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I'm doing fine,I'm getting by.
Mostly TRAVIS ♥ BRIGHT EYES ♥ FLEET FOXES ♥ LAURA MARLING ♥ bowerbirds, conor oberst and the mystic valley band, coldplay, vetiver, arcade fire, the decemberists, franz ferdinand, wilco, first aid kit, the beatles, tom brosseau, johnny flynn, tinariwen, ray lamontagne, scott matthews, rufus wainwright, sufjan stevens, ron sexsmith, fionn regan, raul midon, patrick watson, james yorkston, villagers, keaton henson, the strokes, vetiver, titus andronicus, poor moon, pokey lafarge, bump of chicken, elvis perkins, the low anthem, jeffrey lewis, shugo tokumaru. foxygen, beirut, the black keys, the white stripes, jack white, sam cooke, otis redding but it doesn't really stop here; )
a certain Warren Gamaliel Bancroft Winnipeg Harding thank you story on a certain album pocket.
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bogusblue Dec-24-09 11.47pm
Merry Christmas Sue! :o)
yurieee Oct-15-09 2.15am
Hey no need to say sorry about late problem for me at all...coz you are kind of pop in here ..hehe and Sue you deserve them the BD wishes i mean...... Really? Fran did promised to come back? hope this time in full gig pleaseeeee... Next time i won't miss, i swear.. Glad to hear from you again.. Yuri
BenFilbert Oct-8-09 9.05pm
Make the email as long as you want it to be Sue. You know i love your long emails. ;) I have to wait 6 weeks for each one but they're worth it. :P Take your time with it, no rush. xxx
BenFilbert Oct-6-09 12.51am
Hey! How is the email coming along? :P Did you get the penguin video i sent? ;) xxx
irenesfor Oct-5-09 7.40pm
Holaaa! I'm soooo glad for you, Sue!! *hugsss* Every fan of Travis must meet them! It's an unforgettable moment :') It'd be also my pleasure to show you my city ;) Have a great week, amiga!! Besos! :)
I Came in Through the Bathroom Window Sep-30-09 5.38pm
I'm really glad everything was so magical and perfect!!! You totally deserve it, amiga!!! *Big hugs*
yurieee Sep-30-09 10.33am
(SCREAMMMMMM) I just came in to my profile page and see your new and fkking awesome avatar.. No words. It's another regret of mine ,i must say, not to join you there. But i hope you had great time right, Sue? :D
leticia Sep-29-09 9.20pm
Yo también te quiero muchísimo!!! : )
Rammsfer Sep-29-09 3.53am
I know!! I still can't believe too lol :D You met Fran!! :O!! Keep enjoying my friend ;) You'll never forget that day :) Thank you my friend, I'm waiting for the Mode to come ;) Yo también te quiero mucho amiga :D Take care xo!!
Rammsfer Sep-28-09 3.28am
SUEEEE!! Amigaaa:D OMG you fuckin' made it!!! :D I'm so glad for ya mi amiga !! Look at your smile on your picture :D Excellent !!! :D
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