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I'm just an Almond living in a Nuts' world :o):

"Si no me quieren en vida, cuando muera no me lloren."

"If you don't love me whilst I live, when I die don't cry for me."
The Beatles
Enrique Bunbury
Andrés Calamaro
The Cranberries
Nacho Vegas
Depeche Mode
John Lennon
Alanis Morrisette
Janis Joplin
Bob Dylan
Amy Winehouse
Juno Falls
The Kooks
I'm from Barcelona
KT Tunstall
The Doors
Love all kind of films.
Books are my life.
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Corona Capital Festival, Mexico City, MX
Foro Sol, Mexico City, MX
Vive Cuervo Salon, Mexico City, MX
Sports Palace, Mexico City, MX

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leticia Nov-9-10 5.26pm
Yo lo extraño también! Pero es tan lento y casi nadie posteaaaa...y ni sabemos si l a banda va a continuar... DAMN IT!
leticia Nov-3-10 9.29pm
tE ACORDÁS cuando nos mandabamos mjes por acá alma??? qué loco! me parece una eternidad!
I Came in Through the Bathroom Window Jul-13-10 7.38pm
Aww, graciaaasss!!! Yo también te reee quieroooooooooo!!!!! Gracias por no abandonarme. :oP Tenemos que arreglar una charlita por Skype!!! *ABRAZO MUTANTE*
I Came in Through the Bathroom Window Jul-8-10 9.30pm
Continúo con mi política de stalker, persiguiéndote por todos lados para saber por qué me abandonaste en Facebook. :oP Todo bien???
minnmess Jun-28-10 1.04am
that is me indeed, I rock! (get it..rock! ha!). Except I have a different avatar now and that makes no sense what so ever! oh those little flats warm my heart! They are somehow a very lovable piece of paper!
minnmess Jun-24-10 5.45pm
Hi my lovely cookie buddy! It has been so long since I've talked to you. Just wanted to say...HI! You and the flats look lovely.
milos Jan-5-10 3.46pm
Sorry for a late reply! I haven't visited my profile in some time so I missed your comment. Thanks! I wish you a happy new year and all the best! :)
deebee Jan-4-10 5.22pm
Hi Alma. How are things? I hope you've had a good start to the New Year. I've been off the board thru Christmas and just wanted to thank you for your Christmas wishes :-) I'm fine, recovering from my fantastic trip to New York. It was amazing and I didn't realise that Fran was there at the same time, lol!
barby Jan-2-10 5.33pm
Feliz año nuevo, Al! Gracias por el saludo navideño jejjee como verás no paso muy seguido por acá :P Te mando un beso y abrazo! Que tengas un año súper chido :D
Ana_Smith Dec-31-09 2.56pm
Feliz Año Nuevo, Alma!! Espero que el 2010 traiga más cosas de las buenas que de las malas. Que puedas disfrutar de todo lo bueno que te pase y que los malos momentos sirvan para aprender y ser más fuerte. Un beso enorme!
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