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MariaMak Sep-5-10 7.27pm
hennypenny Jun-20-10 6.05am
hennypenny Apr-22-10 7.32am
LOL, I wanted to find a good pic for the ABC anniversary and I thought this was the perfect one:)
minnmess Feb-5-10 8.04pm
it was a Canadian Olympic ap on facebook that I stumbled upon
bogusblue Dec-24-09 11.04pm
Merry Christmas Nikki! :o)
SamuraiSandy Nov-14-09 7.48pm
No...they're not, sorry! This is just one of the bridal portraits we took. I guess maybe I should post some more, huh? Thanks!
nickynooboo Oct-28-09 6.26pm
Sounds like you had a wicked time at Ferndale. I am sooo jealous.....have just had a look at the set list and it sounds like you had a real treat!! I am hoping the boys will be back in the UK soon so we can sample such delights. I hope you will still consider attending the British Boardie Convention when it does eventually happen? x
nickynooboo Oct-21-09 8.32pm
Hey Nikki, how the devil are you?? I haven't been on here for months due to a hectic summer....shame on me :( Anyways, hope your well and enjoy the show tomorrow night. xxxx P.S. Started doing my Nursing at Uni about 4 weeks ago.... really loving it!
Moray Oct-21-09 11.12am
Thanks - it's good to be back!
alexandria_z Oct-18-09 5.00pm
No problem Nikki! 4 more days!!! :P
ricv64 Oct-12-09 4.03pm
is that a travis umbrella ?
hennypenny Oct-12-09 7.16am
Your avatar reminds me of Mary Poppins:P
weirdmom Oct-11-09 4.21pm
I'd say it rains on you because you don't have the umbrella over your head.
lindsey22295 Oct-11-09 4.36am
Thanks Nikki! Your's is absolutely adorable!
Turtleneck Oct-10-09 8.55pm
alexandria_z Oct-9-09 9.48pm
Happy belated birthday Nikki! I'll see you on the 22nd! :)
minnmess Oct-8-09 4.46pm
I know it is your birthday and all...but it is not red wings cake avatar week! You have until tomorrow and then I demand you change it back :P
ricv64 Sep-20-09 5.28pm
that's how it hangs in the D........ ?
ricv64 Sep-20-09 5.28pm
that's how it hangs in the D........ ?
minnmess Sep-19-09 10.55pm
I was weirdly reminded of it because I was wearing that blue top and black cardigan yesterday. Apparently I remember things based on the outfit I was wearing.
minnmess Sep-14-09 11.21pm
It can't be november, because we still have an October of Frandying. Soon my precious child. soon.
TheBoyWithAName Sep-12-09 8.14pm
Your avatar makes me wanna go swinging!
weirdmom Sep-5-09 2.09pm
Love your current avatar! I wish we could have a get together again soon.
ricv64 Aug-29-09 4.23pm
hey check it out she devils . kayte looks like she's ready to fight ?
minnmess Aug-28-09 1.29pm
Dude, Im atleast 4 months along! There is a better one of the 4 of us, where Im not about to birth something. Im on the other side.
minnmess Aug-28-09 3.45am
I hate that picture. I look preggers.
alexandria_z Aug-12-09 3.18pm
Gah I'm so excited! I'm bringing along four friends as well. I love converting people into Travis fans. :)
minnmess Jul-21-09 6.04pm
Look, you will be cheering for Canada. Also, I will be booing Brett Hull. Heads up.
minnmess Jul-5-09 11.39pm
thanks Dollface. That is apparently my taking a picture face. I had no idea.
Darran Jul-4-09 1.55pm
It's the trailer trash off work for two weeks, need a haircut, need a shave kinda look.
goosey_84 Jun-16-09 5.09pm
wuddup girlie!
minnesotamary Jun-13-09 2.46am
Thanks, he just turned one!!
lindsey22295 May-30-09 7.29am
Thanks for your kind words in my Bruin thread. I really appreciated it!
nats May-13-09 1.47am
Im doing fine! I came to check out the news and decided to stop by to say hi... Then i saw your pics and realized how much i miss this place...Is andrew still there? i love anne's hair! How are you?
hennypenny May-9-09 7.20am
Everytime I see that picture of you pretending to stab Andrew, it cracks me up! Especially the people in the background who are too preoccupied eating their breakfast to notice the violence, lol.
nats May-9-09 4.51am
wonderful! all together! and andrew was there too... how nice
Ana_Smith May-6-09 6.56pm
Hi Nikki! Thought that maybe you'd like to check this out: (since you were wondering, that's Fran playing New Amsterdam in NY..) Enjoy! :)
monkey May-2-09 6.50am
it has to be said, the chap on the left of my photo happens to be rather handsome!
alexandria_z Apr-28-09 12.43am
If Fran had mentioned me during the show I'd die. lol I don't know if I can hold off for long. No Travis is not good.
alexandria_z Apr-27-09 12.28am
I was definitely in my element. My friends say it was the happiest time of my life and I guess they were making fun of me during the concert because I was so into it haha How were your multiple shows!? Next tour I'm for sure going to more than one show. Where's the Detroit date? Maybe they'll come back in the summer?
megg_inc Apr-25-09 10.35pm
Maybe you should stop thinking and book your ticket instead? :) And then we could have a PBC!
megg_inc Apr-22-09 10.19pm
Hey, is it my imagination or did you really tell me once you may come to Poland this summer?
nickynooboo Apr-22-09 5.33pm
Yay!! Are you guys plotting? I love it. You must be shattered!?! x
leticia Apr-22-09 2.01am
Awesome pic!
lindsey22295 Apr-20-09 11.18pm
Love your Fran pic!
nickynooboo Apr-20-09 6.44pm
Ahhhh Nikki, I am so happy that you all had such a great time in Chi. Your pictures are fab and you must have lots of special memories that you will treasure. Hopefully I will be able to talk you into coming over here for the BBC, when we finally have it!! xx
bogusblue Apr-20-09 5.37pm
I like your pic, Nikki! ;o)
deebee Apr-20-09 5.28pm
Beautiful pic you've got there Nikki! Glad to hear that you had an fantastic time in Chicago. Debbie x
frandougeil Apr-20-09 5.00pm
Awesome Nikki=DD Love ur avatar!!!Take care too,I hope all's well;)
alanistradi Apr-17-09 4.00am
What a great avatar ...congrats! :)
ricv64 Apr-16-09 1.25pm
TheBoyWithAName Apr-16-09 1.14pm
I just had to comment on it cause he's my favourite Beatle! :) Glad you like my page, I'm pretty bored with it :P
TheBoyWithAName Apr-15-09 6.22pm
John Lennon, what could possibly beat that!
ricv64 Apr-15-09 5.24pm
I totaly remember where i was the day he died
weirdmom Apr-15-09 4.14pm
Yours is better since it involves a Beatle but I love that we both chose peace signs mazn.
hennypenny Apr-15-09 5.49am
I almost chose your avatar, lol:)
nickynooboo Apr-13-09 11.44pm
He he he, I wish I could reach out and be there :) My dream about you coming over to go to a Travis gig here was hilarious....we got there and it was a tribute act!!!! But the real band came and found us and performed a special gig just for us. Bizarre!
Turtleneck Apr-13-09 2.09pm
I'll be there!
monkey Apr-9-09 7.56am
look what happens when i'm not around, no number 8
monkey Apr-8-09 5.55am
lindsey22295 Apr-7-09 9.12pm
Omg 10 things I hate about you!! I love that movie.
ricv64 Apr-7-09 2.21pm
hey it says in my profile I attended a show that hasn't happened yet , that like 14 hrs away .it's gonna rain though
minnmess Apr-7-09 1.23pm
minnmess Apr-5-09 9.18pm
because you people all have excitment. I have anxiety.
minnmess Apr-5-09 4.56pm
msg switches, PM switches and now avatar switches? intense! My day 11 request is Mark Messier :)
weirdmom Apr-5-09 3.40pm
Can't believe I didn't think of Twelve Memories!! Awesome.
minnmess Apr-5-09 3.05pm
clever 12 missy! Can 11 be for your favourite BLT?
monkey Apr-5-09 7.10am
i blame you and your ghostly ways :)
monkey Apr-5-09 7.07am
wow, you're original ;)
minnmess Apr-4-09 10.59pm
ricv64 Apr-4-09 3.01pm
weird , i've been watching a Canadian show , trailer Park boys and they say , " mooseballs heh you like Miley cyrus ?
minnmess Apr-3-09 1.45am
monkey Apr-2-09 6.58am
weirdmom Apr-1-09 6.36pm
Way to give a shout out to a kick ass movie with our countdown.
bogusblue Apr-1-09 5.38pm
Ahh I love that movie! I know I shouldn't but I do xD. So 16 days to go? ;o) Excited about you guys in the US :o).
BenFilbert Mar-28-09 12.36am
Nikki! :) It's amazing. I guess it was taken during Side. How are you? I'm off to my first away game of the season tomorrow. Win and we're almost certainly promoted. 4,200 Leicester fans making the trip. We'll be so loud i'm sure you'll be able to hear us. xxx
ricv64 Mar-26-09 12.40am
whooo u callinn hippie ?
Monica Mar-16-09 6.53pm
Haha. Glad to know you're doing great ;) Maybe the threads on the board are boring, that's why you don't post so often ^^ I don't post that much either... I'm good, thanks. Enjoying my life as a student, free from exams... Hahaha. Take care. xx
Monica Mar-14-09 7.21pm
Hey Nikki! How are you? You don't post often now, do you? I hope everything's ok ;)
goosey_84 Mar-3-09 2.38am
lol i'm so glad you get the reference nikki!! :D my aunt is a budding FOTC fan! she loves the sugarlumps! ;)
megg_inc Mar-2-09 6.21pm
OK, so let me know when you arrange it! I think I'll be staying in next weekend, maybe then?
BenFilbert Mar-2-09 4.44pm
Sent you a couple of emails the other night. Just thought i'd mention it in case you didn't receive them. :)
ricv64 Feb-25-09 9.51pm
SHARKS ......... SAN JOSE .....CHEA !
minnmess Feb-25-09 3.22am
I KNOW!!!!!! I LOVE IT SO MUCH! IT IS MAKING ME TALK IN CAPS! Its only being changed after the ABC, me thinks.
megg_inc Feb-23-09 7.03pm
Great! I'm not sure if you get my messages? Skype's acting weird. So if yes, then I'm sorry I'm repeating myself. lol!
TheBoyWithAName Feb-20-09 3.41pm
Aaaw look at you ms. Good Time Girl =) Everything okay? Hey you must give me some Nikkipedia on your meeting with the Wings, especially your meeting with Z! Have a splendid weekend!
megg_inc Feb-20-09 3.34pm
Okay, so I'm back on skype (ugh). Didn't even remember my username but apparently it's megg007 (LOL). You can spread the news!
megg_inc Feb-20-09 2.30pm
I'm ok, thanks. Exams are over so it's party time! I hate Skype but I may join as the board is not being a nice place these days and I miss you guys! Will have to use the chat thing though as my mic is of a horrible quality.
megg_inc Feb-19-09 10.48pm
Very cute pic! How are you? :)
ricv64 Feb-18-09 2.38pm
how bout it ? was it a tooth or a sunflower seed he spit out ?
ricv64 Feb-17-09 3.43pm
hey how can the sharks and the wings be in the same division ?
yurieee Feb-16-09 2.02am
Luv your current avatar.. I totally agree they rock ass. ^^ Plus, such and interesting profile page you have,Nikki. =yuri=
lindsey22295 Feb-14-09 7.13pm
I can't find the exact one, but here are some: Wait, maybe that is the one.
lilly Feb-14-09 1.02pm
great avatar :D. I wonder if there are girls who don't like Scottish accents ;), this seems to be an international thing. the Scots should try and make money out of it... (hm maybe those people in "General Chat" should find a Scottish Boy for Alex instead of a girlfriend?)
TheBoyWithAName Feb-13-09 11.29am
Scottish Boys RAAAWK!!!
monkey Feb-13-09 7.51am
you're too kind
frandougeil Feb-13-09 6.07am
What an avatar!I concur;D
ricv64 Feb-13-09 1.34am
whats with the candies ?
hennypenny Feb-12-09 5.50pm
Hi Nikki-sorry about not leaving my picture up long enough:)
weirdmom Feb-12-09 4.55pm
I randomly found it yesterday and it made me laugh so hard. I can't even remember the site anymore where you could do it.
TheBoyWithAName Feb-9-09 10.48am
Haha thank you Nikki! I'm so silly, but Bob Dylan in the background looks nice :P
TheBoyWithAName Feb-8-09 3.57pm
Zzzzzzzzzzz! (No I'm not sleeping, I'm thinking of Henrik)
Turtleneck Feb-7-09 10.50pm
Rachel said as the Oilers left the ice, "They look sad."
Turtleneck Feb-4-09 5.32pm
lilly Jan-29-09 10.17pm
aaaaaw!!!! photos, please. I only have a t-shirt with a vintage-looking owlie print *must look for more owl-themed stuff*
megg_inc Jan-29-09 3.52pm
I'm ok- having a cold though! Not the best idea during exams, haha :) Hmmm, nope, nothing new to report! Maybe next month ;) xx
ricv64 Jan-29-09 3.02pm
it's a political gridlock one . i'll trade out the one i have if i remember today
Chiito-chan Jan-28-09 8.09pm
I'm doing well, thanks. Tomorrow I have P.E. , and I hate it.
megg_inc Jan-28-09 6.22pm
Aww I like the soap bubbles idea! I want that during my wedding (just saying), lol! How are you, Nikki? Nothing new on the job front? Haha, never say never, Swede Boy!
TheBoyWithAName Jan-28-09 1.43pm
It was my brothers wedding btw!
TheBoyWithAName Jan-28-09 1.43pm
Yeah I decided to show myself from the best side ;) Lol, I'm blowing soap bubbles, they decided to have that instead of the usual rise-throwing tradition :P I would never smoke a joint at a wedding, or well EVER :P
ricv64 Jan-27-09 5.29pm
that joke doesn't fly in SF .
ricv64 Jan-27-09 2.40am
where's kristy ?
minnmess Jan-26-09 12.49am
haha, you are punny.
TheBoyWithAName Jan-25-09 8.01pm
Haha if you want to you could always tell me what you'd like to say and I'll translate it for you :P You must bring a tape-recorder or something so that I can hear if your pronunciation is any good ;)
Chiito-chan Jan-25-09 6.46pm
Long time no talk to you, Nikki, how's it going?
TheBoyWithAName Jan-25-09 4.47pm
"Hey Henrik! I think that you're really good at skating and your hair is nice"
TheBoyWithAName Jan-25-09 9.04am
HAHA, I can't stop laughing! Perhaps we should "stick" to some basic sentences first, before getting all dirty :P You could say: "Hej Henrik, du är jättebra på att åka skridskor och har fint hår, tycker jag" :D
TheBoyWithAName Jan-24-09 8.46pm
Haha that IS too forward! We Swedes are pretty reserved you know :P You can always say that he has a nice stick? Or maybe not! You must be SO happy right now, I'm glad for your sake =)
TheBoyWithAName Jan-24-09 8.29pm
What?! Are you serious? Why is that? :O Do you really trust me enough to teach you something useful in Swedish? ;D
BenFilbert Jan-20-09 12.56pm
Thanks Nikki! Reply soon. :) xxx
monkey Jan-16-09 10.07pm
they'd be even more confused if i changed the pic back! :)
TheBoyWithAName Jan-16-09 6.48pm
Oh no! Don't tell anybody what's going on up there!
minnmess Jan-16-09 5.38pm
HAHAH! I said I was going to teach him to skate! How can i do that if he has no legs?
minnmess Jan-16-09 5.15pm
Best. Dream. Ever.
minnmess Jan-15-09 6.39pm
doesnt it look pretty on top of my cowy head? Im some sorta cow/hippo morphed animal.
ricv64 Jan-14-09 3.16am
it was 3 2 when i feel asleep ,ubr bummer
ricv64 Jan-13-09 4.56am
i fell asleep watching tonights game , who won ?
apinter8 Jan-13-09 4.25am
well i scrolled down to see ur a wings fan haha
apinter8 Jan-13-09 4.24am
haha, hell ya blackhawks. Sorry for the delayed reply. i dont come on often. u a hockey fan too?
ricv64 Jan-13-09 12.40am
so are you taking the bet ??????
ricv64 Jan-12-09 1.10am
taking the bet on the sens vrs the sharks ?
Turtleneck Jan-12-09 12.47am
I bought you a little something today while I was out.
I Came in Through the Bathroom Window Jan-9-09 9.50pm
Aw, thanks! Although you know I don't agree. Your eyesight must be very bad indeed :oP
Chiito-chan Jan-9-09 5.24pm
I want a hat like the one you are wearing!
ricv64 Jan-8-09 4.19am
whats so scary about audrina ? outside of her brain ?
I Came in Through the Bathroom Window Jan-6-09 9.43pm
Hahaha, thanks! I was tempted to give it a huge bite xD.
Bellringer Jan-6-09 1.58am
You're pretty, it has to be said. That hat suits you.
TheBoyWithAName Jan-3-09 4.37pm
Hehe because of the wings? Actually it's from California :P
I Came in Through the Bathroom Window Jan-3-09 4.37pm
Haha, no, it was just us (boardies) and the egg. Ana went disguised as a pregnant lady. It was so funny!
I'd love to have a cake like that one for my birthday too! Too bad my cooking skills suck! :oP
I Came in Through the Bathroom Window Jan-3-09 4.00pm
Yes, it is! Or should I say it was hehe. Nessyta made it for our "First Travis Gig Anniversary Meeting", on november 2nd, last year. It was delicious and it looked amazing. She does amazing things... she was dressed as an egg in our last meeting! :o)
TheBoyWithAName Jan-3-09 3.51pm
Looking really cool Nikkster =)
ricv64 Jan-3-09 2.24pm
thats austin , so it's Anne's bus
ricv64 Jan-3-09 4.32am
singme0430 Jan-1-09 2.32am
Happy New Year, Nikki!!! :D Best wishes to you and your family!
bogusblue Jan-1-09 12.02am
Kinda. I was dancing, screaming and laughing hehe. Actually I was just messing around with my family on Christmas' Eve :oP.
bogusblue Dec-31-08 9.59pm
Happy New Year!!! Have a wonderful time!! Best wishes all the way from Mexico City!! :o)
Rammsfer Dec-31-08 9.30pm
Happy New Year :)! My bests wishes for you =P
Chiito-chan Dec-31-08 6.59pm
Happy Happy New Year Nikki!! Best wishes!!
frandougeil Dec-31-08 4.25pm
*HAPPY NEW YEAR NIKKI* Hopefully the new year will bring u lots of joy, opportunities and many awesome things=D
lindsey22295 Dec-31-08 3.02am
Happy New Year!
Peewee Dec-30-08 10.40pm
I just looked at your profile views!!! They are THROUGH THE ROOF LADY!!! lmao Anyhow, hope your all well and keeping positive! *huggles* x
Aletways Dec-30-08 4.17am
I hope you had a great christmas, have an amazing 2009!
BenFilbert Dec-29-08 9.00am
Hi Nikki! *HUG* You ok? Sent some emails before City beat Hereford yesterday. :) Hope they work ok for you. :)
frandougeil Dec-29-08 8.48am
Mine was good as well=)How's thgs there in Detroit..Still festive or everythg's back to normal?Oh and i hope your video wins!!Its the coolest=D
alexandria_z Dec-28-08 5.15pm
I hope you had a wonderful Christmas and have an amazzzing New Year! :D
frandougeil Dec-28-08 4.39pm
Hey Nikki=)Love ur new avatar! Looks like u had an awesome Christmas=D
TheBoyWithAName Dec-28-08 3.49pm
Well the fan club looks cute and happy =)
TheBoyWithAName Dec-28-08 2.32pm
Is it your fans on the picture? :)
ricv64 Dec-28-08 2.17pm
oh totaly , it was uber hella radtastical grooveatronation , can't beat the West Coast , except in hockey
ricv64 Dec-27-08 11.55pm
oh we sat around and gaazed at our navals like good hippies .
ricv64 Dec-27-08 3.33am
not a dougie scarf i belive . how was x mas ?
Darran Dec-26-08 10.03pm
Not I, but it's not hard to work out whose idea it was. Hope you had a super duper Christmas.
Chemodannica Dec-26-08 5.10pm
Where you are singing with the guitar...
Peewee Dec-26-08 2.00pm
Hope you had a fabby Christmas chicklette!!! :) x
Chiito-chan Dec-26-08 10.55am
You're a cute girl!! I love your christmas hat.
bogusblue Dec-26-08 6.14am
For a second I thought the Santa hat was real. Anyways it looks great on you :o).
weirdmom Dec-25-08 6.06pm
Love your Santa hat! Merry Christmas to you too hockeypants!! I hope we see each other multiple times this year...
frandougeil Dec-25-08 4.24pm
Haha=D Thanx Nikki!And another adorable avatar=D
lilly Dec-25-08 12.03pm
merry christmas, nikki! :)
minnmess Dec-25-08 6.07am
My fav Christmas Eve tradition...this tear featuring Stevie. Too bad it doesnt show the blooper where he said "couldnt you have given me a manlier line?"
BenFilbert Dec-25-08 12.38am
Merry Christmas Nikki! Emails sent... ;) *goes red*
Moray Dec-24-08 9.55pm
Merry Christmas right back at ya!
Typing to Reach You Dec-24-08 9.54pm
Thanks, I'm sure Santa Yap will deliver in the presents department. Merry Christmas to ya also!
I Came in Through the Bathroom Window Dec-24-08 8.49pm
Feliz navidad to you too! I'm glad you liked it :o)
ricv64 Dec-24-08 7.42pm
RIGHT BACK AY YEA ! have a wonderful rest of the day in the wet freezing cold of redwings terrotory
megg_inc Dec-24-08 7.41pm
Thanks! Wesolych Swiat to you, Nikki! Have a fab Christmas! xxx
minnmess Dec-24-08 7.41pm
Merry Christmas my very favourite Sandwich! Hope Stevie is under your tree! I will think of you if I am forced to watch the Christmas Story tonight. grrr
goosey_84 Dec-24-08 6.49pm
aww Merry Christmas chica! :)
Darran Dec-24-08 6.43pm
Merry Christmas Nikki, and I hope you have an awesome 2009 x
Chemodannica Dec-24-08 5.40pm
Hi! I like you video, where you're singing =)
frandougeil Dec-24-08 5.12pm
MERRY CHRISTMAS NIKKI=) *Have an awesome one with your family and loved ones*
Turtleneck Dec-24-08 4.47pm
Merry Christmas to you too, Nikki! We're only driving to Dearborn, so we should be relatively safe. Hugs to you!
bogusblue Dec-24-08 5.47am
Have a Merry Christmas, Nikki! Best wishes from Mexico City. Alma :o).
Chiito-chan Dec-23-08 7.33am
I hate math too but that teacher is cute. Merry Christmas to you too!
Chiito-chan Dec-22-08 7.50pm
You look like a maths teacher I know. You look pretty! I like your hair.
TheBoyWithAName Dec-22-08 11.32am
Happy holiday wishes from Swede boy! =)
minnmess Dec-22-08 1.57am
who doesnt want a hippopotamus for Christmas? Darran infact actually got one!
BenFilbert Dec-22-08 12.11am
Gorgeous. ;)
Darran Dec-21-08 7.38pm
It came out of my Christmas cracker! I was like WOOOOOOOOOOW and everyone looked at me like I had lost my marbles which as a matter of fact where in another cracker. Much as it's a fine looking Hippo it cannot compete with your smouldering temptress look
TheBoyWithAName Dec-21-08 11.13am
Don't wanna break the tradition so....lovely avatar!
I Came in Through the Bathroom Window Dec-20-08 8.39pm
Haha, that gig was amazing too, so I thought I'd bring that pic back :oP. I got your pic, but I don't know why it won't let me open it. I'll try with internet explorer. I have a bussy weekend, but I'll try to get you your santa hat asap :o)
TheBoyWithAName Dec-19-08 9.50pm
Thanks, hehe better than Sundin then?
BenFilbert Dec-19-08 10.01am
Not much good but PM sent... :) *hug* It's really good about the Wings score. xxx
ricv64 Dec-19-08 3.01am
can't believe that the sharks got their ass kicked so royally . also the crowd singing along with that journey song was tooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo much
TheBoyWithAName Dec-17-08 8.37pm
Nikki stop licking lamppost, it's not good for you :P
I Came in Through the Bathroom Window Dec-17-08 7.06pm
Thanks! My friends mock me because of my wide smile on photos :oP. I'll PM you my email addy right away.
I Came in Through the Bathroom Window Dec-17-08 5.04pm
Of course! Send me a pic and I'll put a Christmas hat on your head :oP
I had a little Christmas - Photoshop - boardies project in mind but I don't think I have enough time to do it before Christmas... maybe I'll do it anyway even if it's a little late :op
Darran Dec-17-08 1.37pm
Sounds tasty
Darran Dec-17-08 10.40am
I'm still awfully confused about the sandwich thing.
I Came in Through the Bathroom Window Dec-17-08 3.39am
Lol @ your pic! xD
ricv64 Dec-16-08 3.28pm
is your tonge gonna get stuck there for real ?
Moray Dec-16-08 8.38am
No way - already?! I thought it would be next week before it arrived. Well it's up to you if you want to open it before Xmas!!
Moray Dec-15-08 9.54pm
Just for you Nikki - my kilt & cons look from saturday night!!
minnmess Dec-15-08 9.26pm
further edited
minnmess Dec-15-08 7.58pm
apperently he is out of the loop. Oh yes. YAP! Or am i Yap's assistant? I always get my identity confused.
minnmess Dec-15-08 7.42pm
Apperently no one noticed until today bc Darran asked my why i was a sandwich.
TheBoyWithAName Dec-15-08 10.29am
Yeah but now I have to change it again cause it's winter avatar week ;) Ha! Everything's okey in the D?
weirdmom Dec-15-08 1.38am
Kayte triple dog dared you I presume.
minnmess Dec-14-08 9.42pm
we should declare it snow pic week.
Darran Dec-14-08 9.41pm
That reminds me of Spinal Tap - Lick My Love Pump. Now if you change your picture folks will wonder what the hell that was all about.
minnmess Dec-14-08 7.54pm
hahaha, looking hot Sandwich
TheBoyWithAName Dec-14-08 7.46pm
Lovely winter pic Nikkster! Hope you didn't get stuck with your tongue ;)
weirdmom Dec-11-08 8.06pm
Please add that scarf to the pile of clothes I'd like to borrow from you.
Darran Dec-10-08 9.16am
Grazi! Soon it will be all the crazzzzzzze in The Show
Darran Dec-9-08 4.17pm
I haven't gone anywhere, I'm right here,right now. Get on XBOX live so I can kick your ass at NHL09
Turtleneck Dec-8-08 9.19pm
We're on for Friday. My mom will babysit.
Turtleneck Dec-8-08 3.09pm
Excited about our video!!
ricv64 Dec-5-08 4.55am
hey look it's your grandmothers shades
minnmess Dec-5-08 2.50am
I know, right? Who can resist me now?
AbsGinger Dec-3-08 9.13pm
Occupation : hair stylist !
th74 Dec-2-08 4.51pm
Ha ha...good timing. I just posted something trying to shame you for not requesting me! I'm glad you're back!
th74 Dec-2-08 4.32pm
Hello. How's you? I am just letting everyone in T-land know that I am still alive. (With the same boring message.) I saw you re-joined Facebook. Were you peer-pressured?
Turtleneck Dec-1-08 9.31pm
Yes, see how they're Happy Together? Your hair looks nice in that picture. I like the extra bit of poufiness.
lilly Dec-1-08 4.22pm
I like the picture, too! :) and is that a "normal" scarf? (the bright parts look a bit like the bavarian flag to me ;D)
TheBoyWithAName Nov-30-08 7.47pm
Awesome pic Nik! Picnic? Haha!
BenFilbert Nov-30-08 3.40pm
ricv64 Nov-29-08 2.43am
ricv64 Nov-28-08 5.08pm
widows peak , turns out your evil after all
Moray Nov-26-08 11.42pm
no chat for me tonight - still can't get it to work. It's just killing my computer. Too tired to work out how to fix it!
lilly Nov-26-08 11.27pm
haha yes that's ME ;D wow awesome car that one!!
TheBoyWithAName Nov-26-08 8.27pm
Thanks :D Nice car you got there!
BenFilbert Nov-26-08 8.24pm
I know it isn't yours. ;) Yours is at least 3 times the size of that. :)
BenFilbert Nov-26-08 4.27pm
Oooo, nice car. :)
ricv64 Nov-25-08 9.32pm
my fave pic
Moray Nov-25-08 7.36pm
who's muscle car is that?! mustang? charger? i wish you could get awesome cool cars like that over here.
Typing to Reach You Nov-25-08 7.27pm
Glad to hear it Nikki. Yeah they are generally a mellow band, but the occasional rockers they make are awesome. Get yourself Seldom Seen Kid - you wont regret it. ;)
megg_inc Nov-25-08 4.47pm
I'm not having problems but it's kinda late. Yesterday when you said you're on your way there it was past 2 AM here! I may join you tomorrow though. Tonight I'm going out :)
Moray Nov-25-08 3.56pm
HaHa, Anne has already warned me about some of the topics of conversation. I think I'd be well prepared. I noticed there's a different program you can download to get in to it. I'll try and download that tonight and give it a whirl. Otherwise curiosity will just get the better of me!
ricv64 Nov-25-08 1.36pm
finally sold a poster to MI , Grand Rapids has good taste .
Moray Nov-25-08 12.47pm
have you got a secret camera or something!? Ok, so I wasn't wearing an all in one romper suit Star Wars jim jam set, but did have on a Star Wars t-shirt last night! Good guess! (I'm such a geek). How was t-chat last night. What'd I miss?? I can't get it to work on my PC at home. :o(
Moray Nov-24-08 11.24pm
hey, I'll be honest, not falling over at ice skating would be enough to impress me, and make me go wow. So being able to skate backwards just elevated you to a whole new level! Anyhoo, I'm totally wiped and off to my bed - in my jim jams!!
Moray Nov-24-08 10.50pm
i've only got an old school xbox, so don't have the new one. You and your bro should take Darran on over the internet - and show him how hockey is really played!! I have literally no idea how to ice skate. I can go forwards, just, holding onto the side, but no way do i know how to go backwards!!
Moray Nov-24-08 8.20pm
yeah, I figured i'd ellaborate with some ramble about why I have it!!
Moray Nov-24-08 7.46pm
Yup!My old flatmate was from Halifax in Canada. We used to play NHL Hockey on the Xbox like all the time, and I'd always choose to go as the Wings, before I knew anything about the history. Ryan (my flatmate) totally got me into watching hockey on NASN (North American Sports Network). Totally became a Wings fan! So he bought me a Stevie Y 2002 replica Jersey, from the Stanley Cup winning season for my Xmas. Very cool! I wore it to the Scoland / Canada game on Saturday!!
lilly Nov-24-08 6.08pm
thanks :) I took it from my balcony a few years ago. used to live next to a wood, and they came out in winter to eat what was left in the plant-pots on my neighbours' terraces ;D why haven't you written your column? ts ts. and I provided SUCH a great & inspiring idea :P
lilly Nov-24-08 10.21am
oooh, a new friend, a new friend. have you written your column?
Typing to Reach You Nov-22-08 10.02pm
Ello, was gonna send you a few Elbow tunes then realised I didn't make a note of your email. Can I have it again plz? :P
Chiito-chan Nov-22-08 7.43pm
How cute, Nikki!! and Happy 6000 posts!
I Came in Through the Bathroom Window Nov-22-08 12.34am
Happy 6000 posts!!! :o)
I Came in Through the Bathroom Window Nov-21-08 11.43pm
Thanks, you too! I'm a fan of your cheeks haha.
BenFilbert Nov-21-08 6.04pm
Little cutie. ;)
minnmess Nov-21-08 12.53pm
ricv64 Nov-20-08 5.06am
* ? that chat speak ?
BenFilbert Nov-20-08 2.46am
I am trying to email you... Having a few problems. :( I'll sort it out. :)
ricv64 Nov-19-08 8.52pm
your peace sign is backwards , that like flipping someone off in the UK
BenFilbert Nov-19-08 5.16pm
Coming right up babe. ;) Is it unprofessional of me to call one of my customers babe? lol
ricv64 Nov-19-08 1.27am
Thats my budies from Italys' band Ufomammut. They make posters too and are touring Europe
BenFilbert Nov-19-08 1.16am
Call people and sing to them? You should do it to me one day, it sounds lovely. ;) And i love the photo by the way. Pop down and see me sometime Nikki! :)
ricv64 Nov-18-08 11.37pm
Whut up ?
minnmess Nov-18-08 6.01pm
Your "Just the Faces Change" clip shows up as a "related vid" to my stupid video. We really are BLTs
Darran Nov-18-08 12.45pm
That's Theo lifting the trophy in front of The Panthers when we won the League.
BenFilbert Nov-18-08 12.28am
Awww. How very random! Hey Nikki Nik! LOL
Peewee Nov-17-08 10.46pm
Well yes I am kind, lol But I DO love the lyrics and music so there!!! :) It's a wee gem! x
TheBoyWithAName Nov-17-08 6.54pm
Yes they need some love from time to time, don't you think?
ricv64 Nov-16-08 9.39pm
She devils night go OK , bust up any candaian coast guard sailors ?
Peewee Nov-16-08 7.41pm
OMG I just seen your youtube clip there!!! That's a great song missus!!! Your so damn talented....quick I wanna buy your record!!! :) xxx
I Came in Through the Bathroom Window Nov-16-08 5.57am
I DID!!!!!! I'm so, so thrilled about it that I can't think of anything else!!! It's so amazing!!!!!!!! :oD
minnmess Nov-15-08 4.08pm
dont we though? lol. Too bad he is a model. Damn those models! Please note: hand on shoulder. Lol. I bet he will blog about having met both of us.
megg_inc Nov-15-08 4.06pm
Haha. I knoooow, I used to be rather cute! ;) I have another funny pic of a wee Megg with a little monkey! LOL
ricv64 Nov-14-08 10.47pm
Someone just described someone has being , They're hippies so they make things with care "
Darran Nov-14-08 9.20pm
It's all in his eyes. It's the RROD.
Turtleneck Nov-14-08 3.45pm
Everything thinks he's going to jail.
ricv64 Nov-14-08 3.05pm
Ha Sandy coomented on those outer space looking eyes. I'm not the only one to think that . A BLT sounds good , on wheat
SamuraiSandy Nov-13-08 6.33pm
i like the lighting in your photo! :D your eyes, or eye looks so big, and pretty!
Bellringer Nov-13-08 3.12am
Hey new chum/pal/buddy.....
Rammsfer Nov-13-08 12.08am
hey :D hehe you're welcome so, what's up? :)
ricv64 Nov-12-08 10.37pm
I would make millions of em so I can't do chat
ricv64 Nov-12-08 6.00pm
why yell at a sandwhich ?
ricv64 Nov-12-08 3.25pm
so you often yell at Kristy accross the lake ?
ricv64 Nov-12-08 2.22pm
what the hell happened last night ? I was watching the game and couldn't belive they lost like that
BenFilbert Nov-11-08 11.43pm
Hi Nikki! :) Woo hoo! lol :)
ricv64 Nov-11-08 11.29pm
wow you and Kayte are going to hang out with beatniks , say hello to my dad
minnmess Nov-11-08 7.45pm
I LOVE James Duthie. My friend and I have this plan to try a hot dog in every NHL stadium. We are going to write James to blog about us.
minnmess Nov-11-08 6.05pm
Yzermand and Messier references in one blog:
ricv64 Nov-11-08 6.55am
i don't get the lingo
minnmess Nov-11-08 2.59am
minnmess Nov-11-08 2.58am
you could be shooting a sun and he would still call you a hippie. Im not sure why there were buses there. It was a Saturday so I think it was some sorta bus parking lot storage thing while they arent in use during the school week.
minnmess Nov-11-08 2.39am
tree gone. sad. that one is cool though! You look haunty.
ricv64 Nov-11-08 1.56am
that the chat room ?
minnmess Nov-11-08 1.56am
yay Tree Hugger Nikki! You match it. And are almost as tall as it!
I Came in Through the Bathroom Window Nov-10-08 7.42pm
Haha, thanks! :oP
goosey_84 Nov-10-08 3.03pm
:) you're sweet. how are you?
ricv64 Nov-9-08 11.35pm
Till Veterans day is over . I have a couple other cool ones but I've always liked that one
minnmess Nov-9-08 3.21pm
Dont forget Heeling coo! How is your weekend going NCMBLT(A)/BBB? Yap wishes you well!
ricv64 Nov-9-08 1.56pm
but I'm not , you better prove it !! ! !
weirdmom Nov-9-08 1.39pm
I just sent her a PM.
I Came in Through the Bathroom Window Nov-8-08 6.36pm
LMAO! I'm posting this in Anne's and Kristy's comment walls too.
You guys crack me up! xDD
Go BBB!!!
ricv64 Nov-8-08 4.51pm
you sure you know where Bonn or Berlin is ?
Turtleneck Nov-8-08 3.51pm
Why has everyone suddenly joined the Better Business Bureau?
ricv64 Nov-8-08 2.13pm
BBB ? that some twisted hippie thing ? Berlin , Bonn Bashing or something ? chea !
weirdmom Nov-8-08 4.25am
LMAO at your avatar!!!!
minnmess Nov-8-08 3.58am
ricv64 Nov-8-08 1.42am
hostle hippie like Charlie Manson
Turtleneck Nov-7-08 7.59pm
You're gonna start a riot.
weirdmom Nov-7-08 6.20pm
troublemaker. ; )
minnmess Nov-7-08 6.19pm
I think you can view these outside of Canada...Stevie interviews. They are on the right side.
BenFilbert Nov-7-08 4.57am
My Internet connection has only just started working again. Sooo disappointed. :( Sorry about that. xxx
ricv64 Nov-7-08 1.59am
BenFilbert Nov-6-08 8.48pm
Haha. Don't worry about it. Some parts were hard but i managed to work it out. ;) Speak to you later! :) xxx
SAM(LOS ANGELES) Nov-6-08 8.08pm
Great job covering "just the faces change", bravo:-)
Typing to Reach You Nov-6-08 5.46pm
Hey Nikki, my mum told me that the CD arrived yesterday. I wont get to listen to it until next weekend but its good to know it arrived. :) Thanks much, pleasure doin' business with you ma'am. ;D
SamuraiSandy Nov-6-08 5.15pm
aww,thanks, Nikki! It was taken a few years ago...I just miss my longer hair, lol
weirdmom Nov-6-08 3.55pm
Did you put this pic up just for Ric?
ricv64 Nov-6-08 3.18pm
basing it off the pic of you and Kayte on your page .
Turtleneck Nov-6-08 2.34pm
Peace and Love, Peace and Love. Holy cow your hair grows fast!
ricv64 Nov-6-08 4.23am
wow , your hair grows fast or are those extensions ?
ricv64 Nov-6-08 4.06am
what kristy said
minnmess Nov-6-08 3.46am
peace, hippie
minnmess Nov-6-08 2.37am
BLT, Stevie was inducted into Canada's Sports Hall of Fame today.
th74 Nov-5-08 10.29pm
Oh, and I added you on MySpace, even though you haven't been on in some time :)
th74 Nov-5-08 10.14pm
Hello there. I just read about your maybe blog. That would be cool!
minnmess Nov-4-08 2.17pm
are you feeling better today?
minnmess Nov-4-08 1.23pm
hahaha, Luke said the voting thread should be on the G side. Fran can tell him to F-off instead of you!
BenFilbert Nov-3-08 10.43pm
No, i definitely had it right this time Nikki! lol I was about 10 minutes late. 10pm my time, 6pm your time. I arrived at about 10:10pm my time. :)
ricv64 Nov-3-08 7.51pm
the guy who did that is a SWORN enemy . Well his staff are for sure they threatened Political Gridlock with violence at a event for peace
ricv64 Nov-3-08 2.00pm
A tree growing indoors , whatta total hippie !
minnmess Nov-2-08 3.58pm
HHHAHAHAH. Best. chat. ever. The boys have no idea what they missed.
I Came in Through the Bathroom Window Nov-2-08 2.40pm
Thank you, Nikki! I'm not desperate, as you can see :oP. I'm actually hoping that my countdown is accurate and that the album will be on the stores on Tuesday!
BenFilbert Nov-2-08 2.25pm
I will add more. ;) Got to be careful I don't give too much away. lol
moominbadger Nov-2-08 2.21pm
Ah Nikki! I haven't really been on here much lately and just noticed your comment! Um, yeah, Secret Santa ideas needed from you, too! Um, I love most stuff!! Cute stuff, silly stuff, woolly stuff, edible stuff! Anything! Does that help at all?!
Typing to Reach You Nov-1-08 11.29am
Will do. :) It might have been delivered already actually, I'm at uni at the mo and gave you my home ad lol. I'll ask my mum if I have post next time I phone her.
minnmess Oct-31-08 1.19pm
IT WAS DELIVERED 30 MINUTES AGO!!!!! Wish i was at home. Also, Ric story below is funny!
ricv64 Oct-31-08 2.23am
funny story , this hippie woman came by the printing studio and asked me if I liked the Grateful Dead , she was hawt so I said yes . ACK !
minnmess Oct-31-08 12.33am
my copy of Ode FINALLY shipped today. It's only coming from Toronto so i pray it makes it here tomorrow for a Happy Halloween to me!
jesytravis Oct-30-08 12.56am
hey hello =) and emmmmmm avatar????
BenFilbert Oct-29-08 11.28pm
Damn! I know what it is! We were 5 hours when i was in New York but we put the clocks back on Sunday! So we're now 4 hours different. :)
BenFilbert Oct-29-08 11.27pm
That was 25 minutes ago. Are we not 5 hours apart?
BenFilbert Oct-29-08 11.25pm
Not at all Nikki. I'm here waiting. I arrived at 11pm my time.
Turtleneck Oct-28-08 9.01pm
Picture of the quilt I made on the "It's quiet in here" thread.
th74 Oct-28-08 8.45pm
I know! I totally thought you dissed me and deleted me as a facebook friend. I have a MySpace profile, too. I'll have to find you. How are you? I suppose I can ask since I now know you didn't delete me, lol!
BenFilbert Oct-28-08 12.10am
Haha. Sorry, it's my turn. We took a little Feeder detour but i'm going to reply to what you wrote last night now... Ok? :)
weirdmom Oct-27-08 4.37pm
Jolene was going to start another scrabble game with you. And then we figured out you had disappeared. Weak Nikki. WEAK!
BenFilbert Oct-26-08 10.48pm
Monica thought it was too much information. lol I'll add something soon. Keep an eye out for it. ;) lol Hope you're ok. :)
megg_inc Oct-24-08 5.31pm
yeah, peace and love but Kristy's right!
minnmess Oct-24-08 4.14pm
pfft. it doesnt suck! Myspace sucks! (she says lovingly to her boardie twin). Peace and love, peace and love.
minnmess Oct-23-08 8.58pm
you deleted facebook? boooo
megg_inc Oct-23-08 8.39pm
Ugh, I hate myspace!
megg_inc Oct-23-08 6.38pm
Are you no longer registered or did you just remove me from your fb friends? Miss Nikki? ;)
minnmess Oct-22-08 1.11pm
sadly i did not purchase those giant red sunglasses! Although I do have giant brown ones that I rock, if that helps at all...
frandougeil Oct-22-08 9.20am
haha!!thanx anyways!!take care Niki=)
megg_inc Oct-21-08 6.50pm
'The wallpaper of yer womans ramblings'?! Oh silly Darran. ;)
frandougeil Oct-21-08 2.33pm
haha.i chose that pic coz im always HAPPY TO HANG AROUND HERE!lol=)i love the cam even thou it looks bulky like u said. anyways hope ur having loads of fun with ur new digi cam=)btw what model is it??sorry for being nosey but im starting to have a real huge interest in cameras=D
BenFilbert Oct-20-08 11.40pm
Hey Nikki. I know i haven't replied to your PM... or PMs even. lol They're great. And i'm happy you win. :) I will reply tomorrow. Sorry about being slow. xxx
Darran Oct-20-08 8.07pm
Sorry only noticed your message through the wallpaper of yer womans ramblings. It's Rik from Embrace. :-)
BenFilbert Oct-20-08 7.46pm
Haha. How did you know I was lurking? I did promise more. ;) I don't know what to say though! lol
ricv64 Oct-20-08 3.59pm
been awhile since I called you a hippie so here it is , " hippie "
frandougeil Oct-20-08 2.17pm
love ur current avatar!is that the cam u got as a gift from ur bf??
singme0430 Oct-20-08 1.22pm
I really wanted to tell you that the picture of you with the guitar was amazing!! :) Surely, your new picture is very cool as well!
goosey_84 Oct-19-08 9.54pm
hey nikki! i'm well thanks. i got my tix to see travis at the troubador before they sold out! yippee :) how you doin' girl?
minnmess Oct-19-08 8.56pm
atleast that was the story during the preseason. i dont know what it is now. I was thinking about him at teh game last night though.
Chiito-chan Oct-19-08 5.20pm
They are Scarlet Page and Ross Halfin, they both are my photography idols. Nice pic again!
minnmess Oct-19-08 4.32pm
he got a very nice ovation! Shanahan isnt really doing anything! lol. The Rangers offered him a try out in training camp, but not a contract so he was holding out. Guess he still is. I miss Shanny. haha, yes it was too hard for him, so he asked the league to make a special schedule no including Detroit, lol.
minnmess Oct-19-08 3.36pm
well, i didnt see him in person or anything. I was taking a picture of Sparty, the Sens mascot who was in my section and I hear everyone cheering, and I look at the screen, and there is your Steve. I immediately thought "must tell Nikki!"
minnmess Oct-19-08 3.59am
Guess who was at the Sens?? STEVIE Y!
Chiito-chan Oct-18-08 9.57am
Nice pic Nikki!
minnmess Oct-17-08 6.38pm
maybe if i stand on 2 or 3 boxes i will be able to reach you. Or I will just take out your knees!
minnmess Oct-17-08 4.14pm
Im clearly a horrible figher. As you will note, my back foot only has my toe planted. ya, that will get some power, lol. I need some lessons.
minnmess Oct-17-08 1.11pm
yup. im the one in the white. It is completely stages as my friend is still holding her stick bc she cant really skate, but it makes me laugh. It was just a free skate, and strangers thought we were crazy. we are.
singme0430 Oct-16-08 4.59pm
...Actually, I was planning to leave this comment: "Congrats to you! 5555 posts! That's amazing :)" But it's become 5556! :S
Darran Oct-16-08 3.25pm
It was on the radio at the time and was catchy and since Krispy was ignoring me on Facebook I decided to copy and paste the lyrics quickly without checking what I was doing. :-(
minnmess Oct-16-08 6.12am
ya, it is especially sweet with this in the middle: Find more Lyrics at ], lol.
BenFilbert Oct-16-08 1.16am
I might add some more soon. ;) PM sent by the way.
BenFilbert Oct-15-08 4.05pm
;) 500! :) lol By the way, i've updated the About Me section... :)
megg_inc Oct-15-08 2.59pm
Hello there! *waves back*
BenFilbert Oct-15-08 12.41am
Thanks for the tip Grandma, i mean Nikki. lol PM sent... ;) You're nearly up to the big 500 on your profile... Miss Popular. :)
SAM(LOS ANGELES) Oct-14-08 6.18pm
hey nikki,just wanted to drop by and say hi.:-)
Typing to Reach You Oct-14-08 1.41pm
I do seriously rock, this is true. xD I don't think the itunes thing will work so doesn't matter about that, but yeah maybe you could send me a CD or summit. But what should I ask for... humm. I'll get back to ya ;)
I Came in Through the Bathroom Window Oct-14-08 3.52am
It has Song To Self and Tail Of The Tiger (you know I'm not too fond of Used To Belong hehe) :o)
I Came in Through the Bathroom Window Oct-14-08 3.40am
I forgot to say that it's so cool that Luke is sending you the album!!! It's very sweet: boardies helping other boardies :o)
I Came in Through the Bathroom Window Oct-14-08 3.38am
I know the mouth and the eye can be confusing, but it's not the album, it's Song To Self's single ;o).
My dear friend Eugi who lives in Germany (the one that has a 2 year old son called Fran who looks like Fran Healy) sent it to me! I'm very very happy with it! It should keep me happy until november 4th hehe :o)
BenFilbert Oct-14-08 12.23am
Thanks. :) Just got home. Was great! I tried my best but Noel had too much security. ;) lol I wondered if you'd managed to get those 2 gigs sorted? Don't worry, if not, I'll sort it. Throat is really sore so I didn't sing tonight, I mimed my way through it. lol
maryhill_johnny Oct-13-08 5.44pm
Am going to Montgomery, Alabama and then Yazzo City, Mississippi. Flying back the day before the election. should be a bit of buzz!
Typing to Reach You Oct-13-08 4.45pm
I've sent ol' Johnny Smith in the post to ya today, you should get him probably this time next week. Maybe Saturday if you're lucky.
BenFilbert Oct-13-08 3.52pm
Hey Miss. ;) Off to see Oasis tonight even though I'm not too well. Not working. But I can't miss Oasis. lol I'd miss most things. Anyway, just to say I hope you're well and that I'll have to reply to your PM tomorrow as I'll be jumping in bed as soon as I get home. ;) lol
ricv64 Oct-12-08 3.58pm
hey no problem , don't forget to vote
Turtleneck Oct-11-08 5.06pm
I'm listening to Ode to J. Smith. The whole thing. Isn't that nice?
I Came in Through the Bathroom Window Oct-11-08 6.00am
I didn't notice that you had added Red Wings Fran to your profile. You're the official promoter of my photoshop creations! Lol.
singme0430 Oct-11-08 4.20am
My pleasure and I'm really glad to hear you had a good one., a new camera! :D My camera (...well, exactly my family's. :P) didn't work well so we just sent it for repairs. Anyway... Oh, thank you so much!! *blushes* You look very beautiful and FT are lovely!
BenFilbert Oct-11-08 12.16am
Haha. I nearly replied on my own profile then! You have a look in your own inbox. ;)
singme0430 Oct-10-08 11.42am
Hope you had a good one, Nikki! ;) How was it?
minnmess Oct-10-08 2.43am
what happened with that game? eeks!
frandougeil Oct-9-08 4.26pm
that's nice!a digital cam as a gift is so cooL=))what an awesome surprise from ur bf!i got cameras too frm my sis.but not digital ones just lomographic cams.hee!i had a good peaceful bday.was fun=)hope urs was awesome toO!
frandougeil Oct-9-08 8.49am
SG stands for Singapore.a very small dot in the world map.small country in how did ur celebrations go after work?
maryhill_johnny Oct-9-08 12.23am
Cool. My degree is in history...perhaps not the wisest move! I'll keep my eyes open for sports writing classes though. I'm going on holiday to the US in a couple of weeks. Am looking forward to the election buzz!
minnmess Oct-8-08 8.53pm
It's my favourite little plaid jacket! I actually got excited to wear it when it was chilly on the weekend. and thanks!
frandougeil Oct-8-08 6.46pm
mine's over here.its already 1.46am 9th oct.haha.but i had a good one=)had lots of good food and cakes.hows urs goin so far?
frandougeil Oct-8-08 6.32pm
SO sorry this is a little belated..HAppy BIrthdaY!!!!
singme0430 Oct-8-08 5.30pm
Happy Birthday, Nikki!! ;)
SAM(LOS ANGELES) Oct-8-08 5.14pm
Happy Birthday cutie!
I Came in Through the Bathroom Window Oct-8-08 4.16pm
I'm glad you liked it! :o)
Enjoy your chocolate birthday cake and save a little for me please! :oP
Darran Oct-8-08 3.33pm
Oh yes it is! About 3 years old mind you lol. Hope your having a super duper Birthday xx
minnmess Oct-8-08 2.55pm
Happy Birthday Boardie Twin!!
Chiito-chan Oct-8-08 1.33pm
Happy Birthday dear Nikki!!!!:)
Moray Oct-8-08 10.51am
HAPPY BIRTHDAY DEAR NIKKI! If i had youtube at work i'd have posted you Stevie Wonders Happy Birthday song.
sebnemy Oct-8-08 7.46am
happy birthday to youuuu!
I Came in Through the Bathroom Window Oct-8-08 6.55am
Che, Nikki! Feliz cumpleaños! :o)
ricv64 Oct-7-08 5.05am
flower and flannel , what a hippie
RUTHIEBABE00 Oct-7-08 1.47am
Thanks for your comment ;o) Nice to meet you Xx
minnmess Oct-6-08 1.11pm
oh man, i hope he has the same guitar. He is such an adorable norweigan elf!
minnmess Oct-6-08 3.25am
Nikki! Im going to see Sondre in November! Whee!
I Came in Through the Bathroom Window Oct-5-08 6.24pm
Thanks! It looks much nicer than mine! My bathroom window is round and small and it's on the first floor, so I would have to climb my tree in order to reach it xD.
minnmess Oct-3-08 1.23pm
im sure Rivers loved your shirt! Twins! Reunited on the Travis Board! We could be on Oprah! We will also have to diregard the fact that you are very tall and i am very short.
ricv64 Oct-3-08 5.21am
grundge look , like me
minnmess Oct-3-08 5.08am
I like your shirt. J'adore plaid.
SAM(LOS ANGELES) Oct-2-08 10.17pm
Lol, remember what John Lennon said,"Life is what happens while we're busy making other plans"....
BenFilbert Oct-1-08 11.09pm
Haha! I thought "what time is it in Nikki Land?... Oh she'll be asleep" :)
th74 Oct-1-08 2.06am
Stupid Tigers, lol. I'm good. This pic is of my nephew. He turned 1 this month. Facebook gets overwhelming for me sometimes. Too much.
minnmess Sep-30-08 8.19pm
I havent changed anything in weeks, but Darran commented that my profile was different too. Hmm..gremlins!
megg_inc Sep-29-08 9.01pm
I've just noticed the 'Feelgate' thread. Now Travis guys will NEVER come to Poland. *sighs* I'm so embarrassed!
th74 Sep-29-08 2.00am
So, I need your Tigers to win so my Twins get to the playoffs. Help a boardie out, Detroit!
I Came in Through the Bathroom Window Sep-27-08 9.00pm
Haha, thanks Nikki! It's a lousy attempt, but it could be worse lol.
GMS1968 Sep-26-08 11.34pm
Hi Nikki. You are such a devoted member on this board. Always enjoy your posts. Just hope you dont have to wait to long for OTJS. And heres hoping that travis announce an American tour soon.!!
SAM(LOS ANGELES) Sep-26-08 4.50pm
Lol, i know
BenFilbert Sep-26-08 3.25pm
Hey Miss Popular. :) lol PM received and replied. Check your email... Oh and I've not forgotten you other request. Just not had time to sort through the photos at all. :)
I Came in Through the Bathroom Window Sep-25-08 5.50am
Hahaha! Alright! Is it just Kristy and me? :oP
minnmess Sep-25-08 3.31am
you can be like one of those 3 year olds who will only wear their superman shirt. Subconsciously, everyone will jump on the puffy cheek week bandwagon. ps-the Leafs just lost. ahhh, its good to have hockey back
minnmess Sep-25-08 3.06am
you can be like one of those 3 year olds who will only wear their superman shirt. Subconsciously, everyone will jump on the puffy cheek week bandwagon. ps-the Leafs just lost. ahhh, its good to have hockey back
minnmess Sep-25-08 1.37am
a dark profile would signify my death, lol. it will just vanish the day i die. Yes, it is puffy cheek week! What an interesting week. I love that you are wearing your Travis shirt in so many pics.
Moray Sep-24-08 12.39am
Thanks Nikki! It was papped this afternoon before the Aberdeen show. Sneaked backstage with a friend of mine who was doing a radio interview with them. Will tell you all about it later, I really need to go to bed!
maryhill_johnny Sep-22-08 7.02pm
Nice. I was thinking about sports journalism but it seems difficult to get into. any tips?!!
ricv64 Sep-20-08 5.41pm
don't play video games cause i suck at it
ricv64 Sep-20-08 12.48am
thanks for letting me know you were talking about video games . it was video games right ?////////////////////????
Darran Sep-19-08 11.48pm
It's a ghooooooooost.
ricv64 Sep-19-08 1.23pm
they filmed it in your backyard I heard
BenFilbert Sep-19-08 12.12pm
lol I forgot about that! I wouldn't say geek Nikki...... nerd perhaps. ;) Only joking. Just shows your enthusiasm for Travis. :)
ricv64 Sep-19-08 5.09am
bet this hits close to home ?
maryhill_johnny Sep-18-08 5.21pm
hey! sorry just saw your comment saying hi. dont check my page too often! What kind of journalism do you do?
minnmess Sep-16-08 3.18am
i think thats it! It was the first one with the initial info that went wonky. but i know you got that one. Silly travisland.
minnmess Sep-15-08 9.10pm
did you get a msg from me? I was writing it and my screen went screwy and it was gone. dont know if it sent..or if i finished
ricv64 Sep-15-08 8.46pm
i did key a car that color like 25 years ago , it was a jetta
ricv64 Sep-15-08 8.18pm
metalic blue nazdar ink on a silkscreen screen . Same color a 67 Camaro would have.Varoooooooooooooooooom
minnmess Sep-15-08 6.46pm
hahaha, i just saw that Ric asked you if you could speak Canadian
SAM(LOS ANGELES) Sep-15-08 6.30pm
still in mich huh, not bad. you should visit mexico, parts of it are beautiful, and you would be treated like a queen, or mugged, depending where you decided to visit, uh, now that i think of it, you should probably check with me before going.:-)
SAM(LOS ANGELES) Sep-15-08 5.58pm
is it true? are you in mexixco right now? say hi to my peeps down there if you are.:{)
weirdmom Sep-15-08 5.43pm
I love the birthday Moray eel. You did a good job.
goosey_84 Sep-14-08 2.21am
haha just read your post to me on the mixtape thread. yeah i'm not up for sendin' out another one either...but i heart you! haha
melissa Sep-14-08 2.07am
I was talking about your pic with fran!! so funny!!!
BenFilbert Sep-13-08 10.51pm
4999 posts!!! LOL You go girl! One more for the big 5000! :)
BenFilbert Sep-13-08 10.32pm
Hey. My pleasure. When the album is out, ask for anything and I'll send. Up to you. :) Wooo! No rain today. Hot at times. Boat trip round Manhattan. Interesting. Really fun. Buildings are huge! lol With Mum, Dad and sister. :)
Turtleneck Sep-13-08 10.24pm
Thanks! Red, white, blue & green all the way.
Turtleneck Sep-13-08 2.06pm
November? :o(
minnmess Sep-13-08 1.06pm
i have a friend in Dublin...maybe I could get her to send me the cd!
BenFilbert Sep-13-08 11.58am
Well I wouldn't mind sending them all of course but you could get that elsewhere. I just know you like the CD experience so thought just being sent 2, 3 or 4 would have been preferable for you until you can buy the CD. :)
BenFilbert Sep-13-08 11.55am
Hey Nikki. And people say it rains in England... Haha. :) New York is immense. Just hope the weather improves. About 'Ode to Smithy', if you wanted I could always send you individually 2 or 3 songs to get you going. But you could download the whole thing from the Internet very easily on the Japanese release anyway.
minnmess Sep-13-08 12.32am
did you get the email with the international release dates? November? eekk! and canada isnt even on there.
SAM(LOS ANGELES) Sep-12-08 9.40pm
The new pic is really cool, the color, the hat, awsome. :-)
BenFilbert Sep-11-08 9.51pm
Awww. Thanks a lot! *hugs* :) I'm leaving the house at 5am (UK time) and landing in Nikki land at 1pm (US time). I'm so excited! lol I'll see what I can do for you Nikki... ;)
melissa Sep-11-08 4.51pm
hi!!! the pics are so funny!!
ricv64 Sep-11-08 1.27pm
tied to the 90's mazn
frandougeil Sep-10-08 1.05pm
Thanx i think urs is cooler thou,a Journalist!That's the best job in the world=)Mine is just what i hope to be in the near future.haha.yup true that would be the most PERFECT bday gift!ah well maybe there will be a next tm.i hope=)
frandougeil Sep-9-08 4.49pm
heLLo Nikki=) i juz rmbrd that we share the same bday...And was thkg what a perfect bday it would be if we could be at Astoria London on 08/10/2008 watching Travis LIVE and savouring avery single minute of it!!That would be such a historic moment for me and the perfect bday gift!But sadly of coz i won't be able to afford that=( Are u by any chance going??
BenFilbert Sep-9-08 1.45pm
I will take loads of pics. I take too many. It's ridiculous. I'll come home with hundreds of them. lol I know, America could fit Britain in it's pocket. Haha. I live right in the middle of England and we can drive to the coast for a day out. :) Have a nice day Nikki.
minnmess Sep-9-08 5.40am
you might want to ask a Scotish person that bc in my world "mon" is french.
BenFilbert Sep-8-08 10.26pm
No I've never been outside Europe. Longest plane journey of my life it'll be! Haha. Going to be great. Really can't wait. You'll have to give me the tour. ;) Though I'm only there for 5 days. lol
minnmess Sep-8-08 9.22pm
hahaha, i try! Im going to post a hat pic so we can continue to be boardie twins
BenFilbert Sep-8-08 8.56pm
Thank you Nikki. *hugs* I am looking forward to it soooo much! You look very lovely in your hat. ;)
Turtleneck Sep-8-08 6.05pm
I know! I'm just afraid by the time they make it here, it's gonna be So COOOOOOLD in the D!
Turtleneck Sep-8-08 4.53pm
Fran put Detroit in the top 9 shows of all time! See Tour Archive for yesterday's show.
goosey_84 Sep-8-08 8.12am
oh! so cute!!
ricv64 Sep-7-08 7.44pm
it's hat week or something ?
megg_inc Sep-7-08 1.21pm
Haha! I have a hat so you wanted one too?! Cute pic Nikki :)
Meridith Sep-7-08 5.53am
Cute pic Nikki! I like your hat. :)
goosey_84 Sep-7-08 2.56am
aww thanks nikki! I'm well! how are you? doin' my usual boardie maintenance but lucky me my cat has decided to lay down next to me and beg for attention! haha <<
megg_inc Sep-6-08 7.04pm
Sure thing! The most popular food in Warsaw these days is kebab though. I can't eat it when I'm sober, lol!
ricv64 Sep-6-08 4.26pm
OK I just found out Jungle jim died in 77 , I will take revenge
Turtleneck Sep-6-08 4.25pm
You done set me up for a come back! It's so coooold in the D!
megg_inc Sep-6-08 4.02pm
Hmmm, cooking? Well, we can order a pizza!
ricv64 Sep-6-08 2.51pm
uh , i mean gullible . you know them really ?
ricv64 Sep-5-08 11.15pm
watch it I'm uber gulible and believe you . i'm gonna do a art print of her
SAM(LOS ANGELES) Sep-5-08 9.19pm
yup, I'm one of the original boardies,(not exagerating),i think it was back in 2000 when it all got started, back then there were no pictures profiles just words, we had to walk 10 miles barefoot, in the snow to get to a computer cuz there were so few...:-p but i stopped coming for a loooong time,years. it may sound stupid but i had been heartbroken by a fellow boardie,(don't really wanna get too much into it) kinda embarrassing. let's just say that pieces of my heart can still be found in germany. but anyway, i am soooo excited for hockey season! go wings! i have a new nickname for them, they are my "hot wings";-] good eh?
SAM(LOS ANGELES) Sep-5-08 5.04pm
hey nikki, i saw mac daddy speak last night too, and although i respect his service to the country and all that he went through, i thought it was really vanilla. he didn't tell us anything important, on the other hand he didn't use as much sarcasm as palin or gulianni, trying to put down obama, but still i don't think he necessarily "moved" anyone for or against. anyway, how are you?:-)
ricv64 Sep-5-08 3.13pm
hey you know any old school hot rodders ? I was just hearing about N Michigan legends Jungle Jim and Jungle Pam from like late 60's-early 70's ?
megg_inc Sep-5-08 10.08am
Thanks. Hats are my new obsession! ;)
brenrogers Sep-4-08 4.43am
hey, hows things? bren
ricv64 Sep-3-08 3.00pm
oh ps sons of anarchy starts tonight , you better write a article on it if they ripp off my she devils screenplay
ricv64 Sep-3-08 1.09pm
kristy cut me from the squad , I feel a war with canada brewing better be like megg and build a bomb shelter
ricv64 Sep-3-08 3.03am
eh? you speak canadianese ?
Turtleneck Sep-2-08 2.23pm
You can request cheesy potatoes, but I've never made them and I don't like them either, guarantees on how they'll turn out. How about twice baked potatoes with little pieces of bacon?
ricv64 Sep-2-08 4.31am
if they play sf or oakland i'd go.
ricv64 Sep-2-08 1.49am
kid rock says hi , so you going to the she devils upcoming show ? wonder what the venue is ?
Turtleneck Sep-1-08 3.43pm
We're Ultrasonic!
lindsey22295 Aug-31-08 7.20am
Haha I'm glad to see that I'm not the only one who gets my hat fashion from Fran!
I Came in Through the Bathroom Window Aug-31-08 2.31am
Wow! That's a lot!!!
The place where I am in my pic is Mar Del Plata, a city in the province of Buenos Aires where my brother lives. I love that city, I used to go there very often when I was a kid. I went there on vacations two weeks ago for four days, that's when the pic was taken :o)
ricv64 Aug-30-08 11.56pm
gross ? since when was motor city country ?
ricv64 Aug-30-08 5.36pm
so i was watching kid rocks (new?) video , sweet home alabama eh ?
Moray Aug-30-08 1.26pm
Nikki you seem to be accumulating more and more people in your profil photos. I expect 8 people in the next one.
I Came in Through the Bathroom Window Aug-29-08 8.28pm
The guy in your pic is huge! I know you're very tall so I can tell. I'd probably barely reach his elbow lol!
SAM(LOS ANGELES) Aug-29-08 5.55pm
yeah I can't wait for hockey season NOW. I can't believe how lucky I am to be a fan of one of the most successful hockey organizations ever! luck of the draw i guess ;-)
SAM(LOS ANGELES) Aug-29-08 12.19am
Writing and music are my two passions too!....copy cat;-]
ricv64 Aug-28-08 11.25pm
ricv64 Aug-28-08 4.16am
NIRVANA ring a bell ?
ricv64 Aug-28-08 2.19am
your brother looks like kirst noveselic , well how he looked in the 90's.
minnmess Aug-26-08 1.26am
my friend just got back from Korean after 3 months, and stole me a Korean Jason Mraz poster from the streets of Seoul. I picked her up at the airport and some of her first words were: "did you know Travis were in Seoul?" I have cloned my friends! awesome
sebnemy Aug-20-08 1.53pm
Your wee fuzzy gift looks very cute! Have fun with Coper.
ricv64 Aug-19-08 2.52am
SF !
weirdmom Aug-17-08 2.14am
Isn't it hilarious?? Lauren actually showed me the pic....and then regretted it since she hates LOL catz.
ricv64 Aug-15-08 4.02pm
Ever see the shinning ? I don't know them but I suspect the clip was made to show clients how much work in envoled in a SIMPLE 2 color job . now imaging doing that 8 -9 times per print
silvella Aug-14-08 4.53pm
Hey Nikki, no, I haven't yet worn the necklace. I will, soon!(and I'm anxious to the comments of the folks...).
ricv64 Aug-14-08 12.31am
cool process clip
minnmess Aug-13-08 6.45pm
and she has been on too many bad reality shows! :( ive loved him since i was like 14, lol. I met him once, and giggles for the rest of the night. im a nerd
minnmess Aug-13-08 5.55pm
why do models steal my hockey boys? lol,,20218819,00.html Also, what is Ric's issue with your necklace?
bogusblue Aug-12-08 3.16am
I love it too! :oP Kinda hypnotizing, huh? I'll probably buy like 100 Odes when I see it (of course if it gets to Mexico)! xD
ricv64 Aug-10-08 6.12pm
i off to sacramento to make fun of the state capital & lindseys turf , notice she left town this weekend , so I still can't comment on yer necklace
ricv64 Aug-10-08 12.00am
sorry i'm too beat to make fun of your necklace
alexandria_z Aug-9-08 4.08pm
I love that he found our little venue to be the best. I guess we're just really cool fans :D
auronsquall Aug-9-08 2.20pm
Detroit! wow i pass by there every time i go and leave from ithaca, new york. I'm actually born a Cantonese citizen in Hong Kong, lived in toronto for a few years and then moved back to Taipei until i graduated from high school. So home for me is in taipei now, haha and yes, i was there in the taipei set, great show
auronsquall Aug-9-08 4.14am
I'm in taipei right now, but i'll be back for college in ithaca,ny in the next 2 weeks ish, u?
auronsquall Aug-8-08 6.37pm
haha! then its a threesome, thanks for ur acceptance! ur posts make my day a little brighter =D
peno Aug-7-08 5.28pm
Hi Nikki My tee is a "The Man Who"...:-))
Aletways Aug-7-08 4.19am
Haha, I know!! I love the look on his/her (?) face! I wish I had a bulldog just like that one!
CheraviS Aug-7-08 2.56am
Yes ive figured that out;) ahaha.. anyways thank you you're so nice;>
galletitabonita Aug-6-08 6.47pm
Hi nikki! nice to read you! Yes, Fran is talking to me (and other friends too) he don´t know how to pronounce my name but it doesn't matter, he made me so happy! :)
CheraviS Aug-6-08 1.52pm
Hey nikki and could u tell me how to add something to the "Shows" section??
CheraviS Aug-6-08 12.23pm
thank you;)
CheraviS Aug-6-08 5.47am
How did you edit the background? Did you simply put codes in the ABOUT ME box?
haha if so does myspace codes works?
BenFilbert Aug-5-08 5.07pm
Very lovely picture. :)
weirdmom Aug-5-08 3.56pm
Is that in your backyard? Can I borrow that skirt sometime?
ricv64 Aug-5-08 3.52pm
I bet you're bare foot .
CheraviS Aug-5-08 5.31am
Your page is so nice! kinda looks like a myspace profile HAHA
ricv64 Aug-5-08 4.32am
thats team colors ? wait !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! thats a pasiely dress , HIPPIE !
deebee Aug-4-08 11.20am
Hi Nikki! Happy friendship day - I've put in my request. Debbie x
ricv64 Aug-3-08 3.05pm
get a travis sticker for yer cay yet . i think i still have one left. i'll look
Moray Aug-3-08 1.35am
nice avatar Nikki - new car?? no flat travis yet. any day now though. I have all my ideas formlated, i should fly through it!!
hennypenny Aug-3-08 12.03am
cool shirt
minnmess Aug-2-08 10.37pm
thanks! my hair grows so fast that i wont be able to see in a week, but i dig them too.
Erial Aug-1-08 3.40pm
Hey there, happy friday! Yes, my girlfriend's a drummer. She sings too, but her voice is kind of ruined because of the cigarettes so I only really get to hear her at the Karaoke Bar xD
minnmess Jul-31-08 9.00pm
Bowman got hired by the Blackhawks.
th74 Jul-31-08 4.05pm
I like the new car! Nice.
Erial Jul-31-08 12.57pm
Aw, thanks for friending me! Your user pic looks lovely, and I was impressed by your boyfriend's ability with drums *g* So cool! (Eheee, girlfriends of drummers unite!)
hennypenny Jul-30-08 9.33pm
Oh, that's fine
ricv64 Jul-30-08 1.40pm
black with a paisely blue strip
I Came in Through the Bathroom Window Jul-30-08 5.19am
Here's the link. There are different photo albums, one for each meeting:
Ana and Samanta haven't edited the video of the last meeting yet. Here's the link of a video we made for the band last year... It's soooo embarrasing, but we got a very sweet reply from Fran... so if Fran saw it, I don't mind anyone else seeing it xD.

Good night Nikki! :o)
I Came in Through the Bathroom Window Jul-30-08 5.05am
Thank youuu! I remembered the part after a few seconds. I really liked that movie. Daniel Day Lewis is great in it!
I Came in Through the Bathroom Window Jul-30-08 4.47am
I can't believe I don't remember it!!! The bowling ball thing must have erased everything else regarding that scene in the movie from my mind xD. I'll look for the link, hang on :oP
I Came in Through the Bathroom Window Jul-30-08 12.12am
Ohh, I watched the movie but I don't remember that particular line? Who said it?
We were 11 people. It was our 4th meeting :o). Nacho and Sotronk took pics and filmed... Nacho uploaded his photos, I'll give you a link if you want :oP.
ricv64 Jul-30-08 12.08am
i'm wearing flip flops as i type , in fact when i'm on line i'm wearing flip flops
I Came in Through the Bathroom Window Jul-29-08 5.52pm
Lol! Thanks! It was taken at the Travis boardies meeting last friday. We had a lot of fun and that milkshake was delicious! :oP

I'm all excited and hyper now because of Song To Self!!! Lol. I can't get it out of my head!
minnmess Jul-29-08 4.28pm
Things to do in the off season:
Turtleneck Jul-27-08 8.15pm
Why does Ric ask you what I think? Tell him I was playing off the Young Fan thread and I thought the old lady rocking was funny and put the two together. I actually feel quite young.
ricv64 Jul-27-08 4.12pm
why does kayte think she's old ?
sebnemy Jul-27-08 8.17am
I cannot see the links if they are in youtube...but I can imagine what a great show that was! Lucky you!
hennypenny Jul-26-08 11.42pm
Thanks for accepting!
Turtleneck Jul-26-08 3.20pm
Hey, did you read what Fran said about the Big D in his blog? Sa-weet!
frandougeil Jul-25-08 5.10pm
Oh..Tt's awesome to hear!I'm counting down the days and i can barely contain the excitement=) Thanx for sharing your experience!Its nice having u as a fellow travis fan=D Take care Nikki*
Rallyfoeraren Jul-25-08 1.18pm
Great to here that you liked it! :-) Look out for the new, improved edition, whenever that comes out. (Not that they're gonna be any big changes, probably just a number of figures, but it's nice to say that something's improved.)
frandougeil Jul-25-08 7.14am
hey there Nikki=) Thanx for ur comment!U've got a pretty pic too!Oh and yeah we share the same birthday!!haha.And a lot of similar taste in music too=D Im the biggest Travis fan here in Singapore!!I can't wait to catch them live since they're stopping here to perform soon!It'll be my first!! Btw,hAve u seen them in concert? P/S:I <3 everything about Travis TOO!!
RaZzZ Jul-25-08 1.33am
Well, "turtleneck" is very nice. Congrats to both!
bogusblue Jul-24-08 5.39am
Pretty pic! :o)
ricv64 Jul-24-08 5.04am
RaZzZ Jul-24-08 12.54am
Awwww... your Travis "paper toys" really rules!!! Pretty nice Nikki!
barby Jul-23-08 1.24am
Ohh Why I didn´t think in that?? I couldn´t lie her! But if that happen again, I´ll do! ;)
Chiito-chan Jul-22-08 8.59pm
I'm good too! I'm learning to play the guitar and it's very exciting xD! ohh my family, Barcelona and I are waiting for FT!!!!
Chiito-chan Jul-22-08 9.06am
Nikki, you rock! Thanks for standing the new boardies :). How are you?
bogusblue Jul-22-08 2.37am
You're nice! Thanks a lot for standing for the "new" boardies when whole old/new board argument began :o). Cheers!
barby Jul-21-08 10.53pm
Yes, I think the same! A cute Fran with a cute bear :)(I have a cousin which saw the picture and she thought Fran was my boyfriend, xD)
Turtleneck Jul-15-08 4.49pm
Grandma's glasses?
hennypenny Jul-15-08 12.30am
minnmess Jul-14-08 4.11am
aww, no more hamburger hat, but this new pic is cute too.
Yulia Nox Jul-14-08 4.11am
Oh, nothing better than a relaxing vacation! I'm already enjoying mine. Just two weeks during the winter, but I guess that'll be enough to get some new energies for the next semester ;D
Yulia Nox Jul-14-08 3.40am
thank you! :) How's life going?
RaZzZ Jul-14-08 1.41am
Hey, nice hat!!! I love it!
minnmess Jul-11-08 4.31pm
thank you! Your magazine is on the way
megg_inc Jul-10-08 11.32am
That's Agyness Deyn, the coolest model ever :) Nice hat btw!
minnmess Jul-10-08 2.27am
nice hat!
Monica Jul-3-08 4.11pm
Hahahaha. The dream was very strange. We were in a big house with many people (don't know who they were, I remember they were there but it seems they hadn't faces :p). We were listening to music all the time and having so much fun *lol*
Monica Jul-2-08 4.29pm
I dreamt of you last night and you spoke Spanish better than me!!!! *lol*
TK23 Jun-30-08 9.11am
Oh I see, cool. : )
TK23 Jun-30-08 4.30am
Aw, thank you! I like yours too- looks like black and white is the new trend! ; ) Oh, and how's that whole 'Flat Travis' thing going?
I Came in Through the Bathroom Window Jun-30-08 3.46am
You're most welcome!!! I'm very happy you're enjoying them! Specially since I sent you a lot lol :oP
BenFilbert Jun-26-08 2.38pm
Hey Nikki. Sept 8th is not just my birthday, but my 21st birthday! Woo hoo! :) I hate birthdays normally but that would be exciting!
Monica Jun-26-08 10.38am
:) The same happened to me with Kayte. I thought she was my friend, but she wasnt! :p
ricv64 Jun-26-08 5.20am
that looks like a B/W pic from 1966
ricv64 Jun-26-08 5.04am
that a pic from the 1960's ?
Monica Jun-25-08 4.35pm
Hey Nikki! Thanks for the add ;)
I Came in Through the Bathroom Window Jun-25-08 3.43am
I had a very stupid dream about you. We were with someone else, I think it was another boardie, but he or she was blurry. The three of us were playing with cookies as if they were cards... Very stupid :oP
Turtleneck Jun-23-08 10.53pm
That's Max in serious need of a haircut! Yeah, let's get together soon! We're going to be around most of the summer.
I Came in Through the Bathroom Window Jun-21-08 5.10am
Hey Nikki, your cookies left Argentina on june 18th :o)
minnmess Jun-20-08 5.25am
ya, it's a creepy book, part of an Atomic Monkeys song and a year great people were born! Have a good weekend, boardie twin!
BenFilbert Jun-20-08 2.00am
Hey Nikki. Hope you're well. That is all. :)
lizbeth0619 Jun-18-08 6.23pm
Ooooh....just saw your Redwing pic, I personally luv Ozzy! ;)
lizbeth0619 Jun-18-08 6.21pm
I love your pic! I won't be removing it anytime soon. :) I second your "ahhh memories" from last year. I can't wait until they come back to the U.S.!!!!
I Came in Through the Bathroom Window Jun-18-08 4.37am
Haha, Anne made the same request! I told her I'd work on it after this week and the next one, because I'm too bussy with uni. But I'll do it once I'm a bit more free :o)
They told me it'll take around 10 working days to get to you. I have this code to check where the package is, but the website of the argentinian mail is down right now so I can't check.
I really hope you like the cookies! :o)
weirdmom Jun-18-08 3.21am
For a second I got all defensive wondering what boardie is telling you they love you!! LOL. It's busterthecat all over again! I'm OK. Happy my kids are well....for the moment.
Miks19 Jun-17-08 6.13am
You're Crazier! Hey I love you too!
minnmess Jun-15-08 5.17am
thanks for the pic compliment (sorry so late in replying. I hadnt look at my profile in forever!).
paul_c Jun-15-08 12.57am
Hey Nikki. I can't remember if i sent out your CD yet.. I've been so busy the last while i can't remember what i've done! If you don't get it by next week, it means i probably didn't, so let me know and i'll send another one out to you. Did you get the songs off iTunes or anything?
ricv64 Jun-13-08 3.22pm
good MORNING Oakland County and Detroit
Turtleneck Jun-10-08 4.05pm
You gotta read Ric's screenplay. You give Katrina Hancock what's coming to her.
singme0430 Jun-10-08 4.27am
Dear Nikki, Thank you very much again! =) Good to know things are going well with you. It's been quiet hot here recently as well, but I like it! Loving the sunshine, I'm ecstatic about the weather. Yeah, I hope so! Don't worry much, Nikki. ;) Everything's gonna be all fine! Ehh, but do not expect much, because I do have no idea where to go when I receive FT. :S Umm, anyway, anyway :) Sorry for writing too much!!
hennypenny Jun-9-08 10.02pm
I loved the Flat Travis video!
ricv64 Jun-8-08 4.35am
singme0430 Jun-7-08 3.31am
Hello, Nikki(could I call you so?), how have you been? ;) Thanks a lot for the comment on the drawings, and Good Luck to the FT!!
themanwho06 Jun-5-08 2.34pm
WooHoo is right! Go Wings! And thankfully there is no game 7, I don't think my heart could take it! OH an I am sure every Wings fan was dropping F-Bombs at game 5! Wings fans temporarily suffer from Turrets Syndrome during playoff time!
Turtleneck Jun-5-08 1.44pm
WOOO HOOOOO! Weeee are the champions, weeeee are the champions! Ric misspelled "misspelled." That's even worse, maZn.
ricv64 Jun-5-08 4.29am
ricv64 Jun-4-08 4.52pm
kayte mispelled mazn , wtf ?
Turtleneck Jun-3-08 5.23am
I'm dying here, man. Triple overtime....
ricv64 Jun-2-08 11.43pm
commander cody is from AnnArbor but that vid from before 1980 was shot in Oakland. That burger place is still there
dee Jun-2-08 10.45pm
ricv64 May-31-08 3.18pm
Turtleneck May-31-08 2.45pm
Like that tunic! Very mod. (That is a tunic, right?)
heyjude May-30-08 1.56am
Been busy working hard and playing hard ;-) I'll pop in every now and then. More power to the Flat Travis project!!
Turtleneck May-28-08 4.17pm
It's up! Check your e-mail!
paul_c May-27-08 3.15pm
That soundtrack thing with my name on it is a great idea : )
heyjude May-27-08 12.37am
Hey Nikki, I saw a couple of Red Wings fans wearing the jersey walking around here in Canuck country ;-)
Turtleneck May-26-08 1.08am
Sent you a regular e-mail.
BenFilbert May-25-08 5.52pm
Hey! Nice picture Nikki. :)
Turtleneck May-24-08 3.10pm
My grandma's cat eye glasses! Meow!
ricv64 May-24-08 4.34am
post it wino
Turtleneck May-23-08 3.54pm
So, do all members of Travis have their own teeny-weeny paper Red Wings jerseys?
Turtleneck May-19-08 6.41pm
You'll probably get it tomorrow. Yesterday being Sunday, I had to wait until this morning to mail it. They are on their way!
weirdmom May-19-08 6.27pm
Nikki rulez.
th74 May-18-08 4.04am
Ugh...didn't get to watch the game at all, was gone all day. Maybe that was a good thing.
Moray May-18-08 2.49am
Nikki! Loving the Detroit motor city meet up! Great pic. How was the boardie IRL convention? And did you guys get to Son of Rambow?
I Came in Through the Bathroom Window May-17-08 3.22pm
I'm glad you had fun! :o)
Can't wait to see the pictures!
ricv64 May-17-08 2.43pm
you guys ride your choppers ?
Turtleneck May-17-08 2.20pm
Hey She-Devil! I had a great time yesterday. We'll have to do it again when our cycles are out of the shop. I'll download the FT pictures later and give you the sneak preview. I hope they turned out well.
megg_inc May-17-08 10.25am
Awww,so great! How did your wee boardie convention go?
I Came in Through the Bathroom Window May-17-08 8.03am
Awww! How sweet! The two of you together! Did you have a good time?
Turtleneck May-16-08 5.29pm
Reservations--don't make me laugh!
tinkerbell May-14-08 8.01pm
Afraid so! I'm a news reporter for my sins :)
ricv64 May-14-08 2.45pm
she use to be married to Jerry garcias bass player , oops i've let out too much information
ricv64 May-14-08 4.12am
th74 May-13-08 7.28pm
Thanks! If only I lived in MI with you and Katye, so we could celebrate the upcoming victory together! I will be there in spirit.
I Came in Through the Bathroom Window May-13-08 12.30am
Thanks, I guess xD
I Came in Through the Bathroom Window May-12-08 7.17pm
Funny in a cute way or funny in a weird way? :oP
th74 May-9-08 7.45pm
Yeah Wings!
ElspethOllie May-8-08 6.24pm
My boyfriend... HA! I wish, he's Josh Hook of Tokyo Police Club. I saw then on April 29th.
Turtleneck May-8-08 5.41pm
Go Wings!
carlottarocks May-7-08 3.21am
Thanks for the comment. I felt the need for a change and red it was :)
purplesky May-6-08 2.07pm
Hello, new friend! :D Thanx for the request. All the best from Korea!! =)
singme0430 May-6-08 11.52am
Thank you very much for the request! Have a wonderful day =)
drift-nina May-5-08 12.54am
=3 thanks a lot!!! Yes, I did it! I make a t-shirts with this pics :)
brenda_94_56 May-5-08 12.01am
awesome !!!! thanx !!!!!! cool i have to hear that songs !!!!!!!!! thankyou very much !!!!!!!! :D
lindsey22295 May-3-08 6.59pm
I know I miss nightime thread too! I've been really busy with the school year winding down and all, but I've been trying to post a bit. If I'm not posting I'm lurking :P How is your new job? Haha cool Juli enhanced picture! Yes, it was so much fun meeting Glen and Mar! They remind me a lot of Travis in how they deal with their fans-so nice, humble, thankful, and they are genuinely interested in talking to you. And the concert was equally amazing! I'm going to try to post more I promise!
monkey May-3-08 2.10am
hey! i'm good thanks :) how is yourself?
ricv64 May-3-08 12.19am
Go sharks ? ? ? ?
Moray May-2-08 6.18pm
It's ok, I get paid well for it. I've made what I make in a month this week. Em, on top of what I make in a month. And same last week. So it's not all bad. I can't wait to hear the song. It sounds so rocky, I cant even imagine what it sounds like!
Moray May-2-08 5.15pm
hey nikki, cheers for the tip off. I'm going to have to wait until I'm hope to listen, can't get access here. Should demob on Monday / Tuesday. I'm wiped out and looking forward to a snooze - last weeks timesheet was for 95 hours!!
Moray May-2-08 7.24am
hey Nikki - saw your comment on Frans page. Where are you guys listening to J. Smith? I'm totally out of the loop while I'm out here. Have hardly been on and about. How's things anyway?
sonja May-1-08 12.46pm
hello! thanks for add! all the best from serbia
weirdmom Apr-29-08 7.15pm
Hee hee. I don't even have to ask which post gets your vote. Nah!
Chiito-chan Apr-28-08 9.13pm
Hey, i really like your voice =D
th74 Apr-27-08 4.26am
Hello new Red Wings friend! Yes....2-0! If you have a Stanley Cup wedding cake with daisies, you just have to invite your boardie friends.
ricv64 Apr-27-08 4.11am
standing in a field , yup hippie
minnmess Apr-26-08 10.44pm
I think Jason is way more important than her wedding, lol. The concert im going to is tomorrow! Whee! Congrats on the Wings win today!
I Came in Through the Bathroom Window Apr-26-08 7.07pm
Aww, you're so sweet Nikki! I'm happy you liked those! :o)
Yeap, he's the same Fran, but a bit older :o). He's the best, he calls me "Uli" xD.
minnmess Apr-26-08 3.57am
I just read that Jason Mraz announced a Detroit date on his tour. May 24th i think. Check the website for deets
Turtleneck Apr-25-08 11.24pm
PM'd you back. Whenever I am quickly scrolling down a thread and I see your picture, for a split second, I think it's Danny and Sandy from Grease!
goosey_84 Apr-25-08 7.22pm
what is up señorita!?!! :D goosey has been flyin' low lately...not much goin' on the board lately and i gets impatient! ;)
ricv64 Apr-25-08 2.36pm
oakland representin
Meridith Apr-25-08 6.35am
Hi friend! :) I'm just a freelance graphic designer now. I was a graphic designer for the university here for a long time up until a couple of years ago when I quit to go out on my own. Consequently, they are one of my biggest clients now...but I get to charge more. :)
Turtleneck Apr-23-08 2.41pm
My dishwasher is broken. See RANT thread.
BenFilbert Apr-23-08 2.39am
Hey Nikki. Thanks for the friend request. Pleased to join your huge army of friends. ;)
ricv64 Apr-22-08 11.52pm
dream cruise ?
ricv64 Apr-22-08 4.32am
woodward rawks eh ?
brenda_94_56 Apr-22-08 4.12am
thanx !!!!! i will try it !!!!! :)
brenda_94_56 Apr-20-08 9.28pm
how you put videos ¿? on your profile ¿?¿?¿?¿?¿?¿?¿?¿
Moray Apr-20-08 6.40pm
haha, yeah it's not nearly as cool as your videos! Was in aviemore (scotland) last weekend, doing some adventure sporty kinda things. And that was a couple of us in the pub after singing along to Toto! And dancing!
megg_inc Apr-20-08 3.43pm
I don't know why but I can't see your pic anymore :/.
moo_the_evil_boffin Apr-20-08 3.37pm
Hey Nikki, Thanks for accepting my friend request and for the comment ;-D
nancy_mad_for_travis Apr-19-08 8.21pm
Hi nikki! thanks for accepting me as a friend! ^_^ keep on with your talent! :) Have a nice and beatiful day! :) Cheers!! :)
ricv64 Apr-19-08 5.03am
oh it can get worse then jail
megg_inc Apr-18-08 7.44pm
I don't know, but it's not fair!!
megg_inc Apr-18-08 6.01pm
Hey! How are you? Suddenly everyone calls me sassy! ;) Thanks! Nice to hear that Myslovitz makes you think of me :) I would like to see them live, but they're not touring this year :/. xx
paul_c Apr-18-08 11.51am
I know, i love it. It's my favourite picture of me i think i've ever seen!
nancy_mad_for_travis Apr-17-08 5.40am
Hello nikki! i've watched this 2 talented videos... amazing!! for both!... :D Cheers from Mexico! :)
ricv64 Apr-15-08 4.34am
did we lose tonight ?
minnmess Apr-15-08 3.34am
seems like the 3rd period burned us both tonight
TK23 Apr-13-08 11.34pm
Ah well! It certainly seems like you meet boatloads of Michiganers (ites? eans?) who move here.
minnmess Apr-13-08 6.59pm
aww thanks. I decided that I should show my face since im posting more lately. It's from game 5, round 1 of last years playoffs. When Ottawa knocked out the Pens. I was lucky enough to be there that night. Hoping for a mirale repeat!
Monica Apr-13-08 4.50pm
Is he in a band or something? His talent mustn't be wasted!
TK23 Apr-13-08 2.15am
Yeah, I've been up there a few times to see family. It's been a while! It was insanely hot here today- especially spending the day at an outdoor event. :/ Have you ever been down here?
TK23 Apr-13-08 2.03am
Oh, that's fine. I'm from Florida : ]. My parents are from Michigan, my dad is originally from Detroit too.
Turtleneck Apr-12-08 9.58pm
Wings win again! High five!
Monica Apr-12-08 6.55pm
Great drummer!
ricv64 Apr-11-08 11.35pm
15 more games? long playoffs
Turtleneck Apr-11-08 3.05pm
One down, 15 to go!
ricv64 Apr-11-08 1.11am
Darran Apr-10-08 2.32pm
Well my dear, 1 game gone and 1 win. :-) The Flames are on err on FIRE! Elsewhere, it's always great to see the Devils get tanked... mu dads a Pred's fan so I aint saying anything about tonight. :-D xx
Turtleneck Apr-9-08 7.20pm
I really coulda used some She-Devil back-up on the NHL Playoff thread.
minnmess Apr-9-08 3.59am
And potentially more important: Playoff BEARD time! haha Good Luck to the Red Wings!
galletitabonita Apr-9-08 2.16am
Hi Nikki!!! how are you girl? That's not my dog ^^, it's just a pic I found on the net hehehe, but it's so cute, isn't it?
minnesotamary Apr-8-08 4.20pm
Glad you like the doll! She has a twin in a red kimono. Picked them up in Chinatown (LA) back in January.
TK23 Apr-8-08 5.21am
Haha, hey! So you're from Detroit, right?
goosey_84 Apr-7-08 5.29am
cheers! i was very iffy about 'em after i did it. love your new pic!!! :D
I Came in Through the Bathroom Window Apr-7-08 4.31am
You look so cute in that pic! :o)
Turtleneck Apr-7-08 12.55am
Cute pic!
Turtleneck Apr-6-08 9.40pm
Thanks, Nikki! I'm excited to get this project underway!
ricv64 Apr-5-08 7.57pm
motownJC is the one that trashed oakland county not me. oh maZn a tye dye blanket no one will belive I don't have one , JA JA JA JA
ricv64 Apr-3-08 2.34pm
I was hanging out with my friend from Detroit he totaly trashed Oakland County , heh heh heh
minnmess Apr-2-08 1.16pm
Aww, Mraz Man! Cute! I saw him a few years ago and it was amazing so im pretty excited. Im Kristy. I will assume that you are Nikki!
minnmess Apr-2-08 3.41am
yay! Boardie twins! I love Sondre! I was so hoping to see him in Toronto last November, but my friend who loves him is in Europe for the year. I should have gone alone. bah! Jealous of you! Did you see Life With Dan? When it said he did the music i screamed and pointed at the screen. People stared. seeing Jason Mraz on the 27th!
minnmess Apr-2-08 1.51am
hahaha, and I just saw your Hills post. I think we are cross border twins!
minnmess Apr-2-08 1.47am
I do get the hockey network, but being in Canada, we get every playoff game anyways on regular cable. It would be ridiculous for people that dont like hockey, but it makes me happy! Are you from Detroit?
I Came in Through the Bathroom Window Apr-1-08 1.12am
Ahh, I'm sure it's great but you're too hard on yourself. Thanks for the compliment but no thanks. I won't post it :oP
minnmess Mar-31-08 10.09pm
oh no. CA=Canada, not California. Im a life long Montreal fan, but went to university in Ottawa and am now a huge Sens fan. Although they are currently giving me much stress! ive actually played hockey since i was 4. People that are Travis and hockey fans are clearly the best!
rebekah Mar-31-08 8.28pm
ahh thanks you :) i like yours tooo! how are you? anyluck with the travis stickers? x
dee Mar-31-08 3.40pm
i'll be honest and say i havn't seen too much actual games but i will say it's bloody hilarious when they show highlights of punch-ups:) haha, that's probably an awful thing for a hockey-nut to hear but i'm afraid ireland only has one ice-hockey team and arena. not exactly our national sport, but looks damn fun!
I Came in Through the Bathroom Window Mar-31-08 6.15am
I just noticed you added your rendition of Just The Faces Change and Mike's drum version of My Eyes to your profile! Very nice! You should add your version of Friends... and you owe me Driftwood :oP. *bitchy mood*
dee Mar-30-08 3.32pm
OMG! that's awesome! :D
Turtleneck Mar-29-08 1.10am
Forgot to tell ya, nice article!
dee Mar-28-08 11.58pm
hey, what does your profile pic say?
ricv64 Mar-28-08 9.13pm
ElspethOllie Mar-28-08 11.57am
It makes me smile too!
alyrtle Mar-28-08 9.16am
thanks for the pic comment! i like your camera =)
Turtleneck Mar-26-08 9.54pm
ROYYYYYYYY! We may rejoice in his suspension.
Peewee Mar-26-08 12.49pm
At last a fellow HILLS addict!! lol :)
GMS1968 Mar-22-08 11.34am
Hi. Thanks for replying to my "Travis words in your life" post. ;-)
ricv64 Mar-21-08 1.43pm
hey i forgot , what newspaper you work for ?
Turtleneck Mar-20-08 1.06pm
She is Google Images' "Jaw Pain Woman." She is reflecting my current situation. Violet knocked my jaw out of whack with her head. Owwwww.
Turtleneck Mar-16-08 9.16pm
Baseline was awesome last night, one of the best. Performers ranged in age from 17 to about 70. Lots of Irish music last night; celtic harpist and two violins and drum quartet was really good! The guy with the mother of pearl and brass banjo was there, too. Great night. Couldn't ask for more for $5!
goosey_84 Mar-14-08 3.59pm
yassss!! peace maZn!!
bara Mar-13-08 12.17pm
haha. no problem, nikki ;) im fine thx. wht about ya? well im not in school anymore. and i look quite young - on this pic. in fact im 18.. i dont know, how old are you? i guess 18 is not the oldest on this board. but also not the youngest.. what about you? what s your job? or still school/university?
ricv64 Mar-13-08 4.08am
whats that white stuff in the for and background ?
Aletways Mar-10-08 7.34pm
Well, at least you get to use it and take it to Travis gigs!
bara Mar-10-08 2.21pm
oh new ava pic ;) but another good one. like it. and your camera. which camera is it exactly?
Aletways Mar-10-08 2.05am
I love your new pic! I really like that camera!
paul_c Mar-9-08 5.42pm
Haha, your pictures cool. I thought it was AmyMac at first glance- it's like the pic she had ages ago!
I Came in Through the Bathroom Window Mar-9-08 4.15pm
Thanks! That's me actually. I was so excited that I couldn't manage to keep my mouth shut lol. I regret that a bit now, it was too embarrassing xD.
I Came in Through the Bathroom Window Mar-8-08 11.32pm
Very cool pic!
Yulia Nox Mar-8-08 8.48pm
cool pic Nikki! :)
bogusblue Mar-8-08 8.39pm
Nice pic you have now! I like it alot =D:
megg_inc Mar-8-08 8.29pm
Ohhh, what a cool pic!
goosey_84 Mar-8-08 7.28pm
yeyaaaaa!! high five!! red brings out a bit of rawr don't you think?? heehee
Turtleneck Mar-8-08 5.19pm
Yes, that's me. It's my new spring look. Hey, can you make it to Baseline on the 15th? It'll be my birthday, too! Try to go!
ricv64 Mar-8-08 1.25am
hey've been quiet , uber busy ?
megg_inc Mar-6-08 2.50pm
I'd like to see the pisanki you've made!
Lemon Grinner Mar-3-08 5.47pm
Oh he's gorgeous ain't he!
alexandria_z Mar-3-08 4.38pm
I know eh! I'm just sitting here waiting... :D
I Came in Through the Bathroom Window Mar-3-08 12.54am
Lol! Thanks so much! You and Fran are a very charismatic duet in that poster xD. I'm glad you like it! :o)
moominbadger Mar-2-08 7.37pm
Noooo, not my cat, just a friendly cat we met while on a walk yesterday! Unfortunately it dribbled alot though, I had slobber all over me once I'd finished stroking it!
Turtleneck Mar-1-08 8.51pm
Thank you! I love that picture of her.
alexandria_z Mar-1-08 2.07am
I know! It would be so great to see them again and you too! :D Maybe this time I'll duck a bit, I'm so sorry for my tallness. haha
monkey Feb-29-08 3.12am
not shaby at all, ;)
alexandria_z Feb-28-08 6.37pm
Nikki! I don't know if you remember me from the concert at Clutch Cargo's? Just wanted to say hello :D
I Came in Through the Bathroom Window Feb-27-08 11.35pm
Yes, she is! Her name is Luana. I love her :o)
weirdmom Feb-27-08 9.20pm
I knew you'd like my toolbag pic. Isn't he so sex-ay?
goosey_84 Feb-26-08 5.22pm
yeah that dog and his sister are just the sweetest things! belong to a friend of mine...i'm jealous! :P ......woohoo SOMA diaries!
Darran Feb-26-08 12.08pm
Arrrrrgh! You lot signed McCarty. He was offered a contract for my team here The Belfast Giants!! Oh yeah forgot to mention Kipper shutting you lot out the other night. :-D
ricv64 Feb-26-08 5.04am
redwings colors ?
I Came in Through the Bathroom Window Feb-26-08 2.43am
How cool would that be?! *hands you one of her drinks*
I Came in Through the Bathroom Window Feb-26-08 2.02am
Aww, lovely dress! That color suits you :o)
Aletways Feb-26-08 1.46am
Haha, I'm sure it will still suit you perfectly, May is not that far away!
Aletways Feb-26-08 1.42am
Pretty dress!
Aletways Feb-26-08 12.54am
Hey, thanks for the add! =o)
Turtleneck Feb-24-08 1.44am
We may get McCarty back! Yeah!
megg_inc Feb-23-08 7.28pm
I like the new, She-Devil style of your hair!
I Came in Through the Bathroom Window Feb-22-08 2.04am
It looks very dark haha. I can see the red highlights.
You're still going to show me your version of Driftwood right? Please?!
I Came in Through the Bathroom Window Feb-22-08 1.20am
I'm sure you don't suck at all! I won't post mine, you're not holding me back, it's just a wise thing to do. But I still want to listen to your version, even if you say you suck :o)
Have you dyed your hair? It looks great!
heyjude Feb-22-08 12.55am
you have a new look! i think it's great!
ricv64 Feb-21-08 6.37pm
hows life in a filthy jail in avalanche territory ?
Turtleneck Feb-20-08 2.39pm
I decided to bring him back since it's so close to baby time.
Natasa Feb-17-08 3.47pm
Aha!Thank you!I thouhgt it would be smth like that,but I didn't know if it works here too ;) See ya Nikki!
Natasa Feb-16-08 5.14pm
Coool!How did u do that at your profile? Hello by the way,I don't think we've ever met in here ;)
moominbadger Feb-14-08 6.16pm
Aw, cute profile pic Nikki!
Esteban Feb-14-08 2.23pm
Yeah, it was a class show, you lot over the water are in for a treat later this year. Sorry it's taken me a while to reply, only just sat down without anything else pressing to do! How's it going with you?
ashleyb Feb-13-08 8.46pm
What a cute kid!
ricv64 Feb-13-08 5.22am
I've been slacking , don't tell Kayte . Is our team still in first ?
weirdmom Feb-13-08 2.16am
cute girl!
I Came in Through the Bathroom Window Feb-13-08 1.10am
Is that you when you were little? It's such a cute pic!
Moray Feb-11-08 2.40pm
haha, it's one of these "what happens if you take a group of grown men to the park" kinda photo's!!
heysupernova Feb-8-08 12.50am
I'm liking your layout a lot :)
Turtleneck Feb-7-08 2.51pm
How's the snow up your way? Beauuuuutiful down here! Snow stuck to every branch, every power line, every fence, even the radio antennae on my car! So lovely!
SamuraiSandy Feb-6-08 9.08pm
thanks, Nikki! it was after a really cool show in Austin. Fran's so nice...I've gotten to take a bunch of pictures with lucky!
weirdmom Feb-5-08 10.06pm
That is me at 17 in NYC. Remind me to tell you the story of the bunny next time we talk. Hope new job is going well!
weirdmom Feb-5-08 3.39am
Definitely nothing on the mini bar. Too uncomfortable and complicated!
ricv64 Feb-2-08 1.35pm
missed that game again , Redwings smash em ?
megg_inc Feb-1-08 9.19pm
Awww, thank you! :)
Turtleneck Jan-31-08 5.25pm
I'm going to "pick" one of those picks up next time I'm at the music store. Turtle and Dunlop, perfect!
Yulia Nox Jan-31-08 5.51am
nice pic :)
jirdavis Jan-30-08 9.04pm
Hey... ya we must have been standing right next to you, the girls with the set lists are me and my friend Aly! it was an amazing show!
megg_inc Jan-29-08 11.04am
BROOM HARDER!!!!!! hahahaha :)
Turtleneck Jan-25-08 10.54pm
Vrooom! So, are ya racin'...or watchin'?
Monica Jan-24-08 7.20pm
Hey, thanx for posting the version of friends made by Mr. Sandwich XD
ricv64 Jan-24-08 4.07pm
odd ? you don't mention your motorbike gang ,heh heh heh
Turtleneck Jan-18-08 7.44pm
Congratulations! Why didn't you tell us? Ha ha!
ricv64 Jan-14-08 10.29pm
not use to my team losing , but they're still in first right ?
goosey_84 Jan-13-08 1.18am
lol so did i!!
Afterglow Jan-12-08 7.47am
Thanks for the Christmas wishes! I didn't see it until today. I hope yours was great!
goosey_84 Jan-11-08 10.44pm
high five chuck norris fact fan! haha
ElspethOllie Jan-10-08 9.20pm
Happy 2000th post! Sorry I missed it. What are you and Mike doing in that picture? It looks like awkward dancing... :)
FranFlower Jan-10-08 6.11pm
Haha, thanks! I'm not too happy myself, but at least Fran has seen it. Can't believe I have "sung" in front of him :P
gers333 Jan-10-08 5.22pm
Ohh thanks!!I'm glad you like!!! kisses from mexico!! :]
Typing to Reach You Jan-10-08 5.13pm
Glad to hear my song is burrowing deep into people's minds. muhaha. ;)
bogusblue Jan-10-08 6.10am
Thanks! Is great it made you laugh =). Hope you get more often that kind of text spam =P. Good luck on Friday! Alma
heyjude Jan-10-08 6.05am
nice couple pic with a harp and what looks like a baby grand piano in the background :-)
ricv64 Jan-10-08 1.01am
notice that since I became a redwings fan they haven't lost a game ?
I Came in Through the Bathroom Window Jan-9-08 9.18pm
Haha, I'm not a musician! I can't play any instrument at all. I would if I could... I guess xD.
Anyway, I hope you change your mind because I'm intrigued!
I Came in Through the Bathroom Window Jan-9-08 8.02pm
Please Nikki, post your own version of Friends!!! Pretty please :o)
paul_c Jan-9-08 5.30pm
Haha, yeah i know. I prefer my Dougster avatar!
AbsolutPurple Jan-8-08 12.21pm
nice pic of you and Mike - can't wait to see baby boardies
TheInvisibleBoy Jan-6-08 8.08am
Oh cool! And good luck with the job searching! Thanks! Yeah it is a real drag, and then there's all these sections and acts to remember and what each one does lol. Anywhoo thanks Nikki! Hope you have an ace day! Speak to you Soon!
ashleyb Jan-5-08 7.55pm
Happy (belated) New Year!
TheInvisibleBoy Jan-5-08 5.03pm
Yeah lol, are you a Journalist then? or are you studying? I'm guessing you are a Journalist though? Got my Journalism Law exam on Thursday, not looking forward to that, there's just so much to learn and remember and it's all so confusing and detailed that I can barely even think of one point right now lol. Anywhoo hope everything's well and your weekend is fun! Have a good rest of the weekend!
FranFlower Jan-5-08 1.23pm
Now that snow sounds like fun (well after the blizzard calmed down of course). Though I'm sorry you didn't get to your celebration. We have lots of snow here as well. I used to compete in a winter sport called biathlon for 11 yrs(cross country skiing and rifle shooting), and therefore looove the snow and all kinds of winter sports. Where in the US do you live? I have relatives in the US and went there when I was 7. Should really make another trip soon.
TheInvisibleBoy Jan-5-08 8.13am
Hey Nikki! Thanks for the add! Hope everyting's well! Love the profile picture too! lol. Anywhoo thanks! Hope you have an ace weekend! Speak to you soon!
FranFlower Jan-3-08 7.16pm
Well, thanks for accepting it ;) How was your new years eve? I take it you already know how I spent mine :P
ricv64 Jan-3-08 3.12pm
are there polar bears in your neck of the woods ?
Turtleneck Jan-1-08 7.00pm
I just read 12 inches of snow in your neck of the woods. Wow! We only got about 2 or 3. Happy New Year!
megg_inc Jan-1-08 6.48pm
Wszystkiego Najlepszego w Nowym Roku! :)
I Came in Through the Bathroom Window Jan-1-08 4.18am
Feliz año nuevo, Nikki! Have a great one :o)
bogusblue Jan-1-08 3.11am
Happy New Year!
heyjude Jan-1-08 2.09am
Happy New Year! Uh, I keep forgetting to ask what kind of camera you have. Your Travis pics are pretty good!
scummy Dec-31-07 5.09pm
a very happy new year to you :)
ricv64 Dec-31-07 5.00pm
Go wings , Detroit RAWKS , have a great New years for you , your family & friends
galletitabonita Dec-30-07 10.15pm
Hi Nikki!!! I just want to tell you: Happy New Year!!!!! BEST WISHES from Mexico
ricv64 Dec-30-07 4.09am
tonights game ain't on over here WTF !
weirdmom Dec-29-07 5.15am
They fixed my show (the one that said it was in Aberdeen but really it was in Austin). Weird that yours still says Australia.
AbsolutPurple Dec-28-07 9.48pm
Can i be Santa ? LOL
nats Dec-28-07 3.17pm
have a great 2008 !!!
heyjude Dec-26-07 7.36pm
what a sweet bro 'n sis christmas photo! hope you had a good holiday :-)
SamuraiSandy Dec-26-07 12.20am
Oh, it finally got a little colder down here, and I was able to use my new Dougie Scarf! Merry Christmas to you, and Happy New Year too!
Moray Dec-25-07 11.47pm
Merry Xmas right back at you - phew, just made it before midnight as well!
bogusblue Dec-25-07 11.05pm
Merry Christmas!!!
lindsey22295 Dec-25-07 8.16pm
:D Merry Christmas to you too Nikki! Hope you have fun with friends and family.
ricv64 Dec-24-07 10.54pm
Merry Christmas & redwings all the way !
scummy Dec-24-07 10.45pm
have a very happy christmas!!!!! and a rockin new year woohoo! :)
I Came in Through the Bathroom Window Dec-24-07 8.53pm
Muy feliz navidad Nikki! :o)
Turtleneck Dec-24-07 6.58pm
Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to you, too! Stay warm!
moominbadger Dec-24-07 5.18pm
Have a very merry Christmas and a fab New Year!
megg_inc Dec-24-07 10.19am
Dziekuje i nawzajem! :)
the boy with a cryptic name Dec-23-07 11.58am
Woo! I think I've got the hang of the colours now (arguably too well [see my new, tasteless profile!]), thanks for the help!
the boy with a cryptic name Dec-22-07 8.19pm
Hi there, thanks for the friend request! I like the multicoloured writing, I'm off to explore how to do it now :)
Turtleneck Dec-20-07 6.24pm
Your umbrella broke? It must have been a Treivis umbrella from the Weep Store.
goosey_84 Dec-20-07 4.58pm
great photo nikki! :D
Turtleneck Dec-20-07 2.57pm
I'm back! I have no idea what was wrong, but it's working for me today. Mr. Argentina was there to greet me this morning!
Yulia Nox Dec-14-07 12.06am
lovely avatar :)
megg_inc Dec-12-07 5.02pm
Aww,thank you! *blushes*
weirdmom Dec-7-07 9.37pm
peek a boo! I see you!
I Came in Through the Bathroom Window Dec-7-07 4.03pm
Cute pic!!! :o)
megg_inc Dec-7-07 2.56pm
Aww, I love your new pic!
ricv64 Dec-6-07 2.22am
yup watched the game . On the road to being a redwings fan
Moray Dec-3-07 8.46am
Y'ello right back atcha Nikki!
monkey Nov-29-07 3.10am
the board has just been so slow i gave up on it for a while... but i missed you and the others too
Darran Nov-28-07 3.45pm
Meh, kicking too much ass including my woeful Flames last night. :-(
Darran Nov-26-07 2.55pm
Ah, I was looking through my friends list and now I know why you are there! Why it's because of The Good Old Hockey Game!
I Came in Through the Bathroom Window Nov-22-07 4.09pm
Aww thanks!! I really love that pic :o)
ElspethOllie Nov-21-07 7.07am
Heck yes! Everyone except Neil signed, I could have chased him down the street, but I decided not to pester him. Fran's mustache tickles... :o)
monkey Nov-14-07 9.21pm
lol wish it had been me, from what i've read it was quite the gig to be at!
ricv64 Nov-4-07 1.23am
Tree hugger ? from the Motor City ?
weirdmom Nov-2-07 7.29pm
Literally a tree hugger! Love the fall colors.
monkey Nov-2-07 1.49am
that pic looks like you have something coming out of your backside
monkey Oct-23-07 4.28pm
Turtleneck Oct-23-07 4.26pm
Looks like your umbrella arrived just in time!
alyrtle Oct-14-07 10.41pm
woahhh the words in your profile are in COLOR. wtf??? how!?
I Came in Through the Bathroom Window Oct-12-07 6.01am
Nice pic! Looking tall! xD
I Came in Through the Bathroom Window Oct-6-07 6.21am
Hi Nikki! Thanks for the add! See you around! :o)
lindsey22295 Sep-27-07 4.07am
Awwww thanks!
nats Sep-27-07 3.36am
colours!!! great! :D
monkey Sep-27-07 2.59am
we all have a geeky side :)
nats Sep-18-07 5.20am
thanks!!! :o)
paul_c Sep-8-07 2.51pm
Nice hat! :P
megg_inc Aug-23-07 12.29pm
Hello back! :) Greets from Poland!
weirdmom Aug-15-07 10.40pm
Hello to a fellow Michigan fan! (MI is always in my heart even if I live in TX). I hope you get that radio station to air the Travis session!
paul_c Aug-5-07 10.42pm
Haha, cheers for the t-shirt comment. Supposedly i could get done for copyright infringement with it. Oops! lol
Tianyan Jul-26-07 2.07pm
*salutes* Hello new friend!
Baby Fran Jul-17-07 10.16pm
I love the baby photo she is so cute.
alyrtle Jul-17-07 6.23am
haha thanks :) you and the little baby are really cute too! her cheeks are so pinchable :)
TALIA Jul-15-07 8.02pm
hiya! thanks for the request :) lovely pic in your av
so_happy Jun-17-07 2.47am
Hi there, thanks for asking me to be your friend! :)
monkey Jun-2-07 3.25am
hey new friend :)