan Dec-22-07 5.09pm
Froehliche Weihnachten und ein gluckliches Neues Jahr! ¡Feliz Navidad y Próspero Año Nuevo! Allinlla Raymi Allinlla Musuq Wayta!
I Came in Through the Bathroom Window Dec-21-07 11.22pm
Enjoy the holidays, Fran :o)
Love from Argentina!
yuzuki Dec-19-07 7.32pm
We love you Fran ♥♥♥
Selfish_arg Dec-19-07 3.01pm
Hi Fran!!! I'm argentinen... and I want you back!! hahahaa... please comeback with the new brand album... =D cheers... merry christmas my friend!
Dariko Dec-18-07 9.12pm
Hello Fran and the rest of the band! i keep writing to reach you.. fans in Russia wait for you to come, please, visit us!) wishing you happy holidays, from Russia with love!
Monica Dec-18-07 6.25pm
Merry Christmas Fran!
galletitabonita Dec-18-07 3.15am
Hi Fran, I only want to say you HELLO!!!!
24001 Dec-17-07 9.35pm
are you planning on doing any gigs in lancashite anytime soon? i can see why you wouldnt its not a lovely place.... but i hear youre an amazing live band so i was just wondering if i cud find out so i cud get tickets
my12memories Dec-15-07 11.51am
i wish i could watch your band live just once.hope one day i will sing flowers in the window with you. hope i will cry for the love to come through with you on stage. hope i will close my eyes and listen to you sing "3 times and you lose". hope i will hug my friends and ask the god with them, why does it always rain on me. wish you will come to turkey for a concert some time, but even if you don't, i will still keep "writing to reach you".
leticia Dec-15-07 3.16am
Hi Fran! I'm from Argentina! I'm planning to go to Scotland with some girlfriends next year, on September, do you have any places to recommend that are a must? Everyone loves u here! Please, come back soon! Cheers, Leti
glasgowgal Dec-14-07 3.38pm
Fran so upset my friend messed up and never got the tickets fo 30/12 it'll be the first time u'z have played in glasgow and i've not been there!! lets hope ebay pulls through lol!! I'll get there sumhow were theres a will theres a way!! Anty Debz says hiya (Debbie Cosker from school) xx
Kmy Dec-13-07 1.27am
FRan! I'm still thinking of you. when you were in Chile it was a really great time. I wish you came back and played Re-offender Kisses for you and the rest of the band
CANSU Dec-12-07 11.29am
scummy Dec-11-07 9.38pm
Franny! hope you're doing great :D say, i have a question: i'm having a hard time trying to find out to which record label (company, etc) you belong here in Chile, you know, besides independiente/epic, i'm guessing it's sony music chile, but i'm not very sure, and i was wondering if you could ask someone over there, it's quite urgent please :) sorry if i'm bothering you, enjoy the rest of your week! a huge hug :)
yuzuki Dec-11-07 9.27pm
"All my loving, I will send to you... All my loving, darling, I'll be true" I hope you be having a good time, enjoy, rest and relax Franny! Hugs and kisses!
CANSU Dec-10-07 3.26pm
happy_to_hang_around Dec-9-07 1.50pm
hey frann!!i wonder when will you come to turkey!hurry up,we're waiting!!!
Delia24Oct07 Dec-8-07 11.32am
Dear Fran Finally I'm able to post something here, it didn't work for months... Now, there where that many things I could (and wanted) have said to you when we met up after the concert in Zurich but unfortunately I was so nervous I nearly didn't say a word! But now I'm a bit more relaxed and can write down my thoughts: First of all I'd like to say, that your music gives me so much. It makes me smile and cheers me up every time I'm listening and for that I'd like to thank you. The words of your songs are just so true that I nearly have to cry sometimes and no songs else could do this. Your songs are so strong for me. And the meeting up with you I will never forget, I'll always keep it for a bad moment to make me smile. Thank you so much, I hope to see you back soon and next time we will wait even longer! Love from Delia (actually not Smith... ;) )
CANSU Dec-8-07 10.32am
CANSU Dec-7-07 3.13pm
kandarian Dec-6-07 1.30pm
you're the man!!! :)
CANSU Dec-6-07 11.09am
Chiito-chan Dec-5-07 9.20pm
CANSU Dec-5-07 11.28am
CANSU Dec-5-07 11.02am
FRANNNNNNN!!!!! WHAT A GREAT SONGS!!! THANK U;) *:o) -cansu xox
dasmill Dec-4-07 6.35pm
Glad you put Portland OR on your tour this year, looking forward to next year. Great album! My son is five and has been running a fever 103F, your music has been very soothing in his recovery. He has listend to the album about 1000 times much to our liking! Have a great time off and take care your little one. ~ Happy Holidays!
adrianabarbosa Dec-2-07 10.08pm
Fran, Fran, FRAN!!!!!!!! You have a lot of fans here in Colombia!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ..... dont forget us :( ..
Laura23 Dec-2-07 10.00pm
Hi Fran!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! When will you visit to Colombia?????? We are waiting for you Guys!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! love ya ..
isolde Dec-2-07 9.49am
Hey Fran, I sent you a message on myspace regarding to inviting Travis to go to China next year. If you guys are not interested or it doesn't fit into your plan , can you please let me know? If I need to talk to your manager I'm glad to do so.
barby Dec-2-07 1.52am
Hi Fran, Have a Nice Holidays. Thanks for the show in Buenos Aires. Barby
bogusblue Dec-1-07 8.21pm
Hola Fran!!! Have a nice rest. Have a great time with your family and love ones. Happy holidays. Waiting for you to come back next year. Lots of luv from Mexico City. Alma.
yuzuki Dec-1-07 7.26pm
Hey handsome! I hope you're Ok! Enjoy december, take a rest and reload your chi haha. I'll send to you my good energy. I ♥ U Chao :P
mecarr Dec-1-07 5.52am
Fran...Congratulations on a great tour. I know everyone wants you to go on tour asap, however, please take as much rest as you need. I've seen you twice before and met you last time you played in Dallas. What's it like meeting all these people whom know so much about you but they are only are mere strangers to you, at least a first anyway.
Carmencita Nov-30-07 2.50pm
Dear Fran...come back to chile again...please. Kisses
catacumena Nov-30-07 2.10pm
If you want to do all again next year ..Please return to Chile!!T_T
anace Nov-30-07 7.48am
hey Fran! thought I'd leave a shout just to say thank you for the tour (i.e. the Monterrey show). I had a fab time. Glad to know you guys are back home, enjoy your time off and hopefully we'll see you next year with a new album and a new tour. Happy Holidays and best wishes, as always! x Ana
caljam Nov-30-07 4.56am
I'm a believer! Big Country, Aztec Camera, Travis! ("A Shot At Glory" with Robert Duvall.) I'm a Californian who always wanted to see Hadrian's Wall but I guess I'll have to go all the way to Glasgow! Saw Travis in Las Vegas and hit the jackpot! Great musicianship, showmanship and songs! The story behind "My Eyes" almost made me cry and I'm not even a father! Long live Travis!
scummy Nov-29-07 5.10pm
hey fran, how you doing? :) i'm so glad this year has been great for you, 'cause you made it great for us (i'm so happy cause you're so happy!). thank you for bringing your music to our lives, you guys have made us become bigger and stronger people with every word you say. today, i'm even more grateful for being a travis fan :) have a great holiday! hope to see you soon, when you come back to chile ;)
maka Nov-28-07 2.22pm
lamentablemente no tengo idea de escribir en ingles pero desde que los vi en chile , me enamore de su arte, de su musica y de su buena onda con el publico me gustan mucho bye
lyli Nov-28-07 9.43am
hi fran! travis is the best! i love all your songs. its my ultimate dream to see you perform live. hope you guys do asian tour soon. thank you very much for making good music! YOU ARE ONE IN A MILLION AND I LOVE YOU SO..... :)
Meridith Nov-26-07 4.05am
Hi Fran, Just wanted to say thank you for the excellent show in Vegas the other night! You guys are so much fun to see put so much heart into your shows. We really enjoyed the gig! Thanks also for being so kind and chatting with me and my husband before the show. Can't wait to see you guys again next year! Hope you have a safe trip home. :)
Scottish Love Nov-26-07 12.14am
Hi Fran! Amazing show at Anaheim last night! I was standing right in front of you, and I was so excited to hear more songs than at the Wiltern, especially Battleships!!! I wanted to give you Christmas cards, but I never got a chance to see you. I won't be seeing you until next year at the earliest, so I don't know how to get them to you before they're long overdue! ^^; Anyway, you deserve a nice long rest after this US tour. Your schedule has been demanding! Good luck with the last two shows in the US and I hope to see you next year! Love, Michelle A (drawing girl)
canadaLynx Nov-25-07 12.36am
hey Fran! how are you? ^^ Come to Brazil pleeeease! you guys have so many fans here. pleeeeease. =/
canadaLynx Nov-25-07 12.34am
hey Fran! how are you? ^^ Come to Brazil pleeeease! you guys have so many fans here. pleeeeease. =/
canadaLynx Nov-25-07 12.29am
hey Fran! how are you? ^^ Come to Brazil pleeeease! you guys have so many fans here. pleeeeease. =/
LeoBonzai Nov-23-07 10.17pm
Hey Fran, I've been a huge fan for years and I get to see you guys live in person instead of on a DVD tonight for the first time. I'm stoked. 5 and 3/4 hrs to go.
LeoBonzai Nov-23-07 10.17pm
Hey Fran, I've been a huge fan for years and I get to see you guys live in person and not on a DVD tonight for the first time. I'm stoked. 5 and 3/4 hrs to go.
Selfish_arg Nov-23-07 10.10pm
there's only one post for today! so, I'm the second one! well Fran.. thanks for visiting argentina, you know you must come back! I'm newbie here...! well.. i hope to see you soon! Fernando from Argentina...
drift-nina Nov-23-07 10.08pm
thanks fran! thanks x this days! ... I went to Santiago with two friends ... to see the band .thanks you!(x100000000000000000).your peruvian fan. nInA
yuzuki Nov-23-07 2.47pm
"When I'm feeling blue I close my eyes and think of you... lalalalal" Back to Chile the next year.... pleaseeee!!!!
magda_travisD Nov-22-07 9.15pm
Hey Fran!! i want to thank you for coming to chile 4 weeks ago, it was the best night in my life and i'll never forget it. i don't know if you remember me, but i gave you a little fender telecaster that i made for you =P. please come back soon. looking forward for a new show and album magda.
I Came in Through the Bathroom Window Nov-22-07 5.14pm
Fran, thanks for recording a video saying hi to me yesterday xD. Goosey rocks!
Have a great day, love from Argentina.
tonybony Nov-22-07 6.05am
i´m tony, tony, tony bony... hi fran!!
bogusblue Nov-22-07 5.08am
Hola Fran!!! How are you? Hope you're incredibly fine =). Best wishes to you and your family as well. Lots of amor from Mexico City. Alma.
Carmencita Nov-21-07 2.15am
Dear Franny: this song is a gift for you, I do not write very well in english..with much love Crystal Shades Author: Carmen To: Fran Healy The letters written in my heart they form words that I want to erase I do not want to see shades in my dreams that they break each morning when waking up only you can say those words. It remembers that the way is long and my steps are fragile when you want to find me only shades you’ll see behind of you Chorus: There is a hope in our soul there are feelings more strong nobody is the guilty my love is of crystal you can care it if takings of my hand and you are the girl who always dreams oh oh oh dreams I feel desires to run towards you there are no clouds in my life the sky this of colors and your eyes the stars of every night they are the peace reflection and the sweet of your lips to the dawn The only truth that you must know it is that there is no fear that distresses to us if you read the words written in my heart
nessyta Nov-21-07 12.08am
I agree with Julie! please come back soon!! =D we miss you guys!! ^-^ Cheers Lucy Also, I was wondering... have you seen Nessie?? =D That is one of my favorites mysteries! ^-^
I Came in Through the Bathroom Window Nov-20-07 9.27pm
Pfff! "Chilles" xD.
I meant "chills" :oP
I Came in Through the Bathroom Window Nov-20-07 9.23pm
I've been watching some videos on YouTube from the gig in Buenos Aires... I get chilles everytime... Two weeks have passed and I still have that same overwhelming feeling I had that night.
I'll never be able to thank you guys enough for what you and your music have done (and still do) for me.
Please, come back soon!!!

Juli ~ Argentina
adcristino Nov-20-07 3.16am
hi fran, I went to the show in Santiago, Chile. There you say the name of a street in Glasgow were we could find u playing "flowers in a window", What was the name of the street, i can't remember it. I wanna know cause i'll be there at dec 29th-31st. Of course i'mgoing to the show there. see ya
CECi Nov-20-07 12.05am
Hi, Fran! I hope you're doing well :D Cheers from Mexico!!
yuzuki Nov-18-07 9.56pm
come back to Chile! come back to Chile! come back to Chile jajajajajajaja
sjrobbo006 Nov-18-07 8.20pm
Hi Fran, I realise you probably get a lot of these requests but I've just got tickets for the glasgow gig for my husbands 40th which is on dec 20th could you dedicate sing to him at the gig as it's his favorite Travis song? It would really make his day especially as he's getting out of the army after 22 years hard graft as well he needs a bit of cheering up. If you can't I understand but if you don't ask you don't get right? Thanks Sara Robertson. P.S. His name's Paul.
danie Nov-18-07 12.19pm
Hi Fran I'm a Travis's fan since your beginning and I'm Italian, I went to your concert in Modena, in Italy 4 years ago (I think!!) and it was amazing!And, I was just thinkin why not anymore!?!?! I was waiting for it! :-p Anyway,I'll try to reach you guys to some place in Europe next! Come back soon! Ciao
nagasaka Nov-17-07 8.11am
Hey Fran!! Loved the show in Vancouver! Just got home from it and I'm already so excited to see you guys when you come back!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Loved the unplugged acoustic song. Come back sooner than later k? ;D
mady028 Nov-17-07 6.37am
Hi Fran, just wanted to say thanks for freezing ur arse off in Edmonton to talk to me and let me get a picture. Just wanted u to know that ur music is fantastic and it has always brought me through all the good and bad times of my life. Especially moving to Canada as a teenager. :-)Thank You for making music that is powerful and beautiful! hope you guys keep on going for many years to come! p.s the concert was amazing as always!!! come back soon!!! xxxxx
haribo_nc Nov-16-07 8.42pm
6515 Bonsor Avenue Burnaby "D
haribo_nc Nov-16-07 8.37pm
6515 Bonsor Avenue Burnaby "D
haribo_nc Nov-16-07 8.34pm
we meet at Burnaby fire fighters club at 7.30am, kick off is 9am :D
haribo_nc Nov-16-07 8.33pm
Fran, Coming to see you tonight... hope your coming to see us tomorrow at the Vancouver Tartan Army in Burnaby!!! :D
beda Nov-16-07 9.03am
HI FRAN!!!! I really, really hope that you have enjoyed the gig in Mexico City because it was AMAZING!!! Anyway thanx for everything it's a shame that when you arrive From Guadalajara and came to the Toluca Airport no one was there to recive you Guys, I live so near the airport anyway good luck in the tour.
kate_keit Nov-16-07 4.07am
Hey fran! how are youu?? yesterday i was on youtube watching some videos and i found an old one where you were married with Andy. You had a fight and he pushed you down stairs. It's soooo funny! your dead's face is the best ever! just wanna share that with you ahahaha. I Hope you come back soon to Chile! Huuugs! and take care =) (sorry if my english it's not too good)
dasmill Nov-16-07 2.42am
Hello! Going to the pre-concert show in Portland Oregon at Mississippi Studios and the concert later the same evening. Can't wait! I'll buy you and the boys a pint at the pre-show. Love the new album!!
peno Nov-15-07 10.24pm
Hi Fran ! Once again I am going to your very fine concerts and this time in Glasgow. Meting you and the band i Odense-DK was so great. One week later your concert in Oslo..also a very fine experience, and now I go to Barrowland to celebrate Travis and new year in late december. My 2007 wil be a Travis-year and a journey in so fine music newer to forget. Looking so mutch forward cellebrating Travis 2007 with you and the band. Se you......:-)
bogusblue Nov-15-07 6.36pm
Hola Fran!!! I send to you lots of amor from Mexico City. Thanks for being such a nice guy. We love you so much here in Mexico but I think you already knew that, isn't it? Alma.
mexicantwin Nov-15-07 12.07am
Frannyyyy thank you so much for everything!! u know what we mean ;) thank you for made our dream come true again! we love you loads!! Your mexican twin FANS Karen & Karina xX
Devo_13 Nov-14-07 8.30pm
Can't wait for the show in Seattle, hope you enjoy your time in the states. I have waited so long to see this concert.
Closer2MyEyes Nov-14-07 5.16am
Wow Fran! I see you've been in all Travis' Shows! (ROFL) ;) The site is soo cool! Congrats, Lucho
haribo_nc Nov-13-07 6.47pm
Fran! Please come and be our lucky mascot for the Italy game :D
yuzuki Nov-12-07 12.17pm
Hi dear Fran! I hope you're having a great time! Good luck in USA. I wish I could be in California for november 13th, cause is my birthday :( But I can't. A lot of hugs y take care. Say hello to the guys! And come back soon to Chile! xD
nanlozano Nov-12-07 2.27am
hey!! i went to the concert of monterrey and oooooooooooo myyyyyyyyyyyyyy goooodd!!! ii love it actually i touch you when you guys entered you and dougie passed next to me (L) jajjaaj well i just wanted to say that i loved it! all of my friends were likee wOoww i can't wait till the next show here!! i hope you come again!! =) good luck and i hope you like our city! my mail is and you have to see my fotolog because i've just upload a picture of the concert! good luck in guadalajara!! =) love! nancy lozano ps: i gave u my mail becuase i could never receive the mail for being a member of this page! i've just convert this into a letter right! well good luck in everything ...
alison_carroll Nov-12-07 2.14am
hiya fran! how are you? I'm hoping to pop along to the barrowlands when you boys play there! I met you on 23rd april this year that's us chatting in hmv glasgow and I told you I knew your mum which I do! I hope she's well and so is nora and clay is to! hope to see you at the barras hugs alison sarah carroll glasgow scotland
maggie_gdl Nov-11-07 11.38pm
Hello Fran!!! I'm still so excited for the wonderful gig you gave to all Tapatios (Guadalajara) thank U so much for being so kind, and nice with your fans outside of the hotel, I'll never forget that, you were so nice, after the gig you stoped at the valet parking (well, we stoped you xD but you gave us a some minutes of your time) thank U thank U thank U so Much, Love you Fran, come back soon to Guadalajara
pcmd Nov-11-07 10.33pm
Hola Fran! Thanks for coming to Guadalajara, the concert was awesome, it was the first time I saw you live. Thanks a lot for dedicating us some of your time outside the hotel I really apreciate it, you're such a lovely person...come back soon please! Guadalajara love your music
bogusblue Nov-11-07 8.32pm
Hola Fran. Thanks a lot for everything. Amor from Mexico City. Alma.
melissa Nov-11-07 5.28pm
football maaaan!!!! and score a goal!!!
Yulia Nox Nov-11-07 2.46pm
Hope you liked the hysterical crowd at the airport... It was scary too for the Travis fans xD!... We couldn't gave you or show you the posters we made for your arrival! xD Maybe next year ;) Hugs and luv!
Luis_Sada Nov-11-07 4.00am
I have to admit that I've had trouble sleeping since wednesday that you came to monterrey, and I feel so sorry for you guys because of the little attendance, nevertheless I admire you for your passion in music, that even with the smallest attendance you show the best of you...thanks a lot for coming, and if you return to monterrey, I'll promise that I'll bring more people to your show and start spreading your music...cheers!
tario Nov-11-07 3.29am
the concert in chile was great!! just a dream I could see you all the time
pauenriquez Nov-10-07 11.04pm
fran thanks for coming back to mexico! I wish mexico was closer to europe so you could come more often! that solo you did last night was great, never seen something like that before we loved it! can't wait for you guys to come back!
pauenriquez Nov-10-07 11.03pm
fran thanks for coming back to mexico! I wish mexico was closer to europe so you could come more often! that solo you did last night was great, never seen something like that before we loved it! can't wait for you to come back!
GlossonRocks Nov-10-07 6.20pm
hey fran... oh my god you are so cool and i just wanna tell you how much i like your music, your lyrics and everything about you... and about my eyes well every time i hear it i feel like i want a kid... but im too young hehehe and Please tell andy that he`s such a rock star since i saw him on guadalajra i think i love him... do you think he would give me a child? hehehe i was kidding about that but i do love him jeje and about clous (the piano guy) well he`s so funny hehe and you are the best singer ever... i hope you come back soon... i waited for that concert since i was 14!! so PLEASE COME BACK i know no one in world loves u like me.. musicly of course hehe besides your songs brings me so much good memories! thnks for all the great music fran, andy , douggie and nail!
dionbeli Nov-10-07 7.19am
To all of you guys, I have to say that I'm still in shock that you came to Monterrey, thanks a lot, like I said before, you were my birthday present, the concert was amazing, Andy playing the guitar at 2 meters away from me it was surreal, the solo of Klaus (i think is written like that)just perfect, TRAVIS please come back to Monterrey soon, I just loved the way that you Fran expressed the love for your wife, keep making great music
Kmy Nov-10-07 1.31am
Hey Fran! I have to say it again! i loved your show here in Santiago, and i'll be waiting for another soon please come back...!
Sharona Nov-10-07 1.15am
Hey Fran - I don't know if you'll read this but I thought I'd try. I work at the Walt Disney Studios in Burbank and would love to give you guys a tour when you're in LA for the Wiltern show. There's lots of cool Disney memorabilia and artwork. If you're interested, please private message me! Can't wait to see you in Los Angeles and Anaheim!
Marilyna Nov-9-07 10.34pm
Hey great it works!!I've been trying to reach you for days! just to say to you and the band : thanks so much for your healing songs, they bring happiness (and sometimes sadness) to my soul but it's true I really love your music and lyris...Forgive me If I don't write in a perfect english although my mum is british but it's true I'm not used to writing in english all the time... There is a song of yours I love so much "flowers in the window" it gives me that strange feeling in the heart that it is hard to explain I love to sing that song... Well then "Good nite Sleep and sweet repose Where ever you lay your head I hope you find your nose" (Marilyn Monroe)
Marilyna Nov-9-07 9.46pm
I would so much love to post a comment but Fran doesn't want me too!!! (cry cry)
Marilyna Nov-9-07 9.44pm
I would so much love to post a comment but Fran doesn't want me too!!! (cry cry)
Luis_Sada Nov-9-07 5.46am
Fran, thank you so much for coming to Monterrey, I know it's a little city but we had the best time of our lives, it was an amazing show and I still can't believe that you came, but anyway cheers! hope you've liked monterrey's people
minsidesoutside_lds Nov-9-07 5.02am
heeeeeeEEEYY!! Fran!! :D i'm so happy 'cause i was so happy with your beautiful occupation in Arg SIGN: Selfish L´ds. such one night under the moonlight with Travis!!! It was great... hit me TRAVIS one more time!!!! hope you are coming around soon, and be closer again :) i'll be waiting with my eyes wide open 0.0 Cheers, thanks for everything! Deep in my heart, Loürdes (L´ds- Out in space)
Arena_movediza Nov-9-07 3.47am
Hi Fran !!!! Your show in Santiago(4 Nov) was amazing, I hope that you comeback to Chile very soon ^^ bye Andrea
Cecilia Nov-8-07 5.53pm
Hola Fran, I just want to say Thank You. Thanks for making possible coming to Argentina. I saw the band for the first time in Blackburn, UK, in 2003, after more than a year you weren´t playing live. I was with my friend, both from Argentina...we were holding a sign saying "Travis Love From Argentina", and we even had the chance to talk to all of you before the concert, you were so nice I wish you remember... It was so touching for us to have met you, and to know the kind of people you are, the good one. We said that time "Please, you have to go to Argentina, people love you there, you´ll see", and you said you really wanted to do that sometime. That dream came true. And now that you know us, I hope you can see how much we love you guys. Please, try to come back soon, the love for you will still be here, ready to jump into your soul. Lots of love with Dulce de Leche, Cecilia
valen Nov-8-07 12.34pm
Must be my lucky year, first getting to met you guys in Oslo, then to be informed of your Glasgow date right after ordered my flight home for Christmas - finally a chance to see you guys in our home town. DJ
haribo_nc Nov-8-07 4.57am
we'd love to invite you to come watch the scotland v italy game in Vancouver.. kick off at 9am at Burnaby Fire Fighters Club :D
cornax Nov-8-07 3.09am
I read that whole Mexico blog waiting for the good part and you glossed right over it. What did you eat???????
I Came in Through the Bathroom Window Nov-7-07 1.02pm
I loved the new blog entry! Made my morning! The pic is just great! Juli, Argentina.
melissa Nov-7-07 6.13am
U look sad in the pic. did the other team win the match?? luck from argentina see u soon
haribo_nc Nov-7-07 6.08am
think you could do a little flower of scotland on friday 16th for us in Vancouver?? :D
chickhim Nov-7-07 2.03am
I traveled to Chile from Peru, just to see you guys. :] I hope u liked the tshirts we [2 more peruavian friends ]gave you. The show was excellent. Kisses and come back soon *clauda
Poliguis Nov-7-07 12.45am
I hate live so far away, really ¬¬U Whatever, the concert was amazing, thanks for coming to Chile... I enjoyed it so much! Please come back soon
gaby Nov-6-07 8.49pm
You ROCKED in Buenos Aires!! Thank you so much for coming!! you know we will be always waiting for you with arms wide open and more dulce de leche ;-) **luv**
yuzuki Nov-6-07 3.40pm
Wow your show in Santiago was amazing! all the newspaper talk about the good sound and your great performance. Travis was the best band of the night. Thanx Fran for being so nice with the fans and for inspire us all the days of our lifes.
pablob Nov-6-07 2.12pm
Well, I guess you already know how much we all loved your shows in B.Aires and Santiago, and how bad we want you back soon, but, what about you guys, would you like to come back ???
loaded Nov-6-07 8.29am
loaded Nov-6-07 8.28am
loaded Nov-6-07 8.28am
duce Nov-5-07 1.23pm
Hii Fran, I attended your show last night in Santiago with my wife. It was a terrific show, we have been following the band since the late 90`s. We hope that your invitation to Glaswow was real because we are going next month...ja ja ja..seriously we hope that you comeback to Chile soon and play a Travis concert alone. If you come back you and the others guys can come home for a nice dinner!!!
s0urgirl Nov-5-07 5.51am
it was amazing!thanks a lot for your music it was an incredible moment and you guys were so nice!! You had a better sound than the killers LOL xD! Hope and see you soon...But this time playing Re-offender ♥!! xoxo
anitasing Nov-5-07 5.44am
Fran: you have no idea how long I had been waiting to see you and hear you live (like 8 years?!).Thanks for that. You are great and last Friday in Bs As you made me feel just like the first time I heard you. Like I´ve known you guys for all my life. come back! we love you...
ally_ Nov-4-07 5.15pm
thanks for your lovely singing voice send you my love Ally
Nattasha Nov-4-07 11.01am
Hi Fran!!! I hope you enjoy Chile :D. kisses. Cinthya
Nacho Nov-4-07 1.58am
yesterday was absolutely brilliant! hope you had an amazing time just like we argentinians did :D
Tracey982 Nov-3-07 8.31am
Hi Fran, great news you guys coming to Aberdeen on Hogmanay. I cannae wait! :)
jesusaremus Nov-3-07 7.32am
one mroe week yay!
yuzuki Nov-2-07 11.50pm
aaaaaaaaaaahhhh Fran! Good luck in Argentina ;) Is a nice country... and soon... CHILEEEEEEEE! yeah! Chile rocks! This has been the most largest week of my life. Chile waits for you and the rest of the lovely guys. Chao :)
Rebeca Nov-2-07 9.01pm
Hello Fran!!!! I was in the concert of Madrid It was phenomenal. In Spain we love you and wish to come very soon. Sorry for my written english. Kisses for you and for the rest group....
BabyBlue__ Nov-1-07 11.45pm
Fran... thanks for your voice! Monterrey Mexico waits for you... I will be there in first line!
Alex178 Nov-1-07 10.12pm
Hiya Fran&everyone from Alex in Notts :) Was listenin to your albums tonight and thought id say a quick hello! Great news bout Hogmanay-must tell my mate who lives in Glasgow :) Your last album is GREAT!!! :)Alex
el_gemelito Oct-30-07 1.19am
hi fran! =D chile waits for you!!!
MadalinaEnache Oct-29-07 2.16pm
Hi Fran! Have you thought to come in Bucharest for a concert? :) Your last album is GREAT.
Christin1981 Oct-29-07 7.20am
I just wanted to say thank for a great consert last night. I love the way your songs makes me feel. Hope to see you back in Norway soon.
penny Oct-28-07 3.44am
Hey Frany! The first thing that I want to say to you is that I admire you, only as Beneddetti one might counttell you =) second ... I am very satisfied of that on November 9 them I will see again it me puts very happily and an epoch of school makes me light jejeje ... and in it of " beyond belief " I am so satisfied of that my history of nice or alone love my history of love began last summer and now that my better love and only one this on me and he is going to accompany me on a great great coincidence that was travis I would like that were playing Luv ... ohhh it is the history of my love =) I love them I love you Less**
Green-Eyed_Karina Oct-27-07 7.05pm
Dear Fran,EXACTLY!!!;0) Russia waits 4 U!!!! We love you!We WANT YOU see ;)!!!
Stasya Oct-27-07 5.59pm
Fran, Greetings to you! All Russia waits for you, guys! When are you gonna come to us???? It would be a marvellous show!
yuzuki Oct-27-07 4.28am
Hi! my dear Fran. All Chile is wating for you! Is awsome have you in our country. Thanx for give us your amazing music. XOXOXO kissus! Chaooooooo
Jennny Oct-26-07 7.39pm
Hi there Fran! It´s been seven long years since your last, and only, visit in Finland(Provinssirock, 2000). So to us it would be the Most amazing thing to see Travis live! If not in Finland then maybe Claus would like to go visit some friends and relatives in our dear neighbour country Sweden? :D Seeing you live would make at least me, my sister and her friend probaply, not probably but surely, the happiest people on the face of the earth. Thank you for being our first true musical love! All the best, love Jenny & Juuli
cazman Oct-25-07 7.05pm
hey fran hows it going? just wondering do you ever read/ reply to these comments???i m 14 and travis were the 1st band i saw. i m addicted to ur music now, and i m always looking for signed cd of yours on ebay!!
gabbi_rdz Oct-25-07 3.37am
see you in mty :):)
lady_marian Oct-24-07 4.04am
Hi Fran!, Let me tell you that in México we´re facing a cold front (nothing dangerous, don´t be alarm), the winter is at the door, and your concert is closer, so we have the ideal atmosphere to hear and sing "Last Christmas", don´t you think? PD. Bring your coats!
peno Oct-20-07 10.57pm
Hi Fran ! Thanks to Dougie, Andy, Niel and you for a great moment in Odense-DK. My wife and I are the two fans meating you just after rehersel in the afternon. All of you signing my Travis-tee and just shering a moment with whas so nice.That moment and the (10-star!!!) koncert we felt like being in heawen. Se you again in Oslo next sunday. We love you guys for being as you are. Love from Lotte and Peter
annegallagher Oct-20-07 11.37am
hi fran !
AintMisbehavin Oct-19-07 2.10pm
Great show in Cologne! Thanks a lot!
AdeSing Oct-18-07 12.24am
HI Fran!!! What amusing show in Madrid!!!I travelled from Palma to see us and it was wonderful! I hope to see u soon in Spain! And if u want to visit Mallorca u are invited whenever u want!
peno Oct-17-07 4.57pm
Hello Fran ! Hope to see Dougie, Andy, Niel and you you in Odense and maybe shake your hand. I am also in SentrumScene in Oslo.Varming up with "Travis At the Palace" dvd every day now. So fine and I´m sure "the big sofa" also find place in Odense and Oslo. Best regards from Peter
Nattasha Oct-16-07 6.29pm
HI FRAN!!! thanks for you reply, I remember you too (jajajajajaja) (La Riviera). Lots of love, your chilean fan, Cinthya.
BRI3201N Oct-16-07 4.22pm
Hi Fran! Will you be touring Australia any time soon? I missed out the last time you guys were here and really jealous the fans from the northern hemisphere get to see Travis live. Love your work ;)
ledays Oct-16-07 3.49pm
hey fran! i sended you message on myspace, my name is Le days there to. would be lovely if you check it if you got the time. cheers/ daniel hedin
mexicantwin Oct-9-07 4.39pm
hey Fran! looking forward to attending next gig on Mexico City! you might have already got tired of hearing this all the time! but we are! ... ::: cheers! ::: Karen & Karina (Your mexican twin fans! )xX
Poliguis Oct-7-07 6.58pm
Chile is waiting for you guys...
cazman Oct-7-07 11.25am
hey the foofighters love doug! check out te messageboard!
Tracey982 Oct-6-07 7.22am
Had a wee gander at those photies of you guys back in 1996, niiiiiiice! xxx
Nikki Oct-6-07 12.31am
Fran! Haha! I like the very first-ever Travis picture! Thanks for posting it! :) You rock.
BeatleGirl11 Oct-5-07 5.03am
Fran-Are there going to be any Eastern dates during the next US tour? Please come back to Georgia,we miss you terribly!
Baby Fran Oct-4-07 8.47am
Hi Franny Come back to UK soon as we miss you guys.
Emmitta Oct-4-07 6.27am
beda Oct-2-07 1.19am
margarita Oct-1-07 10.48pm
baby faced woman Oct-1-07 2.01pm
When will you come back to Japan to do tour ? I have been waitng for the day that Travis come back to Japan. :)
sigigiovanni Sep-30-07 12.54pm
We are looking forward to see you again in Munich an Züri soooon....What do you think could we travel together..
angelamcdade Sep-30-07 6.50am
You up for tea and scones...see message board!!
pitapixcat Sep-30-07 4.08am
Hi Fran: Thanks for coming to Chile!!! See you soon ;)
beda Sep-28-07 6.52am
Hi Fran!!! I know that many mexicans like me have been wrote the same Thing but... We ARE SOOO HAPPY that you guys will be here in NOvember AGAIN, by the way you should consider to recorded a DVD in México DF.
mexicantwin Sep-25-07 9.07pm
hola Fran! we hope you dont forget about us! ... you know what we mean! ;)
dklover Sep-24-07 5.50pm
Hello Fran.. Just wanna say thanx for comming to my town, Odense, 17. october. CANT WAIT! You guys made SO fucking great music, and fantastic live band.. Are there any change to shake your hand before the show and say hello? I will be the happiest man in Denmark for a LOOONG LOOONG time.. All the best for you guys. Sonny.
Francisca_c Sep-24-07 4.09am
Thanks for coming to Chile im pretty sure that the chilean people have been waited this moment for years. thanks guys! we love you!
FREEORSINO Sep-23-07 6.01pm
Hi Fran Great concert yesterday! You have lots of new fanatic fans now, heheehh. If you have the opportunity please thanks Peter Lorrydriver from JT. Thanks
RaZzZ Sep-22-07 9.10am
Hi Fran, i have a question... How can i get the tabs and chords from hazy shades of gold?? i love it!!! Please, from mexico!! Cheers =)
amandatravisfan Sep-22-07 12.43am
hey fran!! thank you for coming to argentina!! i wait for travis all these dream,now is real!!! god bless,travis
s0urgirl Sep-21-07 10.46pm
you MUST sing coming around when you come to Chile hhaha luv that one take care
angelamcdade Sep-21-07 6.10am
Looking forward to the gig in Portland Oregon....see you then
severine Sep-18-07 1.39pm
i listen "my eyes" in bbc radio 4 and it was so great, so moving..I love it! Bye Sev
severine Sep-18-07 12.50pm
Hi all boys! I saw you in Paris. Please, come again in France! just a little date in a little town... Big kiss sev
mahumaju Sep-17-07 5.48pm
hello! put Malaysia in your tour list perhaps? : )
Mirelle Sep-17-07 3.23am
im so happy you are comming on november..... ¡¡¡¡¡¡¡ i love you fran...please i want a pic with youuuuuuuuuuuuuu
cosmyn Sep-16-07 11.07am
When are you coming in Romania?
gaby Sep-15-07 7.30pm
Hey Fran!! see you on November 2! I can´t hardly wait! ;-)
mexicantwin Sep-15-07 3.43pm
Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh! oh my god! yippie yippie yeeea! you are coming next november!!! oh thank you so much for doing this!!!! you dont know how lucky we feel!!! THANK YOU SO MUCH!!! omg we are speachless! oh less than a year!!! we love you so bad!!!Ahhhhhhhhhh! ohhhhh we are crying of hapiness!!! (literally!) seriously! oh my god thank you so much!!! loads of hugs from the country who loves you the most! Your mexican twin fans Karen & Karina xX
imkatatonic Sep-15-07 5.59am
You kept your promise! See you in November.. Mexico City loves you :D Thanks for having us in such special place!
drift-nina Sep-15-07 4.17am
see you in chile , fran!
LudimilaSales Sep-14-07 8.34pm
julietravisaddict Sep-14-07 1.44pm
Hey!!! Please come back to France, Paris is waiting for you people!!! 7th June was tremedous!!! Thank you sooo much!!!
meekon Sep-13-07 8.21pm
Looking forward to seeing you guys in demark on the 19th. As an expat living over here from islay/paisley )a small taste of home is always welcome. If you can bring me some square sausage that would be the perfect night.
meekon Sep-13-07 8.20pm
Looking forward to seeing you guys in demark on the 19th. As an expat living over here from islay/paisley )a small taste of home is always welcome. If you can bring me some sqare suasge that would be the perfect night.
DANIBLU3001 Sep-13-07 3.32am
Brazil PLEASE let me have a chance to see and hear the band.
jaffacakes Sep-11-07 3.21am
Come to the Great Big North...also known as CANADA! :) Toronto LOVES Travis!
LudimilaSales Sep-11-07 1.34am
Come to BRAZIL please!!!!!!!!!!!! dont forget us!!!! hope to see you soon!!! kisses
Mirelle Sep-10-07 6.16pm
come back soon¡¡¡¡ i already miss you..... here in mexico we love you ¡¡¡¡ GOOD LUCK FRAN¡ MIRELLE
imkatatonic Sep-10-07 7.25am
Already miss ya. Waiting to see you again coming year, as you promised. Kisses & hugs from Mexico City. You know we love you.
adrianabarbosa Sep-10-07 2.17am
hey!! come to Colombiaaaaa--. please!
gaby Sep-8-07 8.12pm
YEAH! Travis is closer! ;-) Im just so incredibly happy!!
peno Sep-7-07 11.21pm
Hi Fran and Travis! See you in Odense-DK and in Oslo-NO. I´m so happy and looking so mutch forward to both gigs.I love your music and you seems to be four nice fellows with "ground controlle". Hope to meet you some day. Best wishes from Peter
sorry angel Sep-7-07 6.04pm
Very Paris Texas your picture Fran!
ElspethOllie Sep-5-07 4.26am
We miss you in Kansas.
leticiarosal Sep-4-07 8.23pm
HEllo Fran !!!! Lovely Rita meter maid, May I inquire discreetly, When you are free, To take some tea with me. Took her out and tried to win her, Had a laugh and over dinner, Told her I would really like to see her again... I love this !
ia Sep-4-07 7.40pm
Hi Fran! I have a gift for you two months ago, since the concert of barcelona in june. I could not give you then and I´d like to give you it. That´s a book titled Little Prince, do you know it?
bogusblue Sep-1-07 4.29am
Hi Fran!!! I just want to thank you for all beautiful songs you make and share with all of us and for being such a wonderful artist too. You are The Great Francis Healy. Come back soon to Mexico City!!! Lots of luv. Alma.
carolinegonza Sep-1-07 12.31am
Is it true Travis coming to South America in November? Please...Brazil is sooooo cool! You wouldn’t believe how cool Brazil is... =) “My eyes” video is hilarious, particularly Andy and Neil! Best wishes for Travis
Judi from Buenos Aires Aug-31-07 9.22pm
Frannieto, please come to Buenos Airessss :) All the best, Jude
leticiarosal Aug-30-07 10.08pm
Yes ! Come to Latin America Brazillll !
ia Aug-30-07 8.18am
Hi sweet-man! It´s great to know that you return to Spain! The concert of June in Barcelona was unforgettable, thank you, and I am sure that those who will come also it will be, though I them go away to losing, snif, snif... To seeing if at some time you pass for Galicia, you will be charmed with it, it is a distant cousin of Scotland. Kisses!!
MrsOye Aug-30-07 12.57am
hi frannn!!! come to Argentina pleseeeeeeee!! just tellme when just comming around! luv* gi
Sanne (nl) Aug-29-07 4.53pm
Hi Fran, Just wanted to thank you and the other guys for good music, great vibes and a wicked new video! Any chance of seeing TRAVIS back in Amsterdam this year (again)? Waiting with great anticipation..:)
yune Aug-27-07 8.48pm
adiwelling Aug-26-07 6.51am
hola Fran solo quiero decirte que Tavis es mi banda favorita junto con U2. Son los mejores y continuen haciendo excelente musica. Driftwood me mata!!!
Nattasha Aug-26-07 5.13am
Hi Fran! Will you really come to Chile?????? We are very exciting!!!! lots of love Cheers! :)
leticiarosal Aug-26-07 12.09am
Hi ! ^^ rsrs !!
gaby Aug-25-07 2.27am
Travis is closer, closer, lean to the south, lean to the south... ;-) PLEASE COME TO ARGENTINA!!!
barby Aug-25-07 12.37am
I´m shure I will see you in Argentina. Oh God!
MrsOye Aug-25-07 12.10am
hi! mr.Healy!! i have a question to you...If Travis go to Chile...Im from you know what i mean? I would like to see you here... pleaseee**** (sorry! my english is so bad) kisses*
severine Aug-24-07 10.38pm
Hi Fran. Thanks for your music and the show in Paris! the video "my eyes" is very funny : i like it! Biz Sev
cutie188 Aug-23-07 10.26pm
hi fran, I know this is a long shot, but if u could spare 2 min, could you look at this guys music. many thanks, cant wait to come see you guys again. x
ana1984 Aug-23-07 4.49pm
hi fran! i´m spanish girl! travis is my favourite group! i hope see you in madrid in october! my eyes video is...the best! and my favourite song... every one of your songs! kisses from Spain!
rpinol Aug-23-07 6.40am
Have you ever thought about writing a song about the surreal? Whether life is actually the illusion; and that our dreaming is the true reality..
Mcsilk Aug-23-07 5.54am
Please come to Thailand ......
gaby Aug-22-07 3.58am
WOW! My eyes video is AWESOME! You were definitely born to rock! Thanks for drawing a smile upon our faces with every single video you guys make!!
karinichis Aug-22-07 12.21am
Healy Healy Healy..oh my GOD! look--> is Fran Healy...please come to South America...iamd if you can, come to PerU!!!!!! come on, all we want to do is ROCk! kari :) love ya!
isa Aug-21-07 7.44pm
come back when you want in switzerland, we love you!(well, specially me) :-)
verhong Aug-21-07 11.09am
You are the only.......people in Hong Kong looks for quality...looks for Travis!!!!!would you like do us a honor by sharing your achievement in Hong Kong?
ElspethOllie Aug-20-07 9.46pm
...and thanks for wearing a Francis Sporting Goods t-shirt in the new video! I have one too!
shi Aug-20-07 5.59pm
Fran!!!!!!!... thanks 4 the picture!!... xxxxx
ElspethOllie Aug-19-07 5.24pm
Please come back to Lawrence! We love you!
huiyoung Aug-19-07 4.50am
Pleas come to korea!!!!!!!!! I love TRAVIS!!!! >_<
pauchis Aug-18-07 8.05pm
Hi fran this is pau from mexico !! i just want to say that your new album is great and your concert was very very cool i had a lot of fun!!! thanks for being so close to mexican people take care bye*
pauchis Aug-18-07 8.04pm
Hi fran this is pau from mexico !! i just want to say that your new album is grat and your concert was very very cool i had a lot of fun!!! thankd for being so close to mexivan peole take care bye*
hiromi Aug-18-07 3.17pm
Fran!! I sent champagnesupernova your message on the Scotland frag!! The flag left Japan for Turkey on 18th!! Thank you so much!!!!!
galletitabonita Aug-18-07 7.24am
I just want to say hello again!!! How are yo now???? Thanks for all Fran. We Luv You.
nmcclave Aug-18-07 4.50am
Fran, your "long lost twin" here (23-07-73) -- it was a wonderful belated birthday gift for me to meet you and the guys after the Atlanta show. Thank you for sharing your music with all of us, and thanks for being so gracious with all of your loyal fans. I very much look forward to catching "the Trav" next time around. Cheers!
penny Aug-18-07 2.29am
ohh Fran!!! estas bellisimo, eres aaaahh ni soñando caray... luv travis luv frany forever!!
barby Aug-18-07 2.01am
I know it is something strange, but I heard "Why Does it always rain on me" today and that song made me cry! :( I felt sad :(
Joelsy Aug-17-07 8.51pm
Fran?? are you ???aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahh....i love youuuu also if i can be your daughter... :D:D
baby faced woman Aug-13-07 4.22pm
Thanks for coming back to Osaka to do show! :) I saw your show on August 12th. That was amazing and I was really moved your songs. I really hope that you will come back to Japan soon to do tour. :) And I wanna meet and talk with you some day! hehe
DutchMaaike Aug-13-07 3.06pm
All the people of the world need Travis!
BettyPekker Aug-12-07 5.12pm
please come to Hungary
travisNC Aug-10-07 5.22am
I meant to ask you in ATL but I was distracted by you kissing my wife... how do YOU write music? What is your method? Music first? Lyrics? Any insight would be awesome. I just want to let the songwriter out of me that has been bubbling around for years. Travis and Radiohead are the only 2 bands in the world to inspire that much. Help!
hiromi Aug-10-07 4.40am
Fran!!!!! I LOVE YOU SOOOOOOO MUCH!!!!! You are soooo sweet.... :) Im really looking forward to your show tomorrow!!! XD
CelliMylene Aug-9-07 7.11pm
Hey. Just wanted to say, your voice is beautiful...I melt everytime I hear Closer, seriously...And...Haha...I love it in that clip where you sing that "we represent the lullaby league"-song! xD Omg...*Tries hard to stop laughing* Sorry...=P And your scottish! That`s lovely...I hope you come to Norway [again] sometime...! =) Bye
baby faced woman Aug-9-07 2.36pm
Hello,Frannn! Have you come to Japan yet? I am looking forward to seeing your show in Osaka!;) If I can, I wanna meet you in the fes by chance. hehe I wanna take a pic with you like other fans on this MSB! Sadly,I have never met you in my life. .:( See ya on August 12th. (^0^)
garech Aug-9-07 9.45am
Enjoying LOVE exactly! :D
garech Aug-9-07 9.42am
Hi Boys, thank you for your nice songs and deep lyrics full of love and understanding. Fran, I would like to ask you one question about live dates - do you plan to play in Slovakia or Austria also? Many of people from Slovakia would like to join your fantastic gig. ;-) All best to you and your family, enjoining love :)
Tanya Aug-8-07 3.38pm
HI FRAN ! MANY GREETINGS FROM SLOVAKIA! SEEING LOVELY PICTURE OF YOU AND YOUR LITTLE SON (thread "Photo") I MUST SAY: "ABSOLUT GORGEOUS!" Isn´t it one of the most beautiful feelings to become a father? I WISH YOU AND YOUR NEW FAMILY MUCH HAPPINESS AND LOVE ALWAYS AND FOREVER! /"NEW" because here we say, family makes just a child! two are not a family, just the "partners"/. I love music by TRAVIS and thank you for all you´re making. I strongly feel that your music is here for that ENERGY what LOVE makes, not for MONEY as lot of "popstars" doing todays. Do it still that way! People would always need more love than more dollars. Thank you for what you are. Much Love, Tanya
maryelisetx Aug-8-07 4.14am
Just wanted to extend a great, BIG Texas THANK YOU for the phenomenal shows in Austin and Houston! I cannot wait to see you guys back in the States.
travis_argentina Aug-8-07 2.24am
Hey Fran!! Some boardies are commenting that you said Travis are coming to Argentina to perform with The killers in a festival, is that true? I wanted to ask you because The Killers are coming in November but with Starsailor. Please let us know the truth, we are very excited!!
travis_argentina Aug-7-07 5.02am
Please come to Argentina!!!
hiromi Aug-7-07 4.58am
Oh sorry...I made a mistake!! I also wanted to say this words...Cant waith for your visit!!! :)
hiromi Aug-7-07 4.58am
Oh sorry...I made a mistake!! I also wanted to say this words...Cant waith for your visit!!! :)
hiromi Aug-7-07 4.55am
Hi, Fran :) When will you arrive to Japan??
quidamonrainbow Aug-6-07 5.59pm
Fran please give me an answer
quidamonrainbow Aug-6-07 5.59pm
Fran please give me an answer
luise Aug-6-07 6.43am
Hi Fran, just like to say the very same thing everybody says here.... THANK YOU, for being a great human being, for being so kind to your fans and even non fans even when you were so freakin tired on the airport, for giving a colosal gig, for giving more than 100% on stage... THANKS... Luis from mexico city
BeatleGirl11 Aug-5-07 10.21pm
Fran, you are AMAZING!
jesusaremus Aug-5-07 6.13pm
all of you rulez!
vania Aug-5-07 2.41am
fran!! you rocks!!! you were awesome in the sports palace, i hope you come back as you said. love you fran and i wish you the best for you and your family!!!
PaulineDutch Aug-4-07 6.42pm
Dylan Rules! (H)
paristexas Aug-4-07 4.12pm
thanks for being here in Mexico. Seeyou. have a nice weekend.
bogusblue Aug-4-07 3.53pm
Hi!!!!!!!! Fran thank you for being so nice and sweet with all you fans.
Jean_lara Aug-4-07 7.09am
Hi, Fran I just want to thank you for the tickets you gave me, it was the best day of my life, nobody believe me that I met you at the airport in Mexico City and you gave 2 tickets and my name was in the guest list, yesterday my hero was Marvin, one member of your staff who help me and my brother to get in the sport palace. That was the best concert i have attented to. I became a big fan of Travis, your music is awesome. Thanks Again, because you keep your promise and remeber my name. I will remember that day, as the best day of my life. Jean.
Mirelle Aug-4-07 12.32am
thanks for the amazing concert you gave yesterday here in was excellent!!!! the best show ever.... MUCHAS GRACIAS¡¡ come back soon¡¡ we´ll be waitng for you
barby Aug-3-07 10.05pm
Hi! Dont forget Argentina! Here we are waiting for a concert! :) I like Colder of The Boy with..excellent song. Congratulations!
JiMeNa Aug-3-07 8.26pm
I have no words to describe the fantastic show you gave us here in Mexico!! thanks for your enthusiastic show !!It was awesome to see you all the time like if it was the first moment of the concert!! d(o_o)b you rock!! Flower in the windows and why does it always rain on me ..Are spectacular
aayla Aug-3-07 8.40am
Hey Fran!I just want to thank you for the amazing show you gave us here in Mexico. It was one of the best experiences of my whole life. Please come back soon. =D
noreply9 Aug-3-07 7.37am
Hey Fran! You guys were awesome in Atlanta, It was so great standing right in front of you during the concert! please keep your promise and come back to Atlanta soon-We will be there!
r3ntonAV Aug-3-07 6.55am
Hi Fran!!! I just wanted to thank you for coming to Mexico and being so nice...It really was an amazing show. I was right in front of you in the concert...So thank you for everything and please come back soon as you said...
klothilda Aug-3-07 2.12am
...and been asked if you are aware of your own power,as a human-beeing...?
Tianyan Aug-2-07 1.38pm
I actually LOVE your hats...I was just looking at the Hammersmith Apollo pictures and the dainty little green one is cute! :) You are too cool Mr Healy...*salutes*
Mayelo Aug-2-07 3.47am
amandatravisfan Aug-1-07 3.47pm
hi fran!! i wrote from argentina.. amazing record!! here,theres a bunch of fans waiting for you guys..i hope that you coming very soon. TRAVIS FOREVER.GOD BLESS YOU!
klothilda Aug-1-07 1.53am
Uhhh,sorry...just fell asleep on the table...good night everybody......chrrrrrr....
klothilda Aug-1-07 1.48am
Hey Fran...have you ever been in Prague, "the mother with claws" ?
klothilda Aug-1-07 1.47am
Hey Fran...have you ever been in Prague, "the mother with claws" ?
klothilda Aug-1-07 1.46am
Hey Fran...have you ever been in Prague, "the mother with claws" ?
cartoonmatrix Jul-31-07 4.24pm
Thank you for the show in Atlanta Sunday. It was so wonderful I wrote my Tuesday column for the newspaper I work for about it. Thanks for listening to talk about how I became a fan and telling me about how you almost lost "Driftwood." It made my first time seeing you guys live all the more amazing. And thanks for being so darn nice! Come back soon! Maybe do a secret show at the 40 Watt in Athens, Ga? :)
three11hex Jul-30-07 2.28pm
Thank you for an amazing show last night! You are such a talent and I am very thankful to have had the opportunity to see you play! Do Atlanta a favor and honour your promise to return within the year! :)
BeatleGirl11 Jul-30-07 8.54am
You guys were so awesome at the Tabernacle tonight! Thanks so much for staying so late and talking to all of us after the show. We were the ones in the very front who you said were "sweet" and "lovely" :) Please come back to Georgia soon, I havent seen a concert that wonderful in a long time! Oh, I just saw a video of yall covering "Lovely Rita" and its great! Its hard to recreate the greatness of the Beatles, but you guys definitely did it! Again, great job tonight and thanks so much for being such sweet guys! America will miss ya, so come back soon!
LatinFreak Jul-30-07 7.01am
Dude, I just watching some videos on the net and i must say yer voice is awesome, it makes the hair on my arms raise ! great songs ! im from Peru - South America, ill try and go to yer concerts sometime may b next year or whenever i have time ... for now i got to study, but i wanted to tHank you cause yer music is sounding while my life is being built, and thats wicked ! Muchas Gracias ! n thanx for reading. from the other side of the globe, Edder
Amandabug Jul-28-07 9.30pm
francis healy! your house of blues blog warmed my heart. i hope you guys (or at least dougie) went to see the simpsons movie. tell dougie that spider pig bit was even better in the movie. posse misses you!
ish-shah Jul-28-07 7.10pm
man u guys were awsome i was so excited i was there da funny part about it was dat when u guys went through the crowed my sister gave dougie a hi5 and my hand accedently sliped into his robe were his arm was and i got stuck for awhile cause he kept walkin and i could not get out!
baby faced woman Jul-28-07 3.39pm
You changed your pic,huh? New pic is very cool! I like it. :))
BennyC Jul-28-07 3.23pm
So, What does Fran an his men get up to on a birthday bender??? Hope you had a good one mate!
BeatleGirl11 Jul-27-07 7.08am
Hey Fran! My twin sister and I are seeing you in Atlanta on Sunday and we are so excited!! We love you guys!
WhatisaSchlee Jul-26-07 9.31am
Hi Fran Happy Birthday first of all, im looking forward to July 2nd, Mexico is going to go wild like next time and we are going to have fun thats fur sure... Please consider playing Slide Show, beleive me that i would be really appreciated... Take Care Buddy, see you very soon!!! Patrick
cmh Jul-26-07 2.23am
I like music again. Thank You.
solarpanel1985 Jul-25-07 4.20am
Thanks for the jaffa cakes Fran and for a great show last night!
Mayelo Jul-25-07 2.23am
lucia Jul-24-07 5.59pm
Hi Fran, happy birthday! better late than never... lots of love from Argentina
anellina Jul-24-07 4.06pm
Hi Fran.. Happy birthday !!! Sorry for being late but yesterday I had the last exam!!! ;-)
PaulineDutch Jul-24-07 12.39pm
Happy Birthday! koes Maaike & Pauline ;-)
baby faced woman Jul-24-07 11.23am
Happy Birthday ,Fran! :) See ya in Augut in Japan! Hiromi (^0^)
BettyPekker Jul-24-07 7.25am
Happppppppppppy birthday! Sorry for being late... Lots of love, Betty
krisszulk Jul-24-07 6.22am
Fran, the show in Minne was seriously the best I have been to in years and I am old, I have had many shows. Which brings me to the real reason I write, asking a 38 year old woman who has had 2 kids to pogo after drinking beer, and holding her bladder, causes serious leakage. But a couple dribbles was worth all the fun. Keep doing what you are doing, you are all clearly enjoying yourselves. Thanks for sharing your love of life. Oh and Happy Birthday. Peace Kriss
goodfeeling_87 Jul-24-07 12.31am
Happy birthday Fran!!! Greetings from Mexico, and you should know that all your fans are waiting for the next show in our country. I love you.
adrianabarbosa Jul-23-07 11.56pm
Hey Fran.. Happy birthday (sorry for being late :)) ...Hope you have a fun day!.. A huge hug for you and party HARD!!!!!!!! Adri, pd..DONT FORGET THAT COLOMBIA IS WAITING FOR TRAVIS
minnmess Jul-23-07 11.54pm
Happy Birthday Fran! I had an amazing time at the Toronto show last week! Thanks for finally coming back to Canada! Have a pint on me...
Laura23 Jul-23-07 11.30pm
Holaaa Feliz Cumple Fran!!..have a nice day... from Colombia...
fallingdown Jul-23-07 8.34pm
Happy Birthday Fran!! Lots of love from Spain :)besos
merla Jul-23-07 7.57pm
happy birthday Fran ! greetings from Chile :)
Laura23 Jul-23-07 7.10pm
Happy birthday Fran!!! I hope you enjoy too much in this day..Have a great day.... Colombia is waiting for youuu!! Please come here..
pixiedixie Jul-23-07 6.58pm
Bojana Jul-23-07 4.10pm
Happy birthday Fran!Best wishes to you!Have a great day!By the way,come in Serbia,please...
Monica Jul-23-07 4.09pm
Happy birthday to you.... Ok, I stop singing :p I hope you have the best day with the ones you love. Take care. Lots of love from Mónica ;)
barby Jul-23-07 3.23pm
Happy Birthday! FELIZ CUMPLEAÑOS! Have a nice day from Argentina. I hope to see the band in my country this year please.Bye :)
Kirstinini Jul-23-07 2.40pm
HAPPY BIRTHDAY =] it was my birthday ... *thinks* ... 8 days ago. have a good one! PS Travis UK tour in autumn yes? im well there =] xxxx
kurai Jul-23-07 2.19pm
Hi Fran! Alles Liebe zum Geburtstag! Möge Sonnenschein dich begleiten auf allen deinen Reisen ;) See you in Germany!
Nattasha Jul-23-07 1.44pm
Happy Birthday!!! que los cumplas feliz
mita Jul-23-07 10.58am
hi....hi....hi....again Fran. please.....please.....please..... southeast asia tour.....please....again.... I think i;m going crazy if i never see ur live concert. I have been waiting for ur concert in Indonesia since ur album "The Man Who" always love u, Mita
mita Jul-23-07 10.35am
hapy birthday to u 2x, happy birthday dear Francis, happy birtday to u. hope all ur dreams come true and hope u come to Indonesia....please......ha...ha...ha.... thousands love, Mita_The blues
moo_the_evil_boffin Jul-23-07 8.16am
Happy Birthday Fran!!
luz Jul-23-07 7.38am
happy birthday !!!!! :) I Hope your brithday will be really special! and May all your Birthday wishes come true! bye have a great day !!
Mayelo Jul-23-07 4.09am
sarahjane Jul-20-07 7.50pm
Been smiling since Wednesday! You made my year with that show. Absolutely LOVELY!
DANIBLU3001 Jul-20-07 6.14pm
Hi Fran, the new album is great i love your music make me cry, smile and can be better if i can have the chance to see the band here in Brazil.Kisses
LME2005 Jul-20-07 5.28am
I had totally forgotten my friend from dance school had done a video to "we are monkies" Ah...those were the days. And you are right, best lyric ever. :D
meagan_27 Jul-20-07 3.20am
You guys made Detroit a better place yesterday.
PaulineDutch Jul-19-07 6.32pm
MariaMak Jul-19-07 3.04pm
Hey Fran :-)
doisneau7 Jul-17-07 5.03pm
My first ever Travis show was at the Electric Factory on 7/11 and of the many concerts I have seen, you guys were the best. I have never seen a group who were so into their fans and who genuinely seemed to have a great time performing. Keep up the great work!
snormandy Jul-15-07 9.08pm
Looking forward to the Toronto show on Thursday. Last time I saw you was on Halloween in 2003!!!!
travistic Jul-15-07 12.27pm
Hey, Fran, you make me feel happy, can I do something for you? Thanks
jianny Jul-15-07 11.44am
hei! why do you sing a complete strophe of "standing on my own" even in "selfish Jean" ???? however...the song is great and all the album so beautiful!! when a tour in italy? we need you!!!
Duffster1975 Jul-14-07 7.33pm
OH NO!!! lost my bank cards and had to wait until today to get my ticket for Fillmore. Sold out - gutted. Good luck with the gig - write a review!
miriam_zuleika Jul-13-07 8.20pm
please como to moneterrey mexico
sgpeppermm Jul-13-07 4.35pm
hey, i saw you and dougie performing at the WBOS radio station yesterday, awesome,i had all those questions about your music videos and such, it was especially cool to hear an acoustic set of your songs, and then hear them with the full band last night at the Boston pavilion, you guys gotta just keep at it, you bring hope and optimism to the world, you guys are truly awesome.
osva Jul-13-07 3.07am
StephanieTR Jul-13-07 1.47am
Hi Fran! I just wanted to say that I am your bigest fan and I love the band and your voice!!! Your fan in Brazil, Stephanie. Love youu!!!
Duffster1975 Jul-11-07 4.29pm
Fran - a fellow Scotsman here in NYC for a few months working. My birthdy on saturday and what better way to spend it than hanging out with some fellow Scots at Irving Plaza - make it a good one!!!
andreapark Jul-11-07 3.31pm
hi fran ;))) i am from brazil too and we are waiting for u and the band ;)) wowow the new cd is great!!!! luv your voice, the songs and uuuuu (rs) kisses dede park =^.^=
carolinegonza Jul-10-07 10.02pm
I know you’ve already heard it...but why only Mexico? In South America there’re such beautiful places…like Brasil!! What do you think?? =) I love the band…It would be awesome see you live…
Uaba Jul-9-07 7.21pm
I´ve just bought the new album and it´s so perfect! I´m from Brazil and I really hope to go to a Travis concert here :) I love yooooou, sexy boy.
baby faced woman Jul-9-07 8.50am
Hello Fran! How are you? I am looking forward to seeing you in Summer Sonic about one month later! :)
ivi Jul-7-07 5.16pm
no way?! have ya been to all these shows ??! deadly!!! haha x
Monica Jul-7-07 12.35am
Hey Fran, your sweet voice makes me fly. THANK YOU
pablob Jul-6-07 7.46pm
Have you heard about South America ??? Because South America have heard about you. Any plan for touring in these lands? Could u consider it? Chile needs your visit. At least I do. Regards, Pablo
aelonhead Jul-5-07 6.25pm
The youngest Travis fun ...
TheJK Jul-5-07 6.31am
Hi I`m JK From Mexico...I Know That the band comes to Mexico City on August...but there are a lot of fans in Monterrey City too that want to see you live...Morrissey and Keane Love this city...when they came to monterrey they faces looks very happy for the people please come to visit us...please...
lucia Jul-4-07 3.31am
Hi, I´m from Buenos Aires I hope that we get to see you play one day, It would be very cool I´m a member since...well a few hours ago and It´s been quit a ride. this is a great picture, well hope to seen you soon Dylan is aweason by the way
oasistanbul Jul-2-07 7.53pm
hi?i am from Turkey istanbul...and i am the best fan Oasis and Travis in Turkey...dont forget me
sugar-spun-sister Jul-2-07 9.23am
Hey Fran (and the rest of the gang) saw you at Sherwood Forest on saturday night. I was right behind the idiot who you kicked out! Massive respect for you!!
BlueAngelBlues Jul-2-07 7.31am
Fran... Please bonny scottish boy... Come to Buenos Aires!!! Te Amo!!! Close Close Close Close Close One Night
zoechimonidou Jul-1-07 6.55pm
The best gig ever. Thanks Travis..Fran you are the most talented song writer ever!!Came from Athens just to see you at Dublin. Had the best time ever!Great are the coolest!!!Come to Athens..pleaseeee.We love you!!!
anellina Jul-1-07 1.33pm
Pleeeaase come soon in Italy! We love your music! ;-)
barby Jun-30-07 8.27pm
Hi! You are so handsome! but , i like your music, your voice, your songs! I love you! I want a boy like you...Come to Argentina please...thank for all.
Lore Jun-29-07 2.50am
Hey Fran... please visit Chile.. you have tons of fans here =)
Scroggie Jun-28-07 5.11pm
Hey Fran! Thanks for coming back to Belfast last night (finally!). You guys put on a great show and sounded amazing! By the way I was one of those "very energetic" girls right at the front who Andy tried to squash!Cheers for the song dedication too, definitely made our night (as you probably could tell!) Make sure you guys come back very soon!Xo
barba_998 Jun-27-07 7.22pm
please visit argentina
i33y Jun-26-07 3.46pm
saw travis for the 2nd time @ dalby forest on saturday 23 june. first time was in bridlington 2004, excellent would definitely go again
jianny Jun-21-07 11.46pm
please come soon in italy! i miss your live dates!
penny Jun-21-07 10.09pm
Frany i luve u!!!! thanks for exist!
amandatravisfan Jun-20-07 5.32pm
fran... thank you for your in ARGENTINA we love travis! god bless travis.. please come to argentina!!!
Kinaitra Jun-19-07 10.28pm
Hello Fran! My sister and I just want to thank you and the boys for a great concert at Grieghallen in Bergen. We had a fantastic time... this was our first concert with you, guys.. and we hope it wont be the last one... :D THANK YOOOOOOU!!!! :D - Tamara & Gosiang xxx
nekoikari Jun-19-07 5.35pm
hola Fran, hablas español, supongo que no, my english is very band. ummm, good, what think about you from Mexico?
sceneofsurrender Jun-17-07 2.14pm
I am not a musician, but i love music. i just have to say someting... The jam, a town called Malice.. remember it. Selfisn Jean at the start so reminds me of it..
aRnEz_fand Jun-16-07 7.31pm
Franny for me you are the best singer and I think that you are the true definition of a man, you have everything to be it and I want to find somebody like you.
Tracey982 Jun-16-07 9.34am
Hi Fran loooooove the sunglasses! You are such an inspiration to everyone, just want to let you know that. If you check out my message board post (Travis Drawings) you will see a couple of drawings I did of you and the band about 7 years ago. I woudl be so chuffed if you could comment on them. x
LatinFreak Jun-16-07 5.12am
Im not yer biggest fan i know couple of songs from u, and i got to tell u; that couple of songs can change someones life, I like the lyrics so much .. Thanx for creating good songs.nice glasses ! Big handshake from south america- Peru !
Helena Jun-16-07 4.22am
hey fran u r the best i love u so much u r the best singer and songwriter in this whole world!!
paul_c Jun-15-07 5.03pm
See you again in Belfast, Mr Fran
deadair Jun-15-07 3.47pm
looking forward to Wednesday 27 June at the Waterfront, Belfast - hope the tour is going well
Xistorilla Jun-13-07 2.44pm
I had a good time in Barcelona! But... are we really the best public¿¿??
janinep1 Jun-12-07 5.22pm
Well my first Travis gig was at Bedgebury on Sunday!!! I only went as my mates had a spare tickets!!! and MY GOD i am SO SO SO SO SO SO SO GLAD that i went!!! It was absolutely amazing!!!! I had such a blast and now cannot wait until my next Travis gig! bring it on guys!!!! I am definitely a Travis fan!!!!! love you guys!!!! janine xxx
moo_the_evil_boffin Jun-11-07 10.01pm
Hey. Thanks for the fantastic show last night! I was so happy that you guys played side! Keep wearing the bunny ears!
ISIS Jun-11-07 8.50pm
kurai Jun-11-07 6.54pm
Hi! Thank you for the great concerts in London and Manchester! It still makes me smile! when will you finally come to germany? I would travel around the world, to see you again on stage, but unfortunately it´s too expensive. So please, don´t let me wait too long *g*
sahil_dhussa Jun-11-07 7.35am
HI!!!!! Hey thanks for d wonderful music u guys make! PLEASE COME TO INDIA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!PLEASE....................
rockfx1988 Jun-10-07 9.43pm
hi there !!!! hey fran thanks for coming to mexico i just cant wait for your concert. I love every song i listen from travis, each one is terrific!!! see u soon at mexico city!!
Pilah Jun-10-07 7.10pm
Hi to all the band, and thank u for the great gig in Paris at le Bataclan!! It was hot, as always in this hall, but really a great show!! I loved ur entrance, fun and original, and very nice set-list as well!! I even enjoyed the first part, Unkle Bob! Thanx again for the great evening and for ur kindness before the concert in the street :)
daisyd Jun-9-07 11.44pm
hey fran, congratulations for the boy with no name, beautiful sounds, i´ll be waiting for 2 august, i´ll be there in sports palace. thanks for come to mexico!!! i´m so happy about that.good luck. all my love and support for all the band, god bless you neil, fran, dougie and andy, and people you love.
Fajra Jun-9-07 9.00pm
Hey Fran! Thanks for writing such good songs. I feel good when I listen to them... Latin America is waiting for you!!!
Frenchygirl Jun-9-07 12.56pm
Thank you so much for the gig at Paris!! Please come back soon, one gig is not enough at all!! And thank you for the water!! ;)It was so hot!!
Rodders Jun-8-07 11.06pm
This man is a legend I was at the Grimsby gig. Top night, despite the drunken heckles :P
math Jun-8-07 11.47am
math Jun-8-07 11.46am
merci pour le merveilleux concert a parios hier!!!!!
frank-the-tank Jun-6-07 9.59pm
Hallo Fran! Thanks a lot for the great concert at "Rock am Ring"! I never smiled that much during a show :) And thanks a lot again for taking a Photo with us at the scissor sisters. It got really nice! I could send you a copy, if you like to see it ;)
kirsten74 Jun-6-07 8.44pm
Hi Fran, the concert in the Melkweg, Amsterdam was GREAT. You all made my day... Hope you are coming back soon.
eastwood Jun-5-07 5.39pm
Please, please, please. SouthAmerican Tour!!!!!
huiyoung Jun-5-07 2.51pm
Hi fran^^ Your voice is beautiful and listeners also can feel your force~>_< You have attracting eyws. I hope you will come to Korea to perform a concert!!! To be happy~^_^
Luis Jun-5-07 2.28am
Hello Fran! Thank you so much for being so kind at me on both concerts, it was awesome. Remenber that your are invited to Costa Rica, just come and relax for some days. Great human being you are take care bro, god bless you
Jewl Jun-4-07 11.32pm
Oh btw....I love your pic!
in_definitely Jun-4-07 7.34pm
Rock im Park was amazing!!! Your gig was gig was the reason for going there, I really enjoyed it (even the rain haha..) Loved "Eyes Wide Open", thank you xx
PipeDreams Jun-1-07 8.05pm
hi fran well seeing my fav singer face to face was the best feeling ever i got the photos developed there on my wall haha thanks for a great show wat a buzz!!!! xxx
ish-shah Jun-1-07 4.24am
weelannie May-31-07 1.43pm
Fogot to add on my comment below, are you able to review the Barras 17th May? As I said below, it was the best! Haste ye back! Alanna P.S My wee girl is dying to meet ya?!
jmarshall May-30-07 12.40pm
Fran, we had a great night at Hammersmith Apollo. You never fail to deliver. When can i meet you?
Invizzy May-30-07 9.02am
Hi, Fran. Many thanks to you for the new album. And thank you for know how make people happy. Welcome to Russia, we love you and wait for you for a long long time. We understand your music, and some of people who don’t understand words… they just feel. Be happy and please never stop. P.S. sorry for my English if I made mistakes ;)
Invizzy May-30-07 8.58am
Hi, Fran. Many thanks to you for the new album. And thank you for know how make people happy. Welcome to Russia, we love you and wait for you for a long long time. We understand your music, and some of people who don’t understand words… they just feel. Be happy and please never stop. P.S. sorry for my English if I made mistakes ;)
weelannie May-30-07 8.22am
Fran, you and the boys blew me away at the Barras on the 17th May. You were fantastic! Canny get any better. Made me feel alive again! Come back soon, Wee Lannie
boconnoc May-27-07 3.41pm
Hi. I Saw you at Plymouth last night! Was brlliant .. thanks :) Aren`t Brinkman good?! I had never heard of them before.. I`m 32 now, getting on a bit and outta touch with some of these new bands!. I particularly liked your Rocky-esque entrance! I was behind those two girls you gave a pressie to. I had a blue top and beads my daughters had made me on! My girls are a little young to go to gigs, they are 8 and 5. One day I shall no doubt embarrass them though! :D
Ursina May-27-07 3.17pm
Hoi Fran Thanks for an amazing show at the Barrowlands and for blending into the grey background for the photo with me :D Till next time... in Zurich maybe ? Sina:)
strongbow1 May-27-07 9.27am
Did the idea for the Side video have anything to do with the Travis Walton story?
lulabelita May-27-07 1.47am
heeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeey! Great album!
nats May-27-07 12.52am
when are we seeing you in argentina?
Nattasha May-26-07 5.15pm
Hi Fran!!!! I´m agree with all the boardies.... come to latinamerica!!! Chile is waiting for you (and for the new album....)
brazilian girl May-26-07 4.17pm
hey fran!!! lovely style on this pic! the glasses are fantastic! anyway, as another latin american appeal i say: u should come to brazil!!! here is very cool, and i am sure u will like it! anyway, the new album is awesome. very good job! lots of love.
nrubnus May-26-07 8.29am
Mexican fans want to see you again and again and again. please!!!!! come back to Mexico soon! You promised us1
Bruno May-26-07 1.15am
Can´t wait to see you live. Please, come to Brazil soon. Loved the new songs. Thanks for making it! Tchau!
GregLock May-26-07 12.15am
Saw you all at Bournemouth, it was an amazing gig. Even more so cause you shook my hand just before you went on stage!!! Thanks. Enter from the back more often, it made the whole thing that much more memorable. Thanks again. Greg.
strongbow1 May-25-07 11.46pm
eerrmmm when you say jam do you mean the type as in spread it on big thick wedges of fresh bread type of jam or the jam jar bottoms you appear to be wearing on your head?
pety May-25-07 3.30am
i love franny, i nedd to see them in argentina pleaseeee come
coldplay May-25-07 2.43am
when u will come to latin america? cube needs you¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡
gaby May-25-07 2.02am
FRAN!!! LOVE U!! waves from argentina :-)
mina May-24-07 11.02am
I just love your music! And i have to say that the "Closer" video is the most adorable video ever! I love it<3
nats May-24-07 6.55am
you are great! I hope I can go to one (at least) of your shows sometime...
Yulia Nox May-24-07 1.17am
You are the greatest!! (Loved your glasses xD) Please come to Latin america! Lots of lovee! :3
Afterglow May-24-07 12.47am
Such a rockstar!! The show at the Fillmore was fantastic and I was so lucky to be in the front row. Seriously one of the best days of my life.