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I'm Maria. I like cars, brains and tea. I'm going to be a clinical neuroscientist.
Travis, The Republic Tigers, The Hours, Juno Falls, Seth Lakeman, Mumford and Sons, some Keane stuff, Led Zeppelin, AC/DC, Thin Lizzy, Stereophonics, Elbow, The Fratellis, Foo Fighters, Jimi Hendrix, Rolling Stones
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bogusblue Dec-24-09 11.36pm
Happy Christmas Moo! :o)
velouria Feb-1-09 7.13pm
Hello! Thanks for adding me as a friend!
rebekah Jan-19-09 10.59pm
Aww well I'm glad you like it:) Urmm..I have pretty much all of my exams..except those I did early..hmm dreading it haha! x
rebekah Jan-13-09 8.39pm
Ahh awesome! Well that's real good. What is your favourite subject then? I had a pretty good break thanks..relaxing mostly :) ergh not good back to school though!! Ahh well..soon be Easter haha!! xx
rebekah Jan-12-09 6.55pm
Helloo :) How are you these days? Enjoying college? Are you finding it is better than home education? x
singme0430 Jan-1-09 2.33am
Happy New Year, Moo!!! =)
bogusblue Dec-31-08 11.18pm
Happy New Year, Moo! Wishing you all the best from Mexico City! :o)
Rammsfer Dec-31-08 9.34pm
Happy New Year :)! My bests wishes for you =P
rebekah Dec-25-08 3.53pm
Happy Christmas :) xo
bogusblue Dec-24-08 11.11pm
Merry Christmas, Moo! Have a wonderful time! :o)
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