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sorry angel
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deebee Feb-17-09 5.55pm
Hello Miss Sophie. So how is post gig life?
Loubsi Feb-16-09 5.40pm
Hello Sophie! It was nice to meet you last week: I just hope your bro was not too sick after the wait in the cold! see you next time!
Baby Fran Feb-13-09 4.34pm
Hi again, yes back at home now my daughter is ill so good job i stayed away from Barcelona! How are you, recovered?
deebee Jan-12-09 12.00pm
Hey Sophie! Ca y est - got my tix!!!!!!
I Came in Through the Bathroom Window Dec-24-08 9.16pm
Feliz Navidad, Sophie! My regards to little Clyde!
SamuraiSandy Jun-4-08 5.24pm
Sophie, I was thinking about you and your little Clyde! I hope you are both doing well, and I'd love to see more pics...I'll bet he's changed some!
Monica May-11-08 3.44pm
Hi Sophie! Thanks for the add ;) How are things going? It's so sad what happened to your friend :(
Edel Apr-21-08 11.45am
Hey Sophie:0) Saw your message from a few days back. Just dont spend a lot of time in Travisland anymore. Hows little Clyde doing? Was telling a friend of mine that the pics were so cute, I wanted to dive into the computer screen and hold him.
Aude Mar-24-08 1.11pm
Woaaaaaa Congratulations!! May the three of you be happy for the rest of your life. Clyde has real beautiful name! Enjoy motherhood!! :)
weirdmom Mar-18-08 3.50pm
Thanks for adding me. I didn't realize you weren't already one of my friends!
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