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Nikki Sep-7-10 12.55am
Ah! You scared me! haha, How have you been felow BBMak lover? ;) Long time to talk!! Are you as excited for Fran's album as I am?
kiwi Oct-26-08 1.23am
Haha, I saw your job thingy, and saw you work in Limerick, so I had a vague guess :) I recognise Knappogue (sp!!) didn't know they had dinners there too.. My family still live in Limerick, and I travel back and forth heaps, right past Bunratty on the way to Shannon. I did my L.C at Castletroy, so it's kind of the closest thing to home really, definitely missed Ireland when I was away!! Yeah!! You do?? That's so cool!! Myles is a cool guy! So enthusiastic (I sound patronising... but it's true!!) Really good live, saw him support Travis, and at the Trinity Rooms awhile back, you weren't at that gig were you?? That'd be funny.
kiwi Oct-25-08 1.02am
Do you work at Bunratty? Random Q, I know... lol.
Hanne Oct-21-08 10.10am
Congratulations ons becoming a DJ :o)
Darran Oct-20-08 11.28pm
That is so awesome, so happy for you. Fingers crossed you get a regular spot. :-)
Nattasha Oct-17-08 12.42am
Hi! thanks for your post, I was very excited in that moment :) hugs
BenFilbert Oct-16-08 4.28am
When you become the most popular and important radio DJ in the world, I want you to play Travis non-stop. :)
Nikki Oct-15-08 2.55am
Hi new friend!!!! :D I'm still like completely shocked about this BBMak thing! We knew eachother way back when and we didn't even realize it! HA! Eeee...I feel like I'm 13 again! :D
frandougeil Oct-14-08 12.00pm
oh and thanx for accepting my request=) im from singapore btw. ur from Ireland?
frandougeil Oct-14-08 11.55am
hahaHA.hey there maria*) i shall answer ur curiosity then=) ur quite right.the name frandougeil i got from combining some alphabets from all of their names coz i like all of can i not=DD Fr-FRan(i took FR from fran) An-ANdy(AN from andy) Doug-DOUGie(DOUG from dougie) Eil-nEIL(and EIL from neil) hope all is cleared now=)
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