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thewishlist Jul-11-11 6.34pm
they do? but how? I'm being 100% serious most of the time ;) how are you anyway?
I Came in Through the Bathroom Window Jun-15-11 8.00pm
Thanks! ;o)
megg_inc Jan-5-11 8.36pm
Wends! Sorry I'm so late with this but thank you for the NYE wishes! All the best in 2011 for you, too! :)
I Came in Through the Bathroom Window Oct-8-10 8.47pm
I love your photo! :o)
minnmess Apr-2-10 4.45pm
who you calling Lady, Lady? :P
bogusblue Dec-24-09 11.47pm
Happy Christmas Wendy! :o)
goosey_84 Dec-10-09 11.17pm
hello lovely lady! :)
alanistradi Nov-2-09 12.41am
Awww Wendy! I'm also very very excited WOO-HOO! ... you have no idea! hahaha ...and thanks for the add!
Yulia Nox Sep-28-09 9.40pm
Yes! I'm already in Dublin :)
AbsGinger Sep-25-09 5.24pm
Luv yr picture
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