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About Me
I am a Japanese girl who loves listening to music,watching films,studying English and talking wiht other countries ppl. :)
I love Travis,Muse,Suede, Incubus,Jeff Buckly,OCS, Radiohead,Starsailor,FOW,Semisonic,Take That and so on.:) 95% rock( Travis, Muse, Suede,etc...and 5% pops (Take that!) :)
Bridget Jones's Diary!! I love Hugh Grant! ;) I love watching films!
I like to read books which have something to do with the UK! The UK is my favourite country!
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Summer Sonic, Osaka, JP
Sonic Festival, Tokyo, JP

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melissa Sep-4-08 4.47pm
here is the pic! too little but I haven't fotolog anymore! kisses
melissa Aug-6-08 8.20am
hey if yo want you can see a video of my band in my profile!! and there is my fotolog link, I have a pic with dom when muse have been in argentina! kisses
stannnnn Jul-31-08 8.47pm
heyya posted a comment in Hong Kong gig thread,go and check out my photos! x
melissa Jul-19-08 7.50am
it's me! I play the bass in a band :$ kisses
cmr Jul-18-08 4.14pm
thanks for the approve! :)
melissa Jul-17-08 11.50pm
yeah I know muse I didn't recognize him I don't know why jajaja this man is beautiful!! and i love the dog.... pleaseee can u forgive ?? jajaja I'm in the moon!!!
melissa Jun-20-08 5.12am
I love your dog!! kisses for u!
BenFilbert Apr-10-08 12.34pm
I was on Msn a lot earlier today like we said. Don't worry about it, we'll speak soon. :) Hope you're well.
BenFilbert Mar-19-08 7.04pm
Hello. How are you? x
heyjude Mar-19-08 1.44am
Last night, I was watching anime and one of the characters said, "A girl with a baby face looks great in a yukata." That's you, right? :-) I'm addicted to anime...
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