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Rammsfer Aug-12-10 1.25am
Really? I can swear I saw that picture you have here in your Travis profile on Kashmir's wall. Anyway, hehe, have a good day!
Rammsfer Aug-5-10 2.12am
Hey. Do you like Kashmir? I think I have you on my Facebook. You uploaded some Kashmir pics on their profile. Am I right? Cheers
blomma Jan-27-10 9.26am
Hello! I started my tweets,too. I've just followed your tweets. If you don't care,please follow me:-D
irenesfor Sep-10-09 4.28pm
:D Thanks!
tonybony Sep-4-09 1.50am
hi thanks for your request, i see you play guitar thats cool :) i love to play guitar too. PS: sorry, my english is too poor hehe anyways have a nice week.
irenesfor Sep-3-09 3.45pm
Thank you!! :o) Haha, don't worry, I also tend to be late xD Have a nice day, too!! ^.^
irenesfor Aug-27-09 11.57pm
Oh! I've been in Nerja twice, it's not very far from here. I liked it so much :) And Malaga is also a good city. I understand now why it was your best holiday ever hehe ;)
irenesfor Aug-26-09 12.42am
Really? what part did you visited? People usually like Spain, I don't so much :P Maybe because I live here, I don't know xD
irenesfor Aug-22-09 4.49pm
I'm from Córdoba, a city in southern Spain and here we have summer for a while yet, hehe :P Have a good weekend! :)
leticia Aug-21-09 8.02pm
Ohhh that sucks Hanna! I'm sure you'll get the chance to meet them in the future :)
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