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minnmess Mar-17-10 6.52pm
How do you think our leprechaun is celebrating today?
mili Dec-10-09 10.53am
awww, the squirrel is back!
mili Nov-29-09 8.59am
That Moshammer lion was scary! Poor guy, btw, what a horrible ending he had.
mili Nov-27-09 9.18pm
What's that bizarre thing? Obviously something to do with Münich, I recognise the place.
hennypenny Nov-26-09 6.04am
mili Nov-11-09 9.37pm
About Ozzy:
mili Nov-10-09 9.11pm
My avatar is a tiny female skunk called Ozzy, found at the Telegraph website.
mili Nov-9-09 8.33pm
What a beautiful sign in your avatar!
minnmess Oct-14-09 2.49pm
it's okay. I dont like normal people
minnmess Oct-13-09 2.32pm
you ARE a mad person :)
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