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Nikki has attended 6 shows
Royal Oak Music Theatre, Detroit, MI, US
Magic Bag Theater, Ferndale, MI, US
House Of Blues, Cleveland OH, US
Vic Theatre, Chicago, IL, US
Clutch Cargos, Detroit, MI, US
State Theatre, Sydney, AU

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MariaMak Sep-5-10 7.27pm
hennypenny Jun-20-10 6.05am
hennypenny Apr-22-10 7.32am
LOL, I wanted to find a good pic for the ABC anniversary and I thought this was the perfect one:)
minnmess Feb-5-10 8.04pm
it was a Canadian Olympic ap on facebook that I stumbled upon
bogusblue Dec-24-09 11.04pm
Merry Christmas Nikki! :o)
SamuraiSandy Nov-14-09 7.48pm
No...they're not, sorry! This is just one of the bridal portraits we took. I guess maybe I should post some more, huh? Thanks!
nickynooboo Oct-28-09 6.26pm
Sounds like you had a wicked time at Ferndale. I am sooo jealous.....have just had a look at the set list and it sounds like you had a real treat!! I am hoping the boys will be back in the UK soon so we can sample such delights. I hope you will still consider attending the British Boardie Convention when it does eventually happen? x
nickynooboo Oct-21-09 8.32pm
Hey Nikki, how the devil are you?? I haven't been on here for months due to a hectic summer....shame on me :( Anyways, hope your well and enjoy the show tomorrow night. xxxx P.S. Started doing my Nursing at Uni about 4 weeks ago.... really loving it!
Moray Oct-21-09 11.12am
Thanks - it's good to be back!
alexandria_z Oct-18-09 5.00pm
No problem Nikki! 4 more days!!! :P
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