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About Me Well, my name is Tianyan, as suggested by my username. I recommend you skip this section as it is dull like hell and I have nothing valid to say... You still reading? G! Some people are just so persistent...pfffftt! Alright, I suppose I should attempt to be a little more stimulating. Ok, interesting and utterly useless facts about myself: 1) I am Chinese and my father insists to this day that we are direct descendents of Genghis Khan. But then again…many people claim that, considering he raped and pillaged his way across the world! 2) My right eye is slightly short sighted…though I have evaded glasses and contact lenses so far. On the other hand, I wouldn’t mind having a monocle. 3) I like the words glib and stale…they sound nice 4) I HATE the little paperclip thing that sits around in Microsoft word, though I have forgotten how to get rid of it. Hmmm…help would be good! 5) Having read all of that…you would have probably guessed that I am quite peculiar…well, yes! You are not far off! Goodbye Have a nice day!
I suppose that I will be painfully lynched if I didn't comply and say Travis huh? Alright! TRAVIS! RHCP, The Clash, Muse, Mew, The Eagles, The Ramones, The Lemonheads, We Are Scientists, R.E.M, Placebo, Weezer, Biffy Clyro, JAMC, Yeah Yeah Yeahs, Goodshoes and many many more that I can't be arsed to list...
I'm not big on films, though I am somewhat partial to The History Boys, LOTR and Trainspotting.
AHHHHHH! Where do I start? I read just about anything, though I am not a big fan of horror! At the moment, I am into political satire; my cynicism is really coming of age! Favourite books include: Wind in the Willows (it makes me happy beyond…anything!!!!!!!!!), Lord of the Flies, I Capture the Castle, Boiling a Frog, The House of Mirth, Life of Pi, The Lord of the Rings, Five Quarters of the Orange, The Five People you meet in Heaven, Mighty Fizz Chiller, Pride and Prejudice, The Man Who Mistook his Wife for a Hat (recently read and LOVED it, thank you Travis), View from a Bridge, Falling Angels and so on and so forth…
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Occupation: The dullest of all...student! Well...beaten only by optical engineers...
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goosey_84 Mar-10-08 3.52pm
aww you've been gone so long tianyan! hope all is well!!
megg_inc Dec-24-07 7.51pm
Merry Christmas!
goosey_84 Dec-19-07 6.40pm
hola! been awhile...just wanted to pop in and say helloooo! :D hope all is well!
alyrtle Oct-15-07 1.25am
your sweater is very dr. seuss =)
megg_inc Aug-10-07 3.57pm
Haha, well I have no idea why were you congratulating me either ;P But thanks for adding me! Greets :)
noreply9 Aug-3-07 7.44am
Thanks!! Good to have u as a friend!
goosey_84 Jul-30-07 5.50am
TIANYAN! sorry for the delay...just got home from texas...saw travis in dallas...met samurai sandy...hung out with an old friend for a few days after! missed you guys!! ;)
baby faced woman Jul-27-07 2.57pm
UK is my dream country! :) I envy youuuu!!
Nikki Jul-27-07 3.13am
Hello!! :)
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