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strange but honest
beatles, travis, blur, stereophonics, oasis, starsailor, led zeppelin, acdc, pink floyd, kings of leon, etc etc...
eternal sunshine of the spotless mind, science of sleep, all tarantinos, etc
20 poemas de amor y una cancion desesperada, vision de los vencidos, etc etc etc...
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damon has attended 6 shows
Pepsi Center, Mexico City, MX
Corona Capital Festival, Mexico City, MX
Foro Sol, Mexico City, MX
Vive Cuervo Salon, Mexico City, MX
Sports Palace, Mexico City, MX
Sports Palace, Mexico City, MX

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cornflakes Sep-29-09 3.30pm
of course dear stay in touch :-) tell me where :-)
cornflakes Sep-20-09 2.06pm
i've been nowhere my friend haha - my computer really crashed totally this time :-( had to change a load of stuff in it and one of my memory disk :-( a nightmare hahaha how are u damon ?
serch Aug-18-09 7.12pm
No ps lo bueno es que los dejaron tocar antes de las cumbias... Vallarta? Q envidia, a ver cuándo invitas, aunque no te escuche tocar con tu banda! jajaja Y q pasó con la "pequeña" y fuerte baterista que iba contigo en lo del hotel?
cornflakes Aug-15-09 9.59pm
now i'm here dear :-) got a BIF f**** crash with my computer ! apparently a pb with microsoft software etc.. well, at the end, a blue screen with a load of message errors and nothing else !! the most awful thing of those 10 last days haha and u sweetie, how are u ?
serch Aug-9-09 10.30pm
No ps desafortunadamente no te vi tocar. Me fui con la Mellow cuando tu ibas llegando. Ya será en otra ocasión... bueno, si me avisas! jajaja Saludos
cornflakes Jul-15-09 7.15pm
and let me remember you that it was YOU the inquisitor !! right nah ? and no i'm not angry :-)
cornflakes Jul-14-09 9.15pm
you miss me ? ah Damon :-) i missed u too :-) i'm not that often here but i will try my best to be on the next chat on 16 july ! maybe u'll be there :-p
serch Jul-9-09 1.44am
Q onda motazo... te llamas Fernando, verdad? He recordado de donde te conozco, te vi en una fiesta de razz hace más de un año, yo estaba con una chica llamada Melissa, x eso el día de lo de Travis en el hotel te me hacías conocido. SALUDOS!!!
cornflakes Jun-25-09 9.57pm
hope your few days in France are going to be a GOOOOOOOOd trip :-) iss u
cornflakes Jun-3-09 8.19am
Luv you :-p and i'm Ok for your feet massage Mr D :-p i let u work now :-) bisous
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