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Mom to two GORGEOUS, brilliant, funny, kind, caring, compassionate girls [Sumner-15 (that's her in the pix with the band when she was 9) & Reese-12], one cranky old cat (Frankie), and two exuberant dogs (Lulu & Bowie). Wife to the man of my dreams (Steve). Oh, and I'm Kelly!
All day, every day.
Fargo, The Jerk, This is Spinal Tap, Young Frankenstein, Monty Python's Holy Grail, some highbrow ones too, I'm sure, just can't think of them right now!
Love 'em! I think 'Lolita' is the all-time best written book, wordswise.
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Turtleneck Apr-30-09 5.15pm
I read what you wrote in Andy's Comment area. Ha ha! Somehow it's harder to get excited about math than music.
weirdmom Feb-25-09 4.13pm
Haa!! That T-shirt is awesome!! I might have to get it.
lilly Nov-21-08 1.14pm
amazing, another teitur fan! :D
weirdmom Aug-29-08 8.02pm
I'm so happy to have someone so like minded in their hatred of this putrid band. I hadn't thought about how similar Lifehouse is to them. At least his voice isn't full of gravel. But I see what you mean.
Rallyfoeraren Jul-23-08 9.58pm
Hey, thanks! Your profile page makes me completely dizzy btw. I can't see a thing! :)
el_gemelito May-20-08 12.59am
obviously empanadas rawwwwwwk!!! xDDD.... and yeah, i followed the family tree ...
ricv64 Mar-19-08 11.54pm
I forgot what part of the bay area are you from ?
I Came in Through the Bathroom Window Mar-16-08 6.00am
Your doughter is so cute and has such a cool name!
And you took the whole backgroung thing to a new level, nice!
weirdmom Mar-14-08 2.17pm
Ah, yes, "Rockstar." I've been tortured with that song too many times. Some boardies have even posted lyrics from that song in my comments! Isn't that mean? Where were these pics of your daughter and the boys taken by the way? It looks too nice to be backstage.
weirdmom Mar-14-08 1.50am
What a neat background! Sweet pics with all the guys. So was this Nickelcrap song that you were tormented with a new one?
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