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I donīt have the manual!
Awwwww music, yes of course, a lot of music what a lovely word indeed, as Nietzsche said "Without music, life would be a mistake" ... Here are some of my favorite bands: The Beatles, Travis, Belle & Sebastian, Kings Of Convenience, Sondre lerche, Death Cab For Cutie, Kashmir, Adem, Stufjan Stevens, Keane, The Shins, Thirteen Senses among others.
Iīm so into Kim Ki-duīs work right now although one of my favorite movies ever is "Los Amantes del Circulo Polar" but give me any chance to see a good French, German or Italian film and I will. I had fallen in love with Het Leven uit een Dag!
Currently reading Stieg Larssonīs books.
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Majestic Theater, Madison, WI, US
Arena Santiago, Santiago, CL

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Carmencita Nov-24-09 5.24pm
uchis que se ve lindo franny..ahhhh! saludos friend!
ricv64 Apr-19-09 8.38pm
want one ? pm me your address
yurieee Feb-4-09 4.02am
Heard you going to da beach.... Envy you girl~~ BTW, u updated ur avatar. This one is gorgeously rocks. :)
yurieee Feb-3-09 12.41am
Oh thanks :) He looks chill, doesn't he? ^^
ricv64 Dec-23-08 6.41pm
y tu ' !
ricv64 Nov-30-08 8.29pm
nope , that my hair color .
ricv64 Nov-30-08 1.20am
you 've gone ginger ?
frandougeil Sep-19-08 7.35pm
LOL...hhaha..i surely am bad at geography never liked it.ahhhh so ur from chile=)that's an awesome place!
frandougeil Sep-18-08 8.11am
Lovely country.haha.It is a pretty safe and nice place to live in.CL is Columbia?
frandougeil Sep-17-08 4.43pm
No worries!Thanx for accepting my friend request=) SG is singapore.haha.Its not ignorance my country really is just a small dot on the world map=D
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