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Hi =D My name's Noemie and I'm 15. I'm french. I know Travis since 2001 but I really love them since 2006. I saw Travis in Barcelona on February 12th. It was just fantastic, magic... Especially Closer with Dougie & Fran: so cute. Bye Bye =) MSN :
# 30 seconds to mars # AFI # All American Rejects # Angels and Airwaves # Audioslave # Blink 182 # Blue October # Charlie Winston # Coldplay # David Bowie # Depeche Mode # Foo Fighters # Fort Minor # Good Charlotte # Jimmy Eat World # Kaiser Chief # Lostprophets # Muse # Nada Surf # Pink Floyd # Placebo # Radiohead # Rammstein # Red Hot Chili Peppers # Stereophonics # Supertramp # Taking Back Sunday # The Clash # The Killers # Travis # U2 # ...
All the Tim Burton's films, Shinning, Slumdog Millionaire, The Walt Disney's films ^^, The secret of Brokeback Mountain ,...
Patrick Süskind ( Le Parfum ) Edgar Allan Poe, Haruki Murakami, Stephen King
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blomma Feb-6-10 2.04am
Hello! I'm one of Travis fan in Japan:D What your wonderful Tour Archive pics!!! I started my tweets&Facebook.If you don't care,please follow me:-D
xokikixo Jul-20-09 5.08pm
heyy! thank you (:
Rammsfer Jul-12-09 8.20pm
Ok stop it! Stop it, stop it! Whaaaat? Rammstein too?! Omg amiga, you're so freakin' lucky! Rammstein is one of my favorite bands too. Some rumours say that they're coming to Mexico next year :O I must see them! Darn, you lucky girl!
Rammsfer Jul-11-09 11.46pm
Whaaaaaaaaaaaat? Lucky you!!!! I wish I could go to many concerts as you!
Rammsfer Jul-9-09 2.44pm
Hey! Really? They make top gigs! I really can't wait for their concert in October, gonna me massive! I'm so excited :D I saw the setlist in the official page. They've been playing very good songs. And Master and Servant after 15 years! :D So glad you had a great night :)!
Rammsfer Jul-8-09 6.46pm
Hey Noemie! Yes! I remembered yesterday, and I said: 'Noemie went to yesterday's gig!' How was it? 85 days left for Depeche in Mexico :D Cheers amiga
selfisheve Jun-12-09 7.10pm
So I'll see you cos I'm going too!! :D
selfisheve Jun-7-09 3.54pm
27th november muse in bcn!! Will u come?
selfisheve May-20-09 8.23am
Matt Bellamy! I love him!! Today's my birthday! Now I can go to Travis concerts (in Razz)
selfisheve May-20-09 8.23am
Matt Bellamy! I love him!! PS: Today's my birthday! Now I can go to Travis concerts (in Razz)
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