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the story of mine is not worth mentioning
travis,faye wang,enya,michael buble,britney spears,cocteau twins,coldplay
leon,the lion king,return(russian),titanic,the fifth element,chongqing express,the love in mood
the kite runner
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happy_to_hang_around Mar-23-13 12.03pm
hey bobo,how are you?did you watch the grandmasters?I don't think it will be released in my country :(
Delia24Oct07 Nov-18-12 4.13pm
Glad to hear everything's fine with you! Haha, you're right, it feels the same as some years ago, Travis announce a new album and suddenly everybody seems to be back, excited as ever. This is quite cool, it feels like some things never change. Have a nice day too!!!
happy_to_hang_around Nov-18-12 12.00pm
thanks bobo!have a nice day,too :)
Delia24Oct07 Nov-16-12 9.35am
Hey dear! So lovely to hear from you after this long time! How are you doing? All is fine with me, but I didn't find the time to write much in here for a while.
happy_to_hang_around Nov-15-12 6.33pm
ok,nice to meet you bobo :) yeah,I've been playing for a year now,and it's reaaaly hard!you should exercise about 3-4 hours a day,which I probably never will do haha :D I love John Williams too,last year he came to my city for a gig but I missed him :( I guess my recent favourite guitarist is Julian should hear his interpretation of chaconne
happy_to_hang_around Nov-14-12 3.53pm
Wow,I didn't know there's a new film coming.I'll definitely watch it.Nice to meet you too,err,may I ask what your name is? :) By the way your little brother is really cute :)
happy_to_hang_around Nov-12-12 6.15pm
I think travis help us improve our english hehe :D I'm not a professional film reviewer,but I love those movies.The music is impressive,every scene is like a painting.And I like the little details,for example,I don't know if you noticed,he likes emphasizing women's high heeled shoes
happy_to_hang_around Nov-6-12 7.26pm
hey,I just noticed your're a fan of wong kar wai?I watched chungking express,in the mood for love and 2046.excellent movies
gladsadmad Sep-25-08 2.28pm
Just to let you know that you are a legend. Thank you very much for what you just sent me.
Delia24Oct07 Jun-17-08 8.34am
I'm glad to know you and your family well. And soon after that terrible earthquake you're getting too much rain! It's just sad to see a land that's already harmed getting more and more bad things! I was in Greece and felt the earthquake there, that was really shocking! Have a good time!
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