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frandougeil Aug-26-08 7.27am
haha!yeah i tot about welcoming them at the airport but i didn't really know when and where they'll be coming in from so i gave it a miss.i'll definitely go the next tm they come thou=))) yup that's true the others don't seem to reply maybe they're bz with other things but its good to know Fran cares=D
Bryn Aug-20-08 8.04pm
Ha, yeah we'll go together and then at the show they will perform Good Day to Die for the first time ever just for us!
frandougeil Aug-19-08 4.37pm
oh well yeah!!u should put some thought into tt=))i wished they had seen our shirts but we never got the chance to show them=( i hope they see it now that im using it as my main avatar.haha. the next time i go to their gig i'll def try my hardest to get a a pic with any of them!tt would mean so much=D
Bryn Aug-18-08 12.55am
Hey! Sorry I didn't reply right away... but yes!! That would be the coolest EVER! Probably only in my dreams... but in my dreams I will be flying there in my own private luxury jet!!;) haha!
frandougeil Aug-17-08 11.58am
haha...i brought it to a tee shirt print shop and gave them a soft cover of the pic.And the results were juz great.i love it too!!btw i had andy's face in sis had neil and dougie's pic in front and coz we all love fran we put him behind our backs.yup all 3 of us...haha!
Bryn Aug-12-08 1.36am
No, I haven't ever been! :(
RaZzZ Aug-11-08 9.27pm
Hey, i love your pic!!! n_n
Bryn Aug-10-08 12.40am
Yeah, I don't totally know what the lyrics mean either! LOL! Oh well.. I was thinking that "pretty" was maybe not the right word, but maybe you know what I mean! I wonder if they have ever played it live. And I agree, your picture with Fran is super cute!
purplesky Aug-9-08 4.08am
You are soooo cute in the pic with Fran. I wish I had taken one with Fran too. I regret not having gone to the airport... arghh.. stupid mistake..heheh.. looks sooo nice!!
Bryn Aug-8-08 2.47am
I love Good Day to Die too! I think the chorus part (your head is a brick wall...etc) is so pretty, if that makes sense!:)
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