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My friend recorded this nice vid!!! Thank you, friend!!
*The Vid Message from Fran in Nov 2007 in Mexico*
Travis, Oasis, The Beatles, Shack, The La's....etc etc :)
I love Michel Gondry :D
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alanistradi Sep-16-09 6.56pm
Hiromi! my dear! another late reply! so sorry! but at least we keep in touch, right? *hugs* yes, Oasis split is a shame, I'm not a huge huge fan but I do feel solidarity with people who love them... so you can help me? YAY! It's not late, don't worry about time, take the time you need! no rush! :D about the translation, actually is a song lyrics, not the whole song, just a paragraph, it's ok? I really appreciate this Hiromi! thanks in advance :) ... huge hugs, as always! p.s. do you have a fb account? add me, I'd love to have as a fb friend too :)
alanistradi Aug-29-09 6.34pm
Hi Hiromi! how are you doing? I'm sorry! this is a late reply, I know! 've been too busy :S ...well, let me let you know I'm extremely excited for your history! 12 hours with rain! OMG! but it worth it, right? you were rewarded, a bow from Noel must be incredible! haha (btw, is a shame his latest announcement about leave the band) ... Hiromi, I was thinking maybe you can help me with a translation, could you? I need some phrases written in japanese. I'd be very grateful if you can, if you not, it's ok, no problem ;) ...Be safe!!! *huuuge hugs* xxx
alanistradi Jul-20-09 3.12am
Hey Hiromi! Awwwww thanks for those sweet words! (you know this feeling is recprocal, right?) Oooh! I understand what it is to move out and being without internet access! awful! Hope you can fix that problem soon... so Fuji Rock festival is this weekend? Oasis will be there? Great! I'll be looking forward to your festival review, ok? Nice week! *huuuugs* xxx
alanistradi Jul-6-09 2.32am
Quite the contrary! I love to hear from you! I know you don't post too often here so it's good to know you're fine :) ...Are you going to Fuji festival? Nice! when is it? tell me about it! ...Have a nice week Hiromi! *hug* xxxx
alanistradi Jun-24-09 6.02pm
Ooh Hiromi! Glad to know from you! I'm fine, thanks for asking, what about you? :) ...that video is a treasure! so keep it safe... take care my friend! xxxx
alanistradi May-18-09 7.28am
Hiromi! Hi!!!! How are you??? Hope evrything fine :) ...i just saw the vid, AMAZING! Lucky you! *big hugs* xxx :)
mayfly Apr-4-09 4.51pm
I'm uploading the boot right now. Copyright isn't included in the ID tag. I'll put the download link on the messageboard soon. Please send my thank to the person who recorded Tokyo show. mayfly xxx
frandougeil Mar-30-09 6.02pm
Hello Hiromi=D Hope all is well! Just checking in and i hope u had a great time at the Oasis gig!!
mayfly Mar-28-09 3.11pm
Hey, Hiromi. Have you still not found a way to send me the Tokyo gig recording? mayfly x
alanistradi Mar-9-09 4.27pm
:D yeah! everybody is desperate here! hahahah, not only argentinian fans, so thanks again for your support ;) ... so you're going to see twice Oasis this year! wow! lucky you! must be great to travel to see your favorite band (at least one of them, right?) I'm sure you'll enjoy this trip (you'd been in UK before, isn't true?) and I hope you can share with us some pics... and yes, finally peruvian people can say it: Oasis in Lima (for me the notice about Travis gig was the most unbelievable news of my entire life, even this about Oasis can't make more happy than that) definitely, a couple years ago, say that REM, Travis or Oasis will be playing here sounded like a joke, but now is a fact and I'm sure it will be a terrific night... have a lovely week! xoxo
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