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I'm not perfect but you don't mind that, do you? :)))
the Beatles, oldies, Mersey beat, Travis, Fastball, Supergrass, Fool's Garden, Robbie Williams and many more
LOTR, I am Sam, Cramer vs. Cramer, Almost Famous, School of Rock, A Hard Days's Night
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Jay Parker has attended 3 shows
Crocus City Hall, Moscow, RU
Astoria, London, UK
B-1, Moscow, RU

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Jay Parker
Member since: April-20-2007
Last Login: December-30-2013
Gender: Female
Country: RU
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Birthday: Mar-17-1978
Occupation: banking business. music. entertaining the baby.
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Rammsfer Nov-15-09 7.03am
Wow. Nice guitar! Oasis fan?
bogusblue Dec-31-08 11.34pm
Happy New Year!!! :o)
bogusblue Dec-24-08 11.26pm
Merry Christmas! :o)
peno Dec-4-08 2.11pm
Oh..Im fine. Going to the Copenhagen and Oslso gigs this week-end..:-)))))
peno Oct-19-08 11.15pm
A big pleasure...:-)))
Sasha Russia Sep-29-08 8.00am
its а long way dooooooooown ))
peno Sep-7-08 8.39pm
See you in London....:-))))
damon Sep-3-08 7.34pm
nice supernova guitar !!!
killer queen Jul-25-08 8.16pm
and by the way, I studied russian one semester, I think I've probably forgotten everythign, hahaha! well... maybe!
killer queen Jul-25-08 8.14pm
Hey!! how are you?? You're from Russia, WOW! that's one of the countries I've always have wanted to go to. I hope that happens soon... Anyway, I'm mexican so, if you need any information I can help you get, I'm here! Cheers!
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