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Nikki May-13-09 5.01am
LOL! Everyone loves Anne's hair. I'll let her know. ;) I'm doing fine, thanks! You need to quit lurkin' and get back to regular posting. Sadly, Andrew is back in Scotland. Are you on Facebook?
Nikki May-11-09 3.15pm
:O It's Nats!!! Wow! Long time no talk! How have you been??
Peewee Feb-26-09 11.01am
Hey, yes indeedy I have given up the smokes...nearly two months not so I'm rather chuffed...that'a A LONG time for me. haha All good here missy, can't complain! Are you getting to go to any of the new Travis gigs?
Peewee Jan-16-09 10.39pm
Hey nats, how are you? :) long time no see, but I see you have been lurking? ya?heehee
I Came in Through the Bathroom Window Dec-24-08 9.02pm
Hola Nats! Paso a desearte una muy feliz navidad! :o)
goosey_84 May-8-08 11.31pm
*hugggs* natyyyyy! como estas?? i'm doing good (for the most part) :) looking forward to my new job opportunities or possibly going to school full time since my office is finally closing at the end of this month. hooray! :D nothing new other than that. and you? how are things??
ayana Apr-28-08 1.04pm
I don't know yet. I'd like to (especially because The Subways are playing at this festival as well and I can never resist to go and see them :p) but I haven't really decided or planned anything for the moment!
Aída Apr-23-08 12.06pm
who's that other guy in the photo?
brenda_94_56 Apr-20-08 9.17pm
wow your photo is awesome !!!!!
goosey_84 Apr-8-08 8.28pm
che nats!~ how are you?? miss you!! :D
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