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I'm married with three boys! It's a mad house here! Also known as Kanga ;o
TRAVIS!!! a few others but to be honest I don't like as much from anyone else as I do TRAVIS!
The Sweetest Thing (hillarious film - chick flick that the boys really enjoy too!!!) Ps I love You, Mamma Mia, Spiderwick Chronicles, loads of others
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Picture House, Edinburgh, UK

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Occupation: Was an editor of my own magazine until May this year so inbetween jobs!
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Bryn Oct-28-08 1.22am
Hi! Too cute about the letters! That's great. Good for you for introducing them to good music early! Oh, and it is freezing here too... almost literally! : (
Bryn Oct-24-08 1.50am
Oh dear, we really need to work on this deleting comments thing... because goodness knows, you wouldn't want to lose any more of my sage words. LOL. I saw the pic of your son looking like Fran... he's adorable!! Are your boys Travis fans? Now, DON'T PRESS DELETE COMMENT! LOL ;)
Bryn Oct-17-08 9.14pm
Hi! That's funny! I can totally see how that could happen, though... it looks like you click one to delete and one to comment lol! :) I'm pretty good, although coooold! It seems like fall temperatures descended upon us all of a sudden. Or maybe I was in denial till now... anyway, I'm not happy about it ;/ lol What kind of magazine did you edit?
Bryn Oct-13-08 8.32pm
Hey Ruth! I added you! ;) Have a good night!!
hennypenny Oct-8-08 7.34pm
Thanks for the request:)
flower_in_the_window Oct-7-08 4.49pm
Hiya, What a shame, you must have been so disappointed. Well, I have it on good Andy authority that they're planning on coming back soon! Hopefully the barra's as you can't beat a Glasgow gig!!! xxx
Nikki Oct-7-08 2.26am
You too! Thanks for the friend request. :)
lovedogjoe Oct-7-08 1.34am
hi nice to meet u here, i am also new here! in fact, i 'd like to watch the lads' gig in Scotland as well since it is their hometown!! it must be very greatXD. Hope Travis will go back to Scotland soon as I will just stay in UK for 3 months only~
flower_in_the_window Sep-23-08 11.21am
You'll love it!!! I STIL haven't got my tickets - 2 days to go and I'm stressing out!!! I have been on the phone with the ticket company trying to sort it out!!!
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