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Travis, Stereophonics
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La Maroquinerie, Paris, FR
Caribana Festival, Port de Crans, Nyon, CH
Casino De Paris, Paris, FR
Montreux Jazz Festival, Montreux , CH
Grosse Freiheit, Hamburg, DE
La Riviera, Madrid, ES
Open Air Gampel, Das Festivalgelände , CH
Le Bataclan, Paris, FR
Olympia, Paris, FR
Belfort Festival, Les Eurockeenes, FR
Zenith, Lille, FR
Le Grand Rex, Paris, FR
Le Reservoir, Paris, FR
La Maroquinerie, Paris, FR
Elysee Montmarte, Paris, FR

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Occupation: English teacher + currently working on a doctoral thesis in linguistics / phonology
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deebee May-28-09 5.54pm
Hey Lucile. Are you still around from time to time? Long time no "see", LOL. Hope you're OK.
deebee May-16-09 2.00pm
Hi Lucile! I'm off to Tunisia for a week so won't be around on the board. Hope you're well and not working too hard!
deebee Apr-4-09 9.02am
I really want to go but I'm working on the Thursday (11th)and Friday (12th), grrrr! I wonder if I can be "ill" those days???? Will you be going by train? I take it you're not working then!
deebee Apr-3-09 4.27pm
Hi Lucile I'll let you know if I can make it to Lyon - need to check out babysitters! I've also seen Travis are down for the Caribana festival (11th June) Do you know anything about this?
damon Mar-31-09 6.54pm
hi lucile ! it's been a while... is this you in the pic?? i'm sure that's you! cheers
deebee Mar-29-09 5.01pm
Hey Lucile, Just popping in to say Hello. I might be coming over to Lyon in the Easter hols to do some shopping. Maybe you'll have time to meet me for a coffee?
TheBoyWithAName Feb-26-09 5.35pm
Oh I thought they were some really interesting covers, lol! Thanks a lot for uploading, I'll download it straight away! :D Don't worry about those files you couldn't find, I'm happy anyway! Have a nice evening and thanks again!
TheBoyWithAName Feb-24-09 1.46pm
Oh it's not a life or death situation, don't worry :) I'll be pleased whenever I get them! It's so sweet of you that you're willing to share your awesome archive! :D
TheBoyWithAName Feb-22-09 8.10pm
Hello! Hope everything's okay! =) Well I've had a look at your setlist and there are a few songs I'd be very pleased if you could upload(if it's not too much trouble) The songs I'm mostly interested in are: * Indefinetely(the best recording you've got of it) * Baby One More Time(Best recording you've got from 2007) * Get him out(30.06.2007 Sherwood pines forest park) * Another Sleep Song(22.10.2003 Beacon theatre) * Some Sad Song (15.11.2003 Dusseldorf) * Know Nothing (22.03.2004 Cardiff) * Walking In The Sun (03.12.2004 Frankfurt, You FM studio concert and the one from Newcastle, same year) The Weight (08.10.2004 Cambridge) * Staying Alive (07.2006 London, Live 8) * Just The Faces Change (09.09.2000 Boston or the best recording you've got) * Do You Promise? (01.12.2001 Paris) * Witchita Lineman (07.02.2002 Paris) * Coming Around(26.06.1999 Glastonbury) * Be My Baby (09.10.1999 Newcastle) Oh that's a lot of songs and I'm still interested in more, you've got a great archive! But feel free to upload as many as you want =) Thanks in advance!
Selfish_Noow Feb-22-09 2.51pm
Ouais je passe un bon week-end mais bon demain c'est la reprise et j'ai pas vraiment envie =S Mais bon je fais avec =D
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