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Pavillion, Bath, UK
Trinity, Bristol, UK
Westonbirt Aboretum, Gloucestershire, UK
Academy, Bristol, UK

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bogusblue Dec-24-08 11.09pm
Merry Christmas! :o)
Peewee Oct-17-08 10.44am
Cool hat! Does it have flashing lights too? lol
moominbadger Oct-7-08 8.37pm
haha, love the hat!
melissa Oct-2-08 6.31am
Franz is a great band, and I'm sure you enjoyed the show! so energic too! kisses for u man
I Came in Through the Bathroom Window Sep-27-08 7.28pm
You should join the "Eye Week"! I'm sure Rosie (my fellow pink piggy) would love it! :oP
Nikki Sep-27-08 6.47am
Thank you! :) I hope so too! Glad you had fun at the show!!
bogusblue Sep-16-08 2.07am
Oh you're a lousy friend! You didn't let your friend enjoy the moment!! Lol! Maybe on your birthday you will let him wear your Birthday cake hat all day long, right?? :oP
bogusblue Sep-15-08 1.04am
Oh thanks! hehe. Actually I had the great chance of wearing those fab glasses the day I went to see U23D on the theatre. I felt like a big star or something haha. I wanted to steal them but I'm too good to do that haha. Btw I like the hat you're wearing on your pic. Nice! ;o)
champagnesupernova Jun-29-08 12.39am
Thank you VERY much for reading and posting such a nice comment!!!
irenesfor Jun-6-08 4.53pm
Yes, I know it...
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