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23 year old crazy Swiss girl who lives in another world where dreams can come true high above the clouds waiting for a star to grab me and carry me away...
Beatles, Travis, MIKA, Led Zeppelin, 60's (Rolling Stones, Kinks, Byrds...), Queen, Scottish Folk, John Lennon, George Harrison, Rock 'n' Roll, Amy MacDonald, Kaiser Chiefs, Mozart, Tri Yann etc.
Pirates of the Caribbean 1, The Lord of the Rings Trilogy, Atonement, Amadeus, Subway, Easy Rider, Blues Brothers etc.
All sort of fantasy, historical stories. Tolkien, Rowling, Susanna Clarke, Diana Gabaldon etc.
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Abart, Zurich, CH
Gurten Festival, Gurten, Bern, CH
Montreux Jazz Festival, Montreux , CH
X-Tra, Zurich, CH

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Occupation: Acting student & Assistant in Swiss Arts Council
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20462046 Nov-18-12 2.40am
i am fine too,new album form travis gathers fans back here again after such a long long time,we all grow up to a big girl or big man,but the feeling here never changes like the youth stops here eternally.haha,have a good day!!
20462046 Nov-6-12 6.07pm
long time no see lovely delia,i hope you are doing well all this year!
megg_inc Mar-10-09 9.05pm
Ohhhhhh, Vince Noir!! I love Noel. :)
frandougeil Jan-4-09 2.58pm
Mine was good as well=)I love the new pics u posted!Thanx again for keeping the thread goin;DI like the one of Fran sitting alone on the pillars=) I posted it before=)Haha.. glad u think tt's a cool pic as well=DHave a great week ahead!!
frandougeil Jan-3-09 5.46pm
I'm very well=)Thanx!Hope ur fine as well..I can't wait to see more of your pics;D Hope u had an awesome start to the New Year as well=D
frandougeil Dec-26-08 3.59pm
Glad you're liking my thread=) The pics u posted are ALL awesome!Thanx!
sebnemy Jul-18-08 1.58pm
Hi! You are not alone:)
KimFoster Jul-16-08 6.23pm
Ta! You too. Cheers Les
hennypenny Jun-23-08 10.00pm
I saw him again on one of the morning shows. He looked very good.
hennypenny Jun-19-08 9.31pm
James McAvoy is going to be on one of the late night shows here tonight. I'll let you know how he looks tommorrow. Have a good day!
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