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Love performing music and writing it aswell. Love being in good company and having a good old laugh
Radiohead, REM, Coldplay, Travis, Muse, Red Hot Chilli Peppers, Foo Fighters, Turin Brakes, John Martyn, KT Tunstall, David Gray, Lighthouse Family, Tunde, Keane, Pink Floyd, David Gilmour, Barry White, Super Furry Animals, U2, Athlete, The Police, Sting, The Beatles, Eric Clapton, Four Day Hombre, Placebo, Supergrass, Queen, Neil Young, Aqualung, Elbow, The Zutons, Jeff Buckley
National Lapoons Christmas Vacation, Being John Malkovich, School of Rock, Shaun of the Dead, Borat, Jacabs Ladder, The Machinist, Road Trip
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HMV Instore, Liverpool, UK
Academy, Liverpool, UK
Parr Hall, Warrington, UK
Apollo, Manchester, UK
Apollo, Manchester, UK
Evening News Arena, Manchester, UK

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Sarah- Apr-6-09 1.44pm
heey! :) i'm good, thanks! it's my last week of holidays, tho, so that's a bit sad. i got so used to my freetime, heh, it's been 8 weeks. btw, i've seen you have two upcoming gigs, so good luck with them and of course lots of fun! =) x
BenFilbert Apr-3-09 1.10am
Hello! :) Things are going great thank you. My guitar playing is going well, Leicester are doing well... everything is good. :) How about you? Hope work isn't too bad. :)
Monica Feb-14-09 5.56pm
I didn't get Last Train :( But I gave Dougie your album, hahaha. I'll tell you about it later ;) xx
Monica Dec-31-08 6.29pm
Happy 2009, Baz! xx
Monica Dec-24-08 11.23am
Happy Christmas to you too, Baz! I really hope you have a great day (and better, a great night :p). You're welcome ;) Take care xxx
Bryn Dec-24-08 12.42am
Thanks! Merry Christmas!! Have a good one! xxx
BenFilbert Dec-23-08 11.03pm
Thank you! You too, Happy Christmas! :)
Sarah- Dec-23-08 8.55pm
thanks, merry christmas to you as well! x i loved the "christmas present" from you and james at CPing, so nice :) have a great time! ~
Monica Dec-21-08 6.00pm
Fingers crossed you get my pressie tomorrow ;) xxx
Monica Dec-17-08 5.56pm
You xmas pressie is on its way to Liverpool :) xx
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