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Travis, Snow Patrol, Coldplay, Muse, The Frames, Radiohead, Thirteen senses, Oasis, Death Cab for Cutie, Jason Mraz, Tahiti80, Keane, The Linus'Blanket, Damien Rice, Savage Garden......and more
Michel Gondry movies..Eternal sunshine of the spotless mind, The Science of Sleep, Christopher Nolan's movie, Memento, Dark Knight, Great Expectations, Hitchhikers guide to the galaxy, The notebook, A very long engagement, Jose-Tiger-Fish, Love Actually, Amelie, The prestige, Spanish Apartment...and more
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Olympic Hall, Seoul, KR
Pentaport Rock Festival, Incheon City, KR
Moore Theatre, Seattle, WA, US

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winatel Mar-5-09 1.11am
아...풀세트비디오라기보다, 셋리스트에 있는 노래를 다 갖고 있긴 합니다. 문제는 서울영상만 다 합치면 13기가라는거죠 ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ; 특별히 원하시는 영상이 있으신가요? 메일로 보내드리도록 할게요 :)
viciousjin Mar-1-09 5.51pm
nowcoolcool Dec-27-08 3.36pm
친구 기능이 있는지 몰랐네요. 만나서 반가워요 !!!
the boy with a cryptic name Sep-7-08 9.30pm
Hi, the man in my avatar is Dougie, I got the picture from some old archive of studio photos. When Freddie was born, a few people changed their avatars to Dougie pictures, and mine is still there. It seems to sum up Dougie perfectly imo :D
singme0430 Aug-27-08 5.12pm
컥..; 더블 포스팅.. 죄송합니다.. ㅠㅠ 그리고 너무 예의 없이 말씀드린 것 같기도 해서.. 뵙게 돼서 정말 반가워요. ^.^; (소심소심)
singme0430 Aug-27-08 5.10pm
안녕하세요! ^_^ 친추해주셔서 정말 감사합니다~!! 만나서 반가워요!
singme0430 Aug-27-08 5.10pm
안녕하세요! ^_^ 친추해주셔서 정말 감사합니다~!! 만나서 반가워요!
frandougeil Aug-26-08 7.37am
hey there saw ur comment on Dougie's page about The Distance..true wat u said the 1st tm i listened to it,i was sooo inspired by its beautiful and meaningful lyrics=))i listen to it everytm i need strength when im in a crisis and it helps! i just LOVE the track!!
mayfly Aug-20-08 4.09pm
Good to see you here. ;)
miky Aug-20-08 2.28am
hahaha , sky~~~ my nick is not kitty's brother. also, not mickeymouse (It is very common idear that) Just fourwords of my firstname ;;
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